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Ilene, thanks for starting the march thread.

Don't worry about those carb pounds, they will be off before you know it. When I used to have treat meals I wouldn't weigh for a day or two because as I figure... That number is extremely misleading ( we know it's not 5lbs fat)

I think I decided I will just go back to lowcarb today and get some extra fluids.. I have stuff to do outside the home and I hate feeling sick. Dh needs pants for the funeral which is tomorrow; I can't sew and he usually needs everything tapered and hemmed. Ugh.. And he worst part is he couldn't care less so I am stuck doing all the worrying. If it were up to him he'd wear jeans and a tshirt. I found a pair of pants but I think they're too small for him ..

I don't know whether to try someplace like marks or someplace dressier like moore's. And my mom is sick so I have no one to watch the kids... So have to drag them everywhere with me. Lovely.

I wish I enjoyed drinking liquids but it has always been a struggle . I'm the type of person who can nurse a can of coke zero all day and still have some left over at bedtime.. So it's a lot of effort to make myself drink more. I almost never feel thirsty.

I picked up some caffeine free pop yesterday so I have something to drink besides water, and made a pitcher of sf Koolaid which I am drinking now.

I sure hope i can find pants!!
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