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Weekly Update - Week 10

Starting Weight - 260 lbs
Current Weight - 217 lbs
Loss This Week -3 lbs
Total Loss - 43 lbs

Great to have a solid week. I was pretty sure last week's 1 was a bit artificially low (like the 5 the week before was a bit artificially high), but there was still the nagging concern that maybe I was at a plateau. But feeling good about posting a 3 this week. I'm chasing towards the 50lbs lost mark now, WOW!

Also aso I look at my last 6 or so weeks (after the "low hanging fruit" numbers of the first couple of weeks).

3, 4, 4, 3, 5, 1, 3....

That is a really nice consistency and I think healthy amount for me to lose at this point. I'm really loading up on the protein and doing a lot of weights so hopefully I'm at least maintaining muscle mass.

This week is also very significant for me, it puts me past the 40lb mark which is the amount I lost the last time I worked on this process (mostly through excessive exercise). So as of this week I have lost more weight than I ever have before!

On the downside, 10 weeks in, I find it easierto become apathetic about key behaviors. This is dangerous, as I think one of the biggest things I've done well is to be intentional about my behaviors. I need to stay focused on that.

Nutrition Observations

Mon - 1330 cals
Tue - 1686 cals
Wed - 1835 cals
Thu - 1270 cals
Fri - 1968 cals (V-Day's dinner out)
Sat - 1800 cals
Sun - 1570 cals

The biggest success by far was keeping my calories well in line while on the road M-Th. This was mostly attributable to doing dinners from the grocery store instead of out, but I also made good restaurant decisions.

Friday was my best and worst meal of the week at the same time. The missus and I did Mexican for dinner. On the bad side I ate too many chips, and too great of a volume overall. On the positive side I only had 1 fajita tortilla, and mostly filled up on fajita chicken, beef, quail, and shrimp. Higher in fat that I normally want to be, but skipped the sour cream, guac, and cheese to help some.

I did have 2 mini-reeses cups on V-Day which was the first candy-bar like item I've had in 10 weeks!

Exercise Observations

Monday - Gym
Tuesday - Gym
Wednesday - Swimming
Thursday - Some airport walking
Friday - Nothing (snowed in)
Saturday - Gym
Sunday - Rest

Couple of notes this week... I forgot how much I love swimming, it's such a full body workout and really tires me out, but I don't feel bad while I'm actually doing it. I'm going to try to do this more on the road, since my local gym does not have a pool.

The only big negative for the week was Friday, we were snowed in so I couldn't hit the gym, but I somehow turned that into not working out at all, when I should have easily done 30 minutes of Wii, or something around the house. I did play and roll in the snow some with my daughter, but should have not taken the whole day off.

2 great fitness things from this week though. On Saturday I ran a mile and a half without stopping at a 6 on the treadmill. This is the furthest I've run consecutively in about 4 years. As I've mentioned in earlier posts, I've struggled with leg pain on the treadmill, so I feel my running is behind my other areas of fitness. My cardio and breathing actually could have gotten me to at least 2 miles, but my calves were done at 1.5 miles.

Also I went up another 15 lbs on the vertical press. Started 10 weeks ago at 95 and now am doing the same reps at 155! I actually did 10 pushups yesterday with my 30 lb toddler on my back

Looking forward to next week
I am home this week so hope to have a straightforward good week. I'm gearing up for 3-4 straight weeks on the road, so would be nice to lose another 3 or so this week and stay focused.

I'm starting to think it is at least possible (but still a stretch) to reach 200 by the birth of my 2nd child in about 6 weeks. That would require continuing at the pace of 3lbs lost per week which I think is asking too much, but it's a stretch goal!

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