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Default hello??

Anyone out there LOL
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Hey everybody...

I feel bad I've dropped off the radar for the past several months, life's been pretty wild since kiddo #2 came along. But part of it was just laziness also.

The good news is that I haven't really fallen off the wagon. I've been working on maintaining, and have stayed between 200 and 205 over the past ~4 months. So that is really exciting.

I still would love to get to 190 at some point, but am not in a hurry to get there, I'm really comfortable with where I am at, feel really great, have a ton of energy, and am pretty comfortable with my proportions.

I have been able to keep up a lot of habits from my weight loss phase but have been struggling with some things as well...

Overall I'm eating much much healthier than I have at previous points in my life. I've made a lot of little changes that add up, thinks like passing up on bread at meals, losing butter, very little sugar, and just eating more lean proteins and less carbs overall. The best part is that I'm doing a fantastic job of eating great on the road, still making the grocery store visit a part of business trips (thanks Mandalinn!).

I'm still struggling in a couple of areas, I have stopped calorie counting for the past couple of months. I got to the point where I felt like I had gotten the education out of the process I wanted and it was just an unnecessary grind. Part of that is true, but on the other side it causes me to lose accountability for cheats.

Overall my normal diet is still in defecit for my size/activity level, but I am cheating more often now which is counterbalancing that defecit and keeping me at maintenance. Night time eating is still (always) a struggle, some days are great and others not so great. But overall I'm eating at maintenance which I am comfortable (but not thrilled) with. It will help when we no longer keey M&M's on top of the fridge as a potty training reward for my toddler

I've moved from loss into maintenance mode here as well. But the good news is that I have been faithful in this area, I just do 3-4 good workouts a week instead of 5-6. That of course doesn't count all the activity of dealing with a 2 year old and baby. I'm pretty pleased with my fitness level, can now do 50 consecutive pushups (and 100-130 in a session), can run several miles easily, etc. It was actually fun to help some friends move and actually be the person in the best shape there. It has completely transformed my energy level for my family and improved home life as a result...

What's next
Tweaking. I have replaced dozens and dozens of bad habits with better ones, but that doesn't mean I don't still have a few more to deal with. I don't have plans at this point to aggressively try to lose down to 190 or lower. But I would like to tweak some of the bad habits and that should cause me to go a little lower.

I have been a little disappointed my wife doesn't seem to be as interested in eating really healthy as I am, I hope she comes on board more with me in the coming months.

I'll work on doing a better job of staying active on this board, I know it helps keep me accountable. Thanks for all the support and encouragement this board has provided.
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Randomcards - I actually thought of you just last week, as I picked up my rental car at 10pm and dutifully headed off to the grocery store. The accounting folks all think I'm NUTS submitting my grocery store receipts as meals!

Excellent work!
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How do I get a weight loss tracker?
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