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Hi everyone!
Mechelle, SO glad hubby seems to be ok now & your kitties didn't suffer any lasting damage, boy are you due for some GOOD LUCK!!xxxxxx
Catherine, your gown sounds gorgeous, I'm a sewing machinist by trade, or was til I did a BA in English lit & education. It's weird I could look at a friend's skirt & make her a copy of it in a different colour/fabric, but as soon as I used patterns EVERYTHING went wrong, lol, especially if it was for me!!! I worked for Burberry, C&A & Marks & Spencer, all top companies who, if you were more than a MILLIMETRE (METRIC< lol) out, it had to be re-done! Good luck with it, lets see some pics when it's all done!xxxxx
Kayley, great to have you back, I kept seeing you on MSN but didn't want to bother you in case you were at work or busy with college stuff. Are you going back on SB? It worked really well before for you, I hope the tests go well & stay in touch!xxxxx
Annie, soon your tummy will stop growling, honest!! lol, though I still have lots of 'wind' it really irritates me, gurgling away, but at least the hunger should subside around day 3-4. I'm so proud of you!!! It is hard but you DESERVE to be healthy!! It might be a couple of years yet before we can afford to come to the US BUT I WILL come & see you, so you'd better get healthy so we can walk AND horse ride together!!!xxxxxxx THIS IS A THREAT!!!!lol
I had to weigh-in a day early at NIGHT!!!! yet that morning I was DOWN a pound but later I was UP a pound!!!! I almost cried!! Thursday am, my normal weigh-in time I was STILL a pound down so I'm THINKING of going with that!!! I hope I don't sound delusional, lol, but with being weighed a DAY early, TOM and a MUCH later weigh-in ALL contributed to the gain. I was VERY BAD on Sunday but got OP Monday, what do you think, go with the loss or the gain?
Ammi, I'll try you on MSN later, glad to hear iy's sunny there, all grey & cool here, ick. Tell Daren to get his a*se up & out to the gym or he won't fit on the rides at Alton Towers, lol!!xxxxx

Start of Lap-Band Diet (pre/post op)
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Kayley - Yep, I DEFINITELY remember you, and I was SO happy to see you posting again. And NOPE... you are NOT about to give up! The simple fact that you have come back here, even though you probably found it extremely hard, is evidence that you are definitely not ready to give up. I hope you understand how much we all care and truly want you to succeed. If there is ever anything more that I can do, please let me know. Otherwise I will just keep coming back here as often as I am able to boost you along and support you as best I can.

Kymberly - I honestly understand about not picturing yourself as others see you. I am STILL having that problem. I still see myself about 50lbs heavier than I am. I look at pictures of myself when I was about 50lbs heavier and THAT is how I see myself when I look down at myself. I sometimes see the 'other' me in mirrors and reflections, but even then I sometimes think that it is just a distorted image, because I couldn't look THAT good. People keep trying to reassure me, but I know it is just going to take time. It took me ages to not feel as though I was still at my HEAVIEST weight, so I will give it time for me to get my head around the 'new' me. I hope you give yourself time for that as well. It is one of the things that people don't tell you about when you are losing weight. I didn't expect to not just accept myself as I am now. Maybe the difference is the large amount of weight we have to lose to get down to a 'normal' size. Other people who have to lose 20 or 50lbs may not have anywhere near the problems we do with this issue.

Vicki - It is wonderful to hear from you whenever you get the chance. I think it is lovely that you are taking the time to be with your bf. I just LOVE being on holidays with Neil, as we get to spend so much more time together. I miss him when he is at work and I am at home alone.
I know you are disappointed about gaining some weight back again, but at least you have caught it before it went too far. I know many people are against weighing daily, but I have found that it is the only way for me. I understand that it can mess with your head, but if you are prepared for the ups AND the downs, then you can usually work through most of the anxieties associated with daily weighing. I find that I can 'read' my body better if I weigh myself daily. It has taken me a LONG time, but I can now usually see a weight increase for exactly what it is. Perhaps I had too much salt the day before, or perhaps it is THAT time of the month. There are a few reasons my weight may go up, and I am learning to understand that. Of course, I am not perfect, and there are still times when I just want to send my scales to Catherine, so she can run over them with a Zamboni, but I am TRYING to get better.

Luan - I'm glad you had such a great time camping with your friends, and I TRULY hope that you have an even better time with your 'special' friend this weekend. I don't envy you the camping bit, as I have NEVER been a 'camper', but I DO envy you the fact that you can get up and down off the floor so easily. No matter how much weight I have lost, I still don't have a lot of strength in my legs, and I find that I need a little bit of support to get down and up off the floor. It is certainly getting easier, but I kinda thought it would just be 'fixed' if I lost the weight. I had to change that thinking quick smart.
Good luck with the job!

Catherine Ė I am glad YOUR scales are safe! I will have to decide whether I think MINE are safe or not soon. Actually, they may be OK, because TOM is due any day now I think (I never really know).
It sounds as though you are SO comfortable with dressmaking. I have a sewing machine, but it doesnít get a lot of use at all. I once took a course on how to sew stretch knit fabrics, and I used to have to make my own pants when I was at my largest, but they were VERY basic. Just a front and back with an elasticised waist. I am SO happy now that I can actually buy my clothes from a store. I will sew a button on, or fix up a hem if absolutely necessary (I may have to look for some of that stuff Ammi was talking about) but that is about it for me.

Ammi Ė Oh, poor Hubby! Neil used to have quite bad skin, but since we are both eating SO much good food it seems to have cleared up. That is usually the first place that he notices it if he decides to try some chocolate or lollies (candy) now and then. Our poor babies!
It sounds as though you are having some beautiful weather over there. It is getting cooler over here, which doesnít really thrill me at all. Mind you, I would be happy if it would rain, as we certainly need more of that over here.
Sorry you couldnít get to the gym again. At least you have stuff at home you can do for a workout if you feel up to it, especially if you donít end up going for a walk.
Hey! If you ever get too homesick, we have a spare bed here that you can always use. Honestly, you are most welcome to come and stay if you ever get over this way. And donít forget that I can always send you some Aussie Ďthingsí if you miss them too much.

Sharon Ė So you are another seamstress for me to envy huh? What a great talent!
I would definitely go with the lower weight. I know that if I weigh myself in the afternoon or evening I can be up to 3lbs heavier, so that is going to make a HUGE difference.
I hope the boys have been good for you and all is well on the home front. It sounds as though you are coming to grips with the liquids quite well now. Are you having many meals now? I canít remember when you start to change over.

Michelle Ė How are the cats doing? I hope that they donít have any problems from the food. What was the problem with it? Not the sort of scare you and hubby need at the moment. I am extremely impressed that you didnít resort to food to ease your worries. What a terrific NSV!
I am glad you are enjoying it in Spokane. It sounds as though it is a beautiful area. I canít even IMAGINE temperatures that low! We rarely get to 0C overnight, which is about 30F if my thermometer is correct. That is definitely cold enough for me. I have always told hubby that I would love to experience a Ďwhite Christmasí one day, but he laughs at me because he knows I will have trouble with the temperatures. I am sure I wouldnít look silly in 5 sets of thermal underwear and 5 sets of outside clothing. Would I???

Donna Ė You are going to have to start getting stuck into Slammy again soon, before he swaps the bunny ears for a Santa hat. He actually sounds like a GREAT way to exercise.
24lbs is a great amount to have lost! It really does make a difference when you find something that weighs the same as the amount you have lost and you try to lift it. I picked up some suitcases one day, and struggled to carry them and was amazed that I had lost MORE than they weighed TOGETHER. I canít believe that I used to carry all of that around on these poor bones and muscles.
Iíve read about koalas getting nasty too, but I have never known it to actually happen. I would imagine that they could do some damage with their long claws if they were threatened, but I canít see them attacking something without a LOT of provocation. The worst I heard of one doing was Ďpiddlingí on a prime ministerís head when he was standing under a tree. Canít blame the poor thing for that can you?

Nancy Ė Well done on the 3lb loss! That is wonderful! I am sorry to hear that you are struggling with having the energy to work out. I have that problem sometimes and Iím not sure what the cause of it is. I have heard and read that you should make sure you are well hydrated before a workout and that it can help to eat a carb beforehand as well. Iím not sure if that would make a difference with me. I DO know that I have more energy in the morning, and can barely get through a workout in the afternoons. But I also know that some days I have enough energy for a lengthy workout and other days I am really tired. This can happen any morning and I always work out before eating or drinking, so those things never change for me. Good luck with working out why your energy levels could be down at the moment, Ďcos I certainly canít help with any good suggestions.
I hope you have some luck finding an apartment soon. It must be frustrating to keep searching and not find anything suitable or to miss out on the good ones. Iíll keep my fingers crossed for you.

LAnne Ė Great news on the cholesterol level going down. It is always terrific to see these added benefits of weight loss, other than the scale going down. Well done on that still happening as well! You are doing very well. How often will you have to have the adjustments, or is that a personal thing that you just decide as the time goes on? One of my colleagues had the lap band put in, but she hasnít mentioned having any adjustments yet. She talked about it a while ago, but I donít think she had it done.

Patti Ė Iím glad your headache and allergies are easing. I hope they disappear for good soon. Good luck with the detox. I am sure it will make a difference.
I think I would MUCH prefer to be playing on the computer than doing housework. In fact, that is pretty much what I have been doing for most of the afternoon. Well, not Ďplayingí, but looking for school stuff and pottering around here. I have still been avoiding housework though. I am SUCH an awful housekeeper. I would love to be able to get someone in to clean, but other than begrudging spending the money on something I know I should be doing myself, I would be too embarrassed having someone come and see the mess I create each week. Sad huh?

Carolyn Ė Happy Anniversary!!!!!! I hope you and hubby have a wonderful day. Well done on the loss!!!
20 costumes?!!! That sounds like an awful lot! It must have taken you a while to get all of those done. No wonder you have lost weight, as you canít have had a lot of time to eat. That could turn out to be a great technique for losing weight.

Oh... I forgot to thank all of those people who talk about the Walk Away the Pounds DVDs. I tried to look for the 1, 2 or 3 mile ones the other day, but all we have over here at the moment is a dual set of Walk/Jog (self-explanatory) and Walk/Kick (which includes some kickboxing moves). I decided to pick them up and see what they were like. I love them!!!! I do both of them in a row, as I try to get in 60 mins of workout at a time when I can. I have done them 3 or 4 times already and I have fun while I am doing them. I canít say that I actually look forward to exercise (Iím not sure Iíll EVER be able to say that) but once I get started I kinda lose myself in the movements and the time goes pretty quickly. Neil said he has found a 4 mile one on Amazon, so I may send for that one. I want something longer so that I donít have to switch DVDs in the middle of the workout while I am still walking really fast and bouncing around.

I also thought I would mention a herbal supplement that I have been taking for a few months now. It is called Vitex Agnus Castus and it is for levelling out hormones or some such thing. My dietician friend recommended that I use it when I was having problems with TOM. It seems to be doing something, because I have already had 3 TOMs in a row, and am pretty sure that another one is on its way. I donít remember EVER having that many in a row, kinda normally timed apart. I have gone months and YEARS without any sign of TOM before, so this is very different for me. It says it also helps with symptoms of TOM, so I thought I would suggest it for anyone who may be having trouble in that area. I just get mine from the local health food store. It may not work for everyone, but it seems to be doing something for me.

Well, I hope that you all have a terrific Friday and a wonderful weekend.

Take care,

Zelma - Loving the freedom of being half the size I used to be!

My Website- Including Before/After Pictures
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Hi Again,

Rats, rats, and rats again. We are not even going to be able to get a walk in today. Not because hubby won't be seen in public but because I have a LOAD of bags of things I have been wanting to give to a charity shop but as we don't have a car we can't take them ourselves and need the things to be collected. I rang yesterday to arrange a collection and they said they would get back to me. They rang me earlier on and said they would come today but couldn't give me a time. So now I am waiting in fo them. I really don't mind that much though because in such a small house all the bags really do take up valuable room, I will just be so glad to finally have them gone. And yep in case you are wondering a lot of the things were my 'fat' clothes gone forever!!!

Sharon - I gave Daren your message He doesn't know yet that I am going to suggest trying going to the gym tomorrow. We have no idea how busy it will be then, but it can't hurt to see, and if it's too busy we'll just squeeze in a quick work out and not go on that day again

Ooooh I forgot you can sew, darn it I should have got you to take up all the jeans you sent me before you sent them Only kidding nothing a bit of Wonder Web can't do Would you consider working in that industry again. I would say you could try a job sewing at home, but I don't think your boys would give you much peace for that, AND if you are going to work you'd want to get out and about away from the house not stuck in it!

Zelma - you're in Perth right? Do you know I have never been there? When I came to the UK it would have cost the same money to get a return train ticket from Sydney to Perth as it was to have a return flight to the UK, obviously I chose the latter and here I still am I am determined to go to Australia again with Daren because I really want to show him where I grew up etc. We will definitely add Perth to our list of places we must go because it would be so wonderful to meet you in person!!!

It's funny about Daren's skin, apparently he only ever gets spots/pimples when he starts working out. He's been known to get boils too, he says it's the toxins in his blood working their way out or something. He might be right, who knows, but right now his back is covered in big spots and he has the two on his face which are the ones that bother him the most. I wish I was like you and Neil, finding that eating well helps you keep blemish free skin. I have been dieting for nearly a year now, eating well, lots of fruit and vegetables, no fried foods etc and yet I can't remember the last time I didn't have at least one spot. In fact I am on long term antibiotics, one a day, because if I don't have them I get a face and scalp FULL of huge painful spots. Nearly 39 and still spotty, it's just not fair

That's great that you have found something that's helping you with hormones and TOM. You must be enjoying having some regularity with it now, do you find you have a lighter period too, or the same as usual?

Well it's time for me to go exercise now, at home AGAIN, lol. Bye for now,



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Good Morning Ladies!

Is it me, or do these smileys change position alot??

Carolyn: Like I told Catherine, I have to sew everything by hand because I am bobbin challenged...I can't imagine sewing over 20 costumes!! You are going to make your daughter so proud!! I hope you remember to have a Happy Anniversary!

Catherine: I have seen those newfangled machines...we had one that you had to open the front and top door, and pull it out on hinges, and then put on top of the wooden cabinet...it was green and weighed about 9000lbs!! I could never get the bobbin to stay in, it always fell out and I had to chase it down the stairs. I don't even know why my mom had it...I must have been from my Grandmother...she never used it.

Annie: I hope you are still doing well on Optifast. I did it way back when Oprah did it, before my wedding, and it definately was not for me! I hope you have better success. I do know how you are feeling about yourself...I think we all do. I remember being in the tub(when I still fit!) and wishing I had a chain saw to take it all off. I think I was in HS, but it still sits in the rolladex of my mind. I would love to throw it under a bus!! (the rolladex, not my mind! )

Luan: Good luck on your interview and have fun camping! I always tell my husband that if there are no complimentary soap and shampoo bottles, I'm not going!

Kayley: Please don't give up on yourself! We all have setbacks, but I think you should have the Dr. do some tests on your thyroid, etc...there could be something wrong. I hope you continue to come here for support...it really helps!!

Sharon: I am one of those people who cannot WI every day...I would pull my hair out!! You are doing so well...are you still on liquids?

Michelle: Sorry to hear about the kitties...that darn recall seems to be going on and on...can't they get it right?? I am sure they will be fine, but I bet it was scarey!

Ammi: High on the hill was a lonely goat herd...sorry, the songs do get stuck!! We are finaly getting some sunshine here, so I can stop being jealous that you are hanging the laundry out!

Zelma: When you can see how much you have lost in a tangable way, like the suitcases, it is pretty amazing! I really think other than fear, that is going to be a great motivator for me! We have changed Slammy to a Mets hat instead of the bunny ears...I absolutely know what you mean about the santa hat(or yarmake, as I am Jewish and my DH is Catholic-it just depends on the date in December!), I am shooting to start again on Monday! I would also have LOVED to see the koala piddling on the PM!! Should be on Funniest Home Videos!!

As for me, I have a busy weekend ahead...my niece's baby shower on Sat and Sammi has a dance competition on Sunday. So it looks like I will be at the beautiful weather from inside...of course! It never rains, it pours around here. No pun intended! Everything always seems to be at the same time, never spread out.

I hope everyone has a Great OP Day and weekend!!!

~My 10% Goal~

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Howdy Everybody!!!

Thought I'd pop in for a quick "Hello"! Hope you all are doing well! I tried to catch up on posts, but you know how speedy you ladies are! It's not easy to do!

Kaylee - Hun, you aren't only remembered, you were very much missed! We often mentioned you and wondered where you'd disapeared to! I'm sorry you have gained, but awfully glad to have you back!

Sorry, no time to say anything more right now. I'm still here, still plugging away and still working on getting on track. Doing okay, just nothing to report.

to those who may be struggling. to those who are losing and getting fitter!
Starting over again on 3/5/17
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Kayley welcome back hun please dont give up you can do it we are all here to help... 9i too have times when i wont to give up but have come way to far to give up now!Ammi you seem to be expeiencing a small amount of bad luck today! thanks Zelma for your words of encouraing words.. sad to sad i had a REALLY BAD NIGHT HEADACHE WISE! migraine would not go away finally my medicne kicked and and i got about 4 hours of sleep. needless to say i am drowsy today . am gonna just take it easy again and maybe on saturday i will feel up to exercisng again.. i think i will do my neglected workout dvd.
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Donna - now if only I could spell the yodelling words I would carry on with that song Gotta love The Sound Of Music

Glad to hear you are finally getting some sunshine, and I hope the good weather continues for your nieces baby shower. I've never been to a baby shower, nor had one myself, but they sound like such great fun.

to Sammi for the dance competition.

Lilion - Glad to hear you are still plugging along. Come on you only have 15 lbs to go to make your summer mini goal YOU CAN DO IT

Patti - so sorry to hear you had such a bad night last night because of your migraine. I hope you are able to catch up on some of your lost sleep today



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Luan-I’m also very muscular under the fat. I always have been. I know my doctor said he had never seen a 600 pound person actually push themselves in a wheelchair instead of having an electric one. I have always weighed more than I look like. I weigh more than my husband, and he has no clue. It is the one little secret I keep from him. I guess when the book comes out, he’ll know. He made me keep one pair of fat pants, but we keep them in the closet. He doesn’t want to look at them, or think about it, but wants me to keep them in case I ever get to go on Oprah.

Ammi-I think my next big goal will be to weigh less than my husband. I get to work on finishing up part one of my book as soon as I finish typing and editing one manuscript and just editing another that I’ve already been paid to do. The typing is the hardest one. I type really fast, 100 wpm when I get cooking, but it is just such a horrid story. It is a science fiction set in 1300 England. It goes beyond drivel. I’m not sure who he thinks he is going to sell this mess to. For instance, a lot of the action happens around the church, a
Protestant one. I tried to explain to him that the Protestants weren’t around until the 1500’s, but he didn’t want to hear me. He spent 2 pages just describing a child crying. I can only type a few pages at a time because it make me physically ill, and I haven’t even gotten to the sex scenes yet, which since it is supposed to be a love story, I’m sure there are some in there. Of course they are aliens, so maybe it won’t be too disgusting.

Oh, and could you please send us some of that weather. It has been snowing here the last two days. It’s that real heavy wet snow, and it just makes you soaked walking through it. Tell your husband that exercising pumps up his testosterone and the pimples are just a symptom of that extra VIGOR. See if that changes his mind about going to the gym with them.

Vicki-I know how hard that is to change the ticker up. I would almost rather have my teeth pulled.

Kymberly-Isn’t that kind of cool when people don’t recognize you? I reveled in being able to tell them, and see the look on their faces. In my case most who had trouble recognizing me, also had never seen me standing up before, and didn’t realize how tall I was on top of the weight loss.

Kayley-I had to come back with my tail between my legs after gaining 50-60 pounds, so I definitely know how you feel. I also know about not wanting to do this stuff anymore. Don’t give up. Not on diet, but on yourself. You can get back into it. It will take a while. It took weeks for me to get back into the habit of stuff, but it was easier this time, that when I started. Your body will remember, and it will respond to your efforts. You’re worth it.

Sharon-I used to get catalogs, but never buy anything. I’d just look at the stuff in them, and cut patterns to match. It used to seriously freak out my former roommate. I get it from my mom. She could go to a thrift store or garage sale, hold something up, and know if it was going to fit one of us kids. In college the forestry department had competitions with other colleges, and one of the events was diameter estimation. You had to stand 10 feet away from a tree with your hands at your side, and estimate its diameter at 4.5 feet above the ground to the nearest 10th of an inch. When I was a senior, my total number of inches off for 10 trees was 3.3 inches. That means I was off an average of a third of an inch on each tree. Some of the trees where 30 inches in diameter. Now that is a creepy skill. Too bad I can’t make money doing it.

Zelma-Yes the scales are safe. I was down another pound and a half this morning. I normally don’t weigh every day, but I have been working so hard that I’m exhausted half the time, so I wanted something that would give me some boost to keep it up. I won’t keep up this pace for long, but I needed a head start after screwing around for too many weeks. I’m looking forward to being able to buy stuff to wear from the store. My top is about 4 sizes smaller than my bottom, so I can buy shirts. I just am too tight with money to buy much. My dream is to be able to buy pants in the thrift stores.

Donna- I also hate having to chase bobbins. They always unravel. What I use is one of those telescoping screw retrieval things with the magnet on the end that mechanics use. I keep it clipped to my machine, and when I drop my scissors or a needle, or the dang bobbin, I flip it out, and can grab it without it completely unraveling. It was a Godsend when I dropped a whole box of new pins. I just swept the magnet across, and had them up in 4 passes.

Well, I’m off to work on this silly manuscript. As long as there isn’t some kind of space battle against knights on horseback, I will survive it.
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Luann: Good luck at the interview! Knock um dead doll.

Vicki: You can do it. So glad to see you back. Come on jump on the wagon. Here's a hand up.

Kumberly: Congrats on another -2 pounds! Also Whooop Whoop on coming in 3rd out of 50! That is awesome. Wonderful NSV too. You are on a roll.

Kayley: Of coarse we remember you and we love you and are happy to see you back. Sorry you had a bad gain but, here is the place you need to come for support. I have been in your shoes many times after a loss. That's why we are here cause we are ready to try again. Don't ever give up sweetie. You can do it. Hugs.

Sharon: Huge hugs to you. Thanks for all the encouragement. Are you still doing the liquid diet? I am on day 4 and the grumbling tummy is gone today. lol. I actually feel better except very sleepy. I think that is more sleep apnea then anything else. I made a deal with myself to at least vacuum my whole house today and then I can take a little nappy nap. lol. I think you should take the loss!

Zelma: So happy for you getting all back to normal on TOM! that is such a great feeling to have a schedule and not be "Surprised" in that way. Hugs.

Donna: Have a great weekend.

Patti: I hope your headache clears up and stays GONE soon. Hugs to you.

Ammi: Sorry you couldn't go to the gym again. At least you get to get things straightened out at home with the charity van coming.

Catherine: I love you posts and I am soooooo happy for you about loosing another pound + some. I am thrilled. Happy typing time.

Well, it is day four for me on Optifast. I truly am amazed I have managed to do it without a nibble of anything. lol. I guess I am even more determined than I thought. I had a blood test today for the Optifast program and I am both nervous and excited about Monday being the weigh in day. On the one hand I am excited if it shows a loss. On the other hand, I am nervous because of all the time I was on WW and only have a 19 pound loss in all those months. I guess before I step on the scale I will give it a threat like Cahterine did hers. It may make the nurse a bit nervous. lol. Hope you are all having good op days.

Next mini goal to get down under 300
Final Goal : 199
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Thank you ALL so much for the kind words....I'm really going to try and get in here at least once a day. I have quite a bit more time on my hands, so I don't think I'll get so behind as I was before. My last day at my office job was yesterday. I was there for 10 months, and that took up a HUGE chunk of my time...I was just miserable there, so I couldn't take it anymore. Also, my semester is coming to a close at college...I can't believe I'm already done with my 2nd year!! Crazy how time flies. I think that I haven't been regular on here since about July! I'll catch you all up to speed....heh. And then I'll try and do personals a bit later.

Andrew & I FINALLY moved in together. We got a nice little one bedroom apartment about 20 minutes from where I used to live. We moved in March 24th, so it's been about a month. We almost eloped when we were on our two year anniversary, but decided to wait. Andrew gave me a ring last March, and he told me that as a motivation, when I get to goal, I'll get my engagement ring...my ruby! So, I need to just think of that.

I stopped the South Beach Diet in about July...I just couldn't do it anymore. I've been watching what I eat, and I try and stay below 1,800 calories a day. I'm still going to the gym, although I did stop for about a month...the whole month of March, but I got back into the swing of things for April. So, I should probably post over there on the exercise board, right?

Well, that's about all from this end. I have to run to Walmart, and pick up a few things, but I WILL be back later.
Had RNY Gastric Bypass on 1/6/2015

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Hi Everyone. I'm back on track as of yesterday. My fiance is helping me with alot of the calorie counting details so hopefully it won't seem like a chore to count and measure everything. Yesterday I took my measurements and stepped on the scale to get a starting weight (328.5lbs), and I hope that my first week out will be a successful one. I'm trying to exercise too, but right now it's still hard to walk, as I injured my toe really badly a bit ago which makes wearing a shoe still nearly impossible from pain after 10 days or so...I'm just now wearing socks without pain! But until that gets 100% healed I will have to stick to weight training...but I have to find my motivation for that. But I am being 100% on plan with my eating so I'm hoping that the lack of exercise for a little while won't matter...I'm going to work my way back up to being active.
Hope everyone is well.

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peace out
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Default Back from my mini vacation

Hi everyone!

Well I'm back from our few days away...and all in all I think it went well. We walked ALOT, and even though we ate out for every meal, I had mostly just salads and soups. Hopefully the scale will reflect my good choices!

Sounds like everyone is having a good week. This is it for now....Red Sox vs. Yankees tonight and the pregame is on. I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully!

First mini goal: 10% lost

one for every ten pounds lost!
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I just changed my avatar to my pic with the new glasses. I don't have more time to post though - it's time for Stargate!

86 pounds down, now for the next bit - fourth short term goal (back to 100 down):
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trying again!
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Hi there
Just have a moment since I am running like crazy. Lost another 2.5 this week so that was great considering I have had a tooth abscess and have been swollen for days and in huge amounts of pain on one side of my face. Finally starting to get it under control.

A big ole welcome back to kayley and melissa. Good to hear that you are jumping back on the ole wagon and not giving up.

ugh, its 9pm and hubby wants the puter. I have to go to a class in the morning and then maybe off to the city for the afternoon. Not too sure yet!


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Nancy! You look absolutely amazing!!!! Such a transformation since I last saw a pic of you!!! Congrats!

It's good to see you, Brenda! I've missed you all around here.

I'm just glad I finally have some TIME on my hands now!

Decided to just make the mini goals, and not put a time on them, like I did before. I think that may have been part of my failure as well. I would get too discouraged! I'm SO glad that spring has FINALLY decided to show up! (it SNOWED last week! ), so Andrew & I can get out and do our walks! We both go to the gym, but every little bit helps, right?

Well, I have to unpack some boxes...because YES, we moved in nearly a month ago, and I have a closet full of stuff I haven't unpacked yet! Eeeps! I'll try and pop back in here before midnight! (When Andrew gets home)
Had RNY Gastric Bypass on 1/6/2015

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