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Good Monday Morning Everyone!

Just got in from my walk and sweating profusely as I type. It's still hot down here, no reprieve and now they say we are going to have record highs this week:fl: That sucks! Just the same, I started my week out right and got my 4.5 miles in in not too bad of a time 50:05. I even broke in a pair of new running sneaks and they didn't even give me a single blister which is VERY unusual. Actually, I don't think I've ever worn a pair of sneaks and not gotten at least one blister the very first time-better not put a kunahora (curse) on myself, may just take time 2 to get one (or more!).

The laptop gave me a little bit of a problem this morning signing on, took me 4 tries, but finally was able to get on here and get the board started. I'm trying to find a way to get at least my favorites loaded up from the old computer to this one. I can't figure out how to get my filing cabinet though, and I REALLY need what's left in there. I've lost so many recipes, information, you all just don't know and it kills me, but I will survive! Anyone want to give me their 2 cents about their computers past and present and what they like, or dislike? I'm all ears!

Scale is about the same for me, at 126.5 yesterday and today. Still on track with my eating and hoping to see it move down a little more. Didn't do as well with my water yesterday as I have been the last 2 weeks, but I did really well Sat. with drinking over 3 liters! I swear I was making numerous calls to the "urination stations" all over Miami! Back on track with the water today. Already have had 1.5 liters

MEMBER MESSAGES: Got a call from BIGK last week and she wanted me to tell you all that she would be MIA from posting on the board for a while but would try to read when she can. She's going through some person problems at this time and needs to focus on a few things, nothing to do with being off SB but trust me, she needs some time. Also, got an e-mail from QUILTER and she won't be on for a little bit either, they too are having some computer trouble and she's having to have Paul send her computer in for repairs so she too will be MIA for a few days.

Okay, here's what little information I have to give you on THE WALT DISNEY WORLD MARATHON WEEKEND:

We are getting together in Orlando on the weekend of Janaury 10th, 11th & 12th, that's Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you are able to arrive in the morning, the better, gives more time to spend together We are planning on staying at the RIU HOTEL which is near Downtown Disney, just off of the I-4 Expressway (directions will be given). The rooms are nice and clean, nothing too fancy and definitely NOT overpriced. When BOB and I stayed there last time we loved it, even had a fridge in the room, which we'll request to have again if possible in all rooms, for those SUGAR BUSTER GOODIES we have coming and for what we may find They have what I would describe as a grourmet breakfast buffet that was included free and should be once again, y'all don't have any idea! It was valid for up to 4 people in the room and if you had to pay seperately, it was like $7 a person. The room rate we got last time was $45 a night for up to 4 people. We are hoping to get adjoining rooms, or at least a few. Friday evening we have an all girls only night planned, so any DH's coming have to be forewarned this is OUR night. We'll have dinner together and then we'll have some things planned in the rooms, we'll probably do this in 2 adjoining rooms. We won't stay up all night, I don't think many of us even can if we wanted to, but we want to have some energy for whatever Saturday holds for us (TBA). So Saturday, we'll plan something everyone (hopefully) will agree upon and enjoy and have dinner together. Sunday is race day, so those running (or doing a dead man's crawl as I think I'll be doing) will be looking for our SB CHEERLEADERS! After the race, we can decide what to do, sorta wing it I guess, unless someone has something specific in mind. Those joining us for this weekend, will be told well in advance some "stuff" we want you to bring to make this weekend more fun.

I wish you all could join us, though I know that's not possible, unfortunately. BUT, for those of you who can, or if it's a possibility, I hope you will try. If anyone will be flying in to Orlando, just let us know when and we'll make sure someone is there to pick you up. Driving in, will be happy to provide directions. You won't be sorry you came! Already, MELF & MONET are coming in from out of state (of course, along with FROG from NC). If you have ANY questions, please let me know!!!! Again, hope you can try and come!

MONET, sounds like you're doing a bit better. Just do what the Dr. says and you'll get better daily (at least I hope). Was great to talk with you too. I'm excited TOM says you can come, that's wonderful news and of course, he's invited! The room is up to 4 people which includes the breakfast buffet. The only time "the men" won't be around will be Friday night, that's totally reserved for the ladies. Saturday after breakfast we'll have something planned for everyone to take part in, whatever that may end of being. WOW, 40lbs, that's wonderful. Keep up the great work. I know some of that is due to being sick, but not all-so kudos to you!

GRACIOUS, glad to hear you're back on track. $10 worth of McD's food, hope he doesn't have to use it all at once, sounds like a lot of garbage food to eat in one shot.

ROSALIE, I'd love to exchange some weather with you, too darned hot down here. I don't know if I really believe those body fat scales. When we were in Orlando last year for the WDW to watch FROG & DH run, they had an expo and there was a booth doing the body fat on the Tanita scale and it said mine was 14%-no flippin way was the correct! I can grab a handful of fat on any given part of my body, so I know that's wrong. I highly doubt you have 41% BF on you!

Well, I'm going to say adios as more than 75% of Miami's population says down here. I have some errands to run today, bank, library, post office, etc. Have to go get something to eat from the fridge (like I can find anything in there!). Michael has his guitar lesson later, followed by his friend coming over to go with him to a college fair at the school tonight (I think it's a bit early, but what the heck) Gosh, I hope this kid eats before he comes over-gawd forbid I should have to cook!

Will check in later!

Have a wonderful week!!!


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