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Old 11-09-2002, 01:49 PM   #151  
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HELP!!! I got on the scale this am after a week of being off program & sure didn't like what I saw. Someone kick me right here "X" cause I sure need to be. OMG I'm not even going to tell you what it said, just that it has gone over the limit that I had said as a

Well, it's back on strict SB plan for me. No messing around with maybes cause I will NOT have this excess weight hanging around for longer than it need be. Got to run.
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The SEC is pullin' for ya and we KNOW ewe can do it!! Orange is my favorite color! So, sic 'em hound dogs.

Hope the canes get so absorbed in looking at the beautiful mountail scenery that they get befuddled at the game.
BOB--Go here and you will see tons of Gators pulling for the Vols.

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Did y'all see the end of that LSU/KY game? How fabulous! Definitely the play of the year!

BOB: We are rooting for your team right now! Best of luck!

By the way - I lost 6 of the pounds that I had gained!

See y'all later!

lots of love
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I'm all packed (except for morning suff, makeup, shampoos etc). DH is asleep on the couch so I thought I would chck in for the last time.

I'm still depressed over that UK-LSU game. Sure thought we had pulled an upset. It's not over until it's over sure is true here.
My DD called and said they were already out on the field and didn't know we didn't win. What a heartbreaker.

County, Sorry you are feeling blah. Maybe come to the board more and we can cheer you up.

Fruite, What a game. I was so afraid something like that was going to happen. Congrats to the tigers.

Music, That is good news on your car repairs. Hope your team won.

Monet, glad you are feeling better today. Popcorn (airpopped) in moderation I think is ok

Melf, glad you had a nice trip and are home safe and sound. BTW, I'm a Chitlin!

Gator, the last time I looked, UF was winning, hope they pulled it out.

Guess I'mm go make a double check in the closet and see what else I can throw in the suitcase.

See ya the 18th.

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Old 11-09-2002, 09:24 PM   #155  
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I couldn't believe the end of the Ewe Kay --El Ess Ewe game. What an ending. Jackie, I know that was pretty upsetting. My greatest sympathies. The Gators did that once in the early 90's up at UK and it was probably the same feeling for the Cats then, too. They have been such a valiant team this year!
Congrats, Fruit.
BOB, we were yelling for the VOLs. I wish they could have pulled it off. All of the SEC would have been dancing a jig for y'all if you had done it.
Been doing OK food-wise, except for tonight. Had fajitas over at my DS's and topped it off with some red wine with a bowl of chocolate ice cream. Ummm, wine and chocolate. Nothin' better!
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Old 11-10-2002, 08:56 AM   #156  
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Good Sunday Morning Everyone

Just got my butt out of bed and still, I'm tired. The phone didn't stop waking us up last night, once was one of Lauren's friends parents, after midnight saying she was on the way to get her daughter, the other 2 were from SB'S for ELI. Tired and not in the mood to even go for a walk, which of course isn't good in more ways than one, esp. since this will give me 3 days in a row of no exercise, but I just don't have it in me, at least at this time.

It's back to the heat down here and we'll probably be seeing record highs for most of the week. The cool front didn't last long, I blinked and it just seemed to disappear. One day is more of a fluke than a cold front!

Tried to get on the board to post on Friday and couldn't. I see I wasn't the only one who wasn't able to do so either. I guess they are having some troubles with the board which is probably why they are going to change servers again.

There were a TON of garage sales down here yesterday. I didn't find anything too exciting but got a few things I was looking for, esp. the Tupperware I've been hoping to find, the modular mates, I got 22 pieces (all with lids) for $8.00-not bad. My DM came over after she went in her area and went out with me in my area and was happy to find a monitor for her computer for $15. Her's was all green and the new one is 17", so she was happy. Just some other odds and ends. So many out there and not enough time to hit the all-I should have such problems daily

ELI was suppose to be off until late afternoon and now, he had to go to work and won't be home til after midnight. This is the 3rd day he's doing this, it's getting old and annoying and I think that's just not my feelings, he looks tired and worn out. I don't think he has a day off until Wednesday. Not sure what plans I'll make today.

Scale is up for me. I had a bad day on Friday, the worst ever, I won't go in to the gorey and horrifying details. I truly believe I was possessed somehow, it wasn't me that ate all that crap, but I'm surely the one paying the price. I'm up 2.5lbs from WIW! I was back OT yesterday 100% and will do the same today. Thank goodness I didn't wake up feeling like I did the other day when this all took place, trust me, it wasn't a pretty sight at all!

Going to try and catch up with some replies, I'm way behind...

CANDICE First off, CONGRATS for maintaining your weight for a year now, I know it's just has hard as trying to lose as I've been at goal for 1 1/2 years now. I think many of the gals on the board have given you their opinions about SB and I'll just throw my 2 cents can have something "sweet" on SB, esp. if you are at goal, as long as you are one of those people who can keep things in moderation, I'm one who finds it hard to stop when I start. For instance, you are allowed high cocoa content chocolate (60% cocoa or higher, I got 70% and higher myself) and you can have a half ounce up to 3 times a week. You can bake with agave and make delicious desserts, like my CRUSTLESS CHEESECAKE, so there's really no reason you can't have sweets, in moderation, of course As for ingredients being hard to find, the only ingredient that may be difficult for people to get is the agave, otherwise there's nothing else that you can't get in a regular/HFS.

GRACIOUS, I guess it's a good thing to have TG a little earlier there than we do here in the States, you definitely have more time! I'm dreading this years season, I think Hanukkah starts the end of THIS month-I don't even want to check! I really am only buying for the kids and my nieces so it shouldn't be too bad. Something small for ELI, a token gift, for Hanukkah, but otherwise he has to wait for Xmas!

ZANNE, if you can get away with using bananas that aren't overly ripe that in itself will lower the GI of them. I think if you just keep things in moderation, you'll be okay. I remember BEACHFAN, an old board member, she ate bananas the entire time she was on SB and made it to goal-what bothers one may not bother another-so go ahead and try, just remember, moderation...

TONI, when we went on our last plane trip, I packed a lunch in one of the kids old lunch totes-it smelled ,and I'm sure tasted, a lot better than what the rest of the plane was eating! It's not only easy to plan ahead but you feel a sense of pride for having done so. As for a treat once in a while, I wish I could easily let my guard down once in a while. I need to learn that it can't become an all day affair though, something I've never been able to conquer. Have a wonderful trip and a great time at your brothers!! Check in if you can!!!

SEF, sounds like you are back to being a busy beaver!

DEB, Sounds like you and DH are doing wonderful on SB-CONGRATS! You are going to find that using WW flour will provide a more dense cookie. You could try using the white wheat flour they have out now-King Arthur makes it, it's not as strong of a wheat taste as traditional ww flour. I have thousands of recipes so if you can give me an idea of what you are looking for I'll try to see if I can locate something that would fit the bill. If you haven't tried my CRUSTLESS CHEESECAKE you should, you're family will love you forever for that one, just ask the gals on the board, it's a true winner!

DENISE, was great to finally have the chance to speak with you as well the other day. I'm sure we'll be meeting up one day soon. I think we have a lot more in common than we have found already-like OLE OLE, geez, anyone who loves it as much as we do just HAS to be great!
Will call you soon!

SOLSHINE, a post AND an e-mail! Boy, that's too much for my heart in one weekend. Now, a phone call soon-I just may faint!

DAY, no need to reall buy the book, check it out at the library, it's an easy read. While there, get MICHAEL MONTIGNAC'S BOOK, EAT YOURSELF SLIM and read that as well, he explains things in better detail than the SB does. BTW, there are quite a few other Texans on the board, so I'm sure they'll be giving you a true Texan welcome as they see you more on here. Thanks for acknowledging our friendliness-it's contagious!

SERENE & TRANQUIL, glad to had the chance to talk to you last night-wish I was there with you, I feel like I'm really missing out when you two get together! SERENE, glad to hear Joel is doing better.

COUNTRY, I have the same problem, but not with starchy carbs, but the sweets. There are certain times of the month that your body will crave a certain type of food. Sometimes if you can increase your protein, it will help. Sometimes your body just needs more salt and your brain thinks it has to come in the way of chips. Try making something salty that's legal and see if that doesn't help, maybe peanuts. We all go through this. I don't think there's anything wrong with eating some special foods on Thanksgiving, I for one plan on having some of the cookies Lauren makes and I know that I can't and won't eat just one but I'm hoping that the next day I'll be able to get right back on plan-that's the key! Hmmm, a sub. for vanilla wafers...I know they have lower fat ones out there, but I think you may be able to make your own sb legal ones, I'll have to check and see if I have a recipe, I do think I remember seeing one, but if not, use what you can and don't worry about it. I think if you are gearing up for this and really look forward to this dish, if it doesn't taste the way you've had it in the past you won't be happy-I personally think you should make it the way you know you like it and enjoy it.

MONET, popcorn IS okay, in moderation of course, not like me when I eat the whole bag. Of course, you want the type that doesn't have a bunch of crap in it either. BEARITOS is the best, corn and salt, nothing else.

ALEKA, as mentioned, SB isn't a low carb WOE at all, low/no sugar yes, but not low carb. If you like a certain SF Maple tasting syrup than go for it. You can also use agave as a syrup, which is what my kids like using. You can also make fruited syrups out of fresh fruits.


MELF, don't you worry, I'm sure the few pounds you've gained will slide right back off. Heck, I gained 4lbs over night. At least you enjoyed yourself and did it over a week, unlike me

FRUIT, WTG on losing 6 of those pounds - more to come, I'm sure! Will try to give you a call soon.

Well, I'm caught up. To those I didn't reply directly too, I send you a heartfelt "HELLO!".

Michael is up and we're going to go up to Broward today. I'm sure Lauren will come as well. Not sure if anyone else will join us (like my DM or a friend of the kids). Michael wants to look at an electric guitar as his Hannukah present. Lunch at OLE OLE for sure! Maybe the mall-who knows. As long as I stay OP, that's what I'm looking to do today!

Have a wonderful day!

SB since 3/22/00
Reached goal 6/10/01
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Default I hear ya Deb...

I am trying so hard to get back to walking like I should. Yesterday was day one and I went back to square one...just one mile. Fixing to do that again in a minute or two. I think I just burned out. I was so faithful for 16 months. Thanks for the tips on the banana pudding. Except for sugar free pudding I think I will make it the same and just enjoy. Last year there was so much guilt...but of course that didn't stop me.

Jack-K if you haven't left yet....have a SUPER trip!

Thank you Toni for your encouragement..all of ya'll are so supportive and it really helps.

See ya'll on Monday's board..and I am gonna do my best to actually keep up and participate.


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Old 11-11-2002, 12:37 AM   #158  
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Thanks DEB....I'm gonna go check out your cheesecake recipe and see how many pts it is!LOL Which one is it???? Does it say crustless I saw several of them on the recipe thread??????

I like the idea of staying away form the "while stuff" just thought SB might give me a gudieline for that but I could never give up WW now since it has worked for me. I have tried tons of programs and this has woked cause I did not have to eliminate any one food. I see that Bananas are a no no....Hummmmmm are there many no no's on SB?????? I keep checking in here to see if I can pick up any new info while I am trying to decide wehat to try. Thanks again, I can be a pain with my questions!

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BTW..just what is it thats make you lose weight on SB if there is no specific portion control or calorie counting???????
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