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MONET!! Just the girl I wanted to *see*. They were asking for you over at the lcc. I told Lindakimy and Christy that you are a full blown SugarBusters gal now but that I would pass on the greetings to you. Some of the old members have resurfaced lately and they were just bringing up some names. Good to hear that those 12 lbs are still gone. Still praying for your recovery.

I am back on the wagon after my indiscretions of the past week. I am back to exercising 5 days a week again and eating on plan 100 %.

Hope everyone has a great Monday! Hey, this morning I won a Burger King Breakfast certificate for $10 from the Christian Radio Station. I told hubby he can pick it up and eat the goods because I don't want to! He was thrilled of course.
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