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Thumbs down Hey...

What's up?

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood! I LOVE this time of year! Outdoors weather. I WILL get to the weeding that I ignored yesterday. Gotta clean out the flower beds and make way for some mums.

I've been doing pretty well lately...I say pretty well cuz there's a cookie monster that dwells within me, and you never know when he's gonna strike! I need to follow 2cute's example and chuck any and all goodies lurking in my pantry. Then I listen to the kids moan, "You NEVER buy anything good!" (Yeah, cuz I'll eat it!) So far, today, I'm working on 8 points...that's since midnight last night. O' course I slept about 6 hours after I got home from work. I have oatmeal at work around fills me up, warms me up and tides me over til I wake up in the afternoon. Concord grape juice and a pear and a cup of green tea are all I've had since waking up...still pondering lunch choices...

Michelle, Thanks for the great ideas! I can't wait to try the crescent roll thingy! All this talk about salmon, I'm gonna have to pull some out of the freezer. I have baked it with a glaze of honey and soy sauce...combine about 1 T honey and 1 or 2 T soy in a bowl, drizzle over fish and bake...yum!

2cute... congrats on the renewed resolve! We ARE an inspirational group aren't we?

Uh is starting to move in and annoy me...everyone wants their turn on the computer! Like I've been here all day! Oh well, time to get my booty movin' anyway...


Nobody can bring you peace but yourself... Ralph Waldo Emerson

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