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Dancing those pounds away
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Smile 300+ And Ready To Try Again...#143


We are a group of people who are working together to lose our excess weight.
We are on different plans and are of different sizes.
We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We recently started a Topic of the Day.

Monday........Motivation Monday
Tuesday.......Tuesday Tips
Wednesday.....Wednesday Weigh ins
Thursday......Thankful Thursday
Friday........Friday Facials, Fingernails and Fun
Saturday.......Sit-up Saturdays - any physical activity
Sunday.........Soup and Salad Sunday - recipes

These are not required topics ...just ideas to share. We have found them very helpful. We also share heartaches and fears...joys and celebrations.

Please feel free to jump right in with us.
And be sure to check if there is a second page. We don't want anyone to miss any posts

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Dancing those pounds away
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Angry Hidey Ho Neighbors !!!!

Good morning. It is Friday so most of you are pretty happy today.
I am still working on my taxes... made a big dent... but not done yet.

I am not going to address everyone. I am determined to get these taxes done... but I did have to say hello to everyone and ask a question.

How much Healthy Choice Ice Cream can you eat before it is no longer a healthy choice???

Malia... I also have a note for you concerning the stress you are under from your job.
Stressed spelled backwards is desserts!!!! LOL

Ladies... have a FUN filled day.
Stay on program.
Drink your water.
And get your butt moving.

Love ya all !!!!
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Good Morning Lady's

Just wanted to check in and say that I'm still on track for this week every things been going smoothly, the only pigging out was last night, I munched out on banana chips, so that's not to bad or is it. I'm on days off so I don't have a computer at home have to go to the library, so I can't post daily but will check in every now and then.

Hope every one's willpower is going strong, tried veggie burgers for the firts time, and they don't taste to bad ( I did have them coved in ketchup though), Need to get the water in but doing good, I hope the scale agree's on Monday.

Gotta go
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You and Me in 2003
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Thats why I like Desserts I'm stressed
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2Cute: LOL on the Healthy Choice. It's so good to have you back with us!! But I am with Lucky. NO more talk about 80 degrees. It's is freezing and windy and cloudy again today. Of course I guess I can't complain to much while Lucky is up to her knees in snow.

I just wanted to pop in real quick. The kids are at grandmas and I have quite a lot I want to get done before they come back.
I weighed in this morning and I lost 2 pounds to put me at 189.

Talk at ya later,
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Exclamation THIS IS IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes you see things that just confirm what you need to be doing with your life. I came across my horoscope today and it read:

"You are more than ready to make a major change. Though calm meditation you'll be able to navigate a course of action".

When I read this I knew they were talking right to me. I have been think for a while that I need to lose this weight for my health. I realized that obesity is hurting all of us, especially women of color. And I am also realizing that I am not the same person I was and if I do not make a change, I will never recognize me again. I am 26yrs old. I do not to be this way when I am 30.

I am going to sit down and plan, Not just food but a decisive way to lose this weight. If you have any ideas which would help me on this journey, pls feel free to contact me at [email protected]

Thank you


Don't talk about it... Be about it. 296.6 / 296.6 / 160
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Hi everyone! WOW, now this is what I call a busy thread! After complaining that no one was here, here you all come out to play! How Cool!!!

My food is off the charts. Just cannot get my act back together. I'm so tired of myself, but can't seem to help myself either.

The weather here is typical spring, raining one minute, sunny the next, 54 degrees. I'm not so niave however, to think that it really is Spring, since in Michigan we don't really get Spring until Memorial Day and Summer is all of two days in July! All this talk of 70's and 80's is making me jealous!

Katrina: Glad to hear your head is back in the right place. * I have heard of the Wendie Plan. I am going to post a second post with all the info in it so that it's not all mashed up here in this one. When I posted on a WW thread someone found it and posted it and some of the girls were getting some good results, some not so good. :confused: My electronic journal is called a points calculator and I bought it from my WW meeting. You can just subtract points from your total as you use them as well as use it to calculate the points of foods you have the stats for. It runs $25 here.

Jen: Good job on the 2 pounds!

Tina: Your story about your son is hysterical! My DH couldn't figure out why there was such loud laughter coming out of my office.

2cute: You are in rare form today!

Duckie: You're doing great!

Tammara: Welcome to the group. Glad to have you aboard.

LuckyLadyBug: About the the one that will fit you now. Live for the moment. I have a closet full of stuff with the tags still on them that I was 'supposed' to fit in by now. * It sounds like you are just buried! Hope Spring comes for you soon.

Mary: Glad you like your new 'do'. * Hope the hand is feeling better.

Baylee: I loved the quote.

Malia: Stress always comes with a new job. Hope you get it. It will be a nice change of pace. * Loved your quote too.

Kurly: The plus to your story is that you put a halt to the weight gain before you had it all back on and then some! (like I did ) Hope the tests turn out well.

Hey you guys, want to do something different??? I'd like to organize a surprise party. Are you game??? Tomorrow (Saturday) is Syn's birthday. She's been going through a tough time and doesn't get here too often. So I thought it would be fun if we all come here tomorrow and wish her a Happy Birthday and then I'll e-mail her later in the evening and tell her she just has to check out the thread because someone posted a good article. What do ya think??? She needs to have her day brightened.

Gotta run. I'll talk with you all later.

"If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun." - Katharine Hepburn
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Default The Wendie Plan for those who've hit a plateau

Try It - if you've been stuck and are getting frustrated.

The info. below was taken from http://pub70.************/blightenup78347
and was written by a woman named "Wendie"

The Wendie Plan is very simple. You follow a simple plan of eating. You eat your regular foods that you have on WW. You work within your point range. You drink the water, get some exercise, etc., etc., etc. What is different? You alternate the amount of points you use each day. What could be more simple?

Let us assume for a moment that your point range falls between 22-29 points per day. (This is based on the original 123 plan, not the “Winning Points” plan) WW says that you can eat up to 29 points every day, and still lose weight. Do you? Maybe. Maybe not. Ever notice that on some days you aren’t very hungry and on other days you feel you could eat all the points in the universe? After doing extensive research, I have discovered several things that don’t always ring true.

At this point, if you are someone who has been doing the program and losing a steady 2+ pounds per week, you don’t have to read on any further. Your body is doing what it needs to for you to lose weight. If you are struggling to drop a pound, and no matter how hard you have tried the pounds won’t shake lose – read on – this is for you.

First of all, just because you eat within the points you have been assigned, drink all of your water, exercise at least 20 minutes every day, journal till the cows come home... does not mean that you will lose weight. I don’t mean to depress you, but it is the truth. We have countless people here, myself included, who can attest to this. They try really hard, but week after week they are struggling to even lose part of a pound. I see it all the time. So... what are they doing wrong?

Oddly enough, they are doing one tiny little thing wrong. It is one tiny, insignificant thing, but it is keeping them from losing weight faster and at a steady rate. The secret to The Wendie Plan is simple. Alternate your points daily. At the start of your week, alternate the number of points you eat daily. Your rhythm of your week should look like this: low/high/low/very high/very low/high/med. high.

For example. If your range allows you to eat between 22-29 points per day:

Day 1 - 22 points
Day 2 - 28 points
Day 3 - 23 points
Day 4 - 36-39 points
Day 5 - 22 points
Day 6 - 29 points
Day 7 - 27 points

On the WW plan, 22-29 points per day, you will eat between 154 points (low end) – 203 points (high end) during the course of the week. On the Wendie Plan, you will eat 190 points during the course of the week. Which falls towards the high end of the range, but not the highest. (Adjust the points to fit your current range).

We have already seen some amazing results using the Wendie Plan. I developed this plan out of sheer frustration. After being on WW for 17 months, and having lost no weight in the last 9 months of program, but being too stubborn to actually quit, I found myself pouring over 17 months of anally kept journals, trying to find the one key which would unlock my door to success. In the first 8 months I was successful. I lost 40 pounds. What happened then to impede my progress? I was still following the program in every way. I was doing everything right, but experiencing no weight loss. Why?

Why, indeed? The most interesting aspect of my journey came at the end of May, 2000. I weighed in on WW and had reached a 40 pound loss. I decided I was close enough to a 50 pound loss and I wanted to reach it by the 4th of July. That was a reachable goal. So I worked even harder. I tried to emulate Dotti. I dropped my points down to 25 per day, and began exercising more. Everyday I was outside walking through parks or in the fitness center hitting the treadmill. At the end of 5 weeks, I had a net gain of 1.2 pounds! Muscle? To some degree, yes. But, as I never began to look like Arnold Schwarztenager, I realized that something had gone terribly wrong. I had “shrunk “ a bit, which was to be expected, but still, at the end of 5 weeks, I was heavier. I continued. I worked out everyday, and kept my points down. This has got to work, right? Not necessarily. At the end of the next 5 weeks, I was down exactly 1.2 pounds. So my net loss for the 10 weeks after Memorial Day was zero!

I continued to work very hard, and by September, I had played around with the same 3 pounds all summer. Up, down, up, down – but never gone for good. In October, I celebrated 1 year of WW, by maintaining my 40 pound loss for four months! What was up with this?

I stopped attending WW meetings in October, because first, I was making no headway, and I became so depressed at Monday’s weigh-ins that it took until Tuesday afternoon to snap back out of it; and second, I did not get the support I needed through WW. They simply had no answers as to why I was not losing weight even though I was working the program very conscientiously. At the last couple of weigh-ins, when I was going up a pound each week, I got the general impression that my leader felt that I was not really working the program. At that point, I walked out for good.

I tried several things between Halloween and Christmas to shake some pounds loose, but to no avail. I then went back to WW the day after Christmas. It is interesting to note what happened. First, I didn’t start the program that first week. I weighed in on Tuesday, and then rather half-heartedly began the program on Friday. When I weighed in on Tuesday, I was down 3.5 pounds! I buckled down and worked very hard on program the next week. I measured everything, exercised, drank my water, and journaled every bite. The following Monday I weighed in and I had GAINED 2 pounds! What is up with that?

It didn’t take very long for me to see that going to WW was not going to help me. My body was being incredibly stubborn and was not going to let me lose this weight. Do you see a pattern forming here?

In addition to having 17 months of journals, I also have kept a spreadsheet of my weight losses. I began pouring over my journals and comparing what I did on certain weeks to the amount of weight I lost at the end of that particular week.

I made an astonishing discovery.

I have always been a moderate loser. Meaning, I usually lost about a pound a week. Other people may lose 3 pounds a week, but I usually lost a pound, sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. But I was very consistent in losing. There were some weeks, however, when I did lose more than a pound per week. Interestingly, the weeks I had my biggest losses were weeks when I overate! The weeks were Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years! Christmas Day I ate 43 points! I lost 4.75 pounds that week! Upon further studies, I discovered something else. Every week that I overate one day, I had larger than average losses! How can that be?

It has long been thought that you have use 3500 calories less than you need in order to lose one pound. I simply don’t believe it. I know it is mathematical, and mathematics was never my strongest subject, but science has always been an area in which I have excelled. I believe that our bodies are far more complicated than a simple mathematical formula can describe. The body is like a fireplace. If you build a fire, at first it takes awhile to warm up. You add more fuel and it burns more efficiently. The more fuel you add to it, the hotter it burns. Add less fuel, and it begins to cool down.

Our bodies were built for survival. If you go on a “diet” the body can become uncomfortable. This is especially true if you take so much food away from it that it feels as if it is going to starve. There is a lot of talk about not eating too little – your body will go into “starvation mode” and you won’t lose any weight. Well, to a point, this is true. Your body will lose weight if you starve it, but it won’t want to, and it will take the weight from places you don’t necessarily want to lose it from. That is why some people who lose a lot of weight look “gaunt”, and is far more likely to hear comments like “Have you been sick?” as opposed to “You look good!”

Why does “The Wendie Plan” work?

Your body has this wonderful little thermostat inside of it. It regulates everything you do. If you feed it lots of food, it turns the thermostat up and burns it as efficiently as possible. This is why you have been able to eat as much fast food before WW and didn’t gain the amount of weight that you should have. Your body became more efficient and was able to burn off much of the excess amount of calories. Otherwise, with the amount of food we porked in pre-WW, we should have been gaining 2-3 pounds per day!

When you go on a “diet” where you dramatically decrease the amount of calories that you consume, your body thinks “Oh-oh, we’re going to starve to death here!” and immediately turns the thermostat down to conserve energy. After all, your body will do whatever it has to do to ensure that you stay alive. It doesn’t know that you don’t want to carry those extra pounds around. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to convince my body that I really do want to shed those extra pounds through talking to it.

That is where The Wendie Plan comes in. If I can’t get my body to shed the extra pounds by talking to it, then I have to trick it in to letting them go! The Wendie Plan is the trick.

If you are on WW, or even just counting calories, and you stick with a set amount of calories per day, such as 1400 or say, 27 points per day, your body will adjust to that. It will become extremely efficient at using just the amount of calories (energy) that you are giving it. You may lose fairly well at first, but after the first week or so, you will find that your losses may slow ... way... down, and even stop. Isn’t it nice to have such an energy efficient body? However, the body isn’t extremely fast. If you give it the same amount of food every day, it will adjust itself. But if you change the amount of food it gets every day, it doesn’t have time to adjust itself! Which means on that day that you eat 10 points over your highest, it tries to adjust by turning up your thermostat, but it is unable to turn it down for the low points the next day. What you are doing, in essence, is keeping your body guessing. It doesn’t have time to adjust the thermostat down, before it needs to turn it back up. What eventually happens is your body will never again feel as though it is going to starve to death, and it will never again try to shut down the thermostat, so you will continue to lose at a more rapid loss. This also means fewer plateaus.

Some people are aghast at the thought of actually eating 10 points over their maximum. I know, its the hardest part for me, too. Again, I just have to plan higher point meals for those days and make sure I actually follow through. If the huge point day isn’t done, then the body will not turn the thermostat up high enough. It is all a formula which has to be adhered to – high points, as well as low point days.

What about exercise points? What about them? I never use them. I just know that I don’t plan any big exercise on my low points days. If I am going on an 8 mile hike, I will probably do it on my high or super-high day, so that I can take advantage of the extra fuel to get me through the exercise. I think WW was using the activity points as a carrot to get people to exercise. More activity, more food. I don’t believe in that. Eat what your body needs. Exercise plays a good role in this plan, because exercising increases your metabolic rate. (Which turns up the thermostat even more!) So does increased muscle. Arrange your high point days on the days that you exercise. Or better yet, arrange your exercise around your high point days. My high point days usually fall mid-week. But why? It makes more sense to me to have my highest point day fall on Saturday. That is the most likely day that I will be doing an 8 mile hike. Fit this plan into your lifestyle.

My WW leader told us that it isn’t what you do for one meal that causes you to gain or lose – it’s what you do for 21 meals that makes a difference. What this is telling me is that I have 7 days, 21 meals, and 217 points to use. How I choose to use them over the course of a week is totally up to me. If I choose to have 42 points on Sunday and 24 points on Monday... I am still on program. Even better – I will probably lose some weight. Do not be afraid to have that one high point day. Just as you shouldn’t be afraid to have the low point ones. At the end of the week, you will have lost weight.


If you are following 123 Success, just add 2 points to the daily point ranges.

For activity points, add them in the appropriate places. I am assuming that if you have earned activity points, then you have burned off extra calories, so it all equals out.

Hope this little chart helps you to figure out how to set up your own schedule. I have found it is easier for me if I write the number of points I will have at the top of each day's journal page.
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Talking Hope I found the right one

Holy Guachamoley Batman ! No that was a thread !!!! wow ... I am home ... exactly what I need a place to be able to keep my fingers busy and someone here has been a busy lil lol... I have posted in the buddy section and have a small thread going there ... of about three or four gals ... they are great ! I do however need some more action ... I mean alot more to occupie my mind and fingers .... I am 31 and live in Tennessee .... I started last week to start a new life style ... Im not calling it a diet ... That is just setting myself up for the fall . Been there ... Not taking away food but switching food s ... healthier stuff ... I switched my white bread to a seven grain lite bread ( course it has about nil taste but eh whatta ya gobnna do LOL )... I switched the candy bars and cookies for oranges and apples ... bannana and fat free jello with fruit cocktail in it . My biggest thing that I am missing so much is Potatoes .... MMMMMMMMMMMMM ... drooling here ... I love me some taters ... mashed , fried hashbrowns french fries jullian au gratin I can think of alot more ........ . My weakness .. that n butter . I have been raised on meat and potaoes ... macaroni n fried chicken ... OHHHH white beans and ham with corn bread .. sweet cornbread .. I better stop ... Im getting weak .... yikes ... see what I mean its all so good and also inexpensive ... I was telling the other girls I spent 50 $ on some good snacks ... 50 ! I could have took that 50 and bought dinners enough for two weeks instead snacks for 1 week ... geesh ... no wonder the stats for ppl getting over wieght are going up .. They dont make it affordable for you to eat healthy . Anyhow I was wieghed last week at the doctors on one of them good scales and I am 221 pounds !!!! I thought I was 180 Well I was depressed for a sec then I am back at it I havent been to bad trying to stick with it ... I usually get take out every friday bf brings it home for lunch but today i told him bring me a veggis sub on wheat ... it tasted aweful so i did reallly good ... i took 4 bites and it was back in the bag ! LOL well ty subway for having rotten veggies lol ... just this one the other one we went to had great fresh stuff . Wow I have rambled Im sorry .... just wanted you to know some about me ... I am trying so very hard and would love to have your support ... this sounds like a great bunch !!!!!! Have a great weekend !!!!!
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Great idea Thin....I will do mine tonight if that is okay cause I work tomorrow.


Syn, I miss you, please take care and know we are all here for you.

Wishing you all you want in the coming year,

Your 3FC Minnesotan friend, LuckyLadyBug....
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Thin: thanks for sharing your knowledge of Syn's birthday.

I just read this and wanted to "alert" you to this shocking news.
Keep a food diary: A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that when people wrote down what they ate, they had underestimated on average by 1,053 calories per day.

My goodness - this could shock me into journaling my food!!!!
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Dancing those pounds away
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Angry HOWDY !!!!

I AM MAD !!!!!
TWICE I have written this longggggg post and gotten knocked off line as I reread it !!! I can''t believe I forgot to copy both times. Grrrrrr
Now I am trying to remember everything offline. Plus.. I have been here too long so I am going to condense everything too.

Wacko... I am happy to see you found us. !!!!! Welcome. We love newcomers and we are glad you are here with us. I really like your new outlook...not dieting.. just making wiser choices. That's a winning... (Oooppss ...losing) plan

Thin... I think that is a great idea !!!! I only wish we could post our cutezy pictures. We all love and miss Syn.. and I hope this reminds her of how much we all care.
LET'S PARTY !!!! I will bring the silly string. (he he)
I also appreciated your Wendies article. It was longgggggg but well worth the time to read. It does explain why sometimes we say: "I didn't deserve a loss but I'll take it" and " I deserved to lose more... I did good this week". LOL

Tamarra... Welcome to our little corner of 3FC's. We are glad you joined us. You are on the right track.. realizing it is MORE than just the food... it is our ENTIRE way of life that needs fixed.

Lucky lady... I TOTALLY agree with the article about under estimating how much we eat !!!! Most of the "successful" losers journal their food intake. Keeps us more honest.

Jen... You are getting so SKINNY !!!!
Do you know how darn cute I was at 185 !!!!!!!
My goal is only 222... but my DREAM is 185.
My drivers license has said 185 since I was 16 years old.

Duckie... I like the "Grillers" from Morning Star and one of the Boca burgers the best. Thinthinker knows which one. Those are the only two I really like.
I also use the library for posting when I visit my parents for a week at a time. They limit me to one hour and that is good. LOL

Well ladies.... My second daughter came home from college for her spring break tonight. Plus my sister is coming tomorrow too... not counting the daughter who is already home (with her boyfriend) so I just don't know how often I will be on here.
Just remember.... Your recovery is IMPORTANT !!!!
That "one bite" does make a difference.

We no longer have to say... "If I had my life to do over again."
We can make a difference today. Live your life... TODAY !!!!
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Thumbs up OOOhhhhh.....So mad!

I have been knocked off too 2cute!! Said I had included too many images and I lost everything and it was a pretty good post! I hate that. I wish they could fix it where you could just go back and remove a few things instead of erasing everything. That is soo frustrating!!!!

Ok, here we go again in the condensed form. Weather has been gorgeous today. Light breeze, really sunny and temp was 76.

I am missing my DH. He has been working 7 day weeks for the last 7 weeks and with me on thirds and him on seconds, we just hardly see each other any more. Whine......Whine.......whine.

2cute: I agree w/Thin. You are in rare form today. And I think the point Healthy Choice icecream stops being healthy is either when.........#1. You are scraping the bottom of the container when you only started eating it 5 minutes ago or #2. When you have finished off the icecream and start eating the container!

Duckie: I don't think the banana chips would have been too bad. Just count them as your daily fruit! Also, I ate a Boca burger for the first time the other day. It was Chef Max's All Amercan Classic and it was really good. Stop in when you can.........we are here for you!

Mary: Like your comment. My problem is a little different though. I am stressed because I eat desserts. TOO many of them! Ha! Ha!

Jen: Big congrats on the 2 pounds! You are doing it! So good to see you here more often!

Tammara: This is a great group of people here. Come and come often. We are always here for you!

TT: Thanks so much for the Wendie article. I printed it out and am including it with all my WW literature so when I do start hitting those plateaus, I will know how to handle them! Also, try not to get down. We are all human. I have been surrounded by food this week and have been fighting it off. Just remember, "I will not exchange what I want most for what I want at the moment." I know I have only lost 24 pounds, but it is amazing the difference it makes!
P.S. I will be here for Syn's b-day tomorrow! You are so very thoughtful!

Wacko: Soooo awsome to see a fellow Tennesseean! And what was so strange, your post sounded exactly like me. You sound like you've got some really good motivation going and you are so right about making this a "lifestyle change" instead of a diet. Because we all know what happens with a diet, it "dies" with time. You have chosen an awesome group to join. This is a fantastic bunch of caring people. I don't know what I would do without them. It's amazing how important people become even when you've never seen them. By the way, what part of Tennessee are you from?

Ok, I'm gonna be smart this time and copy before I try to post and get hit in the head again! Still feeling pretty good though. I am trying to decide whether to do my walking video tonight or in the morning. I may do both!

You guys are the best and I'll see you tomorrow. Hello to anyone I've missed.
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Omigosh you guys. I am o-so-lame. I was soo good all day, but right on que after a good weigh in I blew it. UGH!! Now compared to what I used to eat, it wasn't all that bad, but it sure wasn't in the plan. I didn't binge, I just ate things I shouldn't have and my how the calories add up fast. Oh well. I will not continue to kick myself about it. I will just start new tomorrow with a bowl of Kashi. Too tired to reply to everyone. I'll be back tomorrow.
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Thank you, Thin for posting the "Wendie Plan!" It certainly makes sense, doesn't it?! Gonna give it a try starting today...well, later today any way, since it's after 1:00 am here...gotta get to bed soon! i just couldn't resist a reply with SO many posts here!

Welcome, new girls!!! Always room for more around here!


Too tired to post anymore....see you all tomorrow!
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