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Default 300+ And Ready To Try Again...#721


We are a group of individuals who weigh or have weighed 300+, or near there. This group was formed to provide a place for others like us to find support and hope. We are aware of the distinct problems that come with weighing over 300 lbs.

We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We often use a "Topic of the Day" for discussion.

Motivational Monday
Tuesday Tips
Wednesday Wish List .. and What you are doing to obtain it.
Thankful Thursday
FUN Friday ... don't wait until you lose your weight.
Sit-up Saturdays - any physical activity
Share your Success Sunday

These are not required topics ...just ideas to share. We often find them very helpful. We also share heartaches and fears ... joys and celebrations.

We have several extra threads going on simutaneously such as Monthly Challenges, Weekly Weigh-ins, Recipes, Bios, and more. Please feel free to check them all out.

We have a bi-weekly 2x2 Challenge.
Our goal is to lose 2 lbs in 2 weeks.
The challenges start every other Monday. There will be a sign-up started by someone on the thread and then you report in 2 weeks later with your losses!
Once the one challenge ends, a new one begins the same day.
We have a long term goal of losing 300+ lbs within our 300+ group in 2005.

(NOTE: We DID IT, We DID IT....and it's only the end of May!!!)

We have found this thread to be more than just a support group...
we have found it to become a home. We invite you to join us.


I know you'll all agree that we are really thankful for the free services here at 3FC. The sisters offer all of this support and information with no charges to us. There are a couple of ways though that we can help out.

If you are thinking about buying anything at Amazon, why not help out 3FC at the same time? You can do this by clicking on the button for Amazon on any page in the forum, or by clicking on the button on the main 3FC page at . A portion of your purchase price will be given to 3FC by Amazon. It doesn't increase your price at all, but it does help out 3FC. You can use any of the links that you see on the site in order to help contribute to the site.

Also, BTW, in case you didn't know it, you can view the message boards "ad free" for a minimal charge. I think it's like $15 for 6 months. A very small investment to be rid of the annoying ads and make your pages load quicker.

There have been some concerns expressed by the powers that be about copyright infringement. So please, if you are directly quoting someone else or printing an article in whole or in part, please give credit where credit is due!!!!
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Eating for two!
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Height: 5' 5"


Wednesday Wish List--I wish I could:
  • fit in the seat/restraint on a roller coaster
  • buy clothes in normal stores/sections (not plus sizes!)
  • buy cheap bras at target/wal-mart instead of only lane bryant (where they are almost 30 bucks a piece)
  • actually have the DESIRE to workout instead of dreading it
  • be more *ahem* experimental *ahem* with my boyfriend
Of course, I also wish I could lose 150 pounds in a week (or a day!), but I will settle for slow and steady, so long as I'm heading in the right direction
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Determined to Lose!!!
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Hi Chicks!!!

Today was a great day! lol Some background: I used to teach Literature/Creative Writing/Women's Studies at Penn State before moving to England. When hubby and I moved here last July I needed a job pronto so I ended up working for the General Medical Council (which is basically a medical regulator here in the UK) in the Education section. The job was supposed to be prestigious and carried a ridiculous salary. Within a week I was thinking 'What have I gotten myself into?' My boss was a neurotic dull freak who was not very bright to put it simply. One requirement of the job desc. was to have a Masters degree and this woman reduced the position to attaching my name to email templates and scheduling meetings. Also, she just made it tough on me, contradicting herself, blaming me when things didn't turn out properly, her tone and attitude were ABSOLUTELY INAPPROPRIATE and the list goes on.. I stayed there for 6 excrutiating months until I decided F*** the money I need my life and my sanity back! So, I started fighting back! I resigned and told the absolutel truth in my exit interview questionnaire. I was down in the dumps about that for a few weeks but then I started focusing on myself and getting this weight off once and for all. (I think this woman treated me like crap because of my weight, my race, and my age - and some colleagues have shared similar opinions with me) Anyway, I'm temping at the UNI which is around the corner from me at the moment. (I've been trying to get a job there for ages but never seem to get that call back) Anyway, at the moment I'm working as the Personal Assistant for a director who happened to ask me what I 'used to do' today. I told him and he was like, Oh you should work here! I'll talk to some people I know! etc etc I was bubbling over with excitement! It's not exactly a J-O-B but at least I have a contact now. Anyway, this morning I walked over to the office asking myself what is happening with my life? my career and would I ever figure it out before it was too late and GOD seemed to throw me a bone!!! YAY!

Other news, why is TOM such a mystery even though he arrives every month? My appetite has been out of control, I've been sooo achey and resistant to exercise, thinking... Oh, No! Is this the moment where I usually say 'I'm going to be fat forever! There's no use trying! And forget all about the 'plan'!? And then, I realised, No.... it's different this time... I'm SERIOUS this time... AND FLO IS COMING INTO TOWN THIS WEEK!!!! I vaguely remember reading an article that said we need more calories during this time (and thats why we get that bottomless pit gut and all the chocolate cravings) but I'm not sure if it was an article or a fantasy... does anybody know? And how are you guys managing your diet during TOM?

Wish list: a faster metabolism, achey free TOM, for this tire around my middle to GO AWAY! To actually want to have SEX with hubby in the daytime or with the lights on! I just can't do it!

Love you all... stay strong!
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I have just started today on my weight loss journey. I have all of the same weight loss dreams as you Jill. It would be great not to have to shop at the plus stores. I feel like when I look in the mirror I am this person that I dont know anymore. I know my thinner self is inside trying to get out and I have been for years now. I think of all the wasted time I have spent over the years not liking myself and not living my life to the fullest because of my food addiction. Well today is the day it is all going to stop! I am going to start to do something about it. If there is anyone out there that could give me some advise and support I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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Greetings ladies. Wish list day hhmmm . I wish....that I wasn't embarassed to tell people around me that I'm trying/loosing weight AGAIN. Its a matter of my own internal chatter . "Oh yea, here she goes again. How long before this runs out." Its hard enough to keep this out of my own thoughts, and I don't want the negative vibes coming back at me from others. I haven't included many people in on this adventure I'm on as of yet. I'm so thankful to have you all to share with and not be judged. I truely feel we are all on the same journey to be the best we can be. All we really need to do is believe in ourselves. It was strange that I didn't want to tell anyone other than you guys here and my hubby and son that I lost 6 lbs this week. I feel great about it , but I didn't want to share it until I'm asked if I've lost weight. I wish I could change my internal chatter at a faster pace. I'll keep on working on it!!

Dogpal: You are such an awsome person and I feel like you don't know that. This is just my 2cents from outside your life. You cheer us all on with no losses and 1 lb and 5lbs losses, but you loss 4 lbs and don't get excited for your self GIRL, you are as worthy as the rest of us to be PROUD of your self!! If your having a hard time patting your self on the back for a job well done, let me help you out. YEAHHH, YEAHH, YEAHH, YEAHH. Thats a yeahh for each pound this week. You go girl and I'd love to pat your back every time you forget how great you are . Sorry for going on and on but if your even a pinch like me your so willing to be happy for others and for your self last. Lets see if we can move ourselves up on the YEAHH list. BIG HUGS.

To everyone. May all you wishes come true . Be strong and enjoy your life today!!
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Good Afternoon Ladies!

Ah Wednesday! Hump day! 1/2 way to the 3-day, holiday WEEKEND!


Yesterday was a teeny-tiny food day. I ended the day with only about 25 pts...and that was AFTER eating a bowl of cereal at 9 p.m. because I was only at 19 and hungry and had to eat something! Had someplace to be at dinnertime and so grabbed a little 3 pt. wrap instead of eating! Unfortunately, my water intake wasn't the best...but I'm trying.

Been a pretty good day today. I'm waiting for my little Lean Cuisine to get done for lunch. Work has been good and the day a success so far. I've finally been told I get two of my requested 7 days of vacation in June...but that's better than I expected so I'll take it! At least I get a four-day weekend with my family at our planned camping event. And there are other folks that weren't so lucky!

Biggirl and Julee: I think I might have started this topic with my worries about popping the air bed... If anyone get's offended, just say so - I had to chime in though. I didn't expect to to make a difference, but I have really noticed a difference in that kind of "activity" since DH and I have lost about 80 lbs between us - for the better. If that isn't motivation to lose more weight I don't know what is!!!

As to handling TOM...I STARVE! Seriously, I have a few days each month when I just can't get enough to eat. I've learned to live with my growling tummy though. For the most part, I try to eat filling foods, like breads, seems to keep the rumbly's away longer. Not good on carbs, but better than eating everything in site. Of course, recently Aunt Flow has decided not just to visit but to live with me! I suppose I'm going to have to see my Dr. soon, but I just HATE that! Worse, my primary care doctor is who I have to see, but I have a separate OBGYN for my yearly and I've never had to even talk to my primary for "woman stuff". But it's either see him or pay for it. Darn HMO's. I have a thing about having different doctors for different "parts" and you just don't get that with my insurance!

Andrea: Welcome!!! You'll find tons of support and some really cool ladies here!

Well, lunch is calling!
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Wednesday Wish List --

My wish is to wear a bathing suit and not be embarassed!
I wish I knew how to change my signature to show the 1.5 lbs. I've lost!

Starting today I'm doing a better job with journaling, water, and exercise! You are all my inspiration!
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I did it! After posting, I figured out how to change my signature.
We're planning a camping trip for this weekend. I can hardly wait! What do the rest of you have planned?
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Height: 5' 9 1/2"


Hi everyone. I am heading over to the club to go swim now but I stopped in to read some posts first. I love to visit with you guys.

Mertz: Yea! Congrats on your -1.5 pounds. that is so wonderful. Yesterday someone (sorry can't recall who) had me imagine 4 pound loss in boxes of butter. That kind of made it more real for me. Thank you. Try to imagine your loss in a box and a half of butter. That is a lot to dump in one week's time!

Lilion: I have to tell you the bed thing cracked me up. I think about all things that I may break with my weight. I mean from beds, toilet seats, fitting into seats etc. Sometimes you just have to have a laugh. Well, that is how I see life. Some things are so funny.

Shadie: Thank you so much for your kind words. You are right. I don't look at myself as worthy. I know God made me and He doesn't make junk but I have a lifetime of hearing differently from my mom (who was ill with scitzophernia (sp) ) but it is a hard image to shake. Not that my outside is bad but that my heart is bad and stuff. I am trying to overcome that and it was so touching to have someone say it to me. I really do appreciate it. We can do this with the support and help from each other. I know what you mean about sharing your weight loss with folks who may congradulate you but who also think it is a temporary thing. That you will "fall off the wagon" so to speak. Just do this for you. Don't pay attention to what other people think.

Andrea33: Welcome. My advice to you (having had a wonderful 21 pound weight loss in the 3 weeks since I have been coming to this site, lol) is to come here daily and read the very inspiring words by people who know exactly what you are going through. This has helped me so much to know that although I seem to be the largest Chickie in the pen at 497 starting weight, there are other chickies who know what I am going through, who know what it is like to struggle and who are so very encouraging, loving and supporting of one another it is like a very wonderful family! As far as loosing the weight, what I have been doing is a Christian based program called Thin Within and also another bible study on the Web for free called Setting the Captives Free and under the Lord's Table. I also exercise (since May 1) every single day because we have a challenge to do that going on under 30 minutes a day in May thread. If you would like to chat more, you can pm me under Dogpal. Also, my name is Andrea too! Again, a big Welcome to you.

Biggirl: Good luck with the job thing. I know how you feel about the ignorance and stupid way that people have predjudice against fat people. Like because we are overweight we are automatically lazy and stupid and incapable of doing a good job. I really am having a battle with that right now as I am out of work on disability and looking for work. Hang in there. God has the perfect fit for your employment.

Jillybean: My wish list is pretty much the same as yours. I would add that I want to be fit enough to be able to waterski again and pull myself up onto a boat when I jump off of one. I love swimming and water. Last summer my parents bought a house boat and we took it out fishing on a little lake in the summer. One very warm day I decided to take a swim when they all breaked for lunch. I jumped out and swam around for about 20 minutes enjoying myself. When it was time to get back into the boat, I couldn't do it for the life of me. I had to have my husband get into the water with me holding one of our folding chairs while I stood on it and struggled to get back on the boat. It was so embarassing, humiliating and humbling. I never thought my obesity would hamper my water fun too. It was a time that my obesity finally touched every single part of who I am. A real turning point in my life since water and water sports are such a big part of me.

Well all, if I have missed anyone hugs to you and I am sorry. I know that I have blabbled on so much today Sorry for taking up so much room.

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Height: 5'10


Hello Gang!
how is everyone? though I'de list my "wish list"
1. I wish I was all ready at goal [I thank about all the stops and starts]
2.I wish I could have back all time I've waisted.
3.I wish that I could remain cheat-free until goal

Welcome Andrea you've come to the right place, we'er all here to cheer you on.
BigGirl; you are amazeing, when you have extra lbs people refuse to give you your just "do"

Shadiepuple; you go girl[ 6 lbs is great!
Mertz; just rember rome wasn't in a day! one day/one meal/ one lb at a time!
to everybody, if we cont. to pull together we can DO THIS!!!!!
thanks for being here
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Oooo Silly Me!
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Hi everyone... no time to chat, sorry... I gotta get a paper done and study for a calculus exam for tommorrow. Hope everyone is doing well!

MERTZ - I promised ya pictures of my puppy, I'll get those up on a website as soon as I can, I will let ya know. Promise!

Take care everyone...
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Wanted to drop in to say Welcome Andrea! I'm new here too. Haven't been posting long, so I'm slowly beginning to learn my way around and getting to know everyone. ** Great folks **

Sue Marie, don't worry about the pics. I can tell you have a bunch happening. Good luck with your exams and when things settle down for you, we'll share pictures of our fur babies! (That is, if I can figure out how.....)

Dogpal -- 21 pounds in 3 weeks. Wow! Awesome! I don't know what you're doing, but you've got it going!

Back to work for me...
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Hey gang, well, I'm still OP today... that'll make 3 days in a row if I don't give up, which is a small victory, I know, but after 6 weeks off program, it's a good feeling.

I notice that our wish lists today mostly don't include the "what you're doing to get it" part, which I know is hard, but I'll give it a shot. Lessee... I too wish I had back all the time I've wasted in my life... so I'm not going to waste any more. I wish I felt good in summer clothes... so I'm going to stay OP for the rest of today. And maybe it would be a good idea to remind myself every day that I wish I felt good in summer clothes. In fact, I think I'll tape a sign to that effect to my bathroom mirror.

DoxieMom----4 pounds=16 sticks of butter! That's a great one! Thanks...

Terri----Count me in when you count up midwesterners! I'm closer to Missouri than to Chicago, btw.

BIGGIRL----I wonder if we know each other??? I was at PSU, doing my PhD in English, until 2000 (did all my degrees there, plus I was a full-time staff person during grad school, so State College feels like home to me, I was there so long). At the very least I'm sure we must know some folks in common. Are you liking UK aside from work troubles?

Andrea----Welcome! You can do this! There are lots of people here who've made incredible progress. If you ever feel like you can't do it, keep coming here and listening to all the dedication and hard work. If they can do it, so can you!

Mertz----Wecome and congrats on your loss!

Sue----Good luck with your paper.

Dogpal----What ARE you doing, just out of curiousity?
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Hi everyone! congrats on your losses!
1. Stick with this diet and get some more of this weight off!
2. Have more energy and get motivated!
Thats it for this week! I don't ask for much! haha!
Hope you all have a good week!
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Determined to Lose!!!
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Angela! Wow! lol I meant to ask about your dissertation, etc (I've been sitting on mine since graduation...) but I forgot, I kinda am guilty of feeling overwhelmed by all the msgs and not remembering who said what and not wanting to leave folks out... ANYWAY.... lol I just graduated from the MFA Dept last year so I arrived a year after you left, but I'm sure we know people in common... who were your readers? Ooooo... I'm going to PM you and pick your brain! I love England. Figuring out my career will be a challenge... I've been toying with the idea of temping for a year so long as I am focused on writing.. yikes! just because I'm not sure about the possibility of teaching here without getting yet another degree/qualification *sigh* and to think I ran away from PSU as if there was a fire under my booty

Now that I've outed myself - Lilion, thanks for the tips! Dogpal Andrea and Audrey you two are amazing! A true inspiration! Week after week you motivate me to exercise hard, stay OP and be MOTIVATED! and Shadie, you keep your head high and feel proud of your losses!!! you deserve it and you've certainly earned it! Andrea2 WELCOME! As far as advice I would say focus on yourself for once and the weight will go because you will do the work! (we seem to all be so giving of others and neglectful of our own self and the vessel that holds it - the greatest gift we will ever receive) If I missed ya, I'll get you next time, but I've read your stories and am cheering you on from afar!
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