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I agree with everyone. I started in March and I've lost 25 lbs now at a rate of about 1.5 lb a week without thinking about it. I don't count calories at all. I do exercise. We walk about an hour a day and I ride my bike now that the weather is good.

You won't find you miss many things once you get going. I, and many in my family, are definitely Carb addicts and it's always good to escape something that controls your life.

I found many interesting recipes and I cook for company the same as I cook for us.......the reaction is always positive.

I intend to stay on this eating plan ..... it's very satisfying. (I did have to battle the urge to eat low cannot do ANA using low fat and that had to be worked through for me. Food is much tastier with the fat we are allowed on Atkins.)

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