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She is that! As is lilybelle!

I think it would be inappropriate at this stage to call myself an Atkins Success Story, since I'm not yet half way to my goal, but further to your questions:

How well has this diet worked for you?

So far, very well indeed! I've been averaging half a stone a month - so 1-2lb a week.

How much weight have you lost and over how long of a time?

I started on January 7th this year, and so far I've lost 3 stones (42lb).

Did you have to count calories?


Did you exercise?
Not enough! I've been a bit crappy and erratic with this, but hope to get back on track over the summer, with the C25k and some weights/interval training.

Do you find it hard to stick to this diet?

No! Really no! Surprisingly no!

I know I'll miss pasta a lot, I love pasta!

Actually, you might be surprised. It did take a little while to adjust my way of thinking, because I was so conditioned to having some rice or pasta or potatoes or bread as a component of a meal. But I find lettuce is a very acceptable substitute as a base for catching sauce and so forth underneath things, and I'm quite startled that I DON'T miss bread, rice or pasta, since I used to (think that I) loved them. Turns out that it was more a matter of craving than of actually enjoying.

I do slightly miss potatoes, and also baked goods like proper chocolate chip cookies, or proper piecrust pastry. But if it's a choice between eating the chocolate chip cookies or continuing to unfat myself - really, it's a no-brainer. I'm still horrified by how fat I really am right now when I see photos my friends have taken of me lately - the thought that I was walking around 42lb fatter than this just a few months ago is frankly horrifying. I wish I hadn't let myself get into such a state in the first place, but I'm d*mned if I'm going backwards (or standing still) just for the sake of some fleeting impression of taste and texture on my tongue.

Carbs, it turns out, are THE DEVIL. For me, at any rate. I feel infinitely healthier with them cranked right down, and I'm thoroughly enjoying my food choices. Fruit tastes much sweeter and everything is more flavourful now that I've stopped cutting corners.

I hate being fat - but I can change this. I AM changing this. And it's both astonishing and intoxicating to feel yourself succeeding, and to realise that all the low-fat cheese, all the wholegrain bread, all the low-fat spreads and skimmed milk and 100% fruit juice and suchlike that I HAD been eating before in the belief that these were good choices was actually contributing to my problem.
June goal: 198lb. July goal: 191lb

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

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