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well...hi i guess somewhat new..tend to be a lurker on and off for the past..8 or 9 months i think, trying to get into the habit of coming here more often agian though skipped even checking the boards for the past...4 or 5 days now..lazy lazy i know. im not 30...but i certianly feel that old..if not will be 20 later this year. not sure. at least 300. last i checked was months ago...and it was around 320ish...but i know ive either gained weight or the weights shifted because my arms are fatter now.
i think this threads a nice idea can be hard just joining into a conversation of people who know each other well all of a sudden.

im not on any diet plan yet..havent really started yet. was kind of toying with my body the past week or so. and so now im fairly certian i either have a wheat/gluten allergy or celiac disease. really sick when i eat it.....not sick when i dont. sucks though because i love breads and such and has always been a fair portion of my daily diet. have trouble eating even 2000 calories a day without bread in it. havent been diagnosed with it or health insurance and no money to go at the decieded to experiment and take matters into my own hands lol...not like any doctor was ever able to figure out whats wrong with me and make me feel better now i think ill just drop all gluten from my lifeand try to adjust to figureing out what to eat. had to drink lotsa soda just to get enough calories to keep moving...and i knoow thats not a good thing a no bread eliminates another thing i can eat...and more things i have to check for on ingredient labels. fun times ahead. no motivation at the moment. dont feel good enough to do anything. but once i get back to eating no gluten..motivation is just healthy for once in my life. and a little to actually look good. ive never been into looks whether theyre someone elses or my own, but it would be nice to never get looked at in disgust agian just for going out shopping or something lol.
i dont tend to talk much, but when i do i now.
i loved brokeback mountian. probably wont see the divinci code till once its on dvd. avoided reading the book for a long time. so much hype. gave in and just started reading it. not far. but i like it.
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