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Default 300+ And Ready to Try Again...#917


We are a group of individuals who weigh or have weighed 300+, or near there. This group was formed to provide a place for others like us to find support and hope. We are aware of the distinct problems that come with weighing over 300 lbs.

We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We often use a "Topic of the Day" for discussion.

Motivational Monday
Tuesday Tips
Wednesday Wish List .. and What you are doing to obtain it.
Thankful Thursday
FUN Friday ... don't wait until you lose your weight.
Sit-up Saturdays - any physical activity
Share your Success Sunday

These are not required topics ...just ideas to share. We often find them very helpful. We also share heartaches and fears ... joys and celebrations.

We have several extra threads going on simutaneously such as Monthly Challenges, Weekly Weigh-ins, Recipes, Bios, and more. Please feel free to check them all out.

We have found this thread to be more than just a support group...
we have found it to become a home. We invite you to join us.


I know you'll all agree that we are really thankful for the free services here at 3FC. The sisters offer all of this support and information with no charges to us. There are a couple of ways though that we can help out.

If you are thinking about buying anything at Amazon, why not help out 3FC at the same time? You can do this by clicking on the button for Amazon on any page in the forum, or by clicking on the button on the main 3FC page at . A portion of your purchase price will be given to 3FC by Amazon. It doesn't increase your price at all, but it does help out 3FC. You can use any of the links that you see on the site in order to help contribute to the site.

Also, BTW, in case you didn't know it, you can view the message boards "ad free" for a minimal charge. I think it's like $15 for 6 months. A very small investment to be rid of the annoying ads and make your pages load quicker.

There have been some concerns expressed by the powers that be about copyright infringement. So please, if you are directly quoting someone else or printing an article in whole or in part, please give credit where credit is due!!
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Hello All,

It's ok if anybody wants to mention the AI winner, no need to hold off for me. I was determined not to go on the AI thread, and to make sure I wouldn't find out who won before I got to see the show. Then for the first time EVER they actually reported it on the news who won. It was newsworthy because of the amount of votes they got. I shall say nothing else just in case there is somebody here who doesn't know who wins.

Anyway, finally, I am ready to get some posts answered.

Crock - Yes I guess I can understand your wanting to be prepared just in case you do have a stall. I think the week you get on the scales and don't see a loss (if it happens) it's going to be so weird for you, and for us too to hear about. Let's hope it doesn't happen any time soon.

Glad to hear you are doing so well with the ab scissors, and keeping up with the rider too, you definitely have all the get up and go to get your weight off

Heather (wyllen) - I will definitely add any more exercise I do to the May exercise thread, and then set myself a goal for June when that thread is up. Thanks for letting me know it's ok.

Zelma - I got your email and will answer it tomorrow. My first rest day this week. I am not going to do housework, I am just going to take it easy and catch up on all of my emails.

SueMarie - did you get to watch the CMAS and AI? It's great that you could set up two TV sets to tape each programme I wish we could do that sometimes.

Good for you for confessing to eating those nutty buddy bars. I am crossing my fingers too that they won't upset your weigh in results too much! You know every time I weigh in, my thought as I get on the scales is if I have gained or stayed the same will I actually admit it here. It's a stupid thought because you are all my friends, and if I can't be honest with you all, then there is no point me being here. So let me just say that if ever I need to make a diet confession I will.

Patti - thanks for letting me know Taylor was great, of course I am not surprised about it. I am really looking forward to seeing the show tomorrow night. You aren't the only one that couldn't get through to vote for Taylor, but we know why don't we

How is the foot today, and what about your naughty daily WI, have you seen any change on the scales?

Thanks for the pat on the back

Flady - that is so dreadful that you feel you got put in the extreme back of a restaurant because of your size. It does seem odd that you had to go so far back when the place was empty. It's a shame you or hubby never got chance to see the manager so you could say something about it. I have to admit that it's never happened to me, but I think if it did I might just walk straight out. That's a disgusting way to be treated.

Sorry to hear that you have pink eye in both eyes. You poor thing, having it in one is bad enough! I hope it will clear up as quickly as it came Oh just read your post from today and your pink eye has cleared up, great news

Annie - WOOHOO that is brilliant news that you have lost another 4 lbs, you should be so proud of yourself

Heather - thank you for trying to explain to me perhaps why the newbies feel awkward posting here. It's a shame because as you know, we are all friendly and welcoming When I came to the board I just jumped right in, and the welcome I had was marvellous. I think we all seem like life long friends because of our shared weight loss journeys and wanting to be here for each other. I am glad you decided to jump right in too, your posts are a pleasure to read, and of course I love seeing the pictures of your beautiful son.

I guess Aidan won't be getting that teething doll now that you know you can't wash it in the machine. Seems like you should have stuck with buying a rattle

That is so cool that you get to see the Jamie Oliver School Dinners show there. I have to admit I never watched it, but I saw some great clips from the shows, including the one about what actually goes into chicken nuggets. From that day I have never bought chicken nuggets, but I have made my own, and of course I know all that goes into them then.

Nancy - thank you for sharing some of your photos. I am one of the people who much prefer to see photos with people in them than just views. I still want the view pictures, but I just make sure a family member is in the shot too I love your photos, the place looks gorgeous, and Nancy, you are looking fantastic, you can see how much weight you have lost. You should be so pleased with your progress! Wow how old fashioned it seems that your bf smokes a pipe I can't think of the last time I saw a man with a pipe, unless it was my dad about 30 years ago

That's so great that you have a date for your op now. I really hope that it all goes well and has the desired results. I will be interested to hear how it all goes because I have a friend who is thinking of having that surgery herself, but is to frightened at the moment.

Last but not least well done on another 2 lbs down, that's brilliant.

Dusty - 200 jumping jacks, well I just hope you have got a really good support bra When I do any exercise that involves even the slightest jumping I always have to hold my boobs, I must make quite a picture

Those in bed exercises sound far more like my cup of tea. Though I think I already get quite a work out just with the amount of times I turn over in the night and get up and down for the loo

Elaine - how are you doing? Haven't seen you post much about yourself lately.

Mel - did you manage to have a look at that web site telling you about heel spurs yet? Even if it turns out that you don't have one it sure makes interesting reading.

Chrissy - thanks for explaining Turbo Jam, all that bouncing about, fun or not sounds too energetic for me I know you said you can adjust the level that you work out at, but for me it would be so sedate it would do no good

Can't wait to see the photos of you in your maid of honor dress. How many lbs would you like to lose before the day?

Hpnotq - I love what you have written under your name, 'one way ticket to twoderville'

That's amazing that it could be all the water you are drinking that is helping you lose all those inches. How much do you drink a day. I drink on average 3 litres a day. I have a close relationship with my toilet these days

I didn't pass up Pizza Hut, I had an individual size Hawaiian pizza, 12 points. I just didn't have starters or a dessert. I could never say no to pizza either

Cyn - I am sorry but I have no idea what could be up with your friend. It seems so strange how she doesn't seem to have time for you anymore. Could it be that you don't give her all the attention and sympathy that she seems to need.

I think if I were you I would try once more to find out what has happened to change your friendship, and if she insists nothing is wrong, then I guess you will just have to accept that how things are now is how they are going to stay.

Ok I have a totally crazy suggestion but it crossed my mind, so laugh if you must but I have to say it. Do you think that A - she may think you fancy her or that B - that she may fancy you. I know you have both been married and are divorced, so as far as you are both concerned you are each straight. But if she thinks you may have 'turned' and fancy her that would make her keep her distance, but because she isn't sure of the facts she doesn't want to admit what she has heard, or feels, and the same if it's her that fancies you. See I told you it's way out there It's her fault, if she hadn't totally changed for no apparent reason you wouldn't be trying to figure out why, and I wouldn't have let my active imagination start up

Val - doesn't it suck when you can buy clothes in one shop in one size, but in another shop you have to buy a much bigger size. You may have had to buy a larger size in LB, but it's only numbers, the fact is that you are much smaller now than when you started your diet, and I am sure the outfit you bought still looked lovely on you!

Good for you for making great food choices when you went out for meals the other day. It feels good to make the right choices doesn't it.

Luan - thanks for explaining more about what you didn't like about working for Bally's. You definitely did the right thing in leaving. I am really happy that you have already found more work, and the job sounds really great too, especially with the fact that they are going to let you help out with the make up and wardrobe too! I hope you will really enjoy it there.

Glad that you are back on track with your diet, whatever weight you might have gained back when you were off the wagon, I am sure you will lose again before you know it!

Vicki - I have to tell you that although Chirs Eccleston made a great Dr Who, the next one, David Tennant is equally as good. If anything I would say he is better, not to mention cuter. Though don't tell my step daughter that, she has an insane crush on Chris Really though, don't give up on Dr Who when the new doctor starts, he really is good, and just as funny as Chris.

Thank you for being so pleased for me for getting back on track with my diet. It is so wonderful to see the lbs come off again. And yes, I am inching my way closer to twoderville, it's going to be so amazing to be out of the 300s, and no way am I ever going to go up to them again!

Weighing weekly, so far, seems to be paying off. I still dread getting on the scales, and I don't know how I will deal with the first week when I see no loss or worse still a gain that isn't deserved. But whatever happens I am NOT giving up.

Woops, sorry to hear about your little 'accident' with your car, if it was the bimbo's fault shouldn't she pay for the car repairs, or didn't she stop when she saw you had to drive onto the curb to avoid her?

How cool is it that you have a talking scale. If I had one it would be just like the cartoon you sometimes see where the fat woman gets on the scales and it screams at her to get off!!!

Lilion - You have lost so much weight, and we all know how hard it is to make sure you keep making the right food choices, get your exercise in, and of course to deal with the frustration of it seeming to take forever to get to our goal. It's understandable that you are feeling so fed up with it all, but I just hope that you will be able to get over these feelings and carry on. You are so close to losing that first 100 lbs, and you are more than half way to meeting your ultimate goal. Remember those feelings of pride in yourself when you have got into smaller clothes, or when you have felt much fitter and healthier than you have in ages. Those feelings and wanting to carry on having them will hopefully help you to keep going and feeling proud of what you have achieved rather than fed up about it all

Julee - It must be so frustrating to be on a plateau for as long as you have, but during that time at least you have seen a few little ups and downs. I don't know, but it seems to me that after losing a lot of weight people could do with a month off, not pigging out, but not religiously watching what they eat. Just time to recharge the diet batteries, and actually look forward to getting back on track fully. You and Lilion both have lost so much, it's understandable that you can feel like a break sometimes. You just have to remember that a break doesn't mean a huge month long pig out :lol

Well done on your weight loss this week. With your new WW books and your determination, I can see you breaking that plateau big style!

Brytt - nice to see you posting again, though I am sorry you are feeling stuck with your diet. Sounds like a few here are feeling the frustration of being stuck at a certain weight. I wish I could say more or offer advice, all I can say is to hang in there, and try to be proud of what you have lost rather than focusing only on how much you still have to lose. If nothing else it might cheer you up a bit

Have you checked your salt levels? They say if you eat too much salt it slows down weight loss because of fluid retention.

Kayley - you really are doing so well with how active you are being. All that walking is so good for you, I think we are going to need another photo of you soon to see how the weight is coming off.

Have a great weekend, we will miss you here

Jniniffer - hello and Sorry I am late in welcoming you, but I have had a busy few days and this is my first chance to do personal posts. Well done on losing 20 lbs, I have lost the same. It feels wonderful doesn't it! There is only 1 lb between your and my starting and current weights. It won't be long until we are both in Twoderville!

Ok well I think I have caught up with everybody now. So just let me say a hi to Lori, Andrea, Amber, Garnet, Christine, Catherine, Jill, Sharon, Brenda, MariaLucia, Imnotfluffy , and anybody else I haven't mentioned. Boy oh boy this has taken ages to type lol. SO off to bed for me now, and I will be back tomorrow


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my nbaughty little sneak peak showed the same ... i am having daily fluctuations too so i will try and i do mean try to stay off the scales. AI was great but it was all over the news yay! my foot is doing so much better this week!
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WOO-HOOOOOOOO, ANNIE! You couldnít slip that by me! I havenít even read all the posts yet, but I spotted your TICKER! Down another 4 pounds!!! Letís dance!

Have to make this brief, but at least Iím doing good today. Iíd been going to my exercise classes in the morning, except for yesterday when I went to the evening class instead. Today when I got there several people said they missed me yesterday and one instructor even told me that people had asked her about me. Itís kind of cool to have them rooting for me the way they are. What a great bunch. I feel so lucky that such a class is even available, but with such nice ladies itís even better.

The bad news is that Bill got a load home from Florida going to IndianaÖ which is just ďnext doorĒ. Heíll be home Saturday. I was hoping theyíd give him a load to Dallas or something and he wouldnít be home until late next week, so that I could stay home longer myself. As it is, Iíll be back on the truck on Tuesday. Iíll have to work at not being bummed out about it already.

The lady that came to look at my horse, Cody, fell in love instantly. He came over to us in the pasture as soon as he saw us, and was just his usual sweet self. It was so cute, she was already talking to him calling herself Ďmomí. Seeing him go away hasnít really sunk in yet, and besides, itís just a lease rather than a sale, so I may yet get him back. Sheís made it clear I can come see him & ride him any time, but you know I probably wonít. She just kept saying how beautiful he is. Sigh.

Well, Iíve only had about 600 calories today, so I better get something to eat and hit the books. Maybe even the treadmill later tonight for a little bit.

Hey, MTM Ė arenít these storms something? Itís really booming out.

Wishing you all few temptations, plenty of willpower, lots of commitment, all topped with a huge helping of good health!
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Hello All!

Well it was a wonderful day in the neighborhood! Actually, it was REALLY hot today but still a good day for the boy. The little "graduation" was really nice. They had a video they had produced of slides of the kids all set to music, made many moms teary. They trooped them all in looking so grown-up and handed out the awards. My son got one of the Presidential Academic Achievment Awards! I was SO surprized and proud! We did do lunch at the Olive Garden and ate way too much, even though we split an entree. Between appetizers, bread, salad and food I was STUFFED! Then we did some shopping, both of the window and real type. We got ice cream too. But at least it was only one scoop. Walked all over town - boy did I get tired. Of course, the heat was partly to blame for that. So I certianly got exercise to go with all the food, but I crashed for an hour's nap when I got home.

Valerie - You are the BEST! Can't wait for that truck to pull into the drive! I think I'll have to move my car to make room. Seriously, thank you! I think it's a great idea to not even tell hubby about the horse and keep the money for the bills. Best way to get them paid is to pay them without telling him. Oh - and how do you lease a horse????

Ammi, Kayley and all - you are abolutely right! I do feel so much better now, and never want to go back to how I was. I'm just burned out and bored and tired. But I'll not give up just yet alltogether. Thanks!

Zelma - I am a horrible person. Here I am griping about my life and being tired and here you have real things to worry about and also have done twice what I have with weight loss and I'm sure it took longer than my 15 months! I shall send good vibes for you to be well and continue to look at you for my inspiration if you don't mind!

Well I know that there are many I should respond to, but I have to run. I need to get to the pharmacy before it closes. Oh - and we bought my new bike seat today so I can replace the "thong seat" it came with with one more suited to my fat old lady butt! So now I guess I have to learn to ride my bike...yuck! But my kid loves the idea!
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Thanks for the warm welcome!! I really love it! Kayley and Julee I do beleive you asked what program I'm on. (sorry if someone else did and I did not mention you! *lol*) I started Herbal Magic on May 1st and I am loving it so far! It's honestly great--expensive, but great!

Ammi I can't wait to be in the 200's with you! It will seriously feel like a huge accomplishment!!

My day has been good so far.. at the moment I am watching DH put together the new home entertainment unit we bought today.... thats been interesting!

Well I hope everyone is going great!

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Ammi: Thanks. I feel really happy and like I can do this.

Patty: I'm so glad that your foot is feeling better.

Val: Thanks a bunch for noticing my ticker. LOL. Sorry you have to get back on the truck so soon.

MariaLucia, Brandnewme, Jillybean, Catherine, GarnetFairy, FutureDiva, Lori, Sharon, and any other names I forgot to mention. Hope you are all doing well and having op days.

Blessings all,
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Hello guys, OK finally some time to catch up. And just wanted to say, about the thread called ‘300 and 30’, no one be offended, anyone is welcome to talk there. I just started there cause I was a newcomer too and I don’t think anyone is afraid to come over to this thread, As I keep saying to them, you guys are nice as can be and so welcoming. So don’t worry about that thread, and feel free to join, I know keeping up with two can be so hard to do in this busy schedule of our lives. It’s just a slower place, like here only slower and no one already knows everyone.

Kaylee, Have a nice trip!! Keep up the awesome work!!

Flady, Awwwww working for the weekend. I’m trying to sell my grandmothers house this weekend. That’s work too right?! I’m working too. And Pink eye?!?! You poor thing!

JuleeCees- Ohhh I saw AI, woowoo! Congrats on your loss! I love new cookbooks—have fun with that! Now…if only I could cook.

Hpnotq- Good luck with the water, it is so hard sometimes. My problem is that I have to pee all day now cause I drink so much water…and the bathroom in my office is upstairs and way down the hall. Good idea with the DDR mat, seeing it out and ready is a motivator I’m sure.

Ammi- Hmmmm you bring up a good point with the jumping jacks…good thing I never followed through with that challenge. Hehehehe.
AHHH I had no Idea you were from Swansea!! I was there just like, 10 months ago. I had a Welsh boyfriend named Gino Rossetti. He was like my very first love and I had the best time in Wales EVER. It was so beautiful and I never felt so pretty! He just made me feel so so so loved and like I was worth something! But after I got home, he just clammed up and acted like it all never happened! It crushed me!! But I will never forget Wales! It’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever been and the people there are so warm and friendly—it’s no surprise you hail from Wales! I know how to count to ten in Welsh now, and say that’s gross (like, “Ach a fi” or something similar). Wow I never noticed before. Gino lived in Bridgend! So cool. (Pardon my small town wonderment in someone being from a place I’ve been once! Just wanted to say the land and the people where you are from are just beautiful!)

Arrrgh my plan to answer everyone has failed! I am shattered, gotta go hit the bed. Everybody keep up the good work. Don’t lose faith in yourselves! You can do it! I’ll do a better post later!


Oh and PS, I puts some pics up on the pic thread.
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Smile Hello everyone

Ammi - Thanks for asking about me. I've lost to date now 9 lbs. and still feeling pretty motivated. I've been reading alot of the PM's old & new. Some great info from the Maintainers area that is quite good [especially MrsJim, Mel and Meg]. Found alot of info that I can use to create a plan for my weight loss journey.

Well, it's late and again thanks Ammi for thinking of me.

Good Luck and Best wishes to all
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Hello everyone!

I'm the originator of the newbies thread "300 and 30" that some of you have been talking about or stopping in on. I just wanted to say hello and thanks for all of your advice and welcomes I've been receiving through posts and through PMs. I just wanted to let you all know that we're not trying to offend anyone over here by not joining this group. In fact if you read some of the posts over there we're just trying to get the hang of it and make some friends before we migrate over here.

I've been looking through most of these numbered threads and there are quite a few members in the daily lists. I know it usually takes me an hour just to type up a post over on that thread... and we only have about 5 people. I don't know how you all can keep up with everyone's life here. Do you keep a notebook beside the computer or do you all have great memories? Well, either way you are doing a great job! Everyone is so supportive and friendly everywhere on this site (especially the 300+ crowds).

Take care everyone! And I'm sure you'll be seeing some of us newbies on here (like Dusty and Heather(waterchiklet) already-- hi ladies!).

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Good Morning All,

I am so glad it's finally Friday and the first day this week that I haven't had to go out. My poor back and feet don't know what's hit them after such a hectic week. I even had to resort to my strong pain killers yesterday or I wouldn't have been able to get out of bed

Patti - I have a funny feeling you won't be able to stay off your scales but so far so good, you did the same last week, saw no loss before your official weigh in, and then saw a good loss when you did have the official WI. I hope the same happens for you this week.

I notice you just have the one ticker which says your ultimate goal. I know you are looking forward to getting into your 200s but do you have any official mini goals. I don't know if it's just me, but I like having my mini goal on a ticker so I can see that little lady cycling her way closer and closer to it. After I get to 299 my next mini goal will be to get to 265 lbs because it will be the first time in as long as I can remember that I will be under 19 stone (266 lbs).

Valerie - I am really sorry that you are going to have to be out on the road again as early as Tuesday. I feel so bad for you that you so desperately want to be able to give up the trucks but aren't able to. What would you need to do to make that dream become a reality?

I don't understand about leasing horses, but it sounds like your lovely horse is going to a loving home, and a caring new owner/leaser. It was so lovely of her to offer for you to still go see the horse and ride him too if you wanted to. I guess it was hard for her not to see how much you love him and were sad to see him go

Lilion - aka proud mamma That is so wonderful that your son got that special award. If you had been managing to hold back the tears before then I bet you got tearful as he got presented with the award!

I know you have been feeling burned out lately, but when you write posts about how you ate out and still made some good choices like only having one scoop of icecream, and how you had a long walk to help burn off any extra calories, well it just goes to show that you have made more of a lifestyle change than you realise, and that you aren't going to be giving up any time soon

Jen - how did it go with the entertainment centre. Did hubby manage to put it together without having to drill any extra holes, or look for screws because ones in the pack were missing I don't think I have ever had a self assembly anything that has had all the right parts, or all the right holes in the right places

Oh yes getting into the 200s is going to be awesome, and like me, I am sure you have no intentions of ever being in the 300s again!

Dusty - well well, imagine that, you were in Swansea just 10 months ago. How long were you here for, was it just a holiday? Well if you saw a huge woman at all, with brown hair, it was probably me because I am the biggest person I know around the place. Seriously, I never go out and spot anybody my size.

I am sorry that your romance didn't last through you going back home, but in all honesty I think you made the right choice in going back. I came here for a holiday in 1987, met my first love, and couldn't leave him, so never went back. To Australia that is. 10 years later and I had married the man, had Beth, and then got divorced when he went off with another woman!

And guess what? I used to live in Bridgend when I first came over here because I have family there. When I got married I moved to Swansea. My daughter goes to school in Bridgend though, and we were actually there yesterday. Tell you what, next time I am there I will look him up and kick his butt for hurting you like he has With a name like that he must be Italian even though he is living in Wales, or at least have Italian ancestors.

Oh and I have been here for 19 years and I can only count to 3 in Welsh so you are doing better than me

Loved the photos of you, I am so jealous. You have a much nicer shape than me, I am like a ******ed hour glass lol. I have the bust, waist and hips in the right proportions, but then my thighs are so wide that they are wider than my hips. I hate my shape. I always have even when I was much smaller.

Elaine - that is excellent that you have lost 9 lbs now You are only 13 lbs away from being in the 200s

Nightowl - nice to see you with us I can understand your reasoning for feeling better with your 'newbie' thread. Can I just say though that nobody expects you to reply to everybody here. You can just pop in and say hi, let us know how you are doing then go again. I only write personals because I have a lot of free time, if I had less time I would only post brief posts myself. I am just happy that I do have a lot of time

Congrats on working so hard and getting into the 200s already. I bet you were jumping for joy when you first saw 299 or less I know I will be.

Sharon - did you get to the doctors yesterday? What did he/she have to tell you? I hope you aren't in any pain now, and that you will enjoy your weekend visiting your parents. I don't know about there, but the weather forecast here is for rain rain and more rain until about Sunday. Who knows, we might actually have a dry bank holiday Monday!

MariaLucia - how are you doing. I am missing your posts. Don't forget you are welcome here regardless of if you are currently dieting or not. In fact now is the best time for you to be here. I am sure we would all like to help get you through this rough time you are having.

Tracey - the same goes for you as for MariaLucia. We are all your cyber family/friends and want to be here for you.

Annie - I forgot to mention last night in my post how fab I think it is that you are doing such a great job of meeting your exercise challenge. You have so much determination and will power, I know you will soon be getting close to the 300s, what a wonderful achievement that will be

I have to say I am really concerned about Garnet Fairy and Catherine. They were both regular posters, and it's a worry that neither of them have posted in months. Does anybody have a snail mail address for either of them?? Or a phone number. It would be good if somebody could get in touch with them to find out if all is OK.

Well I hope everybody is having a good day, and that you will all have a great weekend. I am so tired, I am having a hard time keeping my eyes open. So I am going to have a sleep now. Let my poor body recharge after the last few days! Bye for now and take care all,


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ugh i saw a one pound gain today !now i will be in a bad mood all day! my mini is goal is to lose 40 pounds by june 23 but i think i will be just a little short of that.
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Misti In Seattle - if this is where you hang out! Happy Birthday Hope you're having a good one
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Patti - you should be an expert now at knowing all about daily weight fluctuations and to know that that 1 lb is not a lb of fat! Don't let it get to you. You are working out so much too, so remember that you will be building up muscle which is heavier than fat.

If perchance you don't meet your mini goal by June 23rd that's ok. You are still going to meet that goal, just maybe not on that particular date. This is why I never set a date for my goals. For me just reaching them is brilliant, how long it takes isn't my priority.

Keep your chin up my friend that little lb isn't worth worrying about, one good trip to the toilet and it's gone

2frustrated - Misti does post here, but she's away on her cruise at the moment. I am sure she will enjoy seeing your birthday wishes when she gets home though


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Dogpal~ Between Fishin, Hikin, Grizzly Bears, and Nascar, I would just have a ball with you and hubby... Amazing how some people can have things in common, huh? Take Care.. I am getting pumped up for the weekend...... I love staying busy..
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