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Thanks wyllenn for being a friendly neighbor and welcoming us. I appreciate it. I'll definitely check out that exercise thread! Exercise is such a tough one for me. It seems like every night I go to bed making all these grand plans for the next day saying I'll exercise for this long, at this time, doing this particular exercise, etc. And then the next day comes and do I do it? Nooooo!! Accountability is a great motivator like you said. Thanks for the info.

Dusty, age does not matter of course! The 300 and 30 just happened to by my particular stats--that's all. So LA Weight Loss, huh? I've seen the stores around but never knew what they were about. I just assumed it was similar to Jenny Craig where you buy pre-packaged foods. I guess I was wrong. So it's like WW but with 1-on-1 meetings rather than a group? I see. Well, that's good that you are taking a liking to it. Good luck with it. How long have you been going, is it expensive?

I tried WW last year, but the local branch I belonged to didn't have a schedule that fit with mine. As you can tell by my member ID, I am a nightowl! I usually don't get home from work until 3am so I don't have a typical sleep schedule. The 10am WW meetings just weren't motivating me enough to roll out of bed very often. I think I stayed on plan for maybe 6 weeks. That's why I decided online would be a better place for me.

The most weight I ever lost was on Atkins about... hmmm 6 years ago. That was just before the big low carb boom took off. They didn't have all those low-carb foods advertised in the stores yet. Splenda wasn't even out yet. I lost 60lbs in 6 months. It came off quick and I loved it! However, as soon as I started sneaking a carb here and a carb there, forget it. The lbs started to creep back on. I ended up gaining all 60 back plus 20 more. I think low carb works great, but you have to be willing to eat like that forever and I just don't want to do that! I love my pasta and bread too much! I know now that moderation is the best way to go, not elimination. Blah, blah, I know we've all heard it before, right? But it's true, for me anyway.

Well, enough rambling. I'll catch you ladies later! Take care.

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