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Default Tips to avoid snacking before bed ?

I have recently developed the habit of snacking before bed. Even though it's usually on high fibre cereal, the points are adding up quickly. Please don't suggest activity because this happens after 10pm (and occurs whether I've been to the gym that evening or not). I'm not hungry, I just feel like eating.
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I also have this problem. My tip would be to drink ice water or hot tea or diet hot cocoa. When I drink enough water, I don't feel like eating. Hot tea really helps when I'm in front of the tv because I need to sip it and the sweetness of it (I use herbal tea with Splenda) takes away the craving for eating cereal or toast (which is usually what I crave). I might also suggest saving a Point or two just for this time. You could have fruit or Kashi or graham crackers. Then, if you don't use those Points, you can bank them anways. Good luck!
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I just gave up and trying to avoid it and plan a 2-3 point snack for right before bedtime. I have it to look forward to and it eases the cravings. This also means I have to be more careful with points during the day so I always have those 2-3 left over.
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Unless it is causing you to binged or be excessively hungry the next research has proven it's not when you eat it is calories in vs calories out. Read this article:
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Another suggestion, one that has worked for me in the past, is to save a little of your evening meal, then have it later for your snack. If you go ahead and count the points and decide later that you really aren't hungry after all and don't eat it.... you are points ahead. Also if you eat it, it is like having something free, for the points had already been counted. A little mind game I guess you can call it.

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Some people start counting their points with dinner, then add breakfast and lunch the next day. That way if you tend to eat a lot at night, you can make up for it in breakfast and lunch on the following day.

Other thoughts: what are you usually doing when you snack? If it's watching TV or reading a book, try doing something else, preferably away from the kitchen. Maybe on another floor? Try doing something with your hands. If you're crafty, try crafts or sewing or making bead necklaces or ...? If you're not crafty, maybe call a friend, or come read 3FC or Dotti's, or do some evening yoga.

For me, I've found I've gradually gotten away from evening snacking, mainly by eating a large meal in the middle of the day. It really helps me keep my evening eating (including dinner) light.

Good luck!

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I've found that it helps if I brush my teeth right after I finish dinner. I don't want to lose that nice fresh feeling ... and I also don't want to have to brush & floss all over again
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These are all great suggestions. If this is a recent / new habit you may (as I think Lauren H mentioned) want to look at why is this popping up now? And see if there is something that might work as a substitute.

Also, are you eating enough at dinner? If I "deprive" myself at dinner I get pretty antsy foodwise an hour or 2 later.

I also like the idea of saving a few points for that time. I get really mad at feeling I "can't" have something. So I'd rather eat a bit less in points at lunch and have a few more points for a dessert/snack after dinner.

And yes, I also upon occasion brush my teeth to consciously give myself a time out from stuffing my face.
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