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Default The Prowler!

Ahh I'm beyond happy right now!
I was working out at the gym where I recently started working as a personal trainer.
Towards the end of my workout, the personal training director came up to me and said that today was the day for the initiation I've been putting off.
I had to push the prowler. If you don't know what it is, just google "prowler conditioning sled." Its basically a big metal contraption that you load up with weight and push using either the high handle bars (easier) or the low handle bars (harder) It taxes your entire body and gives an all over amazing workout in no time at all. It's very humbling.
At this gym its tradition for all new trainers to push the prowler with everyone watching. The male trainers were all standing there and they loaded weight and told me to go as fast as I can for 3 round trips, alternating high and low handle bars.
I asked how much total weight it was, but they wouldnt tell me. I know how much they loaded but the prowler itself weighs a good deal.
As I was doing my workout (and practically dying) I wanted to give up so bad but I knew they were watching and I felt I couldnt wimp out...I wanted to prove I belonged there and deserved my job.
When I finished (after a while...lol) the guys all congratulated me and said they couldnt believe I finished. They expected me to give up!
They said I really impressed them as I was actually pushing more than my own body weight. They said they loaded the prowler with more weight than they thought I could handle, to really challenge me.

The point of my post is this...you can do anything you set your mind to so never let anyone tell you youre not strong enough ladies!
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Nice Job KellyMarie and congratulations on you new job! Sleds are rough! We had one at the training studio I belonged to in Columbus. The trick is nottostopforanything. I had a love/hate relationship with the thing. Getting down there at one end of the track was fine. It was coming back with it that killed me. That and I was laughing so hard it was kind of futile at that point.
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OK, I'll have to work up to that!
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Congratulations! Got any hills nearby?
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A prowler is on the wishlist at our gym. Cool that you have one! WTG on passing the "hazing" workout, lol!
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Mel-Absolutely! I love running hills!!!
Jamsk8r-Thanks! Now that I did the initiation, I'm glad they made me! I've pushed it 3 more times since, including today and i'm happy to report that my time is getting much better and on monday I'm going to add another round
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I want to try it!
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