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S/C/G: 250/239/150

Height: 5'6

Angry Official challenge 1 results

well, week 12 has finished and its hard to believe. I haven't got photo's yet, and I'm not even sure if I will post them but I have lost 18pounds and here are the meaurement changes:

Chest: 4cm (1.5inch)
Bicep: 2.5cm (1 inch)
Waist: 2.5cm (1 inch)
Hips: 9cm (3.5inch)
Thigh: 6.5cm (2.5inch) LOWER THIGH
Thigh: 4cm (1.5 inch) UPPER THIGH
Calf: 1.5cm (.5inch)

I have always carried weight on my tummy and only just recently on my legs, which is why it comes off fast on my thighs.

My confession is that I have been off programme for the past two weeks, so my results are reflecting that unfortunately.

We are still taking this week 'off' and will start challenge two next monday. I believe I have only given a 70% effort to the food, and a 90% effort to working out. One of my goals for the next one is to never miss a workout and wait till free day for those treats!!!!

I'm a bit tired tonight, so can't string my thoughts together although i have heaps to say, so I'll save it for tomorrow.

Thanks to all you for being with me through the last three months.
I couldn't have stayed focused without my daily 3FC dose.

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I am so proud of you carps that you finished week 12, even if your attention to the program wasn't perfect, you can pride yourself in that you did not give up. I too finished 12 weeks, but did not know all the details of BFL so my results weren't as i had hoped either. I started again this week, with the book in hand, and with the commitment that each day i will wake up stonger, and more alive physically of course due to my determination to eat clean and remain on track with the workouts. my downfall is that i have to really push it to get in enough protein. i have finally found a solution and that is to eat egg whites and fish nearly everyday. So anyway, i say hats off to you for finishing, and a great good luck wish for your next challange. one of the things i am realizing from reading Muscle Media is that we are winners even if we don't get all the way "there" in just 12 weeks. FOr me it will likely take this second one to get me REALLY happy, and a third to complete the transformation. and of course, i also recognize that this is a change for life, and not just for the next few months...

Internet has been sketchy here still, but even without checking in I can say i feel inspired. this is the first month in ages that even with my little visiter, i didn't feel as bloated as a blow fish...i chalk it up to less sugar, lots of water and my BFL exersize! Thanks Bill!
PS. Anyone have a suggestion for dealing with a cat who likes to gnaw on ankles? my cat, mrkitty is going haywire...he is treating my toes like those rawhide treats you give dogs..

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Default Happy Sunday Morning!

Today is so beautiful out - hope it stays that way. Unfortunately the forecast calls for chance of showers - doesn't look like it right now! I want to get out on my bike with Jim this afternoon!

Meow - has your kitty been freaking out this week? Sparky has been a MANIAC lately. I think it's the full moon. He's been thumping through the house like Cowboys and Indians, and MEEOOOOWING. Just now he let out this loud meeeeeooow. And Jim's still asleep - he had a major gig last night (at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco) and didn't get home until around 2:30 am this morning. It was a corporate gig - the band was contracted to clear $1600 for the three hours that they played which sounds great - plus they had a complimentary room at the Fairmont, so Jim could've stayed the night but he feels more comfortable at home with me

Carly - it sounds like you've done really great for your first challenge!!! Now, you don't have to post those pix if you don't wanna. But keep them for your own reference. As you get close to where you wanna be, I know you WILL want to show off your hard work a bit and post them on L&S's Transformation Gallery. I hear ya on the nutrition and staying clean. That is a REAL STRUGGLE for me - always has been, especially when I'm tired and stressed out - like I was on Thursday and Friday. Last night I went to bed at 9:45 (on Saturday night) and woke up this morning around 6:30. After reading so much about how important it is to get 8 good hours of sleep each night, I am going to do my best to get in bed before 9 pm on the weekdays when I work out - since I wake up at 4 am most days that's only 7 hours but I just can't see myself going to bed when it's still light out!

I gotta say that SWEET POTATOES are now officially my favorite carb - along with oatmeal. After hearing y'all here and at L&S talk about steel cut oats, I broke down yesterday and bought some McCanns' to try out. Here in the States we have two kinds of sweet potatoes - jewel yams and garnet yams. I've been buying the jewels all along, mostly because that's what my mom always gets. But yesterday, I bought garnets and I gotta say that I like them MUCH BETTER than the jewels - they have a smoother, moister texture to them.

Sparky's being quiet now. I left the front door open (with the screen door closed) and I believe our two resident squirrels are visiting the bird feeder (which is stocked with sunflower seed). Plus some doves just flew in. So that'll keep Mr. Sparky occupied and quiet for a while and Jim can catch some shuteye!

Susanje - I know you're probably superbusy but I hope you're still reading our thread when you have a few minutes to spare!

My riding lesson yesterday was one of the best yet. I feel now that I'm FINALLY really starting to get the hang of this - being able to signal to the horse without really thinking about it, and not having my trainer have to tell me to take up rein or change the diagonal (if you've ridden before you know what those terms mean). Anybody here who has never tried really riding before - I highly recommend taking lessons. There is really nothing like the feeling of cantering - it was terrifying for me at first but now I love it! I just wish Jim would take lessons too...maybe one day perhaps when we have a little extra money. I know that the bodybuilding is making me a better rider. The "2-point" position (lifting your butt off the saddle - in preparation for jumping) is quite similar to doing a back squat - I can feel the quads and hams come into play. And all the calf work I've been doing is assisting in keeping my heels down (hard at first but getting much easier by the week) and signaling to the horse.

Whew! Anyway...time to check out the goings-on at the L&S main board - catch ya guys later!
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