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susanje 04-21-2002 11:34 AM

Body for Life #52

Basic Body for Life Information

Must Have: Body for Life book by Bill Phillips

BFL eating program in a nutshell (see book for more details): six meals a day 2-3 hours apart consisting of balanced (or close to balanced) protein/carb using fist (carbs) palm (protein) method of measurement. 2 meals a day add green veggies. 8-10 glasses of water per day.

Because of the six meal requirement, some people find it convenient to have Meal Replacement Drinks on hand. This is not a requirement but a convenience.

Meal Replacement Shakes. Look for good ratios of protein to carb and low sugar (Myoplex Lite by EAS and Met Rx not anything like Slimfast [which is all sugar!]) or use Protein Powder and add carbs such as fruit. If you shop at www.netrition.com the page for each product will list carbs/proteins/fats/sugars. check the labels carefully! If you like to add carbs, go for a low carb but keep your protein/carb grams in mind. Some of the protein shakes have protein grams as high as 42 and this is usually too much for one BFL meal for any woman so split these in 2 and add carbs.

Vitamins: suggest multivitamin

Supplements: l-glutamine for faster muscle recovery and immune system (this is not required but almost standard fare on BFL)

Essential Oils: Recommended. Udos is the most recommended.

Workout schedule (see book for more details): 45-60 minutes intense weight trainining 3 times a week working lower and upper body on different days. 20 minutes intense cardio 3 x a week (see the BFL book)

Free Day: One day a week no workout and eat any thing you please, as much as you please.

Rest: 12 weeks of program with one day of rest each week and then one week of rest between each 12 weeks.

Mental requirements: commitment and dedication

Results: AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Body for Life Page:

susanje 04-21-2002 11:40 AM

A local drug store is having some giant Slimfast sale and my husband, trying to be a dear, brought me home a CASE last night.

I had to return it. So the lady says "Why dont' you want this?" and I said "It's sugar water and I don't drink sugar water." She was all offended about it.

I also looked at those puny cans. My MRP mixes up a full blender worth of good stuff. Most of the time I drink my MRP straight from the blender with a straw because I don't have a glass big enough for it. :lol:

My poor DH, he was trying to be supportive!
Off to the gym,

MrsJim 04-21-2002 11:56 AM

Case of SlimFat??
What a sweetie your hubby is - well intended I'm sure!

Jim would've probably just drank them himself. For some reason he LIKES those icky things. :p I guess he thinks they're like Yoo-Hoos which he also likes. I think Myo Lite has it all over SlimFat not only as far as nutrition but TASTE-wise as well. The only flavor I buy of Myo Lite now is the Cap Ice. On my comp diet I don't get them but once in awhile - I do get a couple of straight protein shakes a day - MetRx Protein Plus is what I prefer.

It's supposed to be gorgeous out today but of course my apartment is filled with cat fur again, so I might send Jim out on his bike by himself so I can have a chance to vacumn and clean this place without him getting underfoot. Not that he wouldn't help but he REALLY needs the exercise...I need to get some air in my bike tires today so I can start riding a bit too. It's been AGES since I've gone cycling - with the bodybuilding and horseback riding, cycling has taken a back seat...

MrsJim 04-21-2002 12:47 PM

Correction on the water displacement...
This morning I was thinking about the discussion we had on the last thread re: portion size (specifically carb portions).

Now, during my first and second challenges, I just 'eyeballed' my portions by putting my fist next to my rice or whatever (potatoes are easy - I just buy the ones that are the size of my fist - actually the ones that come in the 5 and 10 pound bags are the best size - smaller than the ones you buy by the pound). Usually the size would come to somewhere around 2/3 cup.

So this morning I tried the water displacement test again. First I did it the way I described in the previous thread - filled up my 4-cup measuring cup to the 2-cup level and sank my fist in, then read the amount - which was almost 3 cups, so that method would make my fist portion 1 cup.

Then I took my 1-cup measuring cup, filled it to the 1-cup mark, and holding it over the sink sank my fist into it (a tight fit but it DID fit) then took it out. The water left in the cup was just under the 1/2 cup level, so that way my fist portion is just over 1/2 a cup.

So...which way is right? I'd have to say the second one, although this is not an exact science.

Sorry if I led anyone astray...but I stand by what I said last night - start with 1/2 cup for most carbs (obviously there is stuff like fruit where that is not going to apply). If you're getting hungry before your next meal, then you know you need to add a bit more to your portion - maybe 1 or 2 tablespoons - gradually. Remember underfeeding yourself is as bad as overfeeding yourself on BFL!

My dryer just beeped so I've gonna start folding clothes now. Another fun Sunday :lol: Later all!

Mel 04-21-2002 01:49 PM

Good ole chicken!

Most of the time, I just broil a ton of chicken breasts with an assortment of herbs and spices, then serve it plain the first time, then cut up in salads or vegie sir fry after that.

My other favorite is a line of sugar free and low sodium Indian sauces from Whole Foods. I cook an equivalent ton of chicken breasts in either "Bombay Curry" sauce or "tandoori marinade" (don't fish it out of the marinade, just leave it all in there). I toss in green beans and chickpeas, and serve with a little brown rice (or a lot for hubby and son. It's great that way leftover, or you can also cut it up over salads for a spicy chicken salad. This is not real appealing for breakfast, tho :lol:.

Last night we ate out (not a free day) and I had scallops and chinese vegies in a clear broth, with a very small piece of ww BREAD for a carb. I've lent my book out, and can't remember if scallops are legal? My fingers were so swollen from water retention I could hardly get my rings off later, but it didn't taste salty. Those things must be loaded with sodium!

Today is free day, and so far I've had cottage cheese and cantaloupe- just don't feel like eating. Still puffed up with water and haven't drank any:nono: Gotta start, maybe I'll de-puff.


susanje 04-21-2002 09:31 PM

went to the gym this morning. very achy. very tired. very hungry. headachy. I did about a half LBWO and thought that what I needed, really needed, was a FREE DAY!!!! Scurried out of the gym. I'm so mentally and physically exhausted. I have another trial next week and have been writing trial briefs. My head is swimming.

My first Free Day of this challenge (I've been doing a free meal once a week) but I'm on like week 9 or 10. I'm going full throttle until the 25th of May. I feel so BIG!!! urp. After the gym I went out to brunch with DH and daughter. That lasted me many hours then I had a LARGE icecream cone. I regret that I didn't have a burrito in Berkeley. I also regret that I dont' have anything else in the house that is not clean! :lol:

I might have some cereal and call it a day. :lol:

semmens 04-22-2002 08:23 AM

Free Day
So as I posted earlier, I wasn't doing the true BFL eating/ Free Day thing the first 5 weeks.

All this week, I thought about what I could eat on Free Day! And now when I add it all up, it isn't that bad (IMO)

apple with almond butter
Ironman bar
ramen noodles with a couple ounces of chicken
a cup of Tin Roof ice cream
1 1/2 cans Bud Light
3 squares of Trader Joe dark chocolate (this is hidden in the freezer....shhhhhh!)
a few Tyson Buffalo Bites

Then we ate dinner at a Mexican place; I had grilled steak with a few bites of black beans, a small serving of guacamole and some chips and salsa.

I can see how when you actually get to EAT the stuff you dream about, it turns out to be sort of a letdown. While it's sometimes a hassle to fit all 6 meals in, I do enjoy the structure.

MrsJim, you will be happy to hear that my scale is now residing on the top shelf of my closet; I'm not taking it out again for 6 weeks.

Hope everyone has a great week!


carps 04-22-2002 08:45 AM

water displacement
sorry - double posted

carps 04-22-2002 08:58 AM

water displacement
Hi all - Mrs Jim, I would tend to think that the first method would be more accurate, (four cups of water etc).

Thunderheart - LAST WEEK GIRLFRIEND!!!... can you believe it!

Today I had an unusual experience. At my new work (admin for a kiwifruit packing shed) there is a nice older guy there who rides a bike and wears leathers etc. He is single and a bit of cool dude. Anyway, I have this new lipstick which is super glossy - you know the ones - it looks like I have a coating of gloss on my lips - and I really love it, so I was wearing it today when I said hi to him, and then a couple of hours later he came over to my office and said "Show me your lips again". I felt a weird kind of sick feeling in my stomach. A part of me was kind of flattered, and another part of me felt awful, and sick, and unsure about what to do. After he left I got to thinking about how after I lose weight I am going to have to get used to different attention from men. - and I'm not really sure I know how to deal with it. It was fine when I was single, but now I'm married and completely in love with my husband:love: I just don't know how to deal with it.

Anyway - that was a bit of a ramble, but I'm sure some of you can identify.

trying to go hard for this - my final week of challenge 1. I'm only two pounds away from my goal (yes I'm still a hopeless scales addict):nono: and I'm really hoping to hit it by Sunday Morning.

got to run - supposed to be working (it never ends)

susanje 04-22-2002 10:27 AM


I completely identify. I have always gained weight in relationships and part of the reason is, I believe, I can't handle the unwanted attention from men most of the time but especially when I'm in a relationship. It makes me feel creepy. Now, I am no wallflower. I was raised in the Bronx and can tell just about anyone off/I don't get run over by people but I hate that creeped out feeling. I was just thinking about this the other day...about how difficult it has been since I quit smoking to lose weight..and how I don't even remember what it's like to have someone flirt with me and that's a GOOD THING because I hate that!!

However, if/when the time comes, I'll be ready for it with all the support here! You can count on us for the same thing!!!


pcosmom 04-22-2002 11:00 AM

well, guess what ladies? I finally got a hold of the book! Thats right! A friend as it turns out owns a copy, so i was able to review it and see if i was still following the right priciples...and, i was nearly on, I just need to adjust my intensity level up a bit when i lift... other than that? well, it seems like as long as i keep it up, i willl continue to see results. i started out with a high fat content, so even though i am smaller, i know i still have lots more fat to lose. the flabbiness is abating though, and i think that though i followed this for 12 weeks, i believe i can do better this next time especially since weeks 1-4 were a bit lower in protein and more along the lines of my starve yourself while being active self..the real results were apparent after week 5 or so when i began eating more to feed my body. so, i too agree that it is important to follow all aspects of the system, not just the weight and aerobics parts/

anyway, thanks for all your support this far, and wish me luck as i begin a second shot at this program, now i am armed with the info i need and can truly say i am staying on program (as long as i do what bill says....);)

MrsJim 04-22-2002 03:31 PM

Happy Anniversary to MEEEEE!
Yep, this week be my 1 year BFL anniversary! WHOOPEE!

I was going to have Jim take 1-year pix of me, but he was out for most of the day yesterday - went bike riding in Half Moon Bay on the beach, there's a wonderful bike path that runs right alongside the Pacific Ocean. He asked me to come along, but no, I had the stupid apt to clean that was filled with cat hair, so I said no thanks and started regretting it immediately after he left! Didn't get a chance to clean on Sat since we were in Rancho Murieta all day at the Arabian horse show.

Oh well, we're planning on going next week for sure! Hope this gorgeous weather hangs around til then.

Also I was SO BLOATED yesterday - well it was Free Day of course - plus I'm expecting a visit from Aunt Flo this week. Right now I'm drinking water hoping to get that bloatiness out of my system.

Meow - that's great that you were able to find a copy of the book! Keep us posted on how you do and DON'T forget to take pictures - if you don't take baseline (before) pix you'll regret it later...

Carly - I know EXACTLY how you feel. I've always had a tough time taking compliments from the opposite sex (except from Jim of course). I admit that I have been approached and/or asked out a few times over the course of the year. For some reason I find it really tough to say no, not that I want to go out with them but not wanting to hurt their feelings....yep, that's the fat girl syndrome coming out - wanting everyone to be happy happy happy! It's MUCH easier when Jim is around, then he can tell them 'she's taken' or 'that's MY old lady! :cool: '

Laura - congrats for 'retiring' the scale for awhile! You won't miss it, I promise. And YOUR free day is lightweight compared to some of mine. Just make sure you keep drinking your water on Free Day, else you'll get REALLY dehydrated and feel yukky.

Well, back to work! See y'all later!

lhendricks 04-22-2002 05:52 PM

starting W4 C2....
and loving it. I ended Free Day at 6 p.m. yesterday and drank three quarts of water and herbal tea before bed. BFL is the first WOE I ever tried where the concept of Free Day actually worked! Today I was right back on track.

I have the BFL travel kit packed for my trip to Tucson. I brought my exercise bands so that I can do the workout from ENERGY.

CONGRATULATIONS Mrs.Jim on your anniversary! You look great and you're an inspiration to us all. I seem to remember that Rob(b?) is a protege of Dave Greenwalt who keeps people on a diet that is heretical by most bodybuilding standards but I maybe wrong.

Everyone seems to be going strong.

MrsJim 04-22-2002 06:23 PM

Lisa - Actually Robb (who has had an AMAZING transformation - I can't wait to see his comp pix next month!) is training under Keith Klein rather than Greenwalt, who I don't know all that much about. All I know is Robb gets an AMAZING amount of sweet potatoes which I LOVE!! And I get an amazing amount of veggies which...well...I eat them...

susanje 04-23-2002 09:39 AM

Congratulatons MrsJim!!!

Not only are you inspirational with your results but you've been great company this past year!



Congratulations for being on track! I think that Free Day works because we get stuffed! Also, we know there is one next week. I bemoaned not having a burrito this past Sunday but I think I will find some way to have one this Sunday. I can wait a week!
Amazing! I ate clean yesterday (100 percent!) and it felt SO good.

Off to work,

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