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Default My RESET button!!!

OK everyone - i THINK that this week i'll be truly forced into starting over at the beginning - soft diet, protein shakes. and the reason is: my dentist won't be back until the end of the week!!!!

just before he left, i lost a huge filling in one of my teeth - seriously - it's about the size of a pomegranate seed [one got stuck in there]. it's a bit sensitive.

and this morning, the crown on the OTHER side of my mouth popped out, so it's hard for me to chew anything!!!!

guess i gotta go restock on nectar protein - and make sure i have enough yogurt. and eggs. by the time this week is over, i should be just fine!!!!

and i DID call the dentist who's covering, so we'll see what he says. i'm ok with not eating, but not being able to drink tea is HARD!!!!!!
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All I can say is OUCH!!!!!
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not bad for a 47 yr Nana!
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ouch ouch ouch!!
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Oh no! I'm so sorry - that sounds so painful!

I have to admit, though... part of me always see the benefit of getting sick (like having the stomach flu, for example) because I tend to lose a few pounds. OK, so major dental pain isn't a great way to lose weight... but you might as well find some of the good in the bad, right?

I hope it gets fixed quickly and as painlessly as possible! In the meantime, enjoy going "old school" with your diet. LOL!
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I have so been there, I hope this week goes by fast for you
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Jiff My thoughts are with you love!
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You folks are soooo kind! i managed to get hold of the covering dentist, and HE said that i could just pop the crown back on, and eat carefully. he also suggested using a crown adhesive that you can get at the drug store. and THERE, in the middle of all the denture stuff, were these tiny little plastic packs of temporary crown 'glue' and temporary fillings!!!

Who knew such things existed???? i was AMAZED!!!! sooo, i patched the huge cavity where the filling fell out, just to protect it. and found that it didn't work for the crown [i apparently have a post, which means i can't use this stuff], but the crown is back in, as long as i eat CAREFULLY, which means slowly. chewing carefully. nothing sticky.

and i can drink tea!!! sooo, not much pain at the moment. the tea habit continues. and i have soft stuff to eat. all in all - it'll be an OK week.
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glad you found the crown glue. I hate dental problems.
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