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Default What's your favorite part?

I was thinking about motivations and wondering what drives each of us. So I thought I'd ask: What's your favorite part about losing weight? I'm talking about when you actually DO see the pounds coming off, not all the frustrating bits - though there are plenty of those to talk about! - things like watching your BMI drop, or watching the numbers on the scale get lower, or feeling your clothes fitting looser, or feeling your collarbones getting defined, etc.

This was prompted when I was doing a BMI calc for someone else, and out of curiosity calc'ed my BMI with weight of 190 (official weigh-in this past week), then with weight of 188 (what the scale said this afternoon). The BMI went from 29.8 to 29.4. Sounds like not much but it looked really wonderful! It got me thinking, wanting to watch as that number decreased week by week (or month by month, or whatever) until it was in the healthy range again.

So what motivates you? What's the best indicator of progress for you?
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I love it when my jeans become loose...seeing a collarbone is also a great thing...that took a while though...buying new clothes is a great motivator for me...didn't shop too much when I was heavier...
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Being able to feel every rib and my hip bones is my favorite part. They had been buried for so long, that it feels great to see and feel them now.
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3 + years maintaining
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Oh gosh I've got a looong way to go and unlike lillybelle I'm not quite up to rib and hip bones sticking out. Although the old collarbone is ready to pop out any minute.

But I looove the fact that I'm down 4 sizes and my old clothes are literally falling off of me.

I love that I fit into chairs better.

I do love that my BMI has gone down over 6 points

I do love how proud my family is of me.

And I gotta be honest, I absolutely love hearing people tell me "Wow, you've lost weight. How'd you do it"

I'm sure this list will change as my weight goes down.
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i love how happy it makes my boyfriend and how hapoopy my mum is for me, and how i feel so much better about myself with a weight change that reflects how gosh darned with sprinkles on top hard i work.
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My husband likes to put his hands on my waist now ... that's nice.
I tried to balance a bottle of water on my hipbone yesterday ... to open the car door ... ouch ... it was great!
I really like walking now. I like to think that folks who see me think "she walks that must be why she's slim" ... ya know? a community example
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Once more, with feeling!
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I measure everything once a week and keep the results in a spreadsheet. I love watching the inches go down!!

I love seeing my heighest weight look so far away on the scale.

I'm really looking foward to those collarbones! I keep examing myself to find them, but I don't think mine will pop out for another 20 lbs or so. Oh well, it well make them all the more awesome.
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I love being able to do so much more. I started at a high weight and so there are lots of changes that please me no end. I don't have to worry about whether I'll make it through a turnstile any more. I don't have to move the seat all the way back in the car to get out. I can easily stand up from soft chairs or get up from the ground. I have more energy and am stronger than ever before. I just keep saying "It's a whole new world!" because that's what it feels like!
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Definitely for me it's seeing new or increased muscle definition. I love to be able to see my muscles working as I'm moving.
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My favorite thing is how much better I feel. I used to get headaches almost every day and now I just get 3-4 a month since my blood pressure went down. I have more energy to do the things I love. I adore being outside and hiking but for years I had to stick with the easy paths because I just didn't have the energy.

I have to admit though, it was pretty nice when I could even FEEL my collarbones again. Now I can just barely see them. I also love it when someone I haven't seen in a while looks at me kind of funny because I look so different.

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I love not being over 200 lbs!
I love that I can wear clothes from regular sized stores - I'm too small for Lane Bryant!
I love that when I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirrors or windows where I walk everyday, I see a trimmer body!
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I, too, like being able to see and feel muscles. I like not having to break a sweat to button my skirts in the morning. I like that my knees don't hurt when I exercise anymore. I like leaving food on my plate.

I can't really tell that I look any different. I'm looking forward to a "who is that?" experience.
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I love that when I wake up of the morning that I don't have to squeeze into my clothes. I can move comfortably and am much more willing to go out into public without worrying or being paranoid about my weight.
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I work in retail so I'm on my feet all day long.

Before - Come home from work and collapse on the couch because I'm so tired and my feet and knees ache from the long day, get up enough energy to eat too much dinner, take a nap, watch tv while snacking on everything in sight then go to bed exhausted. Toss and turn all night. Wake up tired. Repeat.

Now - I come home everyday and do 3 or 4 mile WATP workout. I can do this because my feet and knees don't hurt anymore! I eat a healthy dinner. Watch only a little tv because I'm busy working off all of the extra energy. Go to bed and sleep like a rock for 8 hours and wake up refreshed.

That's the best part for me.
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-Being able to run a mile. When I began, a five minute walk was a strenuous workout.

-Having a resting pulse in the 40s.

-Smaller boobs. My natural bustline is large to begin with and the extra pounds only made it worse.

-Not having to worry about trying on clothes I haven't worn in awhile. I know that they still fit because I haven't gained any weight.

-Being able to wear dressy clothes I bought during college and then got too fat for after graduation. My original motivator other than health was to fit back into these clothes since it makes no sense to purchase new ones when all you have to do is get off you butt and lose the weight.

-I can shop in a regular store and know that they have pants in my size. The only thing bigger is the selection of clothes I can choose from.
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