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S/C/G: Countdown to goal!

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Stevi -- so sorry to hear about your freind...
Miss Hong Kong -- I can relate to THAT, as I spent a year in the thin-obsessed, quick-to-comment culture of Italy for 6 months. I won't go into the gory details surrounding my swimsuit search --ok, I will. I would go to the pool faithfully to swim every day, and after 3 months, my admittedly aging swimsuit began to feel a bit "airy" around my bum. Of course, the chlorine had eaten away the fibers, and I had a see-through spot from my waist down on my backside. SO, after going into 5 (count them, FIVE) actual sporting good stores in search of a suit, and being told in EVERY one that I was too big for their stock ("Signora, we have NOTHING in your enormous size" and "Signora, we won't let you try anything on as you are too big for our sports clothes" and "Signora, people of your size don't go to the pool because they are too big, so we don't have suits your size" -- note: at home I am a size 14) I had to take the matter into my own hands. I cut up a pair of underpants and hand-sewed them into my bathing suit. The extra cotton fabric DID slow me down in the pool, and I found out later that maybe I should have chosed a white pair instead of an old blue pair with huge pink flowers on it (which caused much alarm, fingerpointing, and general amusement by my fellow swimmers along the lines of "hey, look at the fat foreigner with pink flowers on her bum!" ), but what the hey...
CHIN UP!! You will be back in the land of the regular-size soon enough

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S/C/G: XXX/-155/140

Height: 5'3


Stevi - sorry to hear about your friend, I can relate, my step dad died of advanced stages of melinoma as well. He was only 50 and is missed very, very much.
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Hi Everyone!

OK- I joined this forum 3 weeks ago and went back on the scale today. I've discovered that if I hop on the scale and it does'nt move, I run to the fridge...so...I have just been sticking with the program and staying off the scale. My clothes are getting looser (especially around my waist) and since I go to the Dr. next Thursday, I decided to weigh myself- surprise! I've lost weight! One step at a time...we can do it!
Haapigirl ( even happier now!)

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Good for you haapigirl! Congratulations on that weight loss!
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