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Trying to live below 200
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Thumbs up September 2016 - Daily Accountability/Lifestyle Change - Everyone Welcome!

Hi, Everyone! Welcome to the Check-In! Let's make it a great month!

I want to welcome everyone to the Daily Accountability Check-In. Our goal is to stay accountable and on track by posting our daily food and exercise choices. All food and exercise programs are welcome. Consistency is the key to reaching our weight loss goals.

Introduce yourself or jump right in and tell us what you have been doing.

Here's to the start of a great month!

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Default 8/31/16 update

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well!

Monte - good luck on your new plan!

Diana - good job with doing your exercise videos! Your meals continue to look delish! Hope Brandon is doing better.

Chunk - congrats on your weight loss and entry into the 140's! That is so inspiring!

Syck - thanks for doing regular postings on your meals, they look great!

Kim - welcome! We are so glad to have you here. I second all of the advice everyone has given. IMO, you just have to find what works for you. What helps me is to think that time is going to pass anyway...that is beyond my control...but it is up to me to determine if I will be proactive to make changes in my life during that time. A year will go by regardless of what I do, but how much greater would it be to have a year go by and to find that I have lost a significant amount of weight and regained my health to boot?! I love for logging food and exercise. Good luck and keep us posted!

[B] FYML B] - congrats on resisting temptation, eating clean, maintaining your workouts, and your Aug. results!

Kelijpa - congrats on your 3 lbs. down!

Hong Kong - congrats on your Pilates classes. At least when you are sore, you know it is doing something. That's what I tell myself.

Beloved Warrior - hi! Nice to chat with you. Congrats on your clothes being looser and your almost 8 lb./mo. Average. That is no small feat! Keep up the great work!

Daily update - WI 208.8, down .6 from yesterday; cal. 1306; carb. 92g; fat 54g;protein 123g; sodium 2,769mg

Exercise - cardio - 15 min elliptical; 15 min recumbent bike; 15 min treadmill; 5200 steps on Fitbit
Strength training - 20 min upper body
Stretching - 15 min

Treated myself after my workout to pool and hot tub. Felt great and made it worth it! I'm finding that on my workout days when I get 200 extra calories, it is almost difficult to get all of the food in. I think this is because on Medifast I was eating 800-1000 per day regardless of if I worked out or not. On the Wonderslim plan, as modified by me, I'm getting 1200 on non-workout days and 1400 on workout days. That is a big difference in calories from the other plan to this plan. I hope it works with no bad side effects.

Have a great night everyone! Thanks for your comments and support!

Wine tasting was fun last night. It had 4 different wines 2.5 oz. pours, Viognier, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and a red blend, all for $8.00. I drank the first two, then just tasted the last two and gave the rest away. Everyone was ordering food and eating dinner, but I just pulled out a stick of gum and chewed away! Focused on the socializing, not the food.
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No Excuses~Better Choices
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Hi Everyone! I can't believe that it's September already!

I struggled and pushed myself through my Pilates class this morning ... didn't think I'd be able to manage it, but it's surprising what you can make yourself do when someone else is standing over you! I think my instructor should come and live with me! Thankfully, I have a few days off now until my next class to allow my poor old body to rest ... but I'll make sure I continue to do a few stretches/exercises at home until then, so that I don't cease up completely!

I started my new plan, and first weighed in on Monday, but as I like to weigh-in on Fridays, tomorrow will be my first weigh-in ... not quite a week, but hoping for a loss! And thereafter I'll continue to weigh-in each Friday.

Starting from my weigh-in tomorrow, I'm going to set myself a September goal of 8lbs. Let's see if I can do this ...

~ Well done on your 2.6lbs loss for August ... it doesn't matter how big or small our losses are, as long as they're going in the right direction! Great job! It's such a great feeling when you notice that your clothes are fitting more comfortably, isn't it? ... And even better when they start to fall down! Can't wait for that feeling to come!

MonteCristo ~ A change is as good as a rest, right? Sounds like you've got your plan under control, and you know it's time to make a slight tweak. Good luck for September!

I totally agree with MonteCristo's comment to Zoniegirl that you can't give up your life just because you're on a 'diet'. Life happens! There's always going to be something in the way, that feels like our eating plans are going to be sabotaged ... birthdays, weddings, holidays, Christmas, or any number of celebrations. We should still be able to enjoy them and not worry about ruining our eating plans. As long as we plan ahead, we can still enjoy these things ... one day of celebration is NOT going to wreck all the good work that we've already done ... as long as you get straight back to your plan afterwards, and don't let any little blip on the scales make you feel like giving up ... all too often, that's how some people feel, and it's not necessary! So, go ahead and continue to enjoy life ... life's too short not to!

Have a good day everyone! I'll be back later to post my daily food ... it really helps me to stay on track!

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hi everyone
Happy September. Diana, thank you for tending to this garden as you always so caringly do.

I am responding to posts made in the Aug. Thread.

Diana, I am sorry to hear that Brandon is back in the hospital. I am praying.
Congrats on the .4 lb loss. You asked if I feel that the trampoline helos with the lymphatic system. I dont really have any personal feedback. I just trust the experts I have known who say it does. It has something to do with flexing the foot. It is that action that pumps the lymphatic system. So apparantly the trampoline is the perfect way to achieve that. But not the only way.
IDK about legs up on a wall. But I found this Maybe if you decide to do the legs against the wall, it might be helpful to flex your ankles while doing it.

I once had lymph edema which was quite painful. I went to a person who did dranage massage technique and poof it was gone. So you might want to find a person who specializes in lymph dranage technique. The person who did it for me was a teacher with "the Barbara Brennen school". It was like magic. I looked, and there are graduates of the school who live in SC. So if you want the list, just let me know. I will give it in pm. IDK what else works well. I just know this woman's technique was like magic.

One more idea would be a well chosen PT person who does lymph drainage. Because it would be covered by insurance. Okay, thats all my suggestions. Over and out.

Zoniegirl Congrats on the .6 loss. You sure do have this all worked out. Calories, carbs, fat, sodium, sugar.... and then the workouts. I am wholly impressed. Keep up the great work. You rock !! The wine tasting sounds like it was great.

Syckgirl with all the hiking and bike riding you do, its amazing you are not able to eat more than you do.

Fat in Hong Kong I too am the kind of person who will not exercise alone. So I know the feeling. I am so sorry that your Mum had a terminal illness. Of course the stress/pain of that would have caused you to go off plan for an extended period of time. These times are painful and too often devastating. So great that you are doing pilates. Hope it is not too painful. Good luck on your weigh in today. I think you are doing great.

Kelijpa as someone who has a huge hiatal hernia, I am SO glad you did not combine eating with wall stretch. Congrats on the 3.1 loss. It must feel SO good.

sundove, I hope you are having an awesome time. Hope you get to see some desert blooms. I hear they are very beautiful

Chunkahlunkah congrats on being in the 140s. That's awesome.
Re: sinuses, I just googled the nichols nasal syphon. I found that it was popular 90 years ago But it was amazing. You could get one on ebay. But honestly, I think the rubber would be pretty close to rotted by now. I did find another product that some people seemed to find helpful SinuPulse Elite Advanced Nasal Sinus Irrigation System I read the reviews on Amazon. But I will say that my accountant years ago told me that she had a sinus infection that for a year would not respond to anything. RX antibiotics etc. They would work for a bit. Then wham, back again. I told her to get a neti pot. And use a whisp of goldenseal powder in the saline solution (which I made with celtic salt and good water). Next thing I knew, she comped me my taxes and told me I was brilliant. It cured what the Doctors could not. I am not saying it works for all sinus infections. Because I do not think it does work for all. But it sure did for hers. If you try it, please remember, a wisp of goldenseal is all that is needed. no more than 1 1/16 of a tsp. a half pinch. I learned this from an herbalist friend who learned it in class by a teacher named Rosemary Gladstar.

BelovedWarrior I think a 2.6 loss is MUCH better than nothing. You did good by continuing to lose. I hope your home sells easily if that's what you choose.

MonteCristo I eat the peaches frozen with a knife and some sugar free homemade lemonade in a plate. I use stevia in place of sugar. I had the lack of energy when my carbs and calories were too low. I think it caused my muscles ( including heart) to be weakened. So I have had the same expereince as you. I think when you increase the calories you might find that you can do the low carb and not feel so sluggish. Good detictive work re: realizing the calories were too low.

wowie, you use the kitchen sink sprayer in your sinuses. Thats amazing. For me it would not work. I need to have saline solution othewise the burn is extreme. But I am facinated that you do that. Quite ingenious. Does it burn?

FYML You are doing great. I am always impressed reading your posts. Clean eating, usually. Great workouts.

Today's calories were around 1280. I ate 2 little ghiradelli chocolate squares. And a tiny sample of pizza from Trader Joe's Other than that it would have been around 1100. I went to a couple of grocery stores today. All I wanted was good food. pizza etc. I am sorry I ate the chocolate. But that's history now. ( and probably higher reading on the scale on Thursday). I need to get a flat screen smartTV so I want watch TV while Watching on my old tv, where the Trampoline is, is a pain. I can't stand watching commercials. At least if I had a smart tv I could use netflix in the trampo room. Or better yet, I need a person diverting my attention while I bounce.

I hope everyone has a great sept. 1

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Good morning all, lost my post :boohoo:

Hope everyone has a great day
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Shorty getting fit
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Well, my barely-there foray into the 140s was brief. Brief, but oh so beautiful. I'm up 0.6 today to 150.5. I was expecting that though so didn't cry. I made a huge pot of soup yesterday that, although fairly tasty, was very salty. It triggered one of those middle of the night wake-ups where I chugged down water like my life depended on it. So if I keep eating it, I know I'm going to keep having water weight issues. I suppose I could dilute it with water...

Flower - 90 years ago! Ha, how hipster! I've saved your neti pot recipe. If I ever tell myself to suck it up buttercup, I will be using it, for sure. I've always been skeptical of it working. It seemed to me that pouring fluids in the sinuses could encourage bacteria growth? But my reasoning must be flawed, since so many people swear by it. You've gotten me much closer to trying it than I've ever had a desire to in the past.

Happy almost-Friday, everyone!
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No Excuses~Better Choices
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Default Thursday's Food ...

Hope everyone is having a good day ... I'm getting a bit confused here with all the time zone differences ... for me it's Thursday evening, but I guess some of you are just beginning your day ... Hope it's a good one!

Breakfast ~ Overnight Oats made with Almond Milk, Grated Apple and Cinnamon
Lunch ~ Mixed Green Salad with Cherry Tomatoes, Avocado and Mackerel, with Olive Oil & Balsamic
Dinner ~ Pan-fried Turbot Fillet, Cauliflower 'Mash', Carrots and Snow Peas
Snack ~ Orange
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Trying to live below 200
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Good Morning, Everyone!

Last night I added on: Tamilee Webb's Total Body Stretch (seated) Legs up the wall for 10 minutes
This Morning: Oxycise in the Office 1

Calories for yesterday: 1495 +
Weigh In: 172.8
Down: .6

Have a great day and start to your month!
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Hey everyone!!!

Has a pretty good day so far:
Breakfast/ Lunch - Chicken Soup
Dinner - Lasagna with reduced fat cheese.
2 Litres of water

I'm back after quite a while of not being on this site. Feels great to be back and especially back on this thread - it was always one of my favourites!!
Have a great day everyone
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Hi Everyone! I'm sliding into relaxation mode here in Tucson. Posting from mobile so pls forgive typos.
Diana How is Brandon doing?
Flower Yes the desert is in bloom now, so beautiful & butterflies are everywhere.
Today is the long drive out into the desert & reservation of Tohono O'odham Nation & up the mountain for night sky viewing.
Eating is improving....that's the best face I can put on it. I am hoping that the pudgy feeling is from the heat, & massive amts of water. Eating light and then enjoying target meals & treats, with some slips here n there. I love the way the dry heat feels, like a caress. Good to have a break from the gray bone-chilling summer fog of SF.
I am way behind on personals. Kelijpa Do you use a belt to pull your feet when you're on the wall? It gives an extra stretch to hamstrings. I brought a 10 lb wt for my hip exercises.

SyckgirlsfvNo obligation to post personals. The accountability adds to the collective accountability bank here
Hi everyone else. My fingers are getting stiff, will rest em & post later.

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I can't even believe it is September already. I swear this year just started last week. My grandpa always said life goes by faster the older you get, but I'm only 30!

So I upped my calories and ditched low carb. I actually ended up eating a bit more than my new goal. Ok, it was actually 2200 calories, which is right around my maintenance. I had eaten all my calories by 6pm per the usual, but around 8pm I was so hungry that I was actually getting stomach cramps, which is super unusual for me. So I ate a bowl of taco soup. Sometimes you just need a rest day, even from dieting. But I've got a plan for today, so I should do better. I'm going to go ahead and post it so I'm more accountable.

Breakfast: sausage & cheese biscuit - 480 cals
Lunch: taco soup - 441 cals
Snack: 2 scoops protein powder, banana - 341
Dinner: egg burrito - 415
TOTAL: 1677cals

Didn't lift yesterday either. Decided to take an extra rest day, so with all the extra food I've gotten, I should be able to smash out my set today.

Hi Golda.

flower123 - It burns a little but I'm tough. I don't do it that often, only when I'm a little desperate.

Sundove - I hadn't noticed that you live in SF. I took a trip there with my dad one summer and I loved how cold it was. So much better than the 100 degrees + 100% humidity in Arkansas. But I guess everyone likes a change! Glad you are enjoying your trip.

Here's wishing a POP day to everyone!
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Hello Everyone! I've missed all of you. Very busy summer. I literally put 5600 miles on my van from July 1 to August 6. Yikes! That was a lot of driving and a lot of Chick Fil-A drive thrus along the way. I've managed to maintain but I'm very jiggly since I got so little exercise. I've been back this last week exercising and eating healthier. My goal is to try to get my daily 10k steps in and to keep my carbs under control on weekdays. Weekends I may go a bit over on carbs and I may take a day off on the 10k steps.

Since at this point I'm going for long term health as much as weight loss I'm not going to weigh myself until Christmas. I'd really love to be smaller and fitter than I am now.

Will do personals either tomorrow or late next week. Happy to see so many familiar faces and some new ones too!
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Diana - I'm a committed rebounder (trampoliner). No question it helps with my lymphatic system. I get many fewer colds and my feet don't get swollen anymore ever. And it might sound weird but I have less bags under my eyes. Of course, the swollen feet could also be that I weigh a good bit less than I used to, but I think I noticed that difference while I was still quite heavy. I use what's called a mini tramp. There are downsides, however. First, it was expensive. ** You really need a good one and the cheap ones don't have enough bounce. I have this model and I'm quite happy with it: In addition to the cost, another next downside is it sometimes gives me neck pain. When that happens, I march on it rather than bounce. I do that to get my 10k steps in not sure if I'm getting full lymphatic benefits when I do that. And if I don't wear my sneaks on the tramp, I will get foot pain.

** I've listed the expense as a downside, but it's only a downside if you don't get use from it. I've had it for two years and it was well worth the investment for me. I don't say that about most of the health and weight loss junk I've purchased over the years. Besides the rebounder, the only other exercise equipment I've ever said was worth the money for me was the elliptical (which was more expensive and even more worth it).
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Hi all -
Well, I went on a mini vacation Sunday morning. (I ended up being able to take Sunday off afterall) Took our 3 kiddos over to a lake about 4 hours away. Somewhat stressful, as they are..well, kids, and act like kids. We were with my mom, who is not used to being around kids. It was not relaxing one bit for me...We did go to the winery twice, which was great fun. I was able to walk a ton, with my kids. (mom is extremely lazy, even wanted to drive to the pool, which was 2 buildings away) We headed home yesterday morning, and sadly, there was a fatal accident on the mountain pass. We sat for quite sometime, and knew it was bad as we drove by. (they closed the freeway and we all had to exit, right at the site) We could see clothing/shoes on the road, as well as a white tarp. My boys asked lots of questions last night. I read online that it was a motorcyclist. So sad.
My 2 boys started school today. My daughter and I ran to the store and I started all of our vacation laundry. Just made a batch of chicken sausage and tomato soup. So yummy and full of protein. I put lots of veggies in it as well. Not much else is new...I've got lots of catching up to do on all of your "doings" for the end of August. I'm hoping to find an update on Misti
Have a great day, everyone!
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Default September Goals

My goal for August was to lose 11 lbs and be down to 195. My final weight for August was 194 ! I lost 12 lbs and exceeded my goal. I am now 51% of the way to my goal! I am also no longer classified as obese as per the Canadian diabetes association!

My goal for September is to lose 9 lbs to be at 185 lbs! In 5 months, I hope to be at my goal. I am aiming for the end of January as my birthday is on January 30th and it would be a sweet birthday present!
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