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It's cool that so many of us are up for the 'try something new' challenge. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

I'm trying to avoid a mini-meltdown here---trying to keep my wits about me, etc. Most of the time I feel good about my progress and my body, but today I caught a glimpse of myself at a very unflattering angle or something, and just felt like all my efforts are for nothing. I know what you're all thinking--"think of the health benefits"! And that's certainly true, but I really was hoping to lose some of the cellulite along the way!!! Know what I mean?
This too shall pass.....I'M HEALTHIER THAN I'VE EVER BEEN [even when I was a skinny 20-year-old]!
Ahhh, I feel better already. You guys are good!

Arabella, how was your party? Sorry about the sugar hangover. I know what you mean about it taking a few days to get back on track. I'm always compelled to have a little 'hair of the dog' for a few days after.

Zadie, it's really hard to watch a friend doing something so crazy. I've had to go thru that with a few people---it's like their brains have vacated their bodies, they're not thinking rationally. Really weird to watch it happening.

Metta, running the bike path sounds great!

Punkin and Bo-Beena, are you guys going to work out together when you visit? Maybe a little belly dancing?! I'm so jealous--that's going to be a party for sure!

Anagram, the woman who never slows down! It's my sincere hope that you have some downtime soon.

Frogger, just my 2 cents: I'd rent the truck!

Kaylets, I haven't said it lately---I appreciate your quote and question of the day. It's always a great start to the morning!

Good night, dear ones!
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Red face Tues p.m.

Even'n All!

QOD yup. None of the languages I studied did me any harm. Latin surely did help me with the French, which had been greek to me before I figured out declensions. I kinda object to the mandated stuff we do up here...what a way to encourage anglo children to hate French anything...except fries of course...and actually defused some of that when I taught in Alberta.

Sumpthin new...I'm having trouble keeping up with the Old!! If I am inspired I will pass it on though. Made a cool salad on Sunday...chopped tomatoes, cucumber, chick peas, black sliced olives, feta cheese, green pepper with greek salad dressing on it...was good!! Needed some fresh green onions though. It doesn't count as new though, cause I like and often eat all those...just not combined that way.

Anyhow, thanks for the fresh start card Kaylets! Am even considering a Journal maybe. New strategy for not eating...put in some perennials (I just won't eat with mud on my hands!), came in, washed, went online with a few grapes in hand. Am off to get some water and head for the tub...feel grimy from swatting bugs...darn things. Guess they are a sign of a healthy environment, although I don't know just for who.

So one day under the belt.

I think I feel healthier

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Momma Frog
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Hi all!!

We actually decided to rent a U-haul for the move. Swayed in part because our 'friends' that we packed up and moved (remember them) are "busy" that day and cannot help us move. They've known about the move date for over a month now and volunteered to help us move that day. I knew this would happen. WHAT THE EVER...

Anyway, doing good on the low carb. Actually, I have just cut out all bread and pasta (and cereal) but am really not counting carbs per say. I have beefed up the veggie intake though. I'm just not eating corn or many peas ( I love peas though...) And I can't seem to get away from eating fruit. I have it in the morning for breakfast. A bananna and an apple. But I can't complain, I've lost 6lbs in a week and a half. So must be doing something right.

I fixed mom and hubby spagetti with meat sauce last night. I had steamed spinach with the meatsauce over it and a little mozarella cheese. You should try it! It reminded me of lasagna without the noodles. I think I may even add a spoonful of ricatta cheese next time to make it even more like lasagna.

Enough about me... How is everyone today?
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Smile Wonderful me Wednesday

Hello all!

Lots going on today and we are getting heavy storms- Flood warnings in some places.... But its still Wonderful Me Wednesday!
Thought of the day--
[About the past] "The way I see it, you can either run from
it, or learn from it."
-- Rafikki to Simba in Disney's The Lion King

Question of the day:
When you have something you really dislike for dinner, how do you feel?"
--Table Topics


On a less cheeful note, DH recvd a phone call from a "check guarantee place" yesterday. They were trying to collect on a check written from a closed account. DH asked LOTS of questions and only told them at the end of the call that they were really looking for DS. So... this is getting very tense . If these folks decide to press charges too....

take care all
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HRH Arabella, Woods Nymph
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Fly-by! I was slaving until after 11 last night and have another conference call to do in an hour, and then another assignment later so I must run. Just wanted to say Tomorrow I should be able to visit a bit.

Have a great day!
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Is it Friday yet?
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Finally Wednesday.... this awful week is half over.

Yesterday was awful in ways I can't even begin to explain publicly. I'll probably journal about it later... this world can be one fouled up place. Mom's fine, it's not about any of that, thank goodness, but it's official - my life's now a freakin' soap opera.

Hotter than Hades yesterday... I thought I saw a hiding behind the tree thinking he was home! 102 yesterday, the same today... with 20% humidity I've had NO problem drinking all my water (and then some!). I even got up early this morning to hop on the elliptical for 20 minutes since it didn't cool down last night until 9pm - too late to exercise....

Metta, I'm all for learning a language by immersion - I'm thinkin' a trip to Italy juuuuust might be a necessity!

Bo-Beena See you next week baaaabeeeee!

Eydie, you *know* we're most critical of ourselves. I'm glad you're feeling better about your glimps - always remember you're doing worlds of good for yourself in ways you'll never be able to see. When you're 85 and out gardening and feeling great I'm going to email you and remind you of all the things you did to accomplish that - and none of 'em could you see in a mirror. (off soapbox now!)
As for bellydancing with Bo-Beena Ya never know what I may talk her in to.... Hip drops everyone!!!!!

Ceara, your salad sounds delish!!! I wish I would cook like that for myself. I just don't seem to take the time...

Frogger, ok, I'll say this as nicely as possible - never, ever do anything for those "friends" again. They knew for a month and they're busy when you not only helped them move, but PACK too!?!?!?!? Uh, no, not cool....
You're doing great on low carb - 6 pounds in a week n' a half? Awsome! And your idea of putting 'sghetti sauce on spinach like lasagna w/o noodles sounds really 'nummy

Kaylets, flooding? It was 102 here yesterday!!! I'll send you a virtual liferaft! Sounds like things may be hitting the fan with DS soon, those check cashing places don't just go away...


Where's WSW? Dollar? Our newbies?? Come on back everyone!!!

Q o' the day ~
Really hard to answer since I'm cooking just for myself so I always like what I'm making!

Toodles everyone...

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the sword bearer
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Talking Half of day 2!!!

Good noon all!

Am half way through the second day.....must start glugging though...coffee doesn't count I hear.

QOD...funny. I can't think of anything I don't like! Except for fish with bones in it....they are a real turn off. I suppose I would feel unsatisfied and likely eat something horridly bad for me...Hmmm Thought-provoking.

Have had a busy morning and the rest of the day looks similar. So will just mosey on my way....thinkin' of you guys. Am off to make a little black bean soup and head back to the grindstone!

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Frogger, congrats on dropping an amazing 6 pounds! And 'boo, hiss!' to those folks who squirmed out of helping you move. I'm sure there was a part of you that saw that coming.

Ceara, your salad sounds great. I try to keep one of those sectioned covered trays full of cut-up vegetables for making quick salads. I've recently tried fat-free feta---it's surprisingly good. Someone here told me about it---was it Kaylets?

Kaylets, about the ? du jour: When I don't get what I want to eat, I feel very unsatisfied and "prowly", I start looking for something else to eat!

Punkinseed, hang on, baby! Friday's coming!

Thanks for checking in, Arabella! Now where's Amarantha?

For the "Try Something New" challenge, I did a balance ball video. It was fun--I didn't do it perfectly by any means and I think I need a smaller ball.
Today's been a great workout day for me. I started out the day with 30 min. of bellydancing, a sun salutation--and later I did 40 min. Of tae bo, and the 30 min. balance ball video. And tonight I have a yoga class. Now I have to make sure that my food intake is good too!
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I'm kinda lost on the threads, but here!!! I guess my everyday something new is that I haven't given up on the 21-dayer so far, when the ol' me would've crashed and burned!!!!

Eydie: The personal trainer I'm working with keeps trying to get me to do the ball thing. I just seem to have an aversion to it ... reminds me of gym class and people laughing at me!!! Is it fun?

Frogger: Amazing how your "friends" managed to have something to do when it came time to repay your helping them move.

Re all our skirmishes with fair weather friends and our comings and goings and bad feelings and good feelings, sometimes expressed here over the years, I'm taking a risk and referring everyone to a quote I seem to be posting everywhere these days because it resonants so strongly with me whenever I think about it. I have it posted on my refrigerator, as a matter of fact. It is by Mother Teresa and is underpinned by a certain specific religious orientation, so I won't post it in its entirety here and hope no one finds this inappropriate or offensive, it's just something that helps me in situations such as Frogger has to cope with at the moment. The religion warranted is not one that I personally espouse, but I find this quote amazingly comforting and wise and any diety of any gender or facet or spiritual force could be substituted for the last line, which I'm not posting. It begins this way, but there's lots more:

"People are often unreasonable, illogical or self-centered, forgive them anyway.

"If you are successful, you will be sure to make some false friends and some true enemies. Be successful anyway.

"If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you. Be honest and frank anyway.

"What you spend years building, someone could destroy over night. Build anyway.

"If you find serenity and happiness, others may be jealous. Be happy anyway. ........... ~ Mother Teresa

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Just a quick skim of the posts, my my you've been a busy bunch!

Having a really busy week and just no time for a proper visit! Friday is coming, though!

Metta, just noticed you are in Hamilton. I'm in Burlington! We should meet up sometime.

Amarantha, GREAT quotes. I'm going to print them out.

Arabella, you got a bike for your b-day? Whoo hoo! I hope you enjoy it as much as I am mine.

Gotta dash, laundry is calling.

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Hey, cool, Wildfire! Neat to run into someone who lives so close.

Frogger, your progress sounds inspiring. I'm contemplating going back to a low-carb diet myself... not Atkins, but cutting out grains and sugar for a while. I did so well with weight loss when I was eating that way before. I got out of it because I felt kind of tired when I was working out, and I was almost losing too quickly... but that's a problem I wouldn't mind having again. Heh.

I just can't bring myself to commit to it. I've been having a bad week food-wise, but I've decided to wait until the end of the week, and then depending on what the scale says, I may talk myself into low-carbing again.

Anyway, hello to everyone whose posts I've read and missed commenting on. It's tough to find the time to respond properly to everyone.
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Hello all!

Almost Friday!!

Our A/C seems to be only blowing air-- We're in a high humidity type of heat wave-- Any bets on how long before the A/C people
can get here??

And frankly, have no idea how to pay for the repair unless its cheap. Have to polish up the credit card I guess.

Punkin- have not read your journal but don't forget you can ALWAYS come here to vent.

Empress- thanks for the quote- Used to know the title but realize right now it escapes me. Sometimes it seems easier to rebuild than forgive don't you think?

To everyone-- take care--
Today's thought is:
"Always take the scenic route"

Question of the day is:
"Is it Friday yet?"
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HRH Arabella, Woods Nymph
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Height: 5'8

Angry Good Morning Glories!

Still flying by. I got another surprise assignment yesterday, so I've got to go-go-go. I AM going to do yoga and go for a run though, in between jobs.

So many things I want to respond to, but if I did I would be digging myself into a hole I couldn't get out of gracefully! Tomorrow I'll have a little time, for sure!

Love to all!
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Momma Frog
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Good Morning All!

RE: Our 'friends'. I honestly can take them or leave them. They are the laziest 2 people I have ever met. I was not surprised that there was some excuse. But we have just bought a house, so nothing can get me down!!

Cheated again with the weigh in. Lost another lb! I'm now at 215. I may just live to see myself under 200 again!! I'm so excited. Only 15 more lbs. Official weigh in is tommorow morning though. So we shall see.... Trying to have an ultra low carb day today. I never realized that banannas have so many carbs. Goodbye for today my yummy jungle fruit.

Punkin-I'm sorry to hear of your troubles. Remember, a brighter day comes soon. We love you! Vent away dear.

Kaylets-Yuck, I hate a muggie house. Can't sleep, can't move. that the A/C man comes soon!!

Metta-That's all I'm doing. Making an effort to cut out the breads and the like. I'm not smart enough to figure out all the carbs - fiber crap. I obviously get enough fiber, and I'm obviously doing something right cuz I'm losing. Good luck with what you decide on!

Amarantha-Thanks for the quote. That about sums my attitude up towards these ninnyheads.

Cerise!!!! Cerise darling where ya b? Still unpacking? Remember, packing/unpacking counts as exercise!

To everyone I've forgotten, have a great friday-eve!
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I join in the "quickie" post club again. So many things I want to comment on - so little time. Mom still in hospital, seems to be failing but she's a strong person and these things are always uncertain. So while I can't get into all I'd like, I'm here for my dose of LDL support.

Such wisdom from M. Teresa. Such simple direction but such a guide to living for your own inner self. Thanks.

Kaylets, such crushing news! Hang on and be strong.

Something new? Can't even think of anything new to try right now though there are lots of things. The best I can manage is that we picked up our new car this week. A Camry. Not exercise/diet related but it's what pops in when I put "new" into my mental search engine.

I have given me a Bye card at the moment, just trying not to go sweet happy, etc. and given my circumstances, feel I've been doing ok. I'm leaning towards going low carb for a week or so once I feel I can hop back on the train. Having a slimfast this morning and it's not even Monday....Or is it? I'm somewhat foggy.
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