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HI All
Thanks so much for your support..i am doing much better then friday. Your posts help me so much!

Pumpkinseed you are so strong and im sure you mom thanks god for you every day!

Kaylet - my brother was doing toastmasters. Is that where you give speeches and learn how to communicate better? Thanks for the warm welcome back.

Wildfire im climbing thanks for the invite! I saw you joined the 21 day challenge ... It so much fun to read posts of people that you now.

You know mondays arent so bad for me. I really hate sundays. So if you hate sundays im really happy when its monday! Odd i know!

Well if i could have anyone over for dinner...the board can come but we need some eye candy...mel gibson, pete bronson, aerosmith, ben afflict, anyone else think of any eye candy that i should invite? Eye candy is good low in calorie.
Oh yea and the hot guy from the practice...mmmm
and Will from will and grace...oh and Ross from friends....god this morning is good!

Talk to u later
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Gonna be strong and fit!
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Talking It's Monday!

Hello wonderful ladies!

Just a quick post. I am going through my garage and throwing away sooo much stuff! It is actually very hard. I am somewhat of a pack rat. I remember who gave me something and for what occasion and can't get rid of it.Well, NO more! I am "on program" if you will to clean out everything that: doesn't fit, don't like, not my taste anymore, haven't needed in the past year, etc! Not to mention I am workin' up a sweat, I figure I can count it as exercise

Anyway, I am doing great on excercise, water and vitamins. Actual food is ok, I have been eating more fruit. My goal this week is to see a new number on the scale, have been up and down the last few weeks and I am tired of it!

Good luck to all of you today!

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Is it Friday yet?
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Monday, Monday, Monday.... How I loathe thee....

Actually, my view on Monday is that you have to live through one every week if you want to have a Friday and weekend. My Mondays generally aren't that bad, it's just hard when you feel like you haven't had a break in months (or in my case it not only feels like there's been no break - there really has been NO BRAKE!).

Had an awsome 4 pound loss going on Saturday - then by Monday morning somewhere I'd found 3 pounds. I still have a loss of 1.2, but... I believe it was the combination of 100 degree temps, sitting outside watching the draft horse show with very little water (bathrooms were gross) and Saturday night's taco ring (Mom's pre-chemo craving). So, salt, sun and dehydration... eh, I'll get the loss back later this week.

Scooby, I'm glad you're feeling better than you did on Friday. We're always here to pull you back up!

Kaylets, so much about your DS reminds me of my brother. Ditto on DH's change. My brother turned around when the parental figures finally quit accepting that "he gets in trouble, that's just him" and put their foot down. Until that point he had no reason to *not* be the way he was - there were no consequences. Once the hammer fell, and they literally kicked him out and forced him to work, be responsible or be homeless, he turned things around. I can't believe he's the same person that he was back then... I actually *like* him now!
Oh, and you dinner sounds divine! I've never had swordfish but it sounds so foo-foo and yummy!

Wildfire, I found out Locks Of Love requires the ponytail to be 10 inches long. I'm going to be lookin' like a Yetti long after Mom's done with all her treatment!!!

Zadie, you've got stress on a couple different levels. Good luck and a "go get 'em" on your bar exam! As for your friend, the hardest thing to do is sit back and watch someone you care for make a huge mistake. All you can do is be there for her when it all hits the fan.

Empress Amarantha, of smaller clothes, I bow to thee....

Frogger, on staying low carb, I tried but I guess I love my bread too much for the sacrifice... Good luck on "scale day"!

Q o' the day~
How do I feel when shopping for clothes?? Depends on the store more than anything. Even at my largest shopping was ok IF the store had my size - then it's just a matter of "it fits, I'm huge, but it fits". Not finding a thing is nothing short of depressing. Being smaller now, and teetering between plus sizes and a large I'm looking forward to our own Bo-Beena taking me on my first trip to The Avenue next week so I can buy some clothes that fit me!!!!

Friday, after all my Mom's hair ordeal, my hairdresser's mouth dropped open and she said "you've lost a lot of weight!" and wondered aloud why she didn't notice a month ago when I was last there. I told her it was because of the clothes I was wearing - too big - so you can't see the loss (I did wear something that fit on Friday). I can add her to the list of people telling me I need to buy clothes that FIT.

So, next week, California, The Avenue, Bo-Beena, me n' my credit card... I promise not to buy anything that has a crotch hangin' down to my thighs, or 3 sizes too big because it's 'comfy' - I can be comfy in MY size!

Toodles for now,
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Frogger, where are you in your packing? Are you down to the bare essentials with everything else packed up? I dislike moving so much that I'll probably just stay put for the rest of my natural days! It'll be so great when you feel all settled in.

Scooby, you sound good! Glad you feel better.

Bo-Beena, I love to de-junk--I need to do it again. Amazing how things can accumulate again.

Zadie, sending you the good stuff for your exam.

Amarantha, Gotta love those smaller sizes!

Punkin, even if you lost "only" 1.2, you're still so ahead of the game! Hey, I want to declare something to you: I have an old ponytail [mine!] that I just rediscovered in the basement, and it's long [can't believe I had hair that long!!] and I'm going to send it to Locks of Love in honor of your mom and you. I've been meaning to do it for YEARS and you're spurring it on. So there, I've said it publicly so off it goes. I'll send you a pic of me with the 'scalp' just before I send it off!

Kaylets--about ? of the day. I really dislike shopping for clothes--bad memories, I guess. There was a time when I'd leave the store in tears 'cause I couldn't find anything. Not so bad now, tho I'm still floored when I find something I love!

Greetings, Anagram, Cerise, Ceara, Dollar, Wildfire, Arabella, and all!
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caffeine free!
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Just a quick stop in to see how all goes with everyone. Did not get a chance to weigh this morning and may just opt not to till after the bar. I can only handle so much.

QOD: pretty good recently. I just got into a size 10 at the limited (as opposed to a size 10 in expensive clothing where it means something a little different). Feels great. I do remember when I went shopping the first time I was up to a size 14. I was so angry at myself and the world. Now I am much better at taking things in stride.

Well, my firend when to dinner with the guy. She is being very evasive about it all. Her husband is back in town next week and her son gets back from his grandparents the week after, so maybe it will all blow over. Hopefully.

At any rate, must dash. I have wills and sales to learn. Super yuck.
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Gonna be strong and fit!
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Smile Monday night

Good Evening ladies!
Just thought I would pop in. I am in a particularly good mood today(yes, I KNOW, it is monday!) I think it is because I am doing well in alot of areas of my life. De-cluttering is so good for me(Can you believe Punkin and I are best friends-HEHE) My house isn't dirty just filled with all kinds of things I might need "some day". Well, slowly but surely it will be clutter-free and my punkin has been my mentor is this dept( and of course wgt loss)

Yes, Eydie, isn't it a great feeling to get rid stuff

Frogger, how is the moving going? I hope you find a job closer to your new home. I used to have to commute(not as bad as yours) I just hated it. About 2 years ago, I got a new job less than 10 minutes from home. I LOVE it! In the meantime, try listening to books on tape or your favorite cds to pass the time. Good luck!

Zadie, sending : your way for your exam. Sorry about the friend, that is worst thing you can do to your spouse. Hopefully she will realize what is at stake before it goes to far.

Kaylets, sorry about the trouble with DS. Hopefully he will learn from this and not get in any worse trouble.

Cerise, going back a few days but had to comment on your posing for the artists, I can tell you are very outgoing however, you have taken that to brand new heights! It says a lot about your self image that you were able to do that. So I just wanted to say Kudos to you.

Yes, Punkin and I are going shopin' no more baggy a** clothes for her. I don't care if she shrinks outta of 'em in a few months I am making her get ones that fit (So there! )

Hello to all I missed! Gonna try to say on top of our posts, it only takes a few days to get behind. See ya tomorrow

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Hello all!!

The clutter vs no clutter discussion.... I too am a collector-- I enjoy the 'lived in' feeling. I suspect, its like smoking though-- you don't realize how it effects your life until you stop. Collections demand space, dusting, etc,etc. But when they bring a smile to your face... how can you resist!

Hope everyone is doing ok with our many life challenges.... we are doing the best we can !!
Today's thought is :

"The purpose of life, after all, is to live it"
-- Eleanor Roosevelt
Question of the day:

"Should a foriegn language be required in grade school?"
--Table Topics


Take care all!
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Extending a mini-challenge to everyone this week---anybody up for it? I know you are!

Just this: to try something new!!! A form of exercise you've never done before, or to take something you already do a bit farther [or is that furthur? oh well...] Or try a different food, some exotic grain, some cuisine you've never tried, that weird spiky fruit you always see in the market, etc. [Just make it healthy, of course! ]

Last week, I tried kundulini yoga. I did it 2 one-hour videos and it was challenging and I'm still sore from it but I liked it and will do it again. This week I'm going to do a balance ball video and see how I like that. I get such a feeling of accomplishment from getting out of my comfort zone and branching out! You'll never know if you don't try....

Kaylets, what do you collect? DH and I are addicted to books--it's become kind of a joke with our friends. They're everywhere in every room--we need floor-to-ceiling shelving!
About ? of the day: yes, I think foreign languages should be required in grade schools. I'm speaking as one who never learned a foreign language and wish that I had.
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Eydie- heard the mail come in as I was ironing and couldnt resist!
I'm up for the challenge! I'm not sure what it will be but DH and I did buy those 10 speed bikes.... I 've never rode a 10 spd b/4- just a 3 spd and that was years ago-- or maybe...

As for food... yes, DH and I did try Papaya on Sunday but since we are supposed to be trying 2 new things... We
ve got one more to try...
This will be fun!
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Momma Frog
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Hi All!!

We are down to the bare minimum. It's crazy. Meals are prepared uniquely as most of my pots and pans are put away. It's amazing what you can do in a saucepan. LOL

Trying to figure out if I should go ahead and rent a u-haul truck. We can get everything in one swoop instead of trying drive 35 miles back and forth in a pickup and cars. I don't know. Expensive though.

Down 2 lbs. I cheated and got on the scale this morning (regualar weigh in is friday mornings) But I looked thinner to me in the mirror, so I had to see if I was imagining. Happy news for today!
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Good morning. LDLs.

Mom still in hospital an hour and a half away. Also got to take overnighter with dh to attend friend's bd party. Big weekend for him to finally get back to his hometown, etc.

Anyway, have been in car more than not it seems so will have to catch up on good news in all the posts I've only hurriedly scanned.

So nice to read of all your strengths and determinations. Helps me to hold on right now. Not been really bad on food but probably won't lose until things settle down. Exercise has been limited but plan to make pool today for workout. Water's been decent though. And no binges. Just not always the best food choices while travelling, etc.

But I'M HEALTHIER THAN I'VE BEEN IN YEARS. And had a pretty good Monday and starting out for a pretty good Tuesday (if I can pull me away from this machine).
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HRH Arabella, Woods Nymph
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S/C/G: 256/ticker/165

Height: 5'8

Angry Day 1

Good morning, Lovely Ones!

Thank you so much for the birthday greetings -- they really made me feel loved!

I'm in recovery mode from the BDay sugar. I think that I should start to realize that it often takes me several days to recover (sometimes several days to stop eating sugar again ) I get that yucky sugar hangover and I don't feel well until I get the stuff out of my system. So that's what I'm working on. I think I'll have a look at the Sugar Buster Web site to refresh my memory.

I have got a new bike on the way So that will be one new exercise thing. It does seem like a little challenge to me, since it's been a while since I was on one. I also want to commit to yoga at least 3X a week and tai chi at least another 3X. Makes me feel SO much better Oh, yes, I decided yesterday to commit to 15 mins on the cross trainer along with my 3X a week circuit training, and running another 3X. Wow. That should do it!

I can't stay today. I'm going to do yoga and go for a little run, and then I have two intensive 4-5 hour assignments, so for the sake of my bod I should stay away from this contraption as much as I can in my off time.

Sorry for the me-me-meness! I just wanted to report in, at least. Let's make this a great day! Love to All

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Is it Friday yet?
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Hello dahlings....

It's been a stressful week and it's only Tuesday... I can't wait for the next couple days to pass work-wise for things to settle down a bit. It just seems like everyone's on edge and testy about really stupid things and those that aren't mad about something seem to have taken a stupid pill....

Eydie, I'm so moved by your sending in your ponytail! That is SO cool!
I'm with ya on the new exercise or food to try, I just have to figure out what I want to experiment with....

Zadie, I think you're right to only take on one battle at a time. Right now your bar is more important than anything. I'll continue to keep my fingers crossed that it all blows over with your friend once it becomes more difficult for her to stray (w/ hubby and son back).

Bo-Beena!!!! You have to admit that I'm decluttered mostly because I don't have a husband and daughter to contend with! I can control *my* messes easily, but if I had to control others???? Well, you saw the house when I lived in CA... C'mon, I had to step over a motorcycle engine to make my bed!

Frogger, congrats girl on kickin' the 2 's to the curb!

Anagram, my continued thoughts for Mom. The distance has got to be making it even more difficult. I'm glad you had a little getaway with DH.

Arabella, you and Wildfire and starting to make me want a new bike now! It would probably be cheaper to buy a new one than fix my old (needs new seat, chains, wheels, tires, etc...). It would be fun to bike around here - I'd need a mountain bike though for all the unpaved roads!

I really want to pick back up on my yoga too. They did a study on yoga's effect on women with breast cancer and they found that they had less side effects from treatment and felt better about themselves during treatment. It decreased the amount of depression and nausea they were experiencing too. Amazing how something so fun can be so beneficial!

Q o' the day ~
Foreign languages in grade school.... now I know "grade school" means different things in different areas - where I'm from grade school covers grades K-6 - in which case I'd say yes. Learning another language when you're that young is a great idea. That's when I learned sign (technically another language) and I've retained a LOT more of that than the French I was required to take in high school.

Well ladies, I'm outta here for now. Time to get ta' work....
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Congratulations on the loss, frogger! And Punkin too - any loss is a good one.

Arabella, I can relate on the sugar blahs. I had forgotten how long it takes for the tiredness to go away after eating too much sugar, but I'm feeling it this week.

Eydie, I am a great collector of books, too. I move house often, so I never have any excess clutter. I can't get rid of books, though, ever... even if it means carting boxes and boxes every time I move.

I'm up for trying something new... I'll have to think about what it's going to be, though. I think I might go run the bike path near my house... I've been wanting to do that and putting it off for ages.

I'm planning to go shopping for clothes that actually fit this weekend, too. I've been holding off doing it for a while, not wanting to shrink out of new clothes. My situation is getting dire, though, I have only one pair of pants that stay up and don't make me look like a clown. Heh.

I'm half-on, half-off program right now. My eating is okay, I've exercised a bit, but not as much as I'd like. I want to do better for the rest of the week.

Oh, and as for the question of the day: I took French all through school and learned almost nothing. It took living in Paris to finally make me haul out my grammar textbook and pay attention. I like the fact that it's part of the mandatory curriculum here, but I can't say the teachers I had were very effective. I think it's tough to find fluent teachers for public schools.

Have a good day, everyone!
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Gonna be strong and fit!
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Angry Good Mornin'

Hope everyone is having an on program day. Mine has started out well so we will see if I can continue.

QOD: I think kids should be taught another lang. in grade school. I think you retain it much more. I had a combination class in kindergarten, spanish/english, I still remembered a lot when I took it in Jr. High.

Eydie, I will try something new this week, gonna have to think on it.

Frogger, I know it is costs money to rent a truck but how much will your gas and time cost you? Don't make it too hard on yourself and hubby. congrats on the wgt loss!

Arabella, sorry your going through the sugar blahs, I hate that. Glad you had a great A new bike, is this a new trend? I actually bought a bike a few years ago that needed a little work. Of course, the work didn't get done and I still haven't ridden it. Maybe it is time to dust it off. Oh and how do you have time to do anything with all that excercise?? What an inspiration you are

Oh, Punkin, I had forgotten all about the car parts in the bedroom, isn't that romantic? Some interesting facts about yoga. Maybe that can be my something new this week. I have yoga tapes, I did them once or twice but found it hard to do what they were saying without looking-sometimes hard to look at TV when you are in positions, any suggestions?

Metta & Eydie, I love books also, lots of other things too but I really have a hard time of letting go of books.
Metta, I am glad you are buying some clothes that fit. You have worked hard so show it off

Anagram, sending : for your mom.

Have an inspired day!

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