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Smile Fifty Pound Milestone

At last night's TOPS meeting I was presented with a certificate and pin for losing 50 pounds. Had I been at TOPS since the beginning of my weight loss journey I'd be closing in on a 150 pound award, but hey, what can ya do?

Getting the award and looking at this photo is making my weight loss seem all the more real. I've mentally been at 250 my entire life, despite being anywhere between 360 and 220, and I've never actually been anywhere under 220 until the past few weeks. I feel like a "regular" person now, not the one that's always been overweight by at least 100 pounds.

I'm currently at 213 and at my given pace I'm hoping to be under 200 this summer (if not, no big deal, as long as I'm still going the right direction it's all good).

. . .

This is really happening.

I feel people are finally going to see me as simply Karen, and will no longer dismiss me as just the fat lady. I don't know, maybe I carry a chip on my shoulder over it? But I've spent my entire life being either the fat girl or the fat lady, and there's so much more to me and everyone else than just our size. I'm so ready to shed that label and be seen more for who I actually am.

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Wow!!!!! You are totally amazing. Congratulations.

By the way, I think someone was talking about your bracelet on a thread about how to reward yourself. You not only lost weight, but you started a fad...isn't that what we all wanted to do in grade school? - start a fad, that is.
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Congratulations on an amazing accomplishment!
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CONGRATULATIONS! That's fantastic!!!
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Writing from my phone so I can't insert all the smilies I want to!!!!

Congratulations!!!! You look amazing!!!! It's people like you who inspire me to stay on plan and do all the right things daily. And...I made a bracelet because of your awesome idea.

Edited to add: OK I'm home--here are the smilies!!!

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I'm bringing sexy back!
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Congratulations! Very proud of you!
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Wow Amazing! You are an inspiration.
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You look amazing, congratulations!!! I love reading about successes like this, it is so motivating for me - thank you for sharing your post so that you can inspire the rest of us. 50lbs weight loss is fenomenal, but nearly 150lbs overall is just...
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So great! I am happy for you!
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Going goal.
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YAY!! You look outstanding!! Such wonderful progress! Many congrats to you.
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#1 - Congratulations!
#2 - Not only do you look more healthy, but so much younger! (AND you were always beautiful but now it seems as though your confidence has multiplied your beauty!)
#3 I LOVE the shirt you're wearing in the pic with your certificate! I want!
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I just found your thread about beads. I am so inspired. I am going to do the same thing!!!
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it's a fine day
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You are truly inspiring and I love your sunny disposition.
I also know what you're talking about having been the token fat girl myself. But I have always considered that a part of me, it made me the person I am, it was my course through life, it gave me a sense of humour, empathy and sympathy for others. Now, simply, my course is different. Though sadly, I will have to lose the self-sarcastic comments eventually.

your hard work is paying off!

A happy dance for you
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