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Dancing those pounds away
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Talking 300+ and Ready To Try Again... #336


We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We recently started a Topic of the Day.

Monday........Motivation Monday
Tuesday.......Tuesday Tips
Wednesday.....Wednesday Weigh ins
Thursday......Thankful Thursday
Friday........Friday Facials, Fingernails and Fun
Saturday.......Sit-up Saturdays - any physical activity
Sunday.........Soup and Salad Sunday - recipes

These are not required topics ...just ideas to share. We have found them very helpful. We also share heartaches and fears...joys and celebrations.

Please feel free to jump right in with us.
And be sure to check if there is a second page. We don't want anyone to miss any posts.
We want to invite everyone to join us in our journey.
We share laughter and tears.
We share what works for us and what doesn't.
We recently started a Topic of the Day.

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Dancing those pounds away
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Well.. I almost did not post this because I HATE being at the end when I have something to say and I was at the end of the last thread. LOL
I don't mind it when it is just small talk... but I had a lot to say. LOL
Then I almost started a new thread but it was only post 27 and I had said anyone could start a new thread after 28.
I can be such a baby sometimes for an old lady. LOL
Thankfully Sara and Deon posted before I got this letter finished so here I am guilt free and a new thread. LOL

I just wanted to share.... I EXERCISED TONIGHT !!!!
I received my Richard Simmons 'Sit Tight' video a week ago.
It sat unopened for several days. Then I took it out of the wrapper for a couple more days.
Finally tonight... a very special person who knew I had this tape (unused) sent me the following post she found in her site.
It was posted "while" we were on the phone discussing how my food is going great... but my exercise is non-existent... and my metabolism was zilch. I needed to exercise and I needed to do my "Sit Tight".... But I just couldn't get started. Here is the post she sent me.

Hi, I am new to this board, and I just wondered if anyone else here is "doing their own thing" food=wise. I have done the WW, and I think it is a great plan. I have decided now, though, that food isn't really my problem. I would have to go completely without food to lose with my metabolism! My biggest problem is I don't like to move my butt! So.......I have decided to exercise more. Of course, I was so out of shape, it was hard to find anything I could do. I have been doing Richard Simmon's Sit Tight video, since I can do it all sitting in a chair, for about a month now. I cannot believe the difference! I have soooo much more energy. I can climb stairs, pick things up off the floor, and touch my toes, all without breathing hard. It is time to vary my program a little. Anyone know of other exercise videos that can be done by someone with bad knees and no flexibility?

Soooooo... at 12:30AM I put that darn tape in the vcr and I exercised.
Soooooo ... Thin and Tina and whoever else said they wanted tough love.... if I am going to exercise... I am not doing it alone. GET OFF YOUR BUTTS and exercise with me.
( The precedeing order does not apply to those wise women who are already exercising and being 'excellent' examples )

As much as I hated doing it before I started.... I am so GRATEFUL that I did.
Thin.... you do have that 5 minutes a day.
Tina... you have come too far to stop now.
Lucky... lurking is NOT considered participation.

I have to do this because I have no intentions of meeting all of you weighing 300+.
And I AM going to plan a reunion next spring !!!!!!

My metabolism is damaged from years of abuse and neglect ... and exercise is now required if I want to make anymore progress. AND I WANT TO MAKE MORE PROGRESS !!!
I am taking the bull by the horns and I am going to SUCCEED !!! ( that is a BULL not a fat cow) ( And that is steam coming out of his nose... not milk )

I have always been a believer in "Progress not perfection" ... but I quit even making progress. Now I am willing to do whatever it takes to make PROGRESS.
And for this old worn out body... it will take EXERCISE !!!!.

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a work in progress...
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Talking 2cute...

Amen, sister!

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You and Me in 2003
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Just popping in fo a quick post
Today is reference workshop day and I get a new perm.
I had my first review at work yesterday. I was there six months the 1st of Feb . My new boss(friend) had gotten the papers last week but was hestatant(sp) to do it I told her not to be it was her job. It is rated on a point system 25 points and below poor. 25-35 good, and above that excellent.
I got 33 points she was afraid that I would be upset that I didn't get excellent but Like I told her was that I felt that no one is perfect in all they do. I got 4's in some things which is excellent, but 3's are ok too.

I have Mississippi Gen Society tomorrow I get to go to the board meeting then take over as Vice Pres.

Hope all of you have a great day. I am skipping exercise this morning but will try tonight.
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Good Morning to my favorite women!!!
I only have a minute because I am sitting here with color on my hair and I'm about ready to rinse. However, I wanted to tell you that.....

I Lost 3 pounds this week!!!

A couple weeks ago I had a goal to lose 6 more pounds before vacation and I lost 5.2 -- not too bad I guess.

Now the hard part starts --- not to gain it all back during vacation.

I'll be back in a bit with replies!

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Beauty is within...
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Hello friends!

I've just been to the drive in. The last one now still operating in Adelaide. Totally sucks that they've closed all the others down over the years - with all the cinema complexes opening up in all the suburban shopping malls, there's not the same demand as there used to be. The one we went to is about 20 minutes away heading north. Good fun. I've always enjoyed going, cos you can do anything you want and take goodies etc, instead of the fortune you spend at the cinema. A ticket at the cinema alone costs about $12 per person, whereas the drive in is $15 per car. Marc and I went on our own - got mum to babysit the kids. We went to see Matrix Reloaded, which we both hated... it just went on and on..... but being there was good fun. We borrowed dad's car (we had to sell ours, couldn't afford to keep it), and he has a volvo stationwagon. So we put the back seat down, blew up the airmattress, and camped in the back under the quilt!

I went and got my nails done. It was nice, got pampered for 2 hours and now I've got shiny nails! Didn't get to do the gardening, we're doing that tomorrow, hopefully it doesn't rain! But I did walk to the Beauty Salon and back, which was about 20 odd minutes, so I got some exercise today. Food has been pretty good, a few nibbles at the movies, but nothing disasterous.

I'm gonna get some shuteye, and look forward to a big day of gardening. Might go for my big walk again tomorrow. I think my legs have recovered from the last one....

Someone, sorry can't remember!, asked what music... abba, footloose, sky, ummmm, some old 90's stuff, and anything 80's!! LOVED the idea of listening to stories - might have to see what I can get from the library...

Take care, pals! And remember to stay strong cos WE ARE WORTH IT! As we head into the weekend, how about we face one weakness that we have, and see if we can OUTLAST it over the weekend.... Mine will be to stay away from chocolate!!!!

PS 2cute, SO GLAD to hear you have found something that can work for you - it's all we need to get going, isn't it! GOOD LUCK and !!!!!!
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2cute: I am right there with ya baby! I too need to do some kind of exercise. I have been sick for the last couple of weeks and now I am no longer sick so I cannot use that as an excuse. So it is time for me to get back on that healthy track! You are just what I needed to kick my butt!

Barb: Congrats! It looks like you have come such a long ways! It is hard to stay on it on vacation, but you have done so good so far and it sounds like you have that determination, I know you can do it. You have also inspired me to get back in the game.

Thanks to both of you!!
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Thumbs down

Hey Gals! Can I just say....TGIF!!!!

I just finished eating a big salad for lunch, I have a few more hours of work to do and then there is lots to do to get ready to leave tomorrow. Jeff still has not gotten home from NY --- He promised to be home by 4 to help me get the dogs to the kennel. Tonight will be filled with packing and last minute stuff and then we'll be headed for the airport about 5pm to begin a fun-filled getaway...

Tracy, we are going to Florida for the week. Well, we are starting in Biloxi for a couple days to meet up with my family and gamble, then we are going to Ft. Walton Beach which is where my family lives - we'll be there for a week staying on the beach. My nephew is graduating from HS so we have some things planned with him --we have no major plans, just taking it easy - some boating, mini-golf, maybe waverunners, etc. I am really looking forward to it. No to mention I've barely seen my hubby lately because of his work.

The one thing I am not looking forward to is the flight --- I fly quite a bit but am always uncomfortable (obviously due to my size). Although this time I have 32 pounds less of me and a couple inches off my hips so maybe it won't be as bad. Although when hubby and I sit together we are wedged like sardines. As much as I don't like the anticipation of wondering "will the seatbelt fit", I am not going to let it keep me from traveling!!!

Sara --- You are going to love having eye surgery!!! Don't worry about a thing --- it's over before you know it. I was honestly scared to death going in there, but the Dr. was so nice and walked me through everything and within an hour I was back home in bed... Then the next morning I woke up and could SEE! It was great!! Let us know how it goes next week!!

Amanda - Thank you for the wise words on getting pregnant. We are not obsessing over it right now, but it's been such a long time that we know we have to bite the bullet and talk to our doctors. I know that by getting healthy and losing some of this weight I am helping myself and my chances. Thanks again. Loved your "Hands" poem!

Michelle --- sending hugs your way! I hope you get to feeling better soon!!! Once you start the Zyrtec in the evening you won't even notice the drowsy feeling.

Kat --- Thank you for sharing the words of inspiration. I read them last night and was nearly in tears. They really made me think outside of the "box" of my little world.

Lori --- Rain, Rain, Go Away!!! We are getting soaked here too. Sorry you have to put off your photos again.

Thin --- The recipes sound yummy. I need to print them out.

Another yummy Angel Food cake is to take a box of Angel Food cake and a can of Lite Cherry Filling. Mix them both (don't use any other ingredients that the box may call for) Bake as normal. You get a fluffy Cherry Angel Food Cake. Serves about 12 -- 3 points per slice.

Tina --- The drive in sounds like so much fun. We don't have one anywhere around us.

Deon --- Don't beat yourself up. Just think about what you did and don't do it again!!! I am so happy to hear that I've inspired you in some little way. I never knew I could be inspirational --- I've gotten so much from all of you I am glad to be able to give back! Determination is the key!! You can do this!!!! I am also and ER fan. My hubby is going to kill me though --- I thought I recorded it for him last night only to walk in the room and realize the VCR was not on. Darn!!! Since he's been so busy this week I am hoping he'll forget about it. Opps!!! I didn't watch it closely last night because I was running around the house doing stuff. (and I thought I'd be able to watch the tape.)

2Cute --- Way to go!!! I am definately a beliver in Exercise --- without it nothing is going to happen --- get that body moving. Any type of exercise is better than none!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

Mary --- Good job on the work review!!

Lynne --- Hope you are having good weather today so that you can get your gardening done... be careful with those newly done nails!

Alrighty --- Better get back to my work for the day...I'll stop by later tonight!
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Happy wet Friday....I think

Anyway, the photo session for my new pics has been rescheduled for Monday the 19th. The weather report is VERY POSITIVE for Monday, mostly sunny and 72 degrees! I guess third time is a charm!

I definitely need to get in exercise the next few days; between running to appointments and rescheduling some, working around the house, first windstorms and then days of rain, not much has gotten done in that area of exercising (see? I'm being honest that I have been bad). I need to get my butt back in high gear! It's especially important that I keep myself moving being TOM is due in another week and since I've been more active, cramps and bloating have not been a problem (Yes--it's true, a PAINLESS TOM!!!! )

I still have to talk to Kevin about the part in the film they are wanting me for, but he's been out of the office. Thank goodness for email.
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A Work In Progress
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Talking Hiya

It is another beautiful day here in SC. In fact, every day has been beautiful since I have been taking care of myself. I did take that BodyFlow class at the gym last night and it was one of the hardest, yet one of best feeling workouts that I have ever had. I thought I was gonna die during the class. I had sweat running down my face, the back of my shirt was wet. It was not a pretty picture, but I did the whole class. I will not lie and say that I held every pose as long as I was supposed to or that I even did all of the poses with ease because I did not. What I did do was do my best and I got through the whole class!! My whole body is hurting today but I have decided that I am still gonna go to the gym tonight. I am addicted!!

I dont really have any plans for this weekend. I think I will just hang around the house and hope the weather holds out for a swim or two. I have decided that my weekends are gonna be my free days FROM EXERCISE but not from eating right. I am still gonna control my portions and watch what I eat, even on the weekends.

Ok I am gonna go but I was gonna tell Sara a secret......If you go into search and type in 3 Fat Chicks it will bring up this web site and then you just click on it. That way it does not show up in history

Ok I am off!
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Dancing those pounds away
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Just popping in to say I EXERCISED AGAIN !!!

We had severe weather here AGAIN too... but nothing near me this time.

I have got to go back to work cleaning my daughters room of my stuff.
She moves home this weekend.
That is... as I said ... good and bad.
There will have to be a lot of adjusting for all of us.
For one thing.. I will have to wear clothes. Just kidding... sort of.
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I'm on my way!
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Hello...just another quickie to keep myself in check here!

John is in bed and Andrew is on the bed watching what else but the WIGGLES over and over and over again all 3 videos. I am on my way to bed...I still feel crappy and my right ear is totally clogged up....I can't hear a thing. I know how deaf people feel now....my left ear is starting to clog too. I can't seem to shake this thing. I just want to stick something in my ear and pop it open!

OK sorry about the whining!! I'll catch you all tomorrow after work. I am off next saturday and Andrew and I are going to visit my Parents in Rhode Island!

TTFN Michelle
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Progress..not perfection
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Hey ladies..... getting in here a little late tonight, huh?

Seems like I've been running all day long today and I just now got a chance to sit down. Sometimes I almost dread when I have a day or two off, because I spend all my time doing what I don't have time to do during the week when I'm working.

I don't know if anyone has mentioned these or not, and if you did, I apologize for not listening...or reading thoroughly enough, but anyways.....I bought some skinny cows tonight and instead of vanilla or chocolate icecream, they were in MINT! I love mint and chocolate together and these were just awesome and only 2 pts!

Alright 2cute, if you can exercise, I'll be danged if I sit in this chair anymore! I've been doing alot of thinking about the exercise thing and I know what makes me stop. When I stop doing it for awhile, and I start back up again, I need to start out slow.....well, I did start out slow, only doing the 1 mile for about 3 or 4 days, but then I started making myself do the 3 mile...(just to prove I could) and then I fooled around and burnt myself out and I stopped again. Until I am truly ready and unless I really want to, I am only doing the one mile 5 times a week. If I want to do more, I will....but I am not going to force myself. That never works.

I know I should take time for individual replies, but dh and Trey are bugging me to finish watching the truck race with them, so I'm gonna hop off for now, but I will be back tomorrow.

I have a plan....a good one, I think. I'm not posting it yet though. If I post it, and then it doesn't happen, then I feel like even more of a failure, because I've failed in front of all of you. So for now....I'm just keeping it under my hat. I know I should say that I am doing it and there's no chance for failure, but I think I also have to be real with myself and with you guys as well.

I've got a hair appt tomorrow at 3:00 and I can't wait to get this mop trimmed. I want it to be nice and short (not too short though) so it will be cool when I'm at Charlotte next weekend.

Have a wonderful night ladies and I will see you in the am.
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Thumbs down I'm Outta Here!

Well Ladies --- I am bidding you Farewell. Well, just for a short time! The bags are packed and we are getting ready to do one last check of the house and hit the sack so we can be back up and at the airport for an 8am flight. We will be gone until the night of the 25th. I am sure I will check in with you wonderful gals while I'm on vacation --- especially now that Tracy shared the little tip about not leaving the website on others computers --- I was also a little hesitant about leaving access to this site on my families computers --- I just need to keep some things private - you know what I mean.

Wishing you all a WONDERFUL and HEALTHY weekend!!! I'll talk to you soon!
Vacation Bound Barb
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Height: 5'7"

Talking Hello Everyone

I'm sorry I'm posting so late tonight. My hubby and I made a new deal though. It seems that calls weren't getting through even though we have call waiting so the new rule is no internet from 9am-9pm our time. He runs his own business so we don't know what we missed while we were online. It is probably a good thing anyway. Not being on here gives me more time to clean the house, exercise and chop veggies

I'm not going to do individual replies tonight, probably tomorrow or later tonight. I did okay eating the last couple of days. I ate some things today that weren't such hot ideas, but tomorrow is always another day.

I've been meaning to ask you ladies, does anyone else here have a thing for nuts? I love nuts of any kind, especially peanuts in the shell, and it is one of those things I'm not sure how to find a substitute for. I'm afraid that nuts for me are not something I can eat a limited amount of at this time. Maybe later when I'm stronger on my eating plan I can have just a small amount, but not right now.

Anyway, hope everyone had a great day today and has a fantastic day tomorrow.

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