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Post Does this happen to you?

When I wake up, I weigh 209. I weigh right before bed and weigh 213. Is that normal?
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My weight changes when I get on the scale, but never that many pounds!
Sorry, I'm no help because my weight always ranges from 172-174.
But it could easily be how much you are wearing, or how much is in your stomach.
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I usually lose 4-5 lbs between when I go to sleep and when I wake up.
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i would say so..i would chalk it up to either water retention throughout the day...OR..you havent eliminated whats in your body..which could add to it..but mostly water retention...its quite normal...when you wake up..youve been on a fast.. hence break-fast..and you have nothing in your stomach..
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Yes, it's completely possible--and normal. For most people, but not all, their lowest weight is in the morning. It's because you've gone all night without eating and without drinking a lot of water.

That's why it's silly to weigh more than once a day.

Weight also can go up and down for no discernible reason from one day to the next. Usually this has to do with water retention or loss.

So some folks like to weigh officially once a week and record that, and watch the trend. It can help avoid freaking out on the scale.

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It is normal for me. I always weigh roughly 3 pounds more at night than I do in the morning.
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say what?
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Same for me - im pretty sure it has to do with digesting the food from the previous day, and ofcourse you sweat lots at night and then I also tend to have to pee like crazy when I wake up . I also think you shouldn't take your scale so super seriousm you can weigh 3 times in a rown within half an hour and get different results. Unless you have like a super expensive scale, most of them are not super perfect.

Anyhow, I like knowing every evening that Ill wake up lighter than I went to bed atleast. no matter how badly I did on my plan or not.
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yes, totally normal. That extra weight includes what you've had to eat and drink throughout the day, until your body metabolizes it overnight. If you got on the scale the very first thing when you wake up and weigh and then go to pee and weigh again, you would probably see a difference just between those 2 weights.
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I don't think it's silly to weigh more than once a day, if you know what you're looking for and if it isn't a specific result on the scale.

If you'll be traumatized or thrown off by minor fluctuations, then weighing once a week may make more sense, but I learned a lot about my body by weighing myself several times a day. When I began, I weighed first thing in the morning before peeing, after peeing, before dressing, after dressing. before and after meals, before and after bathroom breaks. After the first week, I started tapering off. It only took a few times of before and after dressing to realize that most of my clothes weigh 2 lb, so I gave up the weighing after dressing once I realized that.

By the time the month was over, I was weighing twice a day - naked in the morning, and naked in the evening. But during the week before TOM and during TOM, I weighed many times, because it took me a few months to "figure out" my TOM weight pattern.

I always knew that I gained about 10 lbs with TOM, but I didn't realize that the weight gain occured BEFORE the TOM hunger. I always had thought TOM weight was mostly due to water retention, I didn't realize that the weight appeared the day before my period and before TOM hunger got very bad.

Many times in the past, even though I knew it wasn't helpful, I would get discouraged during TOM because of the gain, and would often make some of the gain permanent by overeating. The upset over the gain, combined with unusually high hunger levels made it very difficult to stay strong.

Because I was determined to learn from the scale and not judge myself for it, I learned some very valuable lessons about how my body worked (and how my mind worked).

For example, getting on the scale two to three hours before bed, helps me avoid snacking. Many people suggest brushing your teeth, but that never stopped me from eating and having to brush again. However, getting on the scale before bed, I know that I will weigh about two pounds less in the morning after peeing. I don't want to "lose" that weight loss (even though I know it's not a "real" weight loss).

After an off-plan bite in the past I would feel that I've "blown it" and would feel justified in overeating for the rest of the day, promising to "start fresh" in the morning. By weighing myself after a mistake, I get a "worst case scenario" (you can't gain more weight than the food you ingested weighs and if there's no fat in what you ate, you can't gain more than half what the food weighs. Most foods have quite a bit of water which makes the "worst case" even less severe).

Getting on the scale gave me a nice "starting over" feeling.

I know that none of my various weights during the day are "the real one," not even the one in the morning (which tends to be the lowest one, unless I haven't pooped in a day or two).

I've learned a lot about how my body works by using the scale to discover how my weight fluctuates during the day, week, and month, and with what I'm eating.

On one hand, I think weighing multiple times daily can become obsessive and can dishearten scale-phobic people. And on the other hand, the experiment helped get over my scale anxiety to see the scale as only a tool. A tool that could tell me a lot of things - but not (on a daily basis) how well I was doing.

I still weigh twice a day, after food slips and slightly more during TOM (mostly because of food slips).

I know a lot of people find that excessive, but doing so has tremendously eliminated scale anxiety. I always used to try to weigh only once a week (because common dieting wisdom said that was best), and all week long (or until I couldn't stand the suspense) I would worry about what I was going to see on the scale.

Instead of thinking about my weight all week, I find out and get it over with. By weighing any time I am curious, I spend less than 30 seconds on the scale each day (even if I weigh three or four times). In the past I would spend at least three or four minutes every day, thinking about my weekly weigh-in.

For me, I actually save time and stress by weighing any time I'm curious. That doesn't mean I think my weight on the scale at any particular moment "means" anything significant.

I did learn though that it makes more sense for me to compare any given weight to a similarly timed weight a month ago. Because of my monthly fluctationt, it's unwise for me to even compare it to last week's.

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Yes, this is normal for me. My weight is usually 3-6lbs higher at night than it is the next morning. I get the higher fluctuation when I am up to pee a lot through the night.
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Yes, completely normal! Especially if you're drinking lots of water and eating lots of fruits and veggies (that contain water too). Your body just can't digest all the food that you eat in one day immediately.
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I average a 3-5 lb difference from morning to evening.
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Happens to me too- which is why I don't ever weigh in the evening!!
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Originally Posted by RJ 1980 View Post
Happens to me too- which is why I don't ever weigh in the evening!!
Precisely! Always after I go to the bathroom and before I eat in the morning.
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Yep ... I weigh morning and night and are forever thankful it will be a couple of pounds less by morning time ....

The morning weight is the keeper for me too
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