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Old 07-21-2011, 06:09 PM   #151
Life is about balance
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S/C/G: 283/ticker/140

Height: 5'4"


Good Evening Everyone,
Is it hot enough for everyone? Ugh, I hate the heat...I hate the cold too. I do NOT have jury duty tomorrow...yay. I was riding away today and thought "oh no, when will I get exercise in" now I don't have to worry. I bought a new wig just in case and now I don't have that excuse...oh well, not returning it.

Mojojuju Larry is correct, I remember when he gained that 12lbs, we were very worried. But he lost it. Water weight is terrible and it sure hits all differently, some more than others. I weigh every day, but I don't freak out when I gain because I know that in the past if I weigh once a week, I see a difference. We normally don't see the up and downs when we weigh once a week. You're doing great, your weight loss will soon follow.

JuhiR I didn't even know DnD served stuff like that I thought it was only donuts and coffee. Oh, I don't think I could ever go to a DnD and not get a donut...good for you.

berry what did the doctor say? I got tested for mono years ago in the E/R and they never got back with the results, they just medicated me as though it was a done deal. Ugh, I hope he gets better soon.

alaskan how you doing up there? I hope you are doing ok.

Well now I have to figure out what to feed the kids and I. DH's flight got postponed in Midway (Chicago) for 4 hours! He says he can't get Wifi and there's no shops to kill time in. No shops! what kind of airport is that? I feel bad for him. He will land in Providence around 11-11.30 and have a 2-3 hour drive home...that blows. Today has been a bad day for a lot of people. It can only get better, right?
OH and tell me this...I made 13 miles (one mile more than usual) and still came out the same calories. I don't get it. That doesn't seem right or fair

I hope you all have a wonderful and healthy evening. Keep going
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Lifelong Alaskan!
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Height: 5'5"


we're doing fine here...our concern is that, because the land is flat, if the river does flood higher it will just seep across everything...however there's an awful lot of homes and roads between us and the river...reports say the river is receding now so we'll see....

ive never been to a dunkin donuts before...they dont have those where i live and probably not even in the big city up north either...

been eating good today, took my vitamins and did some hand weights...would like to go for a bike ride tonight and go down to see the flooding
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Starting again
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Quick question while I'm thinking about it, do any of you take iron supplements? I'm worried about my iron intake (and also I have extremely heavy flow TTOMs - I mean like changing a super plus tampon every two hours heavy) but I don't want to be constipated. Any suggestions? I guess a multi would be ok, too, if it had enough iron.

Current mini-goal: Get back to where I was in February (205)

Positive things I need to remember:
I'm at a better starting point since I didn't gain it all back yet.
I quit smoking cold turkey in Nov 2011.
I'm still trying so I can't say I've failed.
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Life is about balance
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S/C/G: 283/ticker/140

Height: 5'4"


I used to have heavy flow, maybe a vitamin with iron would be ok. I have to get iron treatments because I don't make enough, but even so my hematologist never suggests for me to take a supplement. It might be that it wouldn't help in my case as it never did in the past. Have you ever had it checked? Something to think about. Call your Gyno and see what he/she says. One pill a day shouldn't hurt and you can also have a glass of (ugh thinking of name...) it's fiber and comes in orange flavor...geeze, you mix it up. I'm sorry some days my memory is for nada and right now i....Metamucil. Thank you That's good for a lot of things according to my Gastroenterologist (however you spell it).

I'm sure that wasn't helpful at all....sorry. Call you Gyno and a vitamin with iron. There. LOL I need sleep or something.
good luck
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S/C/G: 221/214/143

Height: 5' 4"


Hey all, don't think I posted for the last couple of days. On 20/7 I had around 1100 calories - a little low perhaps but I did feel that I'd eaten a lot so maybe I undercounted on some things. I did get up a tad late so didn't eat breakfast, but through the day had a wholemeal sandwich with salmon and cucumber, with a clementine as a snack. Weds night had a non-fat roast - lean beef, and veg roasted with just an oil spray.

Yesterday I'm estimating around 1400 cals I had cereal for breakfast, then smoked salmon and some home made low fat potato salad and salad for lunch. For dinner we went out. I had two courses but didn't eat them all, and didn't eat the high-fat parts. My cal counting could be wildly out given that I don't know exactly how they were prepared.

I'm now 215 lbs - total of 6 down in my first week of a healthier approach to eating. I'm at that stage where it's not feeling difficult, so that's great. But at the same time, I'm not feeling maniacal or obsessed by it, which I have in the past when I'm trying to lose weight. I'm kind of calm about it. It feels like a healthier head space, and one I can probably keep going with.

Anyway - thanks all for the support through the week - as I get to know you all better I hope I can be of more support in return!
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Lifelong Alaskan!
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S/C/G: 230/180/150

Height: 5'5"


hi all....the river has started to recede, it crested at nearly 12 feet but didnt substantially flood any homes...it was caused by a lake within the glacier that burst its dam and emptied into the lake at the bottom of the glacier and down the river....there was talk of evacuations today if it got higher but it didnt

some campgrounds are flooded and the trails are closed...advised for people not to even linger on the trail bridges, as erosion might take out the bridges...i will post a pic or two here later...krystal, i have lots of photos for u to see on facebook!

ended the day at 1580 calories and 111 carbs....higher carbs because i've continued to add fruit to my food...i dont know if i should or not, because i dont know what it will do to my blood sugar levels and i havent tested that in awhile...but i just cant resist having fruit...i really hope it's okay to have....i had some baked ham for dinner but it was just WAY too salty for me so i didnt eat as much as i could have...ive heard so much on here about sodium and stalls/gains that i just didnt want to eat more of it
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Lifelong Alaskan!
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Join Date: Jun 2011
Location: Juneau, Alaska
Posts: 2,669

S/C/G: 230/180/150

Height: 5'5"


here are some pics....the water is WAY higher in the lake than normal and, yes, those are icebergs

here is my son standing on an iceberg that washed ashore...the glacier is behind him and so is the lake

here is another picture of the iceberg that washed ashore, with the glacier behind it...this is all within 2 miles of our house

and this is of my son, in the green shirt, sliding down a giant smooth glacial rock left behind as the glacier receded
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S/C/G: 360/221/160

Height: 5' 6"


No scale movement today, I am still at 222 pounds The sodium water gain that I has expected never happened.

I have had a great birthday. I am a little over my calories today due to the Italian Pasta, but my sodium is sky high and off the scale. I will probably have a gain tomorrow as a result.

THe first full week of calorie cycling is complete. I have to agree with what Melissa posted when I started. This is a much more normal way of eating varying my daily intake instead of trying to rigidly eat the same amount every day. I have also found out that I really like the inherent flexibility:

7/18/11 - Mon -goal 1651 calories - actual was 1864 (213 over)
7/19/11 - Tue -goal 1201 calories - actual was 904 (297 under)
7/20/11 - Wed -goal 1501 calories - actual was 1636 (135 over)
7/21/11 - Thu -goal 1351 calories - actual was 1148 (203 under)
7/15/11 - Fri - goal 1801 calories - actual was 1829 (29 over)
7/16/11 - Sat -goal 1501 calories - actual was 1468 (33 under)
7/17/11 - Sun -goal 1501 calories - actual was 1404 (97 under)

Total for the 7 day week is 253 calories under. I will take that!!

No walk today due to the heat. I felt OK but my family was very concerned. So in he interest of calm I relented to their wishes.

My DW and I returned to the same Italian Restaurant. I changed my order eliminating Italian sausage. This resolved my high sodium and lowered my calories. The food was delish.

My doctor told me to stop having intimate dinners for four. Unless there are three other people. ~Orson Welles

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BlockHead =)
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Good morning all. I will catch up on posts later today.
I am down 6.5lbs for the week, weighing in at 251. 14lbs for the month so far and 15.5 lbs since rejoining 3fc. More than 5% of my starting weight.

I am enjoying the feeling of hunger.
I wore my favorite pair of jeans last night and they were literally falling off me. Time to donate them and find a new favorite pair.
My belly stretch marks are turning silvery and not so noticeable.
I am becoming interested in sex again.
I am more satisfied with less food.
I have discovered the joy of iced coffee with cream, no sweetener. Sometimes caffeine makes the world go round.
DS has lost 2 lbs and is making healthier choices.
DH has lost at least 3 lbs and is also making healthier choices.
Both of them are doing it for them and not just to help me but at the same time it does help me
It's Friday so 2 days off after today and fun stuff planned for tomorrow.
The video I made came out awesome, the widow I made it for loved it, it will be a special part of the celebration of her husband's life next week.

:happy sigh: Right at this moment I am content.

Happy, healthy day to all.
I've been in the 100lb Club, 300+ Club, 30-Somethings (now I'm 40-something), Alternachicks, Chicks up for a Challenge. I have Type 2 Diabetes, have been on meds for depression, struggled with binge eating and exercise motivation. I've been a calorie counter & a carb counter. I've been here off and on since August 2007.

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S/C/G: ~175/Too Much/~~ABS

Height: 5'3.5"


I have worked the last 2 days.
I have had very little sleep.
I am completely restless.
TOM is ((GO AWAY))
I have added 0.8 lbs from last Friday's weigh-in (thanks TOM).
I am leaving for holiday this afternoon.
I am going to the
I will be there for a week.

Hope everyone has a FABULAIRE weekend!!!
I'm a 13.1!!

User Bio, recipes, etc @ http://k9owner.blogspot.com/
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Trying to live below 200
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S/C/G: This time: 292/186.6/under 200

Height: 5'6" 1/2


Good Morning and TGIF! I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

The forum was down last night so I couldn't post my foods. I had a high sodium meal last nigh. I think I need to avoid eating soup out. We also went to a place that we don't normally go to. DH wanted something "different".

Remember I thought I had insomnia the other day? It wasn't insomnia. It was Magnum. The last 3 nights he has woke us up between 3 and 3:30. I figured out what the problem is. We have been keeping him at home during the day because it has been too hot to take him to the shop. We also felt he would be more comfortable at home. Anyways, we have been feeding him later at night than we normally do. This means he has to go out at different times than normal. That first night, I didn't realize that he had barked. I just thought I woke up. Whenever I get up, I let him out. We need to come up with another plan for his feedings. This 3 am crap (literally ) is for the birds!

Still no TTOM for me.

Weigh In: 146.8
Up: .6
Thank goodness for a maintenance range.

You would think, if I was going to have craziness with the scale, that I would have had some serious fun. Meaning, eating a lot, alcohol, or crazy food that I normally don't eat. Not me.

Total Approx 1550 Calories +

Breakfast (365 Calories + coffee)
spritz oil in pan
egg 70 cal
egg whites from carton 60 calories
Vegetable of choice
2% Reduced Fat Cheese 40 calories
high fiber English muffin 100 calories
1 teaspoon jam 20 calories
juice 75 calories
coffee w/sugar and cream

Lunch (375 Calories)
Natures Own 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Rounds 100 calories
3 Slices Hormel Natural Choice Deli Turkey 60 Calories
1/2 wedge lite LC cheese/Lettuce 25 Calories
Oikos Strawberry Greek Yogurt 4 ounce container 90 calories
1 Apple 100 calories

Dinner (810 calories)
Thinnest slice of bread that I could get 50 calories
Minestrone soup 160 calories
Grilled Chicken breast 400 calories
Spinach 100 calories
Zucchini & tomatoes 100 calories

~Tamilee Webb I Want Those Arms (program 1) w/#8
~KCM's Circuit Burn (upper body/cardio premix) w/#8 + weighted gloves
~TF Fire 30 w/weighted gloves

My focus for 2018: 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 and Philippians 4:13

My ticker reflects my original high weight

I started my most recent weight loss journey January 2008.
I lost 1/2 of my starting body weight and entered into maintenance May 2011.
Now the real work begins!
You can fight it, or do what you've got to do to get it done. The choice is yours. ~Dian

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S/C/G: 220/ticker/135

Height: 5'2"


Diana, my sleeplessness the other night was my dog, too. Woke me up and then I couldn't get back to sleep.

My sleeplessness last night was TOM, like you suggested.

I had cramps last night in the middle of the night. I haven't had cramps that bad in years. I'm blaming it on the heat. And speaking of things to blame on the heat, I'm up to 196.4 this morning. I'm surprised it's not worse. It's hot and I'm just incredibly swollen. We only get heat like this a few days a year, but when they hit, I almost regret my decision to get rid of the big ugly air conditioner.

Off to freeze at work. If I could just average the temperatures between work and home, I'd be happy.

First mini-goal: 5% - 209 - Met 04/29/11
Second mini-goal: 10% - 198 - Met 6/27/11
Third mini-goal: 15% - 187
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Height: 5'6.5"


Well, my whoosh is starting right on cue. Down 1.4 this morning meaning I'm 1 lbs over my all time low. The damage for water weight this cycle was minimal. Ironically, I was worrying about exercising on vacation, but I've only exercised once this week!!! Sick kids, messed up sleep and whacky scheduling is not helping me. Eating has been fine or even a bit lower, but i'm too tired to even really think about exercise. We had sick kid for a week, a few days reprieve and now sick kid for 6 days.

Vacation is postponed.... we'll see what the mono test has to say and decide if any of this vacation is salvageable or if no vacation (again) this year.

Restart 5/18/15 began at 263.9. All time high was 275 in 7/03. Low in Summer 2012 of 169.
A for the first 50 pounds lost, plus a for every additional 5 pounds lost on the weight loss reboot:

My journey to a healthier lifestyle blog http://melissaslife42.blogspot.com/
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Gm! I'm new and on my 4th day of the sonoma plan, I read over this thread and love the enthusiasm and support! I chose the sonoma plan because it the closest to how I like eat with all the veggies and fish, turkey! but I eat to much and have to learn how to stay in my portion size, and more veggies! letting go sugar as well.And get my body moving, I hurt all over and so ready to lose!!!
7/19/11 310

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hey again to add the tracker? I found where they are and picked out what I liked then it said to copy and past into post? is that right?
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