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I'm on my way!
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Default I'm baaaaaack!

I warned ya in advance didn't I?? LOL I am sooo full from lunch today and I only used 6 points! I had a 5 point Healthy Choice entree and a bowl of the WW veggie soup for 1 point. I put in a half cup of elbow macaroni in the whole pot just for filler. It came out pretty good. I use vegetable broth and leave out the tomato stuff. Its a big change and pretty tasty! I had a 3 point breakfast this morning and used 2 points for pretzels in between. So I have plenty of points to use at home tonight! Last night I banked 10 points and I wasn't hungry at all! I already got in my 8 glasses of water today. I make myself have 2 glasses before I leave in the morning. I put the glass in a central location and each time I walk by it I make myself take two big sips. Before I knew it the water was all gone!

2Cute...where you off to so fast? You better get back here soon!

Kim...brushing the teeth is a good idea...whatever works! I wouldn't be able to brush my teeth that many times in one day...this morning I had to sneak into the bathroom to brush because I can't find my son's toothbrush and he loves to brush his teeth with me every morning. I think he threw it in the trash yesterday!

Andria...I am totally motivated right now! I usually am for a few weeks...but after that I need help! I had a very successful day yesterday and today so far has been fantastic! I hope I can help others here like they have helped me get back on track!

Grannie hope you feel better soon! Its hard to function when you don't get the sleep you need!

Kat...that was pretty nifty information. I love working with numbers so of course I had to do the calculations.

Well I better get back to work! I'll be checking in again before I leave! So all you who haven't posted today...come out and play!!

Have a great day! Michelle
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joe_anne2SUCCESS --{[email protected]
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S/C/G: 340/326.2/175

Height: 5'3"

Angry My reflections

Hi friends
I finally got my official weigh-in for my weightloss support group last night, and the number is~~~261~~~that makes my total weight loss for 2001 at 23.50 pounds and grand total from beginning at 32.75 ~*~*~*~I am just tumbling with happiness, and I am looking forward to another successful year.
Having before, and during progress pictures really helps me to see how far I've come and to keep inspiring me to go! go! GO!
I can look back at my food diaries and activates to see what works and what doesn't and make what changes I can. Quitting my job in July was one of my true turning points, now I am able to take care of ME.
I also just got my grades for this past semester and because of it, I consider myself an average nerd, that's meant in a good way. LOL Now I am so looking forward to getting back in my classes in about three weeks. Ok, ok I hope I am not taking to much of your valuable time but I just had to get all of this out or I will burst. LOL.... I have found that it is easier to look for the good things in whatever happens and keep success/progress on my mind as there is no turning back now for me~~~~~~
Have a GREAT DAY friends and I'll see you all lighter.
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Michigan Old-Timer
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Hi everyone! Gosh it's sooooo great to see the thread this busy. You all must have made weightloss New Year's resolutions! Regardless, it is so nice to see some new people and lots of old and AWOL friends! I'm so excited!

Sorry to have been gone for a couple of days. It's been hectic here as well as I'm going through some type of 'funk'. Not sure what's going on.

I went to WI Monday and was down a pound and a half! Very happy to have my first loss of the New Year! Modest, but a loss, nonetheless!

LuckyLadyBug: I use the excuse of not journalling when I eat out too. What a mistake! And it is only an excuse!! I have found that I can write it all down, which is a start. It's just putting the WW point value to it all that becomes the problem. I will do better!

Mary: 35 pounds is a wonderful total! You've been doing really well! Keep up the good work! * Enjoy your son being back to work. A little solitude is good for us. I'm glad because one son is back to school and the other is working, so my days are freer now too. * How's the CD Burner coming. Any good music coming out of there yet??

Katrina: Yes, I have a Taco Soup recipe. It's a little different than LLB's. Mine doesn't have as many ingredients. I'll post it below for you. * I'll check out Fitday. It sounds interesting.

Michelle: "don't rejoin WW unless you are going to stick with it!" What nerve! Those are fighting words, but heck whatever kicks us in the butt and works, go with it!!! It sounds like your attitude is back in order and you're ready to go!!! Good job battling the weather and joining WW. It does a body good!

2cute: Do you have the nutrition info on the pumpkin rolls? They didn't look very lowfat, but I see a bunch of places where they could be 'lightened'. * I absolutely loved the smilie hug. How cute! [[[[hugs]]]] back at you!

Malia: Welcome back it's good to see you! Glad you survived the holidays. * Sounds like your attitude is in check and you're ready to move in 2002!

Kim: Welcome aboard! I hope you will post whether you have something to offer or not. This thread is a combination of give AND take. Some times we all need one and then sometimes we get the other. Either way, it's a positive thing.

Andria: Glad to hear you're back OP and feeling better about the world. Must have been that little vacation you took. Gave you an opportunity to refocus!

Jen: Glad to see you back! I'm sorry your life is still bumming you out but maybe after Friday things will look up! * It must be hard gettting hubby ready to leave! * I'm sure leaving Pizza Hut will help! * I loved the story about your MIL and the 'fat clothes'!! What a hoot! And I agree with 2cute, if you're not going to change your eating habits why get the surgery and if you are going to change, you don't need the surgery! That is sooooo true!

Susie: 4:45 in the morning??? OMG! You must be a saint, honey. That is far too early for me.

Joanne: You did great in 2001! Here's to another successful year! * Don't ever apologize for sharing yourself with us. It sounds like you've had a great year all the way around and you're right about keeping the positive in the forefront of your thoughts!!!

Trixii, honey: I'm soooo glad to see you!!! Glad you're back. How is it working with your daughter in your class??? Yes, it's been that long since you've been here. You left us all in a lurch. You were so worried about how that would turn out and then you left us as school started and we've all been waiting to hear since. Fill us in, girlfriend!

Syn: Glad you're making it here more often too. The ice cream sandwiches sound good.

Gosh, I hope I caught you all. There are so many new folks and returning friends that I hope I didn't miss someone. It's good to see the thread so busy.

Taco Soup

1 envelope dry Ranch Dressing Mix
1 envelope dry taco seasoning
1 jar Great Northern white beans
2 cans whole kernal corn
1 large can diced tomatoes

Mix all ingredients in a pot and simmer until hot throughout.
1 cup = 1 WW point
I usually add 1 package of Morningstar Farms Soy Crumbles to the pot. It increases the points to 2 cups = 3 WW points, but then it is nice and thick like a chili.

Gotta run. You all have a good night.

"A mistake is simply another way of doing things." - Katherine Graham
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You and Me in 2003
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Evening all
Just a quick post. DH got a root canal today and he has two abcessed teeth. Hope we sleep better tonight.

Thin I have only burned one CD so for. I copied my family tree files on CD.

I failed on food misrably today I went in to town to get DH perscription filled and there was pizza hut calling so I had the buffet. didn't eat too awfull much.

Well I better go for now. be back in the morning
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Well how about that!! I'm posting TWO DAYS IN A ROW!! That's progress for me. Today has been better. Still a bit hungry, but have kept control. Only three more days of Pizza Hut. I will have to make one more pizza before I leave. It's SO much better when you can make the way you want. To order a pizza after making them yourself is very dissapointing cuz it's just not the same. Oh well.

TT: Glad to see you too. Let's just keep it up!!

Andria: OMG YES!! We MUST chat! I am pretty freaked out about what's going to happen over the next weeks and months. I have NO idea. Please, anything you could tell me would be great. I need someone that's "been there, done that" with the Army. My email is: [email protected] . I would to hear from you!!

SO MANY POSTS.....so little time . I can't keep up. I will try to work on that. Anyhoo, I'm off to bed. Another hectic day tomorrow.
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Dancing those pounds away
Thread Starter
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Angry Hello hello hello....

Sorry I had to run in and out earlier today. I have been sooooo productive today and my daughter and I are trying to get all the "FUN" in we can before she has to go back to college. LOL

She has been kind of puny so while she is sleeping I am working my butt off trying to play catch up around the house. I have been boxing up clothes that I just don't wear anymore and even a few that are too big. I did a bunch of laundry and even cleaned my shower and oven.

When my daughter woke up we decided to go to the movies and we saw "Joe Somebody". It has Tim Allen in it (Tim the tool man Taylor). It was a cute movie. I was pleasantly surprised. I would recommend it for a fun afternoon. One of those few movies for the ENTIRE family. No sex, no murders, no cussing.
Then we shopped for about an hour. I bought 4 sweet little baby outfits that were like 70% off. This weekend I am going to Kansas to see my niece's new baby boy. His pictures are sooo cute. I bought him 2 outfits and my "soon to be" second granddaughter 2 outfits. She is due in February.
Then we met up with my DH for dinner out. I ate a little more than I should...but didn't pig out either. I love it when I come out of an "all you can eat" restaurant and DON'T have to say... "Ooohhhhh, I ate too much".

Today is Weigh in Wednesday. Let's see... I can weigh the pros and cons of making positive changes in my life.
On one hand I can eat whatever I want and as much as I want ... it is my body.
On the other hand, the price I pay for such a freedom has been obesity, low self esteem, and physical limitations.

On one hand I can sit around the house and complain that I am too fat and out of shape to do anything ... it is true, I am fat.... I can't walk a mile....I can't jog and my knees are too bad to ride a bike.
On the other hand I can quit listing all the many things I can't do and start listing one or two that I CAN !!!! All I need is a beginning. A walk to the mail box each day. Raising veggie cans as weights over my head. Dancing in my clumsy way to Richard Simmons...even if it is sitting down. ANY movement is better than none.

On one hand I can sit and complain that I don't have the money to go to WW or join gyms or buy a treadmill or bike.
On the other hand I could count my blessings that the library has tons of books, including WW books and that walking is free and dancing to the radio is free. Even exercising in my living room is free.

On one hand I can feel sorry for myself because all my family can eat whatever they want and not gain a pound. And to top it off... I get no support for my endeavors.
On the other hand I have all the people here in 3FC to give me support and they understand what it is liketo be fat. Those people who can eat anything don't have clue how you are feeling. I could join WW or TOPS or even start a support group myself.

On one hand I could eat whatever I want and whenever I want and just not care what it does to me....emotionally, physically and spiritually.
On the other hand the "feeling" of peace, and pride, and happiness I have when I abstain from overeating far outweighs the sacrifice.

When I weigh the pros and cons of changing my eating habits and living habits..... I definitely see that following my food plan is a Privilege not a punishment. It is a blessing not a curse. It is not only good for me...it is good to me.

I exchange swimming for more mobility and flexibility
I exchange shame for pride.
I exchange bloating, gas, and eating till I am sick ... for energy, health, productivity.
I exchange hopelessness for hope.
Yes ... when I weigh the pros and cons.... THE PROS WIN !!!!

I am sorry I gabbed so long that I don't have time to reply to everyone.
I just feel soooo strongly about changing my life. I don't judge my progress merely by what the scales says. I weigh my progress by how far I have come.... physically, emotionally and spiritually.
Love to all..... and I hope you weigh your success by every little baby step you take. Let those baby steps grow into toddler steps and let that success take you on down the scale.

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I'm on my way!
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Oh my gosh...I have been having withdrawals! I hope you all come back in and post today!

I ate two slices of pesto pizza this morning for breakfast...I have been bad! But I banked another 6 points last night for a total so 24 so I can account for them! Just wanted to make the loss bigger but...life goes on!

I have to take my son to the doctor's office this afternoon. HE has a bad cold and was throwing up last night. Poor little guy. Its the first time in 16 months that he has done that! I hope he doesn't have an ear infection or anything like that. Hopefully its just a cold that will pass soon!

I will check back in later to see if anyone came out to play!

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a work in progress...
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I don't like not being able to post for a whole day! You guys keep me honest and accountable! But most of all, I MISSED everyone!

I've been doing really well, food wise, well, everything wise, for that matter! I enter my food choices each day at Fitday and it really is helping me to see what I'm doing and how much I have left to play with as the day goes on. So I plan better...any way, I have TWO solid days of good eating under my belt so far, feeling like new habits are taking hold...I know the next weigh in will be good!

There are so many of us here now, it's great to read everyone's posts! 2cute said it every well...the support/understanding that we don't receive at home is HERE in abundance! Every story, every stumble, every joy, every success, every bump in the road that we share, is helpful to all of us, if for no other reason than it makes us realize that we ARE NOT ALONE!

In other words, on this Thankful Thursday, I am thankful to be a part of this group...you guys are awesome!

Thinthinker, thanks for the recipe, I may even have all those ingredients on hand (I love when that happens!) Will try it and report results.

Gotta fly...messy house is calling, make that SCREAMING at me!

Be good...

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You and Me in 2003
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Like Michelle I was having withdrawels

I missed all of you. Food has been bad I feel like i'm starving. I did step some today. The weather is so dreary it is going to rain.
I better run DH came home early
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Grumble Grumble ... I spent over 1/2 hour writing a response to everyone's post and then I deleted it accidently just before I was done..

So now I will just say hello and I am thinking of all of you.

Whatever happened to Dottisweightlosszone? Is it gone for good?

I am still managing to stay OP. I have to stay away from the grocery store if I am hungry and stick to a list no other buying and I do ok. Today I wanted to buy some white cheddar popcorn in the worst way...but I left the bag there after picking it up.
I bought 2 gallons of water instead..

I am sure the clerk was wondering where my chips and other junk food was...But I was good!

I was thinking about buying some WOW chips but I haven't looked at their points...I have also heard they can affect your stomach etc....Knowing me I couldn't stop at a handful...I would have to somehow justify eating the whole dang bag..and then sit in the bathroom all night or something Anyone out there eat them without any problems?

Good to see so many posting...

I can't believe our Minnesota weather...must be in the 40's again today...or close to 50....No snow thus far this winter, or not enough to shovel anyway and the temps have been far above the norm. Sure will make the Winter short no matter what we get the rest of the season.

Anyway I have to run....
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I'm on my way!
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Syn do you have Hanover by Snyder's chips out your way? Tonight at the grocery store I found these veggie chips that they make. 21 chips is 3 points. They are quite tasty and more than a handful. I love them. Even John was eating them tonight! I had to smack his hand and make him get his own. I already counted out my 21 chips into a bowl and put the bag away. I wasn't sharing...no way! They were too good. They are great to have with a sandwich for lunch or as a snack at night. I am going to go get more tomorrow. They were on sale plus they had a $1.oo off coupon on the bag!

BTW, Dotties is now at www.dwlz.com She is still around in full force!

Grannie...today is gone...tomorrow will be a new day and the food can be better! I ended up having a 4 point lunch and a 7 point dinner including the veggie chips. So I stayed at maximum points for the first time this week. Its time to go to bed now so I don't wonder into the kitchen!!

Kat when you get done with your house will you come do mine. It is such a pig sty right now!! I can't stand it....since Andrew is sick I will stay home tomorrow and hopefully he will let me clean and do laundry. I had to leave work at 10 today and take him to the doctor. He has a bad cold...no ear infection or anything. He just whines and cries all day long and wants to me held. Poor little guy! I hope he is better tomorrow.

2Cute...where are ya today!!!

Thin, Andria, Jen, Malia, Kim, Ladybug, Trixie, Joanne...where are you all today> We need you all here!!

I will catch you all in the morning! I didn't bank any points today! But it was still a successful day!

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That was scary I didn't know how long I could make it without you !!! Sure glad they got the site back working.

Kat I have to get Fitday loaded with the things I eat. I think then I will like it. I have trouble with all the choices. I had chicken that I had cooked in a crockpot with salsa - that's it. I entered "chicken various ways but couldn't get what I wanted. Maybe I should read the help in case I have been doing it wrong.

Syn I don't know where you are in Minnesota but I had 18 inches of snow to deal with right after Thanksgiving. It is almost all gone now. But it is suppose to snow Sat & Sun.

I went out to dinner tonight. I had cod, potato's, and a salad, one beer and coffee so hopefully I did okay.

I am so happy this site is back up and I can "talk" to you guys that I can't think of anything to say.

Oh, for all you that remember the "think out of the box" idea I did..... My belly dancing tapes came today.

Guess what I will be doing tomorrow?
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Thin Within
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This is my 4th day on program now and I am doing so well I scare myself. I have the deep feeling that this is truly the time I will keep going until I reach my final goal which I have picked to be by February 14, 2004, then go on to "lifetime." I decided when I started out "this time" to do that "high-low" program that I developed for myself incorporating the 18 through 25 points. That is what my last leader approved for me since I wasn't losing very well on all those points allowed for my weight and I would eventually have to get down to that number of points anyway for lifetime ~ it is just a bit of a headstart for practice. I really have to do some budgeting of my points to have some for each meal. Friday being my very high day is the treat of the week. I am leaving myself open to do some adjustment with this program if my system can't handle it in the long run. I don't want it to get in the mode thinking I am starving it. This eating high-low system is supposed to stop that kind of feeling. I am going to be true to myself and weigh and measure my food when at all possible and plan my days ahead. Stop eating out so much and do a lot of home cooking. I am revisiting some of my old favorite WW recipes and will make them for dinner and have the left overs for lunch the next day. Most of them I can make in 4 portions and will only make the ones that Cowboy really likes. [He likes everything I fix though.]

I love this feeling of CONTROL. Hope you are having a great evening.
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I made the Healthy Ice Cream Sandwiches & WW Vegie Soup to help me get through next week.

I also did one session of my belly dancing tape and my sides hurt.

They were talking about doing things with your stomache I didn't even know a person could do.

It is fun, thanks for the idea 2Cute.
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Falling, but fighting...
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Default I am here on a Saturday!!!!!

Hey ladies,

Can you believe it, I am here on a Saturday! We finally bought a computer for home. Now I can post on the weekends too!

The computer was something I was determined to buy and we got a good price at Best Buy and on top of that, I needed a good reward for getting my 45 POUND STAR today at WW. Yes, that is right, I finally got my star. I lost 2.5 pounds at weigh-in today, and now have officially lost 46 pounds (65 from my highest weight). I am jazzed!

I don't have time right now to read everyone's post, but I wanted to drop in and give my good news. I can't believe I am only 4 pounds away from 50! I am going to do this...I am. I don't care if it takes 5 years of losing, I am not giving up and I am not going to gain back this weight.

Will stop in tomorrow to try and catch up.
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