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Default 300+ And Ready To Try Again #1106


We are a group of individuals who weigh or have weighed 300+, or near there. This group was formed to provide a place for others like us to find support and hope. We are aware of the distinct problems that come with weighing over 300 lbs.

We want to invite everyone (roosters as well as chicks!) to join us in our journey. We share laughter and tears, heartaches and fears ... joys and celebrations. We also share what works for us and what doesn't.

We know the thread can move very quickly, and that people often make "personal" remarks and keep a number of conversations going. Please feel free to contribute even if you can't make personal comments all the time.

Finally, we also have several extra threads going on simutaneously such as Monthly Challenges, Weekly Weigh-ins, Recipes, Bios, Photos, Exercise, Info for Getting Started and more. Many of these threads are stickied at the top of the page. Please feel free to check them all out.

We have found this thread to be more than just a support group... we have found it to become a home. We invite you to join us.

I know you'll all agree that we are really thankful for the free services here at 3FC. The sisters offer all of this support and information with no charges to us. There are a couple of ways though that we can help out.

If you are thinking about buying anything at Amazon, why not help out 3FC at the same time? You can do this by clicking on the button for the Amazon "store" in the upper right hand corner of the screen on the PURPLE tool bar. A portion of your purchase price will be given to 3FC by Amazon. It doesn't increase your price at all, but it does help out 3FC. You can use any of the links that you see on the site in order to help contribute to the site.

Also, BTW, in case you didn't know it, you can view the message boards "ad free" for a minimal charge. I think it's $15 for 6 months. A very small investment to be rid of the annoying ads and make your pages load quicker.

There have been some concerns expressed by the powers that be about copyright infringement. So please, if you are directly quoting someone else or printing an article in whole or in part, please give credit where credit is due!!!
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Just thought I'd get the ball rollin' for the week. Hope I did everything right...hehe. I haven't posted a new thread in a LONG time! See you chicks in the AM!
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LOL!!! Kayley, you forgot to 'stop' the last thread, but I noticed & typed a 'stop, post on next thread...' type thingy.xxxx
Donna, you poor thing!!! Hope you eye gets better soon!!! I bet you feel pretty silly walking round saying 'The cat did it!!!' lol!xxxxxx
Metachick, thanks, but hardly think I'm any kind of an example of how to lose weight, it's taken me 4 years to lose 6 stone (84lbs)!!!!!!lol with a few 'blips' on the way too!!!! Have you any news or done anything recently?xxxxxx
Nancy I hope you find somewhere soon, I bet your ex has learned from his 'no flowers' experience with you & is determined to be a better bf in future. At least it leaves you free now to see someone when you're ready, though it must feel awkward, it has to be a relief that he's moving on & you're not feeling responsible for him any more.xxxxxxxx
I went to visit my sister at the week-end, though she moved several months ago I've not seen her new house yet. It has only just been built & is quite nice, though not to my taste, I like old places. She went crazy saying 'Look at your legs!!!! They are LOADS smaller than before!!!!' she only saw me a month or so ago, I was wearing size 16s Sunday, whereas I was only just in 18s before. She says she'll have to diet as I've ALWAYS been the fat sister & she was/is he pretty slim one all the guys fancied! She's in a 14 now, before she was a 12, I told her by Christmas I MIGHT be in a 12, DEFINATELY a 14!!! It's all kind & fun teasing, she's really happy for me & I felt like a million dollars with all the fuss she & her hubby made. Things like that really help when the hunger pangs or cheese/chocolate/cake/beer/bread cravings strike.
Ammi, who won Eurovision? Did you have a good night? Hope you had a drink or four for me & savoured every mouthful of your party food!xxxxx
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Morning chickies! Hope all you moms enjoyed your Mother's Day.

I had a good OP week, even though TOM showed up a few days early! I am down 4 lbs this week. I just couldn't believe it when I got on the scale! I just looked at the calendar. Its been 13 weeks since I started this journey to a healthier LIFE...and I feel so different. It is kind of amazing to me.

LONG busy weekend for me, but hope to be able to keep up with everyone this week. I hope you all have a GREAT one and here is some to keep you on track!

to all of you!!

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Thanks to Kayley for starting the new thread and Sharon for stopping the old!

I am about to have a really busy couple of days -- I am organizing a college wide student symposium that happens tomorrow. It's my first time doing it and I've learned a LOT. Hopefully next year will be easier. If I can make it through tomorrow, I will be thrilled!

I am still maintaining my weight, despite all the stresses. Though I wonder if I've lost a little muscle and gained a little fat -- my clothes aren't fitting as well as they did... Oh well, as soon a this crazy time is over, I can get back into the swing of things a little easier...

I miss posting here more regularly, but I do read everything! I'll be back more regularly soon!
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Hi All,

I can't believe a whole week's thread has come and gone and I didn't post on it. I was busy for a while, but also I wasn't even trying to stay OP so felt that it would be impossible to come here to help support all of you when I wasn't dieting myself. I would have felt like the ultimate hypocrite. But I weighed this morning and have reached my 7 lbs gain that I let myself get to but refuse to pass, so I am back on my diet now. I have to say that although it's great to feel fresh to the dieting again, it's HARD work all over again. Trying to beat the hunger pangs, and keeping away from the food when they hit. Well I did it before, and I'll do it again. I was going to change my ticker, but decided that it's too down heartening. So I am leaving it where it is. Hopefully it won't take me too long to lose the 7 lbs again and then I can start moving the ticker again

Heather - good for you for maintaining your weight. It seems I am still not able to do that. Either I lose or I gain, I still need to lose the mentality that if I'm not watching what I eat it means I have to eat everything in sight!!

Sharon - Serbia won the Eurovision, and although I did like the song I don't think it should have won. The Ukraine had a brilliant song, as did Sweden, then of course there was the UKs song, which I loved. BUT of course political voting came into power again and we came second from the bottom which is just WRONG. I still had fun at our mini party, had 4 or 5 drinks for you, then some for me LOL. I ate like a pig too, but it was a fun way of ending my diet break

I am thrilled for you that your sister was so complimentary about your weight loss, and love that even in fun she's saying that she needs to watch you now so that you don't end up being the slim sister You are doing so brilliantly with your diet, you are MY inspiration now. I have to keep on losing or there'll be no need for you to send me any size 16s you get too small for because I'll never get into them

I'm going to go get lunch now, GOT TO EAT


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Not Giving Up!
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Good morning/afternoon Ladies!

Sorry I've been AWOL these last few days, but I did read over last week's thread. Congratulations to all the losers and those celebrating NSVs! And to those struggling or having problems elsewhere in life - I hope this week is better for you.

And Catherine, your post-party post made me smile and a little teary - your relief and happiness shone through and I'm so very happy for you.

Annie, I'm very glad to hear you got your CPAP machine and are now sleeping much better - it's amazing what effect a good night's sleep will have on your attitude and energy the next day.

Me, I'm down 4.8 pounds this week, so a few more to go and I will be out of the 290s, hopefully forever! I've been stressing out a bit the past few days but thankfully I haven't let that lead me into eating things or quantities I shouldn't.

The reason I'm anxious is that I have to go get a test done this afternoon, called an HSG, which is short for hysterosalpingogram. I wasn't really sure what it entailed, so I looked it up online and basically, it's an x-ray of my uterus and fallopian tubes. A catheter will be put into my cervix and dye injected to make sure there are no blockages or leaks where there shouldn't be. And to make it even more fun, I have to use a laxative suppository this morning and take some Aleve beforehand to alleviate the cramping that will take place during/after the exam. I've never used a suppository before and the thought of using one makes me a little uneasy. Sorry if that is a bit TMI!

I know if/when I get pregnant I will go through much worse than this, but up to this point, this I think will be the most invasive procedure I've ever been through and I'm trying hard to downplay it and not freak out. I just want it to be over and done with!

I'll be back later today when I have more time to comment on how everyone's week is going so far. Sending you all plenty of and for a great OP week!
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trying again!
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Hi girls
It's been a few days for me. Only because I have been SO freakin busy though. Trying to stay OP and we all know how hard it was.

Bellydancing was fun last night. We started to learn our correography. Its hard to do... hard to remember but that is ok. Practice practice practice!! Iw orked on my costume all weekend. When its finished I will have steven take a pic of it. It bares my belly under a sheer fabric. Little uncomfortable with that right now but oh well!

OK rachael ray is on now and I think I will go and take an hour, crawl back into bed and cuddle with my pup, and enjoy my show before I head into work

Talk to you all soon
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Well, today marks a week on Weight Watchers, and so far, I'm loving it! I don't feel deprived at honestly does NOT feel like a diet! As I mentioned yesterday, I lost the 3.8 pounds...and Andrew also saw a loss of 5 pounds! It helps SO much that he's doing this with me. He wants to lose about 60 pounds total.

Been on the job hunt again this's going to be a BUSY week! Some personals before I hop off of here and cook lunch...

Sharon - Thank you! I said, it's been a while since I started a new thread. Compliments like that can really be a confidence booster! And kinda just keeps you motivated, huh?

Peggy - Congrats on the -4! What a great way to start out!

Ammi - I am so glad to see you post. I'm sorry that you've been having a difficult time with the food lately, but glad you are getting back on track! You'll be able to move that tracker soon, I'm sure!!!

Lesley - WTG on that loss! You're doing fantastically well! I'd be nervous about doing that, too. Hope you are able to stay calm, and it all goes well for you!

Brenda - Bellydancing, how fun! That's one thing I want to eventually learn. Can't wait to see some pics of your costume!!!
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Hello everyone!

I always like to post on Monday, even if I never make it the rest of the week!

First, to you fine losers! Kaylee, Lesley, Peggy, what a great way to start a new thread!

Kaylee Repeat after me. Weight Watcher is NOT a diet! It's a lifestyle change! I was talking to someone the other day about how much I've lost and how much I have to go. He was saying how phenominal it is to stay on a program for over two years...I tried to explain that it isn't a diet, diets end, and if I want to lose weight and NOT GAIN IT BACK, I have to eat this way forever. I can eat dessert at Applebees after all, ONCE ina while, not every day. Basically, to be a thin person, you have to eat like one. For good!

I had a very good, but very busy, weekend. Saturday I worked on our compost pile and mixed some potting soil and planted. Then I weeded, then I watered, then I cleaned, then I mowed the yard and trimmed. You get the picture. The in-laws came Sunday and we had a great day, but BOY did I do a lot of work to get ready! DH spent WAY too much $ on me though. He got me an MP3 player! He knew I wanted one so I could organize my work-out tunes! I was so tickled! All in all, a very good weekend.

I confess to using ALL my flex points at once on Mexican on Friday...but that's okay. I'm back on track and doing well.

Must run now ladies! I hope each and every one of you has a wonderful day and week to come!
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The Story Re-Written
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Hi all~

I just made it back into the 300+lbs. mark after 3 years of being 400+. Can I hang around here for awhile with all y'all?
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742,000 calories burned
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Sharon, I only had brothers, but they were all thin and athletic. If I had had a sister like yours that was thin and popular with the guys, I’d have probably thrown her in front of a train.

Peggy – 4 lbs. is fantastic. I vaguely remember being able to actually lose weight. It has been so long, that I’ve almost forgotten the feeling. Enjoy it.

Ammi-I’m in the same place you are. I had to allow myself 2000 calories yesterday just to stay sane. Celebrations are so not worth it if they cause me this much trouble. I want it to get easy again quickly. I’m leaving my ticker the same too mainly because I’m so close to the limit on my digital scales, that if I gain, I just get an error message anyway.

Lesley-I told my husband that if I’d known that I would have to go to the doctor for such invasive procedures, that I would never have married him. I’m too big for a regular ultrasound, so they have to put this rod scope someplace that I’d rather they didn’t. My mom once told me that when you get pregnant and especially during delivery, you will never have a bit of modesty ever again.

Lillion-I have to explain the same thing to people all the time. When asked what diet I’m on, I usually say the “do it for the rest of my life or die young diet.” That usually does the trick.

I’m OP for a whole day and a half in a row now, so I’m trying to claw my way back. I’m counting down the days until I get my leisure pass. It should be before the end of the month. It takes the government so long to do things. Well at least I’m not waiting on a passport.
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Eating for two!
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Alright, I need to post on the new weekly thread here so it will show up in my subscribed threads in my CP
TheStorySoFar-- Of COURSE you can hang out here!

Catherine--I've never known ANY government to be particularly quick about processing/sending anything

Lilion--mmm, Mexican. That's what flex points are for, right? Use 'em or lose 'em!

Kayley--congrats to both you and Andrew on great losses!

LitChick--WOOHOO on -4.8

Ammi--great to see you here again

Heather--good luck with all your busy-ness!

Torister--wow, another great loss...congrats on the -4!

Sharon--it's great that you and your sister have a good relationship even regarding weight. I know it's sometimes hard for me to talk to my sister about it because even though she's a bit overweight, she's never been even close to as big as me.

As for me, I had an icky weekend at Jeff's mother's. I don't mind going and smiling and being cordial and whatnot, but one of the things I hate most in this world is spiders. HATE THEM. Well, they live out in the middle of nowhere, and there are definitely spiders in their house. They also have a big dog who is always running in and out of the house, so he brings lord-knows-what in with him. So yeah, I was sitting on the couch in their living room and felt a bit of an itch on my chest just above my shirt, so I scratched it, not even thinking about it. Well, I look down at my lap to find I had just knocked a TICK off my chest. UGH! Then, in the middle of the night, I saw Jeff sit bolt upright (he was sleeping on the air mattress on the floor and I was sleeping on the couch), and then I see him take the tv remote and WHAM! he killed a HUGE spider that had been crawling ON him. Not near him, not on the blanket, not on the mattress, but ON him. The next morning after I showered, I went to put our bag of toiletries into our clothing bag on the floor, and as I'm packing everything into the big bag, I see a spider crawling right next to the bag. I dropped everything, jumped away, told Jeff he had to pack the bag, and practically ran out of there. I love his grandmother dearly (she lives there with his mother) and don'treally have a problem with his mother, but I can NOT handle spiders and ticks crawling all over us and our stuff. I had never been so happy to return to our tiny, messy apartment. Despite living in a high rise building where I was afraid we'd be dealing with roaches on a daily basis, I have NEVER, in over a year and a half, seen ANY bugs in our apartment. YUCK.

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hello everyone i am here using a temporary compter since mine died over the weekend. nothing good to report so i am just gonna lurk for awhile. way to go on all the losses.. and Ammie i am so right where you are right now!oh well gotta take it on the chin and get back OP i guess!gonna be treadmilling as long as my knee holds up. is any one out there using DDR as a way of exercisng?
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weight watching
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Sticking a toe in the water.....

Hello! I have about 120 pounds to lose, and I think it will take me that long to learn everyone's name and story!!!! I'm a long-time on/again off/again dieter who is determined (one more time) to get this one unruly part of my life under control! I've been doing a half-**job of it so far (but I knew this would happen). I'm a teacher and school is winding down -- papers, tests, meetings, parties, luncheons, gifts, the works. By early June, this will be over and I can focus on planning, cooking, eating right and exercising, but I didn't want to do what I usually do (Starting in 3 weeks, that means eat anything between now and then). I thought starting and messing up would be better than not starting at all

Glad to know all of you! Some of you have very impressive statistics, and everyone has a terrific attitude! I'm generally not a fan of long "chat-type" threads (because they're often more about the daily stuff of life rather than weight loss traumas) but you guys mean it!
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