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Hi Ya'll.

I've got a cat trying to climb on my lap but she's not getting on right now while I'm trying to type. I swear my lap is not my own.

I'm not sure what fuel I'm running on right now but I'm thinking it must be fumes. I woke up at 2:30 this morning and couldnt go back to sleep. I wasn't sure if I'd make it the whole day at work but I did. Hopefully tonight I'll be tired enough to sleep all night.

Skeeter, Oh I saw Michelle fall those two times and then I went to another channel. I felt so bad I just couldnt watch it anymore. I remember the days you never saw her fall. I thought Sara Hughes did a good job skating. Maybe between her and Michelle we might have some Olympic medals from them. I love the ice dancing. Its so pretty to watch. I hope you enjoy the dreamcicle pudding. Its so good. I'm going to make it for T-day. I'm not so sure I'm going to get me a betta. I'm afraid I'll get lazy about changing the water as often as it needs to and I'll kill it. You really need to name one of your bettas a girls name. You have to many men in your house. Or find a female betta.

Jen, right now I'm wishing I could sleep 10 hours. That sounds heavenly to me since I'm so tired. I promise, if I start to run a fever, I'll go to the Dr. Last night I had the worst headache. Even my face and teeth hurt. This has been a bad fall for sinus sufferers. Its cold here to. I didn't think I was going to get the frost scraped off the windows this morning. Hey, that sounds like a good excuse to call into work and take the day off. I"ll have to remember that next time.

Tobey, yep yesterday meeting was definetly a sleeper. If I had to be there today, I probably would of fallen asleep. I hope you and your dh make up soon. You'll have to save your lingerie for another time. I will probably go out Friday morning and do some shopping but I've also got some personal time I need to use up so I'll take an afternoon off and finish up.

Marlana, when dh left this morning, I could swear he said it was 42 degrees but I knew as soon as I stepped outside he really said it was 22. The frost was glued to the windshield so I know it couldn't of been 42. I'm feeling even more goofy today. Well, goofier than normal, anyway. My asthma isn't all that bad either. I've only twice had to have an emergency breathing treatment in the last 20 years. Mine comes on when I get sick to and I really don't need my inhaler all that much.

Well, I'm going to get off here cause dh has to leave to go to a meeting and I've got to do something to stay awake so I think I'll do the dishes. Take care everyone.
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It's not a good Morning~~I'm lower than the boobs on a snakes belly. I had a terrible day yesterday, my food was pretty much out of control. I'm in my crying mode this morning as well as last night. You all know I've had issues with one of my sister's, and that I've got close to telling her what I thought, well I let go yesterday. I've been on a roller coaster for over two years with her and I want off. She has made a total mess out of her life because of sex, thats just what done it. She's 55 years old, and it's time to grow up for God's sake. I didn't tell her everything I thank, I'm not that mean. Being on this that roller coaster is part of the reason I got back into food after I lost 56 pounds. I started eating after she come to my house and I got tangled up in....Oh it just dawned on me this is a public board, I better stop right here. Needless to say I'm in pain and I put my head on the chopping block which is not the way I've lived my life. I've always stuffed my feelings down with food, after all my MOther told me I was the black sheep of the family and I must keep my feelings to myself or people won't like me. Bull, I'm tired of that ****, I'm not the black sheep of the family, I'm as good or better than the rest of them. I'm sure you all are tired of this crap, so I'll move on.

Jo Jo~~When you mentioned the skater Michelle, it reminded to tell the older members that I got a letter from our old Michelle, the one who lost her husband. She wrote me a really long letter. She is having a hard time, but she's making it. Her little girl is doing ok. Compared to her, I don't have any problems. I try to avoid the inhaler if I can, that crap makes me feel sick.

Tobey~~The square picture you sent is so pretty. Ice skating sounds like so much fun. It just looks like it would be so stress relieving to glide along with little engery used. Boy your sound like me when it comes to having a talk with hubby. I can't talk without getting emotional. Hubby and I don't fuss much at all. He's not a fusser, he says one thing and it's over, he don't repeat it over and over like I do, so I would end up fussing with myself.

Jen~~Taking naps is great, but know what I would like to have? I'd like to be able to put in the kind of days I used to when I was younger. I have put in some mightie long days. I really don't want to work 18 hours a day, but I would sure like to have that kind of engery again. You need your rest right now.

Skeeter~~Here we go again this winter...the gal from Florida is telling us everyday about her warm weather. OH! that would be you wouldn't it??? Our weather was really pretty nice yesterday, I warmed up fast. I got a new perm yesterday afternoon. Done it on a dime, I just couldn't stand this hair anymore. I've got to where I don't want my hair to touch me anywhere except where it goes into my head. Give it up... I want to know how you lead a man around by the nose.(I've had to change handle's) the last few years, and it don't work near as well.

I'm going to stop for now, I'm a bit silly this morning. I do wish each of you a wonderful holiday tomorrow. Try to eat reasonable. I'll have some help, because I'm not cooking a big meal, and won't have all those left overs hanging around.
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Default See you in 118

Since this is page 2, I will start a new thread.

See you in #118
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