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it's always something
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Default What veggie do you STILL hate?

What vegetable do you absolutely hate?

Is this something you've hated since you were a child, and have not given it another chance?

Have you tried cooking it multiple ways, in case it tasted better in another version?
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it's always something
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I'll go first


It looks like a mutated form of broccoli that we have no business eating It looks bad, smells bad, and tastes bad. No, I don't like it mashed with cream and butter. If I want a potato, I'll eat a potato.

I have tried it in various foods, though usually unintentionally. I have never actually cooked it myself.

I was going to start an official Cauliflower Haters Club, but someone else beat me to it. I take solace in knowing I am not alone.

Who's next?
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Dream Big
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Okra!! I can't stand the stuff! My mom says that as a baby I would eat fried okra, mashed up. She says that I went on a kick when I was about 1 yo when that's all I ate for months. I got some in some soup at a restaurant about 12 years ago. It was boiled and slimy and extreamly nasty to taste and chew. I have tried it fried since then (because of what dear mom said) but I have to say that it was still gross.

Oh and Suzanne I'll agree with you on the califlower too. I tried the mashed califlower thing too. Tastes just like potatoes my foot! As a matter of fact I think I'd rather eat my foot!
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A Slightly Cracked Egg
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Peas and asparagus top the list of ickiness for me. Can't stand either one.
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Let's see...the veggie I hate is the one that's been ruined by being smothered in cheese, butter or cream sauces, making it inedible for me!

Seriously, I love all veggies
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Broccoli and cauliflower- Both are very bitter to me. I don't know if I'm getting old ones or what. I also don't like brussel sprouts. I can force it down just to be healthy but it's not nice.

Okra, I've learned to like. I stir fry them. If you don't move them around alot in the pan, they don't get slimy.

Cabbage-I've learned to eat, it's not an enjoyable expereince but I can force it down.

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Okay, I know tomatos aren't really veggies, but I classify them as such in my head

I've hated them since childhood. I've tried them in every conceivable way.. and I still don't like them. I will eat them now, however ... provided they are mixed in with something I like, chopped into very small pieces and so heavily seasoned that I can't really taste the tomato taste :P
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Ah...all of them?

I DO like carrots, cucumbers, and celery, tho.
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Working My Way Back Down
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Cucumbers - shudder! Cannot stomach them. Green peppers give me horrid heartburn, cooked or raw, though I don't dislike them. I love peas and asparagus, btw! Otherwise I eat most veggies. Living my whole life in the northern half of the country, I've not had much okra, and not much eggplant either for some reason.

Though it's not a veggie, may I say I absolutely don't like watermelon either, or for that matter, most melons, though I do like cantalope.

Have a great day!
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Okra and green beans, YUCK!! Sorry, no can do! I also don't like the taste and especially the texture of green peas. As a kid, I used to swallow them whole just to get them down because my mom made me eat them, blah!

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brussel sprouts yuck yuck yuck!!!
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Don't really like green peppers--cooked or raw. Red, orange or yellow are just fine.
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Bewitchin' in the kitchen
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Brussel sprouts - they just taste so bitter! oh, and Squash of any kind - I don't like the texture the only way I can eat it is if it is in a pureed soup
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hara hachi bu
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Rutabaga! And it's so difficult to prepare.

I can't really stand beets, either.
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I love cauliflower raw but not cooked and certainly NOT mashed, ick!
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