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Mushrooms aren't a vegetable, they're a fungus.


Sorry, had to stick that in there. I'll jump on with Suzanne about the beets, I love them too.

Another veggie I hate if I haven't mentioned it yet - radishes.
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Anything pickled .... eeewwww yuck. Also anything over-cooked ... too mushy and slimy, and all the good stuff is cooked out so what's the point of eating it?

There are things I haven't tried that look or sound weird -- okra comes to mind -- but I'll try anything once. I don't care for raw mushrooms (or canned, for that matter), raw celery, olives (but love olive oil), lima beans (can't stand the texture). Don't really care for canned veggies, seems to dull the flavor and mess up the texture.
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brussel sprouts. a diasgrace to the vegetable family!
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Peas, and Celery. I dont like either. Never have!!!
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How can someone like carrots but not parsnips? They're like the albino cousin (and sooo good roasted)!

The only veggie I won't eat is beets, but I could be persuaded to try them again.
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Beets, Okra, eggplant (sorry LindaT). I keep thinking I would like eggplant if I could cook it properly, but I've never been successful.
Never tried parsnips or rutabaga.
LOVE most other veggies, lucky that way.
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Canadian, eh?
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I know it's technically a herb but I detest cilantro, any recipe containing it.
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all of them.....except for sweet peas and sweet corn and tomatoes.......aren't tomatoes a fruit????
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Originally Posted by JasonsLea
all of them.....except for sweet peas and sweet corn and tomatoes.......aren't tomatoes a fruit????
Technically, yes, but I still think of them as vegetables.

It's odd, tomatoes are supposed to be a fruit, but in the produce section they're always placed by veggies.

They're vegetables, dammit!


I love tomatoes, I grow my own every year. I can just pick them off the vine and eat them like apples.
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Originally Posted by HungryMonkey
The only veggie I won't eat is beets, but I could be persuaded to try them again.
I never thought I would like beets until I had them in a salad. Beets (cooked), tomatoes, and avocado. So goood!!!

I hate peas and celery (unless there's pb slathered on that celery stalk).
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I haven't eaten lima beans since my mother stopped forcing me. My dh hated lima beans as a child too, so we have never bought them. When ever my 7 year old is complaining about trying some new food, dh always tells him that it could be worse, it could be lima beans and liver.
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I really hate squash I think it's so gross it tastes kind of slimy and bitter.
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I really, absolutely, can even stand the smell of cucumber. I hate most veggies but can disguise them enough to get them down but not cucumber. If it is in a salad I can't touch the salad it is contaminated!

Someone mentioned parsnips, they are super carrots, oh just nasty.

cheers, cj
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Loathe Swede (Rutabaga I think you Yanks call it) and turnips and parnips and kohlrabi. All soemwhat sweet - not fond of yams or sweet potatoes either. Or cooked celery - raw is fine. Raw carrots better than cooked too.
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Asparagus, brussel sprouts and beets! YUCK.
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