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I just got caught up on the post. This week has been awful but I am safe and in survival mode. I do believe help is coming.

I am posting while at work and my lunch hour is over. I will post more this weekend.
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Morning all,
It's a damp morning here in the great South East. If I don't listen to the news all will be well in my world. There are some strange folk out there. Politicians and idiots alike - or am I talking about the same thing
I've been out in the garden a fair amount between showers over the past week and the dog has been 'helping'. So far I have had to repot 4 zygo plants and 1 orchid plant where he 'helped' me to sweep the soil off the potting bench with his tail. I'd put all the under cover plants out to get some rain during the week - helps to dust off their leaves etc and rain water is so much better for them than tap water. I pulled out the beans and the rocket that had gone off or to seed or not produced. Pulled out the last of the corn and transplanted some tomato plants into the tomato bed. Should have some ripe tomatoes soon, although the weather has been somewhat cool and they are not ripening as quick as they should. I have planted more corn, more cauliflower and potatoes. There is a little space left to plant a few more beans.
Since I have had this cellulitis (more about that later), I haven't kept up with the weeding and so now I have taken two barrow loads out to the green bag for pickup. The weeds grow faster than anything else. I've also weeded, fed and mulched the front garden or part of it anyway. Get a bit more done today probably if the rain holds off. And some more weeding.

While it has rained, I have been painting trim in the hall and bedroom and ordered the flooring for DS2 to pick up. We will lay it ourselves - should save a bit of money. And I have washed down walls in the living room ready for some undercoat. Next big ticket item is getting the windows in the living room refurbished. That will probably be done next month.

I've been sorting the publicity bit for the Probus club, and I should be done with that for a while. We will have to promote every month for a while I guess and it may or may not do some good. Personally I think that a big promotion angle from the parent body would do better for all the clubs around the district, but who am I. I'm not even sure I will stay a member for the next year.

Susie - sorry to hear you are having a bad week at work. Seems all work places have been having down days at the moment. Hope it improves next week.

Happy - good to hear you are doing something for yourself and your health. Hope by some miracle you can get free of the pain. The massage chair sounds good. Good to know you sold the boat too. No point in having money tied up in something you can't use.

Laura - obviously your workplace is making you work harder. Hope the admin person is coming right and can get back to work.

Ceejay - massage at home, that's great. Hope it helps the back and hips for you.

I've been trying to type this and talk to my sister at the same time. It's her birthday today (29th June) and she is 66. Getting ancient like me. Sometimes I even wonder if I want to continue in this world. I'm apparently too old for it.
So with that, I am out of here, time to do some work in the yard, clean the living room floor (dog was here during the week and it was raining - footprints everywhere. Then I might go do a bit of shopping and get on with the day.
Oh and about the cellulitis - the infection has gone, but the leg swells up from time to time tho' not as bad as it was. Sometimes my legs even look the same although they are now different colours. Anyway I had to go back to the doctor for a prescription refill and she tells me not to travel by air for the rest of the year due to the possibility of blood clots. So here I am stuck. Can't go visit the grand daughter for her birthday in 2 weeks, can't come over to the States either. Can't go anywhere unless I walk, drive, or sail. It's a pain.

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DON'T POST HERE ANYMORE - new thread set up for the next quarter


2019 - Pt 3 - Worldlie Chicks Halfway Through the Year
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