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Shad 10-06-2018 10:25 PM

Time just goes so fast these days. I have no idea where the week has gone. It's over and I need to think of a new one. My calendar has a list of appointment through to 18th December. That's when I get back from Tassie with R - we are going for a fortnight.

Happy - I hope you have a good trip down to see your Mum and Sis. Hope they are in a good place at the moment and Mum is not giving everyone a whole lot of grief. The garden is still growing its last crop. There are beans, corn and some broccoli in there. The broccoli is just about done but I see some lettuces popping up from the seeds of the last lot. I'll probably leave them there. There are also some tomatoes growing again. But they will come out soon since I am done with tomatoes for a while.

Laura - Hope the move of office is now done and dusted and you are comfortably settled into the new space.

Ceejay - hope the toe is feeling better now. I know the feeling of having heavy coffee or tea drinkers come to stay. Fortunately I have all the stuff since I drink a fair amount of it myself. Glad the trip for the recall was without any incidents. Good for you only looking and not buying.

Susie - Hope the DH is doing better now. Sounds like he wasn't too good with the leakage etc. Always a problem immediately after operations. Get well soon DH.

Annie - hope the DH is feeling better now and that the melanoma has not spread anywhere. Also hope that the job takes a while for a decision since you need it for that health insurance you have to have.

Been working on a strict budget here to try to save some of the money I had to spend for the new car. It's working out okay so far and I am eating my way through the freezer and the pantry and only buying when I don't have any ingredients left. Life on a budget is tedious, but it is there and I need it so money has to be saved.

I'm about to go back to my painting. Nearly done in the 3rd bedroom. Trying to decide what to do to make that room a bit more spacious. Its a weird shaped room and I want to not only put a bed back in there, but I want a desk for my computer stuff down there as well. Have some ideas but not decided yet.
That's about it for now. We have had rain this weekend. It's been lovely. It's also been cool. So I best make the most of it before the heat hits.

MyChoice2bfit 10-07-2018 09:22 AM

Hello Everyone,

I am feeling a bit down this weekend and trying not to feel sorry for myself.

I am very concerned over the fevers DH is having and want to get to the root of them. There will be more doctor visits this week. I am going to ask and be very insistant on a CT scan for him. They have mentioned it to see if he has an leakage where they resected the bowel or an abscess. They dont think so as he doesnt have pain but I think it is best to do the test sooner than later.

Tomorrow is our 30th wedding Anniversary. We are planning on going to see the remake of "A Star is Born" and dinner at Cheesecake Factory. I hope John will feel like going.

Anne:I am praying that C is finished with the skin cancer legion on his back.

I am sorry you are going through such a stressful time with the job. I think I would put my energy in looking for a new job vs what they need at the current one. I know you still have things that need "delivered " and I would do that but my energy would be in sending out resumes and such.

I am praying for you!

Happy: I hope the trip to see your mom goes well.

Laura: will you be in the new offices on Monday? I had to chuckle about the boss still being there and packing. I am sure he thought someone was going to do it for him.

What did you do this weekend?

Shad: I am in a savings mode too. With Dh not working things are tight. We are eating our way through the pantry and such as well.

I am sure you will figure out how to set up the room with a bed and a desk. I remember when I was trying how to maximize the space in the room for my home office/guest room. I had to take a bir to envision it.

Ceejay: did you find anything on the shopping/browsing expedition that you are considering for a later time?

Hi Dee!

Time for me to go clean the kitchen. See you all later.

ceejay52 10-07-2018 08:57 PM

No didn't find a thing while shopping. I'm like you and am on a limited budget . I do buy occasionally. Will the third bedroom be the last of the painting?
I'd be concerned about the fevers that your dh is having also. Hope they find out what is going on soon.
I cleaned the house Friday because I was having company coming on Saturday. My cousin and his wife from my dad's side came and we had a very good visit.
Today was church. We didn't have book club this afternoon because half of the people were out of town. Sis and I went shopping for items that need to go to help those victims of hurricanes or other disasters.
Found out yesterday via FB that my cousin's son woke up Thursday around 1 in the morning with severe chest pain. He was taken to the ER and test were run that indicated he had blockages. He's around 30 years old. The doctors put in stents and he's home now resting. I told my sis that I'm doing better with diet and exercise, but I need to step it up a bit. Going to be eating heart healthy diet.
A.C. has been giving some problems by not cooling very well. Think it needs a good cleaning. The service people only refilled the freon when the came out to the house.

happy2bme 10-08-2018 01:19 AM

Hi ladies,

I got to Chicago ok. Trip wasn't bad until we got got in the mess of traffic trying to get on to Hwy 53 by Woodfield. We got stuck for 45 minutes with all of us barely moving. We went through the toll booth and then 4 lanes merged to 1 lane to get on the next highway. That was the hold up. My friend said she was glad I came with her - it made the trip a lot faster and there were some nerve racking driving with cement barriers on the left very close to the car that made her nervous. I was making her laugh telling stories about how I was going to bash the brains in of those people who illegally sped up the shoulder of the road and tried to cut in because they are special and in a hurry. Got here and it's gloomy and very rainy. Temperatures are crazy too - at first it was mild and nice, then it dropped to 64 degrees then tomorrow it will be 84 degrees and hot and muggy the day after that and then the temps drop like a rock. I had to bring all sorts of clothes and dress in layers. This rain is not helping my aches and pains at all. I understand why my Mom feels so badly. My sister is tense - there's a lot on her mind, I am trying not to do anything to set her off. We may go to the city one day to spend the night with my Mom - I know she's not keen on the idea but it seems crazy for her to drive me all the way there and then come back the next day.

I was very sad to see them ramrod Kavanaugh into the Supreme Court. I think he is a patsy for trumpski and that's why he wanted him there. Also the conservative court they want will stomp on other people's freedoms because that crowd believes that everyone should only live life the way they interpret it. It is a sad day for this country.

We had some good food while here but I haven't done much of anything. The week is flying by as I thought it would. I don't really have enough time to go and see any of my friends, I didn't tell anyone I'd be out here. Before I know it I'll be packing to head back.

Susie - I would be concerned about J's fevers also. Would be worried there was infection lurking somewhere. I think you should push for whatever care you think he needs. Saying prayers for his healing and I also hope you can get through this financial bump too. It's good that you are planning on saving money whereever possible. Good idea to eat through the stored food. I went through the refrigerator and pantry before I left, sometimes having too much can lead to waste too. I hope everything will be all right for you both :hug: Are you taking care of yourself too??

Annie - I am glad C's cancer is easily treated. I hope you can be a welcome help to your brother and his family. :hug: I do agree with Susie's advice on focusing on your next paycheck and job rather that wrapping up loose ends and turnover at the current place. Do what you need to but don't detract from making your next move. They won't care about you when you are gone, that's for sure. But we all have loyalties I know. I am dumb in that regard ;) You looked very lovely in your reunion pictures!

Ceejay - that's so nice of you and your sister to generously contribute to the welfare of others, especially when money is tight. You see things like floods and fires and realize how quickly your life can change in an instant. It's wonderful to reach out and help others in need. I'm glad you had a good time with your company - I know you were a bit leery at first.

Shad - G'day to you too! Do you get enough produce to can or freeze or do you just eat it as it grows? Are you making any interesting concoctions using up the things in the pantry? I know you can stick to a budget better than any one. I do sometimes feel sthe squeeze of worry not having a paycheck to cover over those occasional incidentals in life. It can be worrisome. Sounds like you will have a nice trip to Tasmania. What are you going to do there?

Laura - somehow the idea of the workout grunter leading a class sent me into a fit of giggles - kind of like someone belching instructions all through class :rofl: I'm sorry your foot is not healing right. I will bet that with you having to commute and walk so much, that doesn't help things. I hope you can get some relief and a positive course of treatment. I hope your office move goes well.

The autumn trees colors were incredible up by me all the way down to the Wisconsin Dells. I am sorry to have missed what is no doubt one of the best color seasons we have had in at least 5 years. The colors are just starting to turn a bit here but everything will be blown down and faded by the time I get home. I did enjoy what I could catch out the window on the ride though.

It is after midnight as I post. Everyone including my nephew is sound asleep. My sister gets up with her husband at 5am. I was going to go to bed earlier but I realized I have not posted here and my sister changed the password on her PC and I don't have it so I thought I'd say hello now so as not to be completely rude. Now I have to tiptoe around the squeaky parts of the floor to get washed up and to my room. Good night all. Will try and post before I head back Friday morning.

happy2bme 10-08-2018 01:20 AM

also it's been so long since I entered my password I almost got locked out of this site! But I finally remembered it obviously...

Laura705 10-08-2018 01:26 PM

Morning all, from the new office. We lucked out with the placement of our cubes Ė we (three cubes) have a southeast corner location with large windows overlooking the lake and also views to the south. Of course, today we have fog and it still hasnít burned off yet, so youíll have to wait for a photo of the view we have when we turn our chair around to the windows.

Annie Ė I hope your job end date doesnít come for a while and you can get all your medical stuff taken care of before then. == Iím happy Cís cancerous spot was removed. I hope there are no other spots!! == Hang in there sister! -= How is your time in St. Louis??

Ceejay Ė Glad you did have the recall work. The shopping sounds fund. I donít mind it as much when Iím not looking for something very specific. == Wow, your cousinís son is so young to have heart issues like that!! I hope heís doing alright now with the stents.

Happy Ė Iím glad your drive down here went smoothly. We had a lot of rain over the weekend!! And I heard the weather guy on the radio tell us weíre going to have roller coaster temps this week. Thatís Chicago for ya. I hope your time with your sis and your mom is enjoyable. I also hope you get home in time to enjoy some of that fall color!!

Shad Ė You're busy as ever. Iím looking forward to you trip to Tasmania so I can experience it vicariously through you, lol. == Hope you can figure out the 3rd bedroom so you can fit both a workspace and a bed.

Susie Ė I can understand your worry over your dhís fevers. I hope everything is healing well and that the fevers donít indicate some sort of infection. == It looks like ďA Star is BornĒ is getting good reviews. Iíve never seen any of the previous movie versions.

==Thursday evening I had a hair appointment. No workout.

I had Friday off work, but I checked my email periodically throughout the day. It was very quiet, thankfully.

I took my mother grocery shopping on Friday morning. BF had been over by his motherís on Thursday evening and he came home to say that she asked that I phone her after I was done shopping on Friday with my mother and maybe we could go to lunch. I like bfís mom, so I did go to lunch with her that afternoon. On the other hand, I prefer to make my own scheduleÖ.
And that evening, my mom phoned to ask bf and I to go to dinner with her at her villageís restaurant on Saturday night. We hadn't done that for a while, so we agreed.

Late Saturday morning I went to the fc for a workout. In the afternoon I went through some papers from the home office and purged a lot. In the evening bf and I had dinner with my mom. The restaurant is alright, just not a ton of choices. My meal was fine.

On Sunday, I did more paper purging, and I made good headway. But I still donít have enough of a spot cleared on the work surface to set up the monitor/keyboard/etc. BF piled a bunch of his stuff on the surface too, and once he does his part, I can move a couple things over (some desk accessories) and then have the room I need. If I can just get a handle on the paper, Iíd be pretty happy with myself.

So as soon as the season turned to fall on the calendar,
I got some crud in my throat and had asthma symptoms off and on all last week. Now whatever I was fighting has turned into a cold. I have some nasal congestion and throat crud (and coughing, of course). Bleh. But it's bearable.

Iím gonna post and get going. Itís lunchtime and Iím going to figure out where I want to go. I donít think Iíll be trying to get anything in our new building. Just going to get outside for some fresh air and hit one of my usual spots. Have a good day everyone!

ceejay52 10-08-2018 08:46 PM

I'm having ac problems again. I turned it completely off and opened the windows. At least the house has been aired out today. The house started getting hot again so I checked on the ac out in the garage. There was water coming out of the door down onto the garage floor. it's to hot in the house to think so more tomorrow.

Laura705 10-09-2018 05:13 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Quick hello.

Ceejay - Not a great time for your AC to be out if you're getting the same warm weather we're getting here - weather app says it's 86 degrees right now, feels like 88. :flame: Hope you have a working fan!!

Attaching a photo of one of our views from the new work digs.

I have a vacation day tomorrow. I'm going to the rheumatologist first thing and then the rest of the day is mine.

Tonight I'll work out at the fc.

Laura705 10-09-2018 05:48 PM

For Pete's sake, why is the attachment upside down??? This site continues to annoy me.

annie175 10-10-2018 08:02 AM

Hey all....

Fe is being moved to a hospice care center in St. Louis today. When she does come to she is no longer speaking any English only her native tongue Bagali. (Philipino)

I believe my displacement will be on Thursday this week the 11th, my brother's birthday. Michael.

Not feeling much like personals today.

Love you ladies

SUSIE...Praying for DH. Hugs

ceejay52 10-10-2018 01:04 PM

Hugs--Remember when one door closes a new one will open. Sorry to hear about Fe.

You have a beautiful view of the city. Today I don't need the ac. I have the window open. The high today is only 65. Think fall weather is here. I'm loving it.
Not much going on in my neck of the woods. I'm making a meatloaf and broccoli salad to take to potluck tonight. I'm riding there with two other girls. I don't drive at night.
Miey has been howling to go outside. She darted out the door while ago and I'm not in the mood to play chase with her. She can sit in the window sill.
I need to mow the lawn but will wait to do that tomorrow. Hopefully this will be the last time.for this year. Supposed to be in the low 30's at night by this week end.

annie175 10-11-2018 08:31 AM

Not getting displaced today. HR is not ready. Ok by me.

ceejay52 10-11-2018 10:16 AM

Does not getting displaced mean that you will move to a different department?

It's cold this morning at 44 degrees. I've turned the heater on when I woke up this morning.
My new fit bit came yesterday. It worked perfectly for a couple of hours but then it went haywire. Started cycling through all the programs. Weird Now it will not work. Going to send it back which means a trip to the post office in the next small city.Ugh.

annie175 10-12-2018 09:34 AM

CEEG...displaced at this company means adios!

SUSIE...how is DH? and how are you holding up?

Let me tell you how great, good and awesome our GOD is!!

So Fe is no longer speaking English only her native tongue, Thagoli. Now every community, area, town in the Philipines has there own "tongue" which is variations of the Philipino language. Some do not understand each other's language. WELL, one of Fe's nurses at the hospice center speaks Fe's version of Thagoli. This nurse has be a Godsend to my brother. She is relaying what Fe is saying to him. She is mostly talking about her sisters and family. Fe (pronounced FAY) did say she had something she wanted to give me but no clue as to what that is as she did not say.

Just thought I would share. Love youse

Laura705 10-12-2018 10:50 AM

Morning all. TGIF!! The weekís felt long. The new digs will be an adjustment. The commute feels longer, but the only part thatís longer is once I get into this building Ė escalator up a floor to the correct elevator bank. Then two elevator rides to our floor. People are still strolling into our corner to check out the stunning view. Thatís one thing I do enjoy Ė walking down the corridor from the elevator to our corner and seeing that awesome view. In the morning the sun shines off the lake. I havenít really explored the space much like I know other people have. Plenty of time for that.

They finally had some people in yesterday to help us with adjusting our new chairs and monitors (a new arm controls height/tilt/etc.). Our admin and I looked up the seat adjustment instructions online earlier in the week because nothing had been provided on day 1. Sigh. Anyway, Iíll still need to pester for a keyboard & mouse tray because it doesnít work for me sitting up on the work surface. The keyboard and mouse are wireless and are an adjustment from the old one. Not because theyíre wireless, just because they are different and have a different feel.

Enough rambling about that. I went to the fitness center on Tuesday after work. Just 30 min. on the bike and no mat work because I had a headache and felt kind of crummy.

On Wednesday, I saw the rheumatologist and discussion with the doctor was quick Ė really just said what tests were being done to see if thereís some reason why my fracture didnít heal. Then they took 5 vials of blood and Iíve been scheduled for a bone density scan. I just checked the medical log I keep in an excel spreadsheet and see that the baseline scan I had was back in 2009. Weíll see if they obtain those results and do a comparison to the new one. I have the scan in two weeks and Iíll see the doc right after that to hear what she has to say. I might be optimistic or overconfident, but I feel like the cause of the fracture and its failure to heal isnít due to brittle or thin bones. My grandmother and mother both had osteoporosis, but I somehow feel like I donít have that risk yet. Like I say, maybe Iím just being overconfident.

I didnít do anything special the rest of the day on Wednesday. My asthmaís been acting up and I just wasnít enthusiastic about much that day. I went to the fc last night. I wish I had the motivation (DISCIPLINE!) to do more exercise on the days I donít go to the fc. Maybe Iíll register for a yoga or pilates class to add the extra exercise.

Annie Ė I know this is a rough time for you with your job situation and your SILís condition. My prayers to you and your SIL and brother. What a blessing that thereís a nurse at the hospice that speaks Feís dialect!!! That must be so comforting for her and your brother!!

Ceejay Ė Our lawn needs mowing and Iím sure bf is holding out longer to be sure the next time he does it is the final one for the season. == Boo on the faulty fitbit!!!

Shad Ė Whenís your trip? Are you ready?

Susie Ė Sending prayers for your hubbyís continued recovery. == Did you have your TOPS weigh-in last night?

Happy Ė Are you back home yet? Probably trying to catch up with everything. Hope dh and kitty fared well during your absence and you were properly missed!!

Hi Dee, hope all is well with you. Howís MeeMee?

Okay, gonna get this posted. Have a lovely weekend everyone.

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