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happy2bme 10-18-2018 09:20 AM

And a good morning to the rest of you lot. Yesterday I was to fill in at the lunch check in desk at the senior center for a friend who was originally scheduled to have shoulder surgery last week. They had her on the gurney in a gown, were about to insert the IV and took one last look at her medical records. Seems there was a medication she was on that was an anti-inflammatory with blood thinning properties so they had to call off the surgery at the last minute much to everyone's frustration. She works the desk on Wednesday which involves cleaning the tables, putting out place mats and silverware, checking salt and pepper shakers, checking people in as they come in to lunch (we have to keep track of that) as well as answering the phones. C has been off her medication for a week now and was really hurting so I came in to learn the ropes to fill in for her while she's gone and to help out. As I was cleaning tables upstairs, the acting directors of the center came upstairs looking for me. They called the house and DH said I was already at the center which confused him especially when I did not hear him texting me or calling my cell phone. The receptionist took a sick day yet again - seems she can't go 2 full weeks without a day off and they wanted to know if I could cover the phones because no one but her and I know how to get into the bus schedule program. I was trying to figure out how I could work 2 different jobs on 2 different floors. So ... I had planned to go in for just a couple of hours and wound up spending the whole day there. It was quite hectic. And then one of our long time participants in the Center passed away suddenly. She had taken a fall and they thought she was getting a brain bleed - TIA - mini strokes and what actually happened was that she broke her neck! and they misdiagnosed her! By the time they discovered the problem she was in such bad shape they only gave her 2 days to live and she died on the weekend. Her husband has really bad macular degeneration and is nearly blind so that will be a challenge. They were the nicest people - they are having her service today and are having a luncheon at the Senior Center. It's about 40 extra people which is a big load so I offered to go in and at least set up tables and place settings. Then I have to come home, brush my teeth well and head an hour away to another dentist for a consultation on these chipped front teeth of mine. The bonding the other dentist did messed up my bite and now my bottom teeth are chipping too. So I want another opinion. We have to race back from the dentist which will make me about an hour late to bingo. Since I missed the last 2 weeks of bingo, they are counting on me to show up. It's going to be a hectic day. And the cat woke me up at 5am banging on the window shade. There was a bunny sitting directly under the window which was driving Bimmy nuts. She was thumping her tail like a metronome and my face was in the way. Such is life with a kitty.

Laura - I'm glad you are enjoying your new office area. I guess there are a bunch of shops and things to explore when you get time. And I suppose your building is connected underground to shops and things. Do you bring your own lunch?

Shad you are busy as ever. Have you found the money tree in your yard as you are doing all this planting and renovating? :rofl: It's nice that you are helping neighbors but make sure to leave time for yourself too. Thank you for your advice on the workplace - people will push so much and then find I push back pretty hard myself and that's where I am right now. How are you liking the new car?

Susie - are you back in the office again? How is DH doing?

Ceejay - are you going to the gym now? Are the leaves turning yet?

I need to get the dishes washed and then showered up. One of the people helping today at the Center asked if I can pick her up and give her a ride in today. Ok... do you know I am usually late and now you are FORCING me to be on time? :lol:

On with the day - have a good one ladies.

annie175 10-18-2018 01:15 PM

Thanks HAPPY could use a coffee buddy right now. I heart you!

ceejay52 10-18-2018 01:33 PM

It's been a busy couple of days. I'm cleaning out the closets in my master bathroom. It has a his and hers but I'm making them a spring, summer and a fall winter closet. I need to get the clothes out of the office closet and I should be done with those two I've also been working on the linen closet I've also gotten rid of some clothes that were too big and took them to a donation box. I'll have another bag when I'm through.
Miley let me sleep till 8.30 this morning. It was 43 degrees when I woke up. I love this kind of weather.

I'm glad you have a nice view to get the day started.

ceejay52 10-18-2018 01:47 PM

Some were typing above me.

Sending my condolences to you and family on the passing of Fe. She fought hard.

The leaves are starting to turn. Yes I'm going back to the gym. Starting to get my routine back in order.

Laura705 10-19-2018 11:02 AM

Morning all. Finally Friday. The week has dragged for me.

Annie Ė My condolences to you and your family. I hope youíve been able to sit down and de-stress. I know that youíre probably thinking through each expenditure right now, but the money for a chair massage is money well-spent during this tough time.

Shad Ė Nice your ds is helping with the fence! Yeh, probably best that you didnít go down to help your other DS & family Ė you might have been the next family member to come down with the flu. Iím always surprised to hear how deadly it is.! Not sure why, I know Iíve certainly felt like dying when Iíve had it!!

Happy Ė There certainly is no end to the needs of the senior center these days. == How was bingo last night?? == Actually, there are not many shops or food outlets in the Tower at the moment. It was purchased a while back and the new owner is doing huge renovations to the building to add more shops and eating spots. What they had in the past was not that great, having been right across the street and being surprised at the lack of them. All those tourists visiting the skydeck and such limited options within the same building. So they are working on that, but itís going to be at least a year I believe. == That said, I do not bring my own lunch at the moment. However, the time it takes to get in and out of our office will eventually make me want to bring my own food, especially when the really cold weather settles in.

Ceejay Ė Oh, nice to have clothes that are too big and must be donated!! And itís probably just a good feeling to get those closets cleaned out.

Hellos to Susie and Dee. Hope all is well with you!

Nothing much to report on my end. I want a day off, but thereís something open here at work that kept me from taking a vacation day today. And I have a couple things going on here on Monday that prevented me from taking that day off. I do have next Thursday off for my bone density scan. Maybe Iíll also take the day off on Friday and make a long weekend of it.

Itís been chilly in the mornings and getting dark early, so Iíve been leaving the bike at home and driving the car to the train station and parking in the commuter lot. Once DST ends, Iíll be driving all the time. I think Iím going to apply for a reserved parking permit Ė that will allow me to pay by the month and not have to memorize parking space numbers and use the pay machine each morning. Plus, the reserved spots are closer to the train tracks! But I probably wonít start doing that until January. I have a lot of vacation I need to use up before the end of the year, so Iíll be out of the office more often for the remainder of the year. Don't need to pay the full amount those months when I'll be out a lot of days.

Nothing much going on this weekend, but I'll be taking my mom shopping and I need to do some shopping for myself. My shoe situation is dire! Also want to get to the library. Okay, off to post. Have a good weekend everyone!!

ceejay52 10-19-2018 12:57 PM

Nut much going on at the moment. Feel like I have ran out of steam. Will finish up the closets and clean the bathroom and that will be it for the day.

MyChoice2bfit 10-21-2018 04:57 PM

Anne: I am so sorry to read that your dear Fe passed. You and your entire family are in my prayers.

I am also praying for your job situation, your heart testing, and for C's route.

You have a lot of going on right now and you need lifted up for sure.

Happy gave excellent advice to you, I wish all of us could come and be your coffee partners right now and just sit and stand beside you. Love you so much girlfriend.

Shad: it sounds like a lot of things that needed done are getting done and that is always a good thing.

I hope your friend and travelmate will be in tip top traveling shape when the trip time comes.

Laura: I think getting a permanent parking spot is a great idea. I also think you should take Friday off and make it a 3 day weekend. Go to a Clark store or other shoe store known for good support shoes and ask them to help you find ones that fit and support you well and buy two black pairs and two brown pairs. You and your feet will be glad you did

Ceejay: I am going to let you inspire me and get my summer shoes put away and my fall winter shoes out. I need to do this with my clothes too. I only have time today to do the shoes. I will plan to get to the clothes Monday evening after work.

Happy: i am concerned you have too much going on. You are so busy.

ceejay52 10-22-2018 05:53 PM

You didn't mention anything about you DH. Is he still doing okay?

I'm with Susie on getting a permanent parking spot.. At least you would be able to find the car. :lol: You can use the rolling pin if you want too. I also think that you should take some more time off.

The service person came this afternoon to check and clean the furnace. He did change the battery in the thermostat in which I did not know was there. And cleaned the burners but he said that they were corroded. I asked him about the difference about carbon monoxide and a regular gas leak detector and told me I needed a carbon monoxide detector was what I needed.

Laura705 10-23-2018 11:54 AM

Morning all. Been nice and sunny the past two days and will be today also. It makes the office pretty warm where we’re situated, but otherwise I love it! Annie - Saw the fb photo with your two brothers – so nice. I know this is a sad and difficult time for you – prayers to you and the family. Susie – How’s your dh doing? == Good idea about the shoes. I’ve been thinking about buying a pair of the short booties with a chunky heel. I don’t walk a lot at work, so I might be able to get away with it. I would also, however, like to find some good supportive walking shoes that are not athletic shoes and that accommodate my orthotics. At some point it’s going to get too cold for sneaks – the cold air just goes through all that mesh. Ceejay – Thanks for the reminder – need to get the HVAC guys out to do their fall furnace checkup. No rolling pin for you – I usually don’t forget where I’m parked, just the exact space number needed for the parking pay machine. I suppose that’s why some people probably try to park in the same spot every day…

Hellos to Happy, Shad and Dee.

Weekend was alright. I tackled Mt. Mail. Got to the thrift shop and to the library. Worked out at the fc first thing on Sunday morning, came home, showered, and then picked up mom for grocery shopping. First went to Bed Bath & B. to shop for fry pans and a toaster for her. She ordered a toaster, but no luck on the pans. Hard to find them without the non-stick coatings these days, and that’s what she wants. Also did some laundry. That was about it. Yesterday my BE friend from FL met for dinner after work since he wanted to do some sightseeing during the day. We’re also meeting for lunch today. He’ll be off on another Amtrak journey this afternoon. I’ve decided I prefer him as a long distance buddy who can encourage me to exercise vs a face to face buddy. He’s a bit of an odd person and a bit immature for his age. He probably won’t be getting back here anytime soon, and that is fine by me.
Tonight I’ll be going to the fc for a workout. I did about 6 min. on the rower for the first time in a long time on Sunday and felt different muscle soreness yesterday, so I might do the rower again for the same amount of time tonight. Okay, gonna get this posted. Sorry - no time to fix up whatever goofy things the site might do to my post. TTFN.

ceejay52 10-23-2018 07:48 PM

It's been a very nice day and should have been outside working but nope I didn't . I did get 2 loads of laundry done. And managed to go to the PF. Did a complete work out.
The went to the grocery store. I'm in the mood for taco soup so I'll make that tomorrow. I've been bingeing and not sure why. I don't feel emotional or bored.
Think I will venture in to Springfield tomorrow to WW and see what is going on. I need the accountability and structure.

It's nice that you can take your mom shopping etc. Does she seem to like her move to your area? Speaking of shoes. I want a pair of dress boots.

happy2bme 10-24-2018 08:12 AM

Good morning ladies,

I'm sorry I haven't been posting. Lately I have been getting up early and we've been going on so I haven't been on the computer much in the morning. We went to a couple of apple orchards as they are getting ready to shut down for the season. Got 9 varieties of apples so should make some good sauce and eating. Life is still busy - trying to cut back, other things come along to take their place.

Annie - hope you are doing well with all the stressful changes right now. :hug:

Laura - I like Rockport / Cobb Hill for comfortable yet dressier shoes. They have removable insoles to accommodate orthotics.

I have to go into the Senior Center and work the lunch reservation desk in about 30 minutes so I will try and get back tonight with more personals...

happy2bme 10-24-2018 08:13 AM

check this out Laura.

50 Most Comfortable Shoe Brands

Laura705 10-24-2018 01:01 PM

Thanks Happy. (I think I already own the first shoe on the first list, lol.)

ceejay52 10-24-2018 05:05 PM

Feel like I've been picked up by a whirlwind and set down to unwind but can't.
Been cleaning out closets and getting things done. . Sorry no personals today

annie175 10-25-2018 10:54 AM

Good Morning All....

What at different funeral that was. Greek Orthodox. Incense and chanting the ENTIRE TIME. 40 minutes of it. My other SIL and I had such headaches from the smell and tummy aches. Couldn't breathe. It was interesting to watch. Half the church was filled with Fe's Filipeno friends. They all knew the chants etc and that was really cool to listen to them respond and chant with the "chanters" There were 3 chanters and two priests. Very cool. Lunch after was at the Haufbrau (sp) House. German food. Not a fan of german food so I drank iced tea. All and all a very interesting experience. Got to meet Fe's only sister that lives in the U.S. Anna lives in AZ. She lost her DH to cancer 5 years ago. She looks a LOT like Fe however could speak English clearer than Fe, has a career and very outgoing. I liked her A LOT. We clicked. I did not know Fe has 8 sisters and 2 brothers. WOW. That is the norm in her country. Chuck is doing ok. He has his break down moments every day which is to be expected. We talk every day which is something we never did before. I guess that is a positive out of this.

Nothing on the job front here at WF yet. HOWEVER I have an interview at One America tomorrow at 2 pm. Please say a few prayers, fingers crossed, great thoughts, good mojo, and anything else you might add.

Still do not know the results of heart monitor. Got blood draw today for other testing.

Chili cook off here at work today. 5 bowls of chili for 5 bucks. Then you vote.

Thank you all for your support during all this difficult stuff in my life right now. I certainly appreciate each of you.

Love and hugs.

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