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MyChoice2bfit 10-25-2018 08:03 PM

Hello Everyone: I have good news to share! After the round of antibodics DH's CT scans show no sign of any infection at the rescetion or anywhere in his colon. We got that new last week (can't remember if I posted that or not) and he has not had any fever return (please Lord keep it that way). and today when seeing the surgeon she has released him to go back to work on November 5; with the restriction of no lifting anything more than 10 lbs for the next 6 week and then the 3 months after that no lifting anything over 20 lbs. It is all in writing and we will give it to his employeer.

DH feels pretty good...still a little tired and still has the sernoma but it is healing and getting smaller in depth and diameter. There will be a recheck on that in 30 days. So, we are rounding the corner so to speak.

I have gained 4 lbs this month! I didn't exercise very much and had ice cream to often. I am ready to focus on it and get it back off and then would like to loose another 6 or so beforethe end of the year. So that is my new goal, 10 lb loss by end of year.

The work 5k is tomorrow and I still plan to do it, unless it rains....I am not walking or jogging in the rain...so I will see in the morning.

Annie: You and your entire family are in my prayers and thoughts at the passing of your sister-in-law. It is nice you and your brother are talking more. That was a very nice picture of you and your two brothers. How nice you got to meet one of Fe's sisters and even nicer that you clicked.

I keep meaning to tell you that DH and I thank you for the card you sent him; it was very sweet of you..

I am praying, crossing my fingers and toes and all sending all the luck in the world tomorrow to you at the interview.

Ceejay: You sound busy getting things in place for fall and winter. I still need to get my clothes switched over but I did get my summer shoes put away today (I worked from home and i got up at 6 to do it and then had my shower and got ready to work) and I also cleaned out the linnen closet as I bought some new sheets and blankets and I am getting rid of the others that are threadbare.

Happy: It sounds like you are still busy but maybe not doing volunteer work all the time but rather getting out and about with your DH. That is a good thing and I have found that when I stay off the computer or set a time limit I have more time and energy to do other things that leave me feeling motivated and energetic and accomplished. Keep making those little changes and you will win at getting back to the life you want.

I had to give myself this same advice with working so much...I succeed most days and more now than when I started.

Laura: I was reading back throught the posts, is Thursday, 10-26 the date for your bone density test?

Hello to Shad and Dee.

ceejay52 10-25-2018 08:07 PM

Hi everyone. Seems like every one is busy except me. I'm bored. Guess I need to volunteer like Happy. Slept till 9.30 this morning before Miley came to check on me and to wake me up. The tree's are showing there colors now. I'm sure it's the iron in the ground here that make the reds pop so much more than in Arkansas.

Sending you good vibes and will say a prayer for you about you interview tomorrow. It's amazing to see how others do things.

happy2bme 10-26-2018 10:44 AM

Good morning girls,

Ok so at the bottom of my screen I am seeing a targeted POLITICAL ad for governor of our state - that's how I know it's targeted. Gads, I can't wait until elections are over. But please everyone go out and vote and give great thought to WHO you are voting for and what they stand for. We need to return this country to sanity again and end this clown circus before there is no going back.

Last night I got home from bingo and got a text from the receptionist at the senior center asking if I would fill in for her today. BIG SIGH... I truly wanted to say no, I have already worked 1/2 days Wednesday at the lunch desk, Thursday at Bingo and another full day on Monday and Tuesday doing some typing and updates to the web and Facebook pages. :rolleyes: But I said reluctantly that I would do the afternoon... I just have to be tougher about saying no. DH drained the hot tub on Wednesday so we can do a refill of fresh water over the winter. I have to crawl in there and get the last bucketful of water out that doesn't drain as well as wash the inside down with a special cleaner. He wants that done today so he can roll up the outside hoses and blow the air out of the lines so he can turn the water off outside before it gets sustained freezing. I am "heating" the 3 season room now by running the dryer (it vents into there) and I will take care of that - it's why I said I' go in during the afternoon. I have a bunch of stuff to do here too including processing all those apples I bought the other day. Looks like a rainy weekend so I will stay in and take care of that. I also got some fresh Gulf shrimp from the truck yesterday. Was disappointed that they sold out of jumbo shrimp in 10 minutes and no crab either. They made a weak excuse - I think they just picked stuff up from the airport, sold most of it in Fargo and we just got the slim pickens left over. These guys are taking over the route of another guy and I think they resent it. Their offerings this year are not as good as last year when the regular guy was doing it. People just continue to disappoint me :lol:

Got my new glasses. I was comparing things with DH. Things are a bit better on the remake then before but still not good enough for me. DH has the same issue with one of his eyes. Interestingly enough, it's the same eye that he had done up here by the same doctor I go went to. I have suspected that because most of his patients are Medicare and he only gets about $600 per eye (compared to the $6,000 he charged for my private insurance) he probably uses inferior or cheaper lens. With DH having the same issues I'm thinking now that's probably true. I will go back to the eye doctor (not the one who did my cataracts) and see where we go from there. I thought cataract surgery was a one and done thing but he said no, they can retweek it although they don't like to because every cut causes potential scarring so they only do it if they really need to. Unfortunately this is the kind of thing that you can't tell until you've already done it. :shrug:

Annie - good luck to you on your interview today. I will be sending good thoughts and crossing fingers, toes and boobs for you :hug: Something good will come along, more trust, less stress. ;) Ugh on the overload of incense at the church. I can't stand the smell of the stuff myself - I think the Catholics minimize the use of it because so many have breathing issues with it. I do know several Filipinos and they are more old timey / old school religious folks so that does not surprise me about the service. Big families too which is probably part of the religious thing :D Glad you are talking more to your brother now - hope it's the start of a good thing although I'm sure it will never be as great as the brother you lost. There are just some bonds that are tighter with some folks over others. How did the Chili Cook Off go? Are there going to be more job cuts outside of your area?

Susie - I'm very happy to hear that DH is healing well. That has to be a load off both of your minds. I'm sure you will have no issue getting those extra few pounds off and getting back in your groove once things settle down. I am also happy that you have cut back on some of the intensity of your dedication to the job. I've been there - it seems noble enough but trust me, in the end not worth the personal sacrifice. Especially if one of your bosses is not always your biggest fan. I hope you can do that 5K today - would feel like quite the accomplishment!

Ceejay - it's great that you are sticking with the motivation to clean out the closets and such. I find if I am feeling that "lost in a whirlwind" feeling the best cure is to do exactly what you are doing - restore some order and structure to your life. I see you mentioned the colors are turning by you. Enjoy - we had a gorgeous autumn up here but I missed most of it because it peaked when I was down in Chicago which made me a little sad. What are you going to do with Miley? My Bimmy did not outgrow her kitten rambunctiousness when she turned into an adult so I guess that is her personality which means Miley may be the same. DH said he never saw a cat who wanted to play as much as she does. Anything is a toy to her. Most times it's fun, sometimes not so much. :nono: :lol:

Laura - geez the price of commuting sure has to be close to astronomical. I don't think they had assigned / rented parking spots when I was taking the train but I agree it would be helpful not to have to remember your space each time. That would be the kind of thing (like watching the weather forecast) that I thought of and then it immediately fell out of my brain when I needed it! :lol: I guess it's still a lot cheaper then driving into the city each day and parking. I saw the views from your office - stunning but gee it's been so long since I was in a building that high that it gave me the heebie jeebies looking out the window! I don't think we have anything higher than 3 floors here and I kinda like it :rofl: Are you all settled in after the move and getting your desk put back together? Does the sun shine on your computer screen during the morning light?

Hi Shad :wave:

Well time's a wasting... I have to check the temp in the hot tub room. It was 38 degrees this morning so the room and the water in the tub will be COLD. Thankfully there's not much to sop up and I'd better get on with it. Hopefully everyone has a good weekend ahead of them. See yahs :wave:

ceejay52 10-26-2018 12:51 PM

Miley still plays a bit but she sleeps a lot too. She can be demanding at times trying to tell me things. I've picked up a lot of things that she is trying to tell me, especially when she asks to go outside. I have to tell her NO in a stern voice or she keeps on asking me. Guess she is hoping she will wear me down. I will give her up in December and let my niece take her to Florida. I'm ready for a break. I will miss her. How was that pie that you won at Bingo?

Glad to hear the good news for DH. And I can understand about gaining those pounds. But I know that you will get those off in no time.
I'm getting excited about the trip next month to the Dominican Republic. It's warm in the day time but at night it gets cool. I'm not sure what to pack. Wish I could wear flip flops but my toes have never liked that type of thing.
I could not get in the groove of WW again so I canceled the subscription. There will be a cancellation fee but that's ok. I going to try to control my impulses to do things on the spur of the moment. I'm just going to use MFP and be done with it..
I'm borrowing this quote that I saw on another blog this morning as my mantra for this month. Permanent results require permanent changes. and it is up to me to do this. Go to quit feeling sorry for myself.

MyChoice2bfit 10-28-2018 07:43 AM

Hi Ladies, I hope the weekend is going well for you.

I am catching up on house cleaning and grocery shopping.

We went to a friends House Warming party for a new home they recently purchased. It was a pretty laid back evening.

I have church this morning and a couple more rooms to sweep and dust.

I will need to carve pumpkins tonight as our trick or treat night is Tueaday.

Thank you for all the support to me as I work to get the weight gain back to a weight loss.

I am posting this as I am on the recumbent bike this morning. I wanted to get it in early before church.

Ceejay: I really like the quote you are using and I think I will make it my mantra for this month and next. Thanks for sharing it.

happy2bme 10-28-2018 12:10 PM

Good morning ladies,

It's seeming more and more like Sunday is the one day of the week that is more laidback and I don't feel like I am constantly on the run. And I can sleep in - always a favorite! Yesterday DH and I had a nice day together. We went to the casino in the morning for a promotion - had breakfast there and then played for a while. DH walked in with a bit of money and I lent him some and he hit a lucky machine and made himself a nice wad. I would win some / lose some but walked out only dropping a little bit of my money. We went home so DH could feed all his babies (deer) and we made reservations at our favorite Italian restaurant. I had their amazing mushroom soup, a small dinner salad and a calamari appetizer of which I only ate about half. DH had his favorite swordfish and said it was so good he wanted to lick the plate clean. We decided to go back to the casino afterwards for the evening part of the promotion. We both felt we'd win one of the hourly $1,000 prizes but that was not to be. DH did well on the craps table and gave me some money to cover about half of what I spent. It was a nice evening - I was teasing him about not getting excited when he'd hit a big win on the slot machines so he was being a goof and acting all girly over excited when he was sitting next to me. :lol: I worked a half day at the Senior Center on Friday. Today I have to myself, I need to go to the grocery store :p I hate grocery shopping but I do need some fresh stuff like lemons in order to process all those apples I have sitting in a basket here. DH cut that apple pie I won at bingo in half and brought the other half to the Senior Center where we treated all the kitchen ladies to a piece of pie. I had one small taste and boy it was good. I am looking forward to that apple sauce. I need to go pick up some cranberries too. I love a turkey sandwich with cranberry mayo on it. Other than that nothing special going on. I do have a bunch of to do's from the senior center as well as the thrift shop I have been ignoring. And a whole bunch of laundry that seemed to creep up on me when I wasn't looking :lol: I really did think I was caught up!

Ceejay - your quote is very on point. I find myself I have a hard time committing to those permanent changes - so easily fall back into old habits. I saw the FB pictures from the car show - nice pictures of you and the family. Looks like a perfect fall day to enjoy being outside!

Susie - have fun with the pumpkin carving. We chop them up and feed them to the deer who LOVE pumpkins and apples. I'm kind of glad we don't have to deal with trick or treaters - they have several parties in town for the kids including at least 2 "trunk or treat" events held in church parking lots where participants hand out candy from the car trunks and the kids can go in a circle in the parking lot and collect their treats. Makes more sense than the rural spread out homesteads we have out here. And there is no temptation of a bag of candy here that I don't need to be eating - DH either! Do you get many kids coming into the neighborhood? Yay for you for getting your bike work in. I should put my NuStep in the laundry room - as if I could! so I could multitask.

Annie - how did the interview go?

Hellos to the rest of you - hope you are enjoying your weekend. We are chilly, gray and rainy here. They are talking snow next week. It's bound to come sooner than later - wouldn't mind if it held off till January but then again if by some miracle it did, that wouldn't be the best idea because then it would get too dry and we'd have fire danger. I can't believe November is rolling in at the end of this week ALREADY.

Shad 10-28-2018 09:33 PM

Hi all,
Sorry to be missing in action so much. If I had known retirement was going to be so busy, I would never have retired. :rolleyes:

My friend R had a fall coming out of the gym and smashed her left arm and elbow. She was in agony for some days and then got surgery to pin the whole lot back together again. She was coming right when she started to feel a lump in the stomach area that was squishy and sounded like it was full of water. As you may remember, she had surgery for a stomach bypass when she first came up here and also had the band removed from her stomach. It seems that the fall has opened up the internal wound from the band surgery and caused a hernia, so she is back in hospital for another operation. Can't catch a trick at the moment.

My friend M who had the cancer of the oesophagus is still getting chemo symptoms and at the moment it seems like his memory is affected. He's okay with long term, but short term is shot. Mine does that occasionally too.

I've not been feeling too well - sort of stiff and achy (get up in the morning and feel like I am 107) so wandered off to the doc last week, got a prescription repeat and a trip to the physio out of that. Also another couple of visits to the dietician, not that I think she is necessary, but it's free so I will go. The osteo in my back is playing up - somedays I have to take something to dull it down a bit but on the whole I think I am doing okay. I had a blood test the other day. Haven't heard back yet so probably everything is okay. Usually I get a call the following day if the doctor is concerned about anything

DS2 has gone to Stanthorpe for a couple of weeks. I have the dog here until Friday when DS2 will come home for the weekend, then he will be back again for another week. DS2 was worried about the accommodation the company was putting the team up in. Apparently it is a caravan park and they are also doing the catering which is not normal in those places. His company says they have to use them to eat. DS2 is carrying a bit of weight and trying hard to get it off which is why he is a bit worried about the food aspect.

My fence is up and working. Now I can start on getting the vege patch expanded a bit. Although it seems that DS2 wants to extend the fence so that it is all renovated. Then the neighbours came over to view our mutual fence and we will have to repair that one as well. Never ending work over here.

Well I now have to go get ready for the physio. Run out of time again and I haven't nearly finished todays jobs. Something to do when I get back home I guess.

I'll try for personals later in the day.
Forgot to mention. I'm having computer woes again. The disc was nearly full so I backed up everything and then deleted some from the C drive. Bah humbug, that also deleted my Outlook files. I've got the inbox working again although I seem to have lost a lot of the stuff I had saved but can't figure out how to get the outbox working yet.

annie175 10-29-2018 08:42 AM

Good Morning...

The interview went fantastic. I nailed it. Altho the department manager did not get to interview me as she went home with back spasms, I did interview with 3 others. The manager interview will be scheduled soon as a phone interview or maybe in person. I am good with either. Funny story about interview.....the one gal that was interviewing me noticed my address on my resume. She lives two streets over in my neighborhood and I had actually notarized a document for her in the past. Plus I refused payment for my services. Good Karma!!! :)

Still no word from WF. Ok by me as I will have insurance for longer. The longer it takes for them to give me an end date the longer it will be to have insurance. That is the positive upside of all of this.

Be back in a few.

Laura705 10-29-2018 12:56 PM

Morning all. I had a nice 4 days off. Thursday was the bone density scan. Before that, I picked up the results of my 2009 bone density scan from my (former) gyn office. I saw the rheumatologist after the scan to discuss the results of the scan and the blood/urine tests. Nothing points to anything causing the fracture or its failure to heal. I knew that in my gut. The scan results were normal, as they were in 2009. I was told, however, to increase my vitamin d from 1,000 day to 2,000. So this step is done, so I guess now I need to schedule a follow-up with the ortho and see what the next one is. I did have to make a couple calls to get an email to set me up with access to the portal so I could see my results. I thought it was all for naught, but I finally got the email at 1:05 am yesterday.

Friday was lazy, though I did do a workout at the fc since I didn’t exercise on my usual day Thursday. Otherwise, the weekend was uneventful. When I last shopped with my mom, I ended unintentionally taking home a loaf of her bread (our bags get mixed up together in the car), which I put in the freezer. On Saturday I dropped it off by her, along with a loaf of the bakery rye bread she likes, and a gallon of milk she wanted. I took away some clothes she wants to donate. Except for a Christmas sweater that I’ll drop off this weekend, the rest are summer tops, so I guess I’ll hang onto those until spring. I have a number of bags for donation in the closet, so I better go through those and get them dropped off now that the senior thrift shop is under new management and is accepting donations.

I did a bunch of laundry and de-potted several dead houseplants. BF got stranded in a parking lot on Friday with a dead battery in our SUV. One connection had a bunch of corrosion on it. He had a heck of a time getting the old battery disconnected and the new one connected. That was a lot of driving back and forth for tools, coming back when it wasn’t raining, etc. But he finally got the job done Saturday. Sunday was really lazy because I skipped my usual workout at the fc. I’ve been very bad about tracking my food in MFP the past week or so…however, I stepped on the scale this morning and all’s good. I’m down 20 pounds since April. Kind of in a holding pattern lately – up and down the same pound or two. Need to make the scale move again!!

Annie – I’m happy the interview went so well for you!!! WF’s loss will be another employer’s gain!! Is it a concern to leave WF and then have to wait for insurance to kick in with another employer, or will it just be a relief to have a new job and not be waiting for the ax to finally fall at WF?? Duh. I’m being dense. I imagine you can have COBRA carry you until you’re eligible for the new job’s insurance.

Shad – Wow, your friend R is really going through the ringer at the moment. I hope all goes well with this surgery and that’ll be it for a good long time. Sorry you’re feeling achy. Has the rx helped? So it sounds like your ds must be somewhere remote if he food is catered in… I hope he finds something that works for his weight loss efforts. Good luck with your computer issues.

Happy – Sounds like you enjoyed your laid back Sunday. You’re fortunate to not have the Halloween candy in the house. BF has already purchased ours and it is in an undisclosed location so I won’t dig into it. Maybe I will leave him to the entire trick-or-treat duties this year and go to the fc for a workout on Halloween evening. I won’t even have to see the candy – he can just hide away the leftovers and forget about them and I might manage to forget their existence…until a sweets craving hits, lol. Yum, turkey sandwich with cranberry mayo! A local restaurant has a melt – a grilled turkey/cheese sandwich served with the cran-mayo on the side. Oh, re the commute expense – I haven’t ever tallied the cost of the train ticket and the local commuter lot parking. And it doesn’t even matter because the possibility of me ever driving & parking downtown is zilch. Yes, I’m settled I from the move. I haven’t bugged our office services group for an adjustable keyboard drawer yet. Yes, the sun is bugging people and the blinds seem to be lower and lower each day I when I arrive. That might end this week after dst ends– the morning sun will be higher in the sky again starting next week, right? I have to think about this…

Susie – Glad to hear your dh is recovering nicely from his surgery. Must be such a relief for you. I hope we get to see a pic of your carved pumpkins here or on fb! I know you are committed to your WL so I have no doubt you’ll make that gain go away and continue to goal!

Ceejay – I like that quote! I’m sure your upcoming vacation is a motivation as well, but you also need something to keep you going when there isn’t some special event dangling in front of you. It sounds like you need to find a good pair of sandals that are comfortable for you. Don't let it go to the last minute - make sure whatever you buy will be comfortable for whatever your planned activities.

Hi Dee, hope all is well with you.

Nothing else to report, so I’ll get this posted. Have a fab day everyone!

ceejay52 10-30-2018 08:55 PM

Haven't been myself lately. Having to force myself to do anything. Maybe tomorrow I will snap out of it.

happy2bme 10-31-2018 07:33 AM

Happy Halloween everyone :haphal:

Glad to hear you did well on the interview Annie - I knew you would. Still pulling for the best outcome for you. I know it's stressful waiting on your end date but like you said, don't work too hard, enjoy the extended medical coverage while you can. :hug:

Hello to the rest - sorry no personals right now. We have to take DH's truck in for a recall thing and routine maintenance and I am going to be working the morning lunch desk at the senior center today. For some reason they decided to have the little kids at the primary school walk over to trick or treat RIGHT WHEN we are serving lunch today. Little kids and the elderly - don't I LOVE being sandwiched between that? :no: :no: :no: :lol:

Have a good day everyone. Will catch up later...

annie175 10-31-2018 08:47 AM

Good Morning All!

Have a SPOOKtacular Day!


Laura705 10-31-2018 11:43 AM

Happy Halloween everyone!
:witch: :sklol: :dracula: :witch2:

ceejay52 10-31-2018 01:04 PM

Happy Halloween. Not looking forward to this night and I don't plan to participate either. Gonna hide.

Still pulling for you.

Don't let the little goblins get to out of hand.

Feeling better today. My bones were aching very badly yesterday. I'm learning to take my meds.

annie175 11-02-2018 08:46 AM

Good Morning...the week from.....

My other SIL Cindy has been in the hospital since Monday evening. Colitis is the diagnosis. All about what you are eating. People... Anyway, pain, fever, bleeding from heiny, vomiting, etc. Upped her to stronger antibiotics and on pain injections. Poor lady. She should make a full recovery. Skipping visiting today after work as Trump is visiting Indiana and will be at a high school in the area of the hospital. Roads blocked off in the area so it would make it hard to get to the hospital. NOOOO I am NOT going to that rally.

Tomorrow is the bazaar Royce's pre-k is working to raise $$ for the school. The school is doing a bake sale. I am making an apple pie and red velvet cake. Sam is making rice crispy treats and peanut butter cookies to donate. She is working the entire day from 9 to 3, or until the goodies run out. I will go help her once I get out of meeting in the morning.

My bro Chuck in Illinois is having a real tough time of missing Fe. He cries several times a day. He calls me several times a day and keeps me on the phone for hours at a time. I feel so badly for him. For the love of God, please give him some peace. I know it has only been a week.

Still no word on an end date here. Nothing from interview yet either.

Have a great weekend all.


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