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happy2bme 12-03-2018 02:42 PM

Good morning girls,

My sister said yesterday it was 3 weeks until Christmas. Well I guess this is another year that just passes me by! :rolleyes: Tomorrow I go to the oral surgeon. We will see how many pounds of flesh that will cost me. Weekend was quiet for the most part, nothing very interesting to speak of. Mom is still making me crazy, DH has gone down that same path and tagged teamed with her. If it's not one, it's the other!

Ceejay - welcome home. Are you cold now? :lol: I hope Miley will be happy in Florida. She sounds like she prefers to have people around most of the time instead of the usual loner cat. Pets aren't for everyone, they take a big commitment and can put a dent in your plans and we both know.

Annie - I tend to agree with you about the level of effort put into work. Although you are getting probably the most generous severance package that I have seen. So stay positive and I hope you find something quick. This time of year used to be tough - not sure if still is because for job hunting they have usually not worked on the new year's budget so don't have the headcounts all in line yet. But you are talented so I'm saying all good things for you :hug: Look for something in the mail - reminded me of you and Mellie so I thought you'd get a smile out of it. How was the Polar Express? Pictures looked cute!

Laura - Ma Jong and Dominoes/Mexican Train - both matchy matchy games with rectangular tiles! I always enjoyed peeking at the decorated houses on my train ride also. I was also fond of napping! :lol: I smiled when you talked about the ice crashing from the building. I used to work in that white diamond top shaped building on Michigan and Randolph. Talk about an "ivory tower" -- LOL. With the slope of those windows, ice was always sliding down. I got used to it because my back was to it but at first it was quite scary! I remember once I was interviewing a candidate and my back was to the window. The poor interviewee kept dodging and flinching and apologizing all through the interview! Harder for them than me to deal with. I imagine you will see all sorts of incredible things up there. Do you face east? Will you get a good look at the Grant Park 4th of July Fireworks? And then you can run to the train faster than they can come out of the park so you'll have a seat on the ride home. Hope you had a nice lunch with the former coworker. How did the Charity thing go over the weekend?

Hello to the rest of yahs :wave:

Shad 12-04-2018 03:10 AM

Morning all,
Seems like only yesterday I was posting and here it is and I haven't been in for a while. 3 weeks to Christmas, well that will go fast. I'm off to Tasmania on Thursday until the 18th. Should be a good trip I hope. I need to look up some bits and pieces to do while we are there as well. It's all go round here. It's been awfully hot and humid and that usually means lethargy - certainly too hot to work outside after 8.00am. Hopefully there will be some relief this week. Supposed to get rain and only 25 tomorrow according to the forecast. Then about 3 weeks of above average temps which mean mid to high thirties or 99F to about 106F Guess the air con will be moving along.

Lost the rest of my post, back later.

annie175 12-04-2018 10:28 AM

Good Morning....on the struggle bus. Nothing from the interview....kind of depressing.

Polar Express was good. Not as many decorated lighted houses on the route as usual. Boring. I was tired and achy, not feeling well all day and into the train ride. I was a bummer. I had my second of the shingles shot on Friday and I think it took a bit of a toll on me. Sunday I was fine. Still am, except for my head, it is all messed up right now.

Love to all. Make is a great one.

ceejay52 12-04-2018 01:52 PM

Slept really good last night with no cat getting under the covers and playing, then sitting on top of my head to get me up.
I've been doing errands this morning and it has been spitting snow. Sure do miss that warm 85 degree weather.

I'm curious to find out how Miley did on the car ride to Florida. As soon as I got back I started telling her that momma, my niece, was coming to take on her on vacation. Think she, the cat, would have been ok but she wasn't sure about niece's bf. The cat is definitely one that does not like to be alone.

I need to get the shingles shot but not sure if my insurance will pay for it.
My doctor didnt keep them in stock. I will have to get it at the pharmacy.

Will need to come back and finish personals. Going to the gym.

Laura705 12-04-2018 05:23 PM

Afternoon all.

I’m upset about the admin, who phoned me this morning and again earlier this afternoon. She’s still in the hospital (since Friday). She’s been on an IV for fluids and antibiotics for the infection. She had an ordeal yesterday getting an angiogram and angioplasty. Apparently at least one of her arteries has a 90% blockage. Tomorrow, she’ll have one of her toes amputated. She’s been in a constant struggle for so many years. It’s amazing how she’s able to keep her chin up and just forge on. Please keep her in your thoughts and/or prayers. Oh, forgot to mention that her 50
th birthday was yesterday. :(

My 3-day weekend was alright. I felt kind of “off” on Sunday and Monday, but nothing significant. Heck, nothing’s significant when I think of what the admin has gone/is going through.

Anyway… Saturday I had a hair appointment and then an eye doctor appointment. A month ago I ordered new contacts and they gave me the wrong rx for the right eye. Haven’t worn contacts for about 2+ weeks now since I ran out of my previous supply. Then they went through the order for me after my exam on Saturday, but then the doctor left me a message on my work phone shortly after I left (which I didn’t listen to until today). I don’t know if they still have a question about my lens order or what. Getting a bit impatient with them.

Didn’t do much of anything the rest of Saturday. Did some laundry on Sunday.

Yesterday - my vacation day - I met my former co-worker for lunch. He’s considered himself retired these past several months, but just received his final paycheck (severance), so we’ll see if he stays retired… He’s signed up for medical insurance starting in January through the ACA/Obamacare and wants to see if the subsidies he’s supposedly eligible for “stick” before going out to find a job with insurance benefits.

Before and after lunch yesterday, I did some shopping for the charity drive I’m participating in. I’m still not done, but I bought a few things for the 4-year old boy I’m shopping for – a Spiderman action figure, some Tonka trucks, couple packs of giant coloring pages and some crayons. Also couldn’t resist some Spiderman pj’s and slippers, though he didn’t ask for them.

After work today I’m going to Kohl’s to check out the shoe section for the other little boy I’m shopping for – he was on the shoe list. I’ll also check out the toys at Kohl’s to see what else I might get the other boy. After that, I’ll go to the fc at the recplex (right around the corner from Kohl’s) for a workout.

I’ve been slacking on the workouts, and still not eating right, so the scale has gone up. Grrr. I need to get with the program! I’ve tracked my eating today.

Ceejay – Welcome back. It was probably nice to get back home and sleep in your own bed. Good for you going to the gym!!!

Happy – Hope the oral surgeon visit isn’t too painful financially or physically. == While I was in the toy aisle at Walmart yesterday I saw a domino set that had Mexican Train on the cover of the box…Someone mentions something and then of course you suddenly start seeing or hearing about it, lol. == Re our offices – we have two full floors and part of a third. I can face east by rolling my chair back a few feet. I don’t know why I thought all the fireworks were closer to Navy Pier these days, but if they are still viewable from Grant Park, then I think we would have a good view of them. Funny story about the crashing ice from that diamond building during the interview!

Shad – We can trade you some cool air if you’ll pass along some sunshine, lol. I could also use a bit more moisture in the air. My eyes have never been so dry as they've been the past few weeks!!

Annie – Sorry you weren’t 100% for the Polar Express ride on Saturday. I’m glad you felt better by Sunday. == I have no doubt that you’ll end up in a good place as to employment, but I’ll keep sending you some good vibes!

Susie - Have you gotten back into your exercise routine??

Hi Dee!

Okay, I'll get this posted. TTFN.

ceejay52 12-05-2018 03:12 PM

Good grief it is afternoon already. Sleeping till 9.15 took most of my morning but I needed it.
My niece wanted a DNA kit for Christmas so I've ordered her one and my sister one. Ordered BIL a gift card from Amazon dot come. Now I need to get a 20 dollar gift for our exchange on Christmas day. We adults play a game and what ever you have when the timer goes off is your gift. Will be sending a few relatives Christmas cards but that will be it.
The weather men are predicting a winter storm starting tomorrow, first ice then snow. Yesterday's high was 32. This is January weather.
My niece made it to Florida around 1.15 a.m. this morning. I know she is tired. but has to work today. She had to let Miley out of her cage cause she cried a lot. She said she got under the seat and settled down. She does not like to be cooped up. Miley will be Ashley's cat now. I'm so used to coming in the door and telling Miley that I'm home that I did that yesterday. Sigh

That is sad news to hear from your administrator. Hope she feels better soon. Sending her good vibes. Good for you in going to the fitness center.

What are you doing ? Do you have the house decorated for Christmas?

Are you working out?

Hello to Happy and Dee and Shad. Shad I do envy your hot weather.

Shad 12-06-2018 04:33 PM

On phone so not sticking around for long. We arrived in Hobart, Tasmania yesterday. It was really warm, not quite what I expected. This morning we went for a walk and I found out just how out of shape I am. Might go back skinny 😂. Yeah and that's likely.
Anyway shortly we are off for R to meet up with someone on her family tree and I'm about to do some shopping.
Hope you are all eating right and doing exercises etc. Have fun in the cool while I swelter in the heat.

ceejay52 12-06-2018 06:40 PM

I ventured out and went into Springfield to Hobby Lobby. There was more people in there than I wanted but I did find what I went after. I'd forgotten how much I like this . However, this one seemed a lot bigger than the one in Arkansas. They had Christmas decorations 40 to 50% off purchase price so that was good. The traffic was bad for me.
The inside of my mouth is sore. Feels like I've burned it but can't think of what I eaten or drank to do this. Also have bumps all over the inside of my lower lip which is sore.
I didn't realize that I'd gotten to much sun in the Dominican but my left upper arm is beginning to peel. It's not to bad but itchy and flaky.
Not much else going on. I'm putting out a few decorations for Christmas tonight and addressing cards for a few relatives.

Laura705 12-07-2018 11:47 AM

Morning all. Happy Friday. I can’t remember where I left off…

After work on Tuesday I went to Kohl’s and bought the rest of the gifts for the charity drive. Then I went to the fc for a workout.

Wednesday morning I had one of the quarterly performance check-ins with the boss. Bleh. It went alright I guess. I’ll have another one – the final for 2018 - in January. Then we had a lunch with one of our vendors, and then an internal women’s networking function in the afternoon. After work I wrapped all the charity drive gifts. It took a while because I wrapped each gift individually – do little kids still like to unwrap gifts?? I thought it would be more fun than gift bags…

Yesterday I brought all the gifts to the office. I had a long morning meeting, then dropped off the gifts. They had a breakfast in our little caf area in conjunction with the drop-offs. When I got to the café late in the morning, the food was still out there, so I grabbed a slice of veggie quiche to reheat for my lunch. In the afternoon was gift/cake for a pregnant woman in another group that reports to my boss’s boss. Calendar has been full the last couple days at work, so I’m glad next week is lighter.

I’ve been feeling kind of off all week, and my tailbone was sore the past couple days, and I was tired from late bedtimes the past two nights, so I skipped the Thursday workout. Glad I did. I feel alright today.

I was late to work today because I missed my usual train . The car was frosted over and the ice scraper wasn’t very effective. AND the inside windshield was all fogged over. Took a while to just get it clear enough to drive my 6 blocks to the train station parking lot. Sigh. Of course a remote starter would be convenient. And this is the first full winter that I’m driving myself to the train. But we’re thinking of replacing this car (2005 Acura) at some point in the near future… But… if it were cheap enough to get remote start, why not?? And I do think it would be best to keep this car through the winter. Mechanically it’s fine. One tire has a slow leak, and cosmetically it’s sort of unsightly, but I love that car so I’m a bit reluctant to sell it.

Another 3-day weekend because I’m taking Monday off work. On Saturday, we have our block’s holiday party – apps/entrée at one home, dessert at another. I have to prepare a dessert of some sort. *If* I'm able to bake! I hope the other oven part is delivered today and that bf can get it installed and that this part does the trick to get the oven working again!! Otherwise we’ll have to get a tech to come out…or decide to buy a new stove, which I don’t want to do at the moment.

Nothing firm planned for the rest of the weekend except to take mom shopping on Monday.

Okay, enough rambling and on to personals…

--Ceejay – Our nearby Hobby Lobby shut down almost a couple years ago – I miss it, and it was HUGE. == Could the mouth sore/bumps be related to the shingles?? Or maybe like you thought - just something (too) hot that burned it.

Shad – It was 17F earlier and now it’s 25F, so I’d kind of like to be sweltering in the heat right now… Hope you’re enjoying Tasmania and aren’t too worn out to keep on being active on your vacation.

Susie, Happy, Annie, Dee: How’s everyone doing?? Miss you all!!

MyChoice2bfit 12-07-2018 01:14 PM

Hello everyone it's been a very busy week I had two days of training and in order to not lose vacation time I needed to take a half day off yesterday and I took today off and I'm taking Monday off and I still have time that I've got schedule for the rest of the year. Actually December 13th is my last day of work. Yahoo!!

A lot of work will go undone at this point I'm only doing the urgent.

I'm happy to share a 1.8 pound loss at tops last night I'm really trying to lose at least 5 pounds by the end of December.

I lost by watching my food very closely because I haven't had time to get much exercise in only then maybe two times a week however starting Dec 14th I plan to be in a great regimented workout routine and getting to where I prioritize it everyday.

I'm in the middle of cleaning house and I need to get one last room done and then I want to relax a bit. I have a ladies banquet at church tonight; it was so very nice that a young lady asked me to join her table along with some of her friends. She's a daughter of one of our good friends and I thought it was very nice of her to ask me to join as her mother will be there as well. I usually don't do a lot of the ladies stuff at church but I'm looking forward to this.

Hopefully when I take a break later this afternoon I will come back and do personals. I'm sorry if I don't make it, please forgive me, I'll get refocused I miss everyone and it's good to be able to sit and read the posts

ceejay52 12-08-2018 08:43 AM

Thought I posted yesterday. I'm missing Miley and a bit overwhelmed. not sure why I'm overwhelmed. I know I'm ready for some sunshine.
Made it to PF yesterday for a good workout. going back today. may get into a tanning bed for some light therapy.

MyChoice2bfit 12-10-2018 08:15 AM

Hello Ladies,

The weekend flew by! I however am blessed to be taking a vacation day today. I was really bummed out when I didn't get to take my 3 planned vacation days before Thnaksgiving, due to the VP being here. but I am loving the fact that this week I only work Tuesday, Wed and half of Thursday and then I am on vacation until January 2 2019!!

It looks like Shad's trip is allowing for some beautiful sightseeting, despite those tempatures!

Shad: We are just at frezzing with our temps most of these days and below freezing at night. I can't believe the cold and snow we already are having. I'm glad I asked for some heavier winter sweaters for Christmas.

Annie: I hope you will hear one way or the other about the interview. Being in limbo is unsettling. I'm glad to hear that you will have your health care for a few more months. I truly believe you will have a new job by then. Thinks will start churning again on the job front about the middle of January when everyone gets settled back in after all the holiday time off.

I'm praying for you! Hugs!

Laura: That is just awful news about the Admin. She has had so much to deal with. You are a good person to her.

Happy: Did I miss the outcome of your visit at the Oral Surgeon.

Ceejay: I too can get gloomy when there isn't sunshine. Did working out help? I have been horrible with my workouts. My goal is to work out at least 3 times this week.

I have some errands to do today and a couple of more gifts that I need to get. I need to get a shower and get on the road by 10:00 a.m. I will drive to Cincinnati &I hope to be back home by 2-3:00 p.m. My plan is to be on the treadmill or bike at 4:30 p.m.

Have a lovely day friends!

happy2bme 12-10-2018 01:13 PM

Good morning ladies,

I thought and was hoping today was Sunday. In talking to DH, I find it's Monday - hit the ground running and lots to do. I guess I did spend 2 days home which was nice. Made a pot of chicken wild rice soup using a rotisserie chicken. It came out good. Made a batch of Cheddar Bay biscuits to go with it - they are not as good as I seem to remember the ones at Red Lobster restaurants.

As far as the teeth go, oral surgeon wants to talk to the dentist to decide on a course of treatment. I got a call late Friday - they want me to come in for a CT scan and impressions and I will be the subject of their next study group with dentists in the area to talk about what to do with a mouth like mine :lol: I still don't know what is going on. Front tooth is super sensitive - there may be a crack in it that is aggravating the nerve to the adjacent teeth. I have to be careful when eating.

Got a note from a former neighbor - my house in Tennessee is up for sale. All they did was paint 2 rooms and replace carpeting in a couple of rooms and want $110, 000 more than they paid for the house 8 years later. I guess the market really rallied back. Our house here is worth more than we purchased it for but we also put about $100,000 into it also so our net gain is only a few thousand. Still I wouldn't trade houses for all the world's riches. It would be even worse living down there now as I imagine the whole area is pro-Trump which would make me barf. Hipo-Christians. :rolleyes:

It's a busy week ahead. I have a holiday party to attend on Wednesday which I truly would rather skip. I have to figure out something to make for that party as well as bake up about 8 dozen cookies for the cookie walk fundraiser at the senior center on Saturday which I am also working at. I keep thinking about Christmas decorating and cards and such and once again, just really not into it. So sorry folks. Christmas Eve in 2 weeks.

Susie - I hope you can relax and enjoy those days off. Just makes you happy thinking about it. I'm sure you're holidays will be filled with fun stuff with the kids. AND DON'T BRING WORK HOME with you :lol: I admire your dedication to getting your eating and exercise back in line again. Then again, you can see how fast things pile up when you fall off the routine, right? Sometimes it seems a daunting task!

Ceejay - such is the dilemma with a pet - they do bring a certain brightness to your life - nice that something is home waiting for you and sort of listens to what you say but then again as you have found the down side is that it really puts a strain if you are the travelling type. We are chained because of the cats but I can't imagine life without them. Are you back in the grind again and used to the cooler temperatures?

Shad - I am really enjoying your pictures on vacation. Looks like you are having a wonderful time. I no longer remember what feeling "too hot" is all about. All I remember is being cold :rofl: I can imagine that those long walks you used to take are a bit more tiring - see what retirement has done to you? :D

Annie - I too hope you hear something about the job. It's very frustrating to be on the waiting side of things. Keep your spirits up in whatever ways you can - via a support group, enjoy your time with the kids, come to my house and clean it up ( :rofl: ) ;) ;) You are in my thoughts every single day that something comes through quickly for you. :hug:

Laura - you sure have been busy. How was the block party? Sounds like a lot of fun. Also sounds like everything that is aged is getting ot the point of replacing it. I know how that goes. I am on again off again about replacing the 2003 Avalon. It is a reliable car - just want something for winter driving and can't decide on another car. Maybe just new snow tires would be a far less expensive investment and buy a few more years. We don't even have 100,000 miles on the car so it's in decent shape except for all the dents ignorant people have put into the door when they slam into the car at the parking lots. But I understand your reluctance to sell your car. Why are you driving to the train station now? Change in BF's schedule? Do you still have alot of snow from the storm the other week? Kudos to you for doing all the shopping and wrapping for the charity drive. Yes, I would think kids would still like to open a wrapped gift over a more convenient gift bag. I hope you enjoy your long weekend today.

Time to find something for lunch. The days seem to spin at double speed - last night it was 10:30pm and I thought it was 7pm. I don't seem to be making much progress here so I'm going to make us some lunch and get busy.

Have a good week all!

ceejay52 12-10-2018 01:17 PM

Week end was good. Church yesterday . The church's sanctuary is beautifully decorated for Christmas. Went to sissy's after church to eat lunch of home made turkey pot pie. Yum. sis is an excellent cook.
Not much else is going on.

Good for you in taking off during the Holiday's.

annie175 12-11-2018 10:47 AM

Good Morning.

Have spent the last two mornings applying applying applying. Hopefully things will start happening. My spirits are up which is good. Time is going so quickly. Wait on me to get a job before end date of bennies.

Talk to my bro Chuck in Illinois ~ 3 to 4 times a day, except when he has things to do. haha. I try to keep him busy with little projects around his house, shopping and Barnes and Noble. So Far so good.

No personals today. You all sound good except HAPPY's teeth. Yikes.

Love you all.

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