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Default Little Things Make a Big Difference

Hey all! I wanted to see what some other people are looking forward to in weight loss. And not the normal higher self esteem, healthier body, overall happiness stuff, just something small that you are totally looking forward to! For me it is my thighs not touching! Everyday that I wear a skirt or a dress (which is often due to work wear) if I don't wear shorts underneath then all day my thighs are rubbing and chaffing (gross right) I can notwait until the day that I can walk around with out my thighs touching! It'll be sooo awesome !! Love to hear yours!!!
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I know this is weird.. but the day where a downward dog is a "rest" pose for me in yoga and not a strenuous one... and the day where a pushup feels like a breeze.
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I'm looking forward to being able to go into any store to buy a bra. I just can't seem find a J cup at Vickie's Secret or Target for some reason. lol
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I, also, can't wait until its easier to find my bra size!

That, and I can't wait until I can wear tanktops without worrying about my ugly, flabby arms! haha
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I can't wait until my wedding and engagement rings fit again. I got them resized once and then they couldn't be resized any larger. It's kind of hard for me to wear rings anyway right now because my fingers are widest at the bottom and thinnest at the top, without any protruding knuckles, so if I find a ring that's big enough, it just falls off.
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ilovemo Look into the 100 pushup plan (or maybe it's the 100 pushup program?) It's like couch to 5k for pushups.

I'm also looking forward to my thighs not rubbing together. I've actually rubbed them a little raw on some hot days when I'm out walking a lot in the heat.
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This may be a bit TMI, but I'm looking forward to being able to trim my, ahem, downstairs topiary without having to hold a fat roll out of the way!
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Getting my life back
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Being able to wear my old clothes again. I have so many that are cute, just... I got big.

I also totally understand the thigh thing. It's SO hot here, yet I wear jeans a lot because I don't like the chaffing. Hanging out with friends, my boyfriend convinced me I would die at the park if I didn't wear something else. (He was right too) so... I put on a light skirt and a tank top. EMBARRASSED about my arms the whole time and just walking around I got so sore between the legs it started to really hurt. I was too scared to tell them all to stop walking so we could sit because I knew some of the people we were with (ones I wouldn't classify as friends) were thin healthy people, who hated fat people. I'd get remarks all the time, the last thing i needed was "fatty can't even walk, exercise that bad for you?" So.. I put up with it and STILL have a rash between my legs.

IT SUCKS! Baby powder doesn't work...
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I can't wait until I can run a mile without stopping. I have never been able to do this. Being able to shop at a regular store would be great too. I'm kind of in that in between phase. Sometimes its hard to find my size at Kohls or similar stores but Lane Bryant is too big for me most the time.

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I'm really looking forward to wearing sleeveless tops and not wearing cardigans all year round!
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I'm not normally obsessed with this kind of thing, but I was sitting in class about a week ago and tried to wrap my fingers around above my knees. I think it's gonna eventually be my new thing to do with my thighs when I'm bored.
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I totally agree with the thigh thing. I barely ever wear dresses because of it, but I did last night. I would give anything for them not to chaff(sp?) when I walk.

I can't wait for the day to come when I can wear low rise jeans because I don't have to tuck my love handles into my pants.
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I can't wait to be able to shop in ANY store! I hate spending so much money for crappy cheap Lane Bryant stuff that just doesn't last.
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I can't wait, like btrinny to shop anywhere I please!
Also, I can't wait until I see a huge difference in myself. I can tell I've lost some weight but I want to really feel it! Haha.
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I can't wait to reach my final goal so that I don't have to keep buying clothes that quickly become too big. It's been great to be excited like, all my clothes are too big, ..then I buy a couple skirts and pairs of pants but a few weeks later those are too big. I have to watch my spending and not get too attached to the new items. When I hit my final goal (whatever that is) I'll be so excited to know I can buy some nice things that should last for awhile.
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