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For me it's being healthy and fit enough to run / play with my nieces without feeling winded or tired.
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Hi, all,

I love reading your "Little Things" and I can SO relate! My biggest problem is my waistline. I feel like I am being cut in half, even when wearing something that fits perfectly everywhere else on me.

Right now, I have been putting off dressing to go shopping, because my "going out" clothes feel too tight. For now, elastic waistbands will have to do, but I so look forward to being comfortable tucking my blouse in!

I will work hard, today, cycling and lifting, to get there!
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In my case I can't wait to be able to cross my legs. I want to be able to sit at work and fold my legs comfortably. Kinda feel sexy doing that!
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Short term, I can't wait to fit all the clothes sitting in my closet all these years. Long term, I dream of the day I can buy clothes from the normal section and to be able to wear the cute bras instead of sports bras and granny bras lol
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I can't wait to wear a belt again and wear tigger fitting shirts without my belly fat shining through. I cant wait to see my waist again. But most of all I can't wait to say " I did it!" I did it!

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I can't wait to be able to cross my legs (haven't been able to do that since like 9th grade), be able to shop in a non plus-size store, or heck, even be able to easily find clothes *in* a plus sized store. My ginormous hips make it near impossible to find pants!

I also really, really, *really* want to see the day where I can see my own feet without leaning forward.
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There's a similar thread to this in another forum (Weight Loss Support Forum?); and I posted in there that I am so glad that my legs don't rub together anymore. So, here's a TIP for all of you that have this problem: I really believe the reason is that I do "thigh presses" a few times a week. I learned to do these in a gym many, many years ago.

THIGH PRESSES ~ since I don't have the machine like at the gym, I created my own -- just lay on your back on your bed, bend your knees, and squeeze your thighs together. OK, I know this sounds weird/naughty ladies, but you know what I mean: open and close your legs ... I started at 10 and worked my way up to 25 or more, as you want.

My dream desire is to see my "tummy" gone ... can't wait!
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I can't wait to wear sleeveless shirts/dresses. I hate having to put on a cardigan or the like all the time. It's hot in would be nice to wear something without sleeves.

Also, I can't wait to have a wardrobe that doesn't mainly consist of shirts with elastic at the bottom to hide this spare tire im lugging around.
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I can't wait until I am seen as a person first and foremost and not a fat person.
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I've been doing the C25K programme. I'm really looking forward to having better stamnia and being able to walk up a hill with something resembling a normal heart beat.
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I feel like high heels should be more comfortable if I weigh less. Make sense to me! I can't wait to be able to buy boots without paying a fortune for wide calf in real leather. That may never happen because I have really muscular legs, but I'm going to try!!
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Just call me Dana
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I can't wait to feel good having my husband watch me undress at night (which I know he likes to do), instead of rushing to do it before he comes in the room.
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I can't wait to be able to wear short sleeve shirts and tank tops and not be self conscious about my arms. Also, I would love to be able to wear shorts and cute dresses, without obsessing how gross my legs look. And I also can't wait to have a slimmer face... I hate my chubby cheeks.

And most of all, I can't wait for my boyfriend to really notice that I've slimmed down. I've gained about 30 lbs since we started dating, which was 4 years ago. It would be nice to look better than when he first met me.

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I'm looking forward to be able to wear tighter fitting clothes, so my singing teacher (and judges at different competitions) can see how well I support my singing with my body!
And to be able to wear a fairly tight-fitting t-shirt that slightly, just slightly, reveals the stomach, and a pair of skinny jeans to go with it - without it looking.. wrong.. :P
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* being able to shop in "regular" stores (WAY more options)
* no more thigh rub
* more comfort in high heels
* for my husband to be able to effortlessly pick me up
* to wear belts
* to run a half marathon
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