Sugar Shakers for followers of Sugar Busters and other GI based diets

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Unhappy Help

Hi. I just heared of Sugar Busters today. I have been on the atkins diet and it was so hard but it worked. I got sick and had to have sugery and never got back on it. Hearing about Sugar Busters it sounds like a more sensible low carb way. I have been overweight all my life and I am sick and tired of it. I need to do something but I need to know does this really work. Some support would help and I would really be greatful if anyone could give me some info or tips. Fell free to send me a message or im me on aol/aim.

Thank you
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I don't know how much I can help you since I am new at this also. I tried Atkins, got sick and have heard of many others who have also. SB is a much healthier and safer way to lose. My daughter is a nutritionist and she is very pleased with the SB WOE. The support here is fantastic. Everyone is so helpful. I hope you try it because it is just about the most enjoyable WOE I have ever encountered on a weight loss system. Good luck to you.
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Hey Gals-

Sorry to be quick, when you read the WEEKLY SUPPORT BOARD, you'll understand, but please, join us over there, that's where we all tend to congregate and where you'll get answers to questions and your posts in general.


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Angry I'm new to this board as well...

but I started following SB back in April 2000. Last year, I really got off of it and my weight ballooned back up. Shame on me! I'm really trying to get back on track; this WOE really does work and once you get used to it it's not that hard. Like anything else it takes commitment and discipline, but I don't want to develop weight-related problems down the road. I have my work cut out for me: thanks to my DNA I have a tendency to put on weight real easily. Doesn't mean I can't lose the excess poundage, it just means that I have to work harder and be more conscientious of what I eat. Like I say, I have my work cut out for me.
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Sugar Busters is basically what you
CAN'T EAT: no processed or refined flours or sugars, corn or any corn products, white potatoes, beets, honey, bananas, watermelon

CAN EAT: lots of protein: eggs, meats (85% lean or better),dairy products-milk, cream, sour cream (doesn't have to be low fat or no fat)

it is a very easy plan to follow. not as strick as the Atkins way. there are the foods for festing (eat as much as you want), foods for moderation (watch your amount)
and the forbidden foods.

here's a couple of great links that explains it pretty good:

getting a Sugar Busters book would be the best thing.
i have SUGAR BUST FOR LIFE by the Brennans and am
waiting on The New Sugar Busters! H. Leighton Steward.
i also have a pocket guide for grocery shopping.

the books cover the whole new way of eating in detail along with recipes, a list of "HIDDEN SUGARS," name brand food items allowed.

and if your not sure about whether its legal or not, you check the ingredient list for illegal items. and you still may be able to eat it as long as the illegals are listed almost at the end and as long as the sugar content is 3 grams or less!

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