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Post Sugar Busters Weekly Support Board 2/25-3/3

This is the SUGAR BUSTERS WEEKLY SUPPORT BOARD where all of you who are following this WOE, or are thinking about doing so, are welcome to come join in and be a part of our wonderful group.

Other than finding support and friendship on this board, we also try to do something during the the week to add a little difference to our board.


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Will post my usual morning post sometime later, but wanted to make sure I got our
done early in the morning, so here's my contribution for MM:


There are negative influences all around, but you don't have to allow them to control you. There are disappointments which regularly come along, but you don't have to allow them to discourage you. There are lots of temptations, but you don't have to let them distract you. There are plenty of excuses, but you don't need to let them stop you.

You can decide to be discouraged by the setbacks, or you can decide to be motivated even more. It's your decision. You can decide to give up when the obstacles seem overwhelming. Or you can decide to persist and grow stronger.

You can decide to let anger, envy, frustration and bitterness drain your energy. Or you can decide to move beyond them into a more productive state. You can decide to let your fears stop you cold. Or you can decide to let those fears and concerns prepare you to move forward.

You can decide to bury your dreams down deep inside where they'll never see the light of day. Or you can decide to follow those dreams by doing whatever it takes.

You can wish and talk about what you want from life. Yet what you actually end up with depends on the decisions you make as you live each moment.

-- Ralph Marston
Have a wonderful day, a fabulous week!!!!!

SB since 3/22/00
Reached goal 6/10/01
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Good morning everyone.

Hope you all had a good weekend. This is just a quickie to let you all know I haven't got lost. Looking forward to next week when I get to meet the Florida gang. I worked this weekend and had a call this morning to go into work. Have to leave in a couple of minutes. Here's a few comments that I started last nite.

Deb - Glad to hear that Eli's party went off well . Hope he has been able to get some well earned rest since then and that he is feeling better. Congrats on your work/jog to-day. You are breaking your own records every time you go out it seems. That coconut carbolite sounds really yummy. Do you know if they sell it in Orlando?

ZsuZsuu - Glad you will be coming to the Orlando get together. I'm looking forward to meeting you.

Frog - Your dh was a wise guy not to have that shot in his foot. I've had a lot of trouble with heel and foot pain in the past. A couple of years ago when it was bad I had a cortisone shot in the heel. That was the most painful thing I have ever experienced. I would never have it done again. Way to go on the pants. I'm sure they will be fitting you soon.

Kim - Sorry to hear you haven'e been feeling so good. Hope that sore throat is better soon.

Gotta run.

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Hi all

I am so glad the weekend is over - it was way too busy.

BOB- you are way too funny - yes I did feel like I hit the motherload at Krogers

Deb- thank you so much for all the info on agave. They may be selling it high but if it is getting scarce and becoming unavailable I want to get it anyway. I have looked over the recipe boards and there are so many I would like to try and most call for agave. As for my daughter, she's 16 and yesterday started bugging me that she wants her "old mom" back - the one that went grocery shopping and bought every new goodie that came out. We went to the base yesterday and the gate guard asked if we were sisiters. Now I know the guy was joking but I laughed for hours and she just steamed. Like you said, I plan to give her a run for her money (or clothes).

Beckaboo - welcome. I am really new here too. The hardest part is remembering who everyone is. I jumped back and forth to the photo board and that is helping me keep everyone straight. No pictures of me, I have been hiding from the camera for years.

Slaphappy - Don't get discouraged and believe me, you are not the only one who gets frustrated. I still miss popcorn and cookies. I read all the posts and think how "SB smart" these gals are and wonder if I will ever get like them. Just take it one step at a time - we can do it together.

Gracious & Rosalie - congrats to Canada on the Olympic wins. My grandparents are from Canada and I used to enjoy going to stay with them on school vacations. Of course now that I'm older I am like every other northerner - just trying to figure out how to get to Florida

To all the "sickies" - hope you are all feeling better and have a speedy recovery.

Time to wake the kids for school
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Good Morning!

I have lots to do today! I usually clean my house on Mondays , but I also have to work at DD9's school for lunchroom duty, get the dog groomed, and countless other errands.

Pooch- I also have a DD15 who borrows my shirts all the time. We're going to be in the same jeans size soon and I'm not sure she likes that.

Tried the Arrownhead Mills buckwheat pancake mix this weekend; I thought it was good and DD9 ate 4, but DH gave it a thumbs down.

Hoep everyone has a productive day

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Angry A New Week

Today is Day 18 for me on SugarBusters and I can honestly say that this is a fantastic WOE, one that can easily be followed for years to come. I think that is a major benefit of SB. It is realistic and able to fit into most peoples lifestyles, yet effective.

Slaphappy- It is Motivational Monday today so I hope you get *motivated* for this new week. I just wanted to encourage you because I know how it feels when you are so compelled to eat things you shouldn't. I think that is one of the good things that I learned from being on Atkins for 4 months. You can't cheat. You shouldn't cheat. I followed Atkins perfectly for those 4 months and it taught me discipline. It made me understand that it is *just not worth it* to eat that cookie or whatever.
I also think it is a state of mind that we have to get into. In all the years that I have struggled with my weight, I have only ever experienced *that* state 3 times. I am presently on that 3rd time and like the other 2 before, I have lost weight. I cannot explain it but I think the others might know to what I am referring. In any case, keep trying. We are rooting for you!

Quilter- I hope you are feeling better today. Your quote is so true. You never even think of your throat, tooth, whatever, until it is in pain. My husband has been ill for 5 days with the stomach flu. He had it very bad..and we all know what the stomach flu entails. He was saying that being nauseaus is the worst. I said, Whatever it is we have at the time..a sore throat, being nauseated, a toothache...*that* is the worst thing. Then when you are better you just forget about it again.

Big Orange Babe- I couldn't believe this, but I had a dream with you in it last night! I don't even know you but from reading your posts and seeing that couch potato sitting at the end of them must have made a real impression!

Debelli- Could you please direct me to some pages where I can get some of images that everyone attaches in their posts? I have tried to find some myself but am having a terrible time. Thanks!

My parents are visiting for a week from Ontario and they arrive on Friday. My kids are very excited and I will have to get things ready. My Dad is looking forward to learning about SB. Last visit, I got him onto Atkins and he lost initial weight but has been stalled for 2 months. It is making him discouraged and then he starts cheating here and there. He is not as vigilant. I told him about SB and he wants to start when he gets here. He likes me to *babysit* him during the first week of these things to get him started! I think another convert to SB is a great thing.
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Talking Morning :)

thanks for the welcome

Have a great day all!

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Happy Monday Morning ladies!

Well, I'm back on the wagon - so MOVE OVER BOB! Thanks for all of the "welcome backs" last week! I only read one day since I posted so I have a lot to read! I'll go back tonight and catch up!

OK - I bought all my SB legal foods yesterday and I threw away all that wasn't! Hubby just left and I told him NO CHEATING!!!!! He laughed and said - but I'm gonna be starvin cause I didn't eat breakfast! HAHA! He doesn't like to eat breakfast - he usually hits the snack machine around 9:00 am and gets chips and a coke! Well, he used to be able to do that with no problems...but times are changing. Now - he is by no means fat...he wears a size 33 pants he just doesn't feel good anymore! I haven't felt good for about 11 years now! HAHA!

We'll walk tonight for the 1st time in ages - that ought to be interesting. First we'll be heading out to the hospital. Hubby's cousin is in ICU - he is about 44 - he had 2 mild heart attacks this past week. He went in on Friday and they did the emergency angiogram and put 2 stints in (I think I have the terms right - correct me if I'm wrong) they were trying to put in a 3rd stint and his body started to convulse so they had to stop. He is like a brother to the both of us so we have spent a lot of time at the hospital this weekend. He and his wife are the ones we go to all of the LSU games with - we absolutely love them! So, this has been especially hard on my hubby.

Well, I weighed in...I was at 277 this morning...UGH So, here we go! I have some goals to reach (some short term ones)..I'll fill you in on them tonight!

Have a great day and I'll see you ladies tonight!

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Default Monday morning

Good morning! Another wild weekend with dd home. I have to take her to the airport later this morning, so no going to work this morning for me. It's funny how when she's at school I don't really give much thought to where she is at any given moment, but when she's home (or at least within 50 miles) I'm panicked when she's not home by midnight. Partly I naively think Columbus is a lot safer than Philadelphia, but in reality 20 year olds in a car aren't all that safe anywhere.

I got a pleasant surprise when I finally weighed myself yesterday: 137, down 3 pounds from where I'd been stuck since starting BFL, adn TOM is on its way, so maybe it'll be less in a few days. I'm going have the trainer at the gym do my body fat % again next week so I can see what the progress really is. I know I've gained a lot of muscle. This means I'm 2 scale pounds from my original goal, but I've probably already lost more fat than my goal. Time to revise the goal, since there's still some real pudgy parts. It's been so long since I saw anything but fat, that I didn't know what to aim for. The last time I was thin, I was anorexic, so that obviously was NOT my goal.

Deb- Don't worry, the nearest Trader Joe's is only 20-25 minutes away. Of course I'll go there for you! Just give me a shopping list. Also can hit Fresh Fields for El Ray Chocolate if you can't get that (73.5% cocoa- yum!)

Frog- I totally agree with BOB about dh's decision to forego the cortisone shot. Have had it twice in the hip, passed out the first time from pain. Have no idea why I let the doc do it again! It only brings short-term relief anyway. Is there some other treatment or is it a "time-heals-all" condition?

Pooch- Somehow I just don't think of Virginia as northern! lol Hope you and the kids are adjusting the life w/o dh for a while.

Shappy- Hang in there! you'll get used to it and realize how much better you feel, look, etc. This is not an instant diet but a long-term way of life. I know Deb won't agree, but I think at some point, you can have planned cheats (like the legal chocolate) once you have your eating under control and it's second nature. Yes, it will slow you down especially if you don't have a lot to lose or you are close to goal, but it's a way of life and we all need to tind a way to make it work for us individually.

gotta go get ds on the bus and run the hopeful dog,

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What a great day it will be! My DH took 2 of my DK to school!
That is always a treat. The bus that they would take would pick them up at 6:30 for a school that starts at 8:20!! So...I drive them everyday. It is rare that DH takes them, so I am enjoying a little free time.......not for long. I am babysitting my pastors kids this a.m., so better type quick.

I had seen a few post yesterday, forget from who, but they had said they fit into a new size pants...... CONGRATS!!! That is the best feeling in the world! I hope I can get there as well.

I have never been to JJ, but passed it once and seen it on t.v. I would love to go there and since you know the ropes, sounds great. I am about 15 min., from Kenwood and shop there. I also want so bad to go to The Great Indoors by Dave and Busters near Tri County Mall....ever been? I hear it is awesome, expensive, but really neat to look. I have found that I love shopping at the Sams and Costco. With a family of 7, we need bulk!
I hope you are feeling better soon! It is a shame, because it is really nice outside. Yesterday after church I had plans of going outside, but DS10, had bb game and then I had to fix our air hockey table and then get on my tred mill...that makes 2 days in a row.....that is good for me. Time just flies.

Welcome. I just came here a few days ago. So far, the group here is really warm and welcoming! I just started SB and swithced from Atkins.

So how has the transiton been for you...going from Atkins to Sb? Have you lost? My Dh has done great on Atkins, but I think he is going to switch. His problem is he is a BIG eater, and Atkins is great for that. The thought of him eating portions seems unreal, but we will see.
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Angry Good Morning

This was another full weekend.

We did buy the new car. Dark blue GMC Envoy. Boy is it nice. I have so much room and I can put my granddaughters car seat in it.

Did a little cheating but I think the scale won't show too much. My hubby has noticed the weight that I have lost (10lbs) and that makes me feel great. He is a little jealous since he is also eating the SB way. Sure makes it easy for shopping and meal times.

My son and new daughter in law have found their first new home. They left last week for Northern California to start their new life together. Having a place of their own to live will be easier that living with someone. Especially just getting married and all. Now the next order of business is a job for both. Praying that will be soon.

Well I have to get ready for work.

I'll check back in at lunch time. It is to busy around here in the evening to get any postings in.

Hey all you who get to go to FL. I am jealous. I would love to meet all of you. It sounds like you are going to have a blast...

Enjoy the day!!
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Default Kimmy the Kid

I am finding the switch easy and enjoyable. I got immediate results...within the first 2 weeks..which is immediate when you were stalled for 2 months! 5 more pounds gone forever!

I was also a big eater like your hubby. But looking back now, I see that I was filling myself with such fat that it is remarkable. I was usually never hungry and sometimes had to force myself to eat. I think I was in starvation mode. At the rare times I was hungry..or just bored...I would grab a bit of cheese (high fat of course), a pepperoni stick, almonds or macadamia nuts. I think that if I had stayed on Atkins BUT watched my fat, I might have kept on losing. The combination of starvation mode and high fat was doing me no good.

Switching to SB has made me aware that I do get hungry now. The difference is that I tend to eat way more veggies as snacks instead of fat laden things. I also believe the fact that I feel hunger is teaching me to control my eating habits. You don't have to control them so much when you are never hungry. Now I make a conscious effort to eat healthier. That is the bonus. I am in this for the long haul and I want my eating to be healthier forever. I want to be able to see food and resist it..actually that is very easy for me now, like I said. Just pick the right food!

You made the switch yourself so how are you finding it?
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Default I'm a true northern gal

Hi meliris - I agree with you and don't think of Va as northern either but I'm orginally from Michigan (still have a MI licence and vote there too) so that's home to me. We have moved every 2-3 years so VA is just a another stopping point and don't have any plans on staying. We have lived in Michigan, Lousiana, California, South Carolina, Italy, Virginia, Florida, Guam and now back to Virginia. We hope to eventaully settle down in Florida - MI is just too cold. Since DH isn't through playing "sailor" yet, we are going to try for Hawaii, Key West or Puerto Rico next.

fruitloupe - my prayers are with your husband's cousin - he is so young.

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Thumbs down Good Monday Morning!

Good morning everyone! I hope the week is off to a nice start for all my fellow SBers!

I was able to pick up three more bottles of Agave this weekend, so I now have a stash of 5. I went to the HFS in Montgomery and they acted like they never heard of the stuff. But my little store here is Auburn seems to reorder every time I go buy out their supply (3). So I will keep buying three at a time if I need to!

I also picked up a couple of the Ferin cake mixes. I made the carob cake Saturday and didn't much like it. I threw most of it away. I also got a spice cake and will save it until I need to go to a party or something.

I made WW pancakes last night--they were very good and the agave makes a wonderful syrup!

I will be going out to dinner every night this week but maybe Thursday--and there is a nagging feeling in my mind that I have something scheduled for Thursday. So I must be extra vigilant with the menu ordering!

Welcome to all the new folks--it seems like we have really had an influx of newcommers in the last few weeks. I love it! your enthusiam helps those of us who have been doing this for a while. And I always learn something new from your questions. So thanks and happy SBing!

Have a good week everyone!

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"I'm working on it!"
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Morning Everyone!

Iís been wonderfully ďwarmĒ here lately. Last I heard it may be in the low 50ís today but by Wed/Thurs it could be around 20 and snowing! Probably why DS is sick again. Gonna probably have to take him to the doc. Poor kid.

WHOOHOO Canada won the gold in menís hockey! Another great hockey game. I sat on the edge of the couch for almost the whole game. It was pretty close up to near the end.

Last night I wrote down some goals that I want to accomplish in the next 3 weeks. At that time weíre going to DHís brothers and SIL is a toothpick (whom I donít really care for as she tries to make us feel like the undesirables of the family). Anyway, itís giving me motivation to really try to stick to eating 100% OP and to continue with the exercising. Iíd love to go there wearing tight hiphugger jeans and a shorty tshirt! Donít think Iíll get to that point in 3 weeks, but thinking about it is more motivation.

WOW! I canít believe I said ďcontinueĒ exercising. I absolutely LOVE this exercise plan! I actually canít wait to do it every day. After every workout, I FEEL skinnier!

Iím going to attempt a few replies! I started this early this morning and went from what little memory I have. Sorry I didnít get to everyone. I'm going to have to keep a pad by the puter to take notes when I manage to read a few posts. I did try to catch up with everyone from this morningís posts.

TO ALL THE NEWBIES: There are just so many new faces here! Iím an erratic poster and canít remember if I welcomed any or all of you. So Iíll just have to say WELCOME to all of you now. This is a great place and everyone is always looking out for each other. Youíll get lots of info, inspiration and support here.

DEBELLI- CONGRATS on your walking, or should I say, JOGGING! That is so amazing that you can run that distance. I agree that for all our weaknesses there is an OP alternative. I was a vote for the salty snacks. Iíve tried the sweet potato chips and they are too sweet for me (Iíve never really had a sweet tooth). But instead of the bad snacks, I can eat triscuits, homemade pita chips and fresh veggie sticks if I wanted the crunch (also better for me!) And Iím sure that for every ďweaknessĒ there are a bunch of OP alternatives. I need an "other" tick box for the poll. I've only tried one other WOE and didn't make it to goal.

QUILTER Sorry to hear youíre not feeling well. Hope the sore throat is gone soon. Did I understand from your jab at PCís that you are a fellow MAC user?

ROSALIE I usually put my bread in the freezer too. I donít like to freeze bagels cause they take too long to defrost (I donít like defrosting them in the micro). They didnít have any of the yummy walnut bread (thatís a GOOD thing) and it looked like a couple of different varieties than last time. Have you packed for Florida yet? You might need to pull out a pair of shorts for today! LOL

FROG Sorry to hear about the problems with your grandmother. Very difficult on the family. I was interested by the diagnosis. My GM sometimes has ďspellsĒ of crying or talking of things way in the past like they are current etc. and the ďspellsĒ usually come on around 4 in the afternoon. Family was never told a name for the ďspellsĒ. I passed along the name of what the problem might be to my mom and aunt so they can follow up on it. I hope your rash is getting better. So annoying. I get a rash on my arms sometimes and put something called ďDermarest PlusĒ on it. It works wonderfully. Itís got antihistamine and anesthetic in it. Hope the meds you got for your diagnosis are working! Congrats on the pants! Iím LOVING BFL. Right now Iím just doing the exercise part, but Iím going to try harder to following the eating part--keeping it SB legal of course. I didnít think I would enjoy the weight workouts sooo much. I want to do weights EVERY day. It seemed kind of all of a sudden that I noticed muscles--brushing my teeth I saw my bicep bulging! Where did that come from? I can actually feel all of my ribs and see some of them!

HAPPY Youíve got a great attitude about getting back up from your stumble. Címon you CAN do it!

MEL Congrats on being down some ďfatĒ lbs this morning. Whoíd you end up cheering for in the hockey game?

FRUIT WTG for getting back on the wagon. Sorry to hear about DHís cousin. Iíll keep him in my thoughts. Hope heís better soon.

KIMMY You must be a very organized person! You have your own kids, are looking after someone elseís, doing chores. WOW! I get pooped with just one child!

GRACIOUS Glad you are doing well with SB. And that your dad wants to try too. It is just a really healthy way of eating for anyone. Hope you have a great visit with your folks-where in Ontario are they from? Iím just nosey cause Iím just north (by one street) of Toronto.

SEMMENS Too funny youíll be able to wear DDís jeans. The mom raiding the daughterís closet-LOL

RED1 Enjoy your new car! Isnít it nice when your significant other notices your loss?!! They see us everyday and sometimes donít notice as much as other people we donít see often. Keep up the good work.

FILLISE You'll be fine with the menu ordering! Maybe you can get menus or if you know what the places serve, you can preplan your order. Jot it down in your daily planner so you won't forget and be tempted by something else.

Ok, must go. Have a few things to do before DS's doctor app't.

Have a WONDERFUL day all!

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