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Default New to the Beach...

I just turned 53 last week and for most of my life was very trim and could eat anything I wanted knowing my metabolism would take care of those calories...Well, aging changed all that (started to gain a little weight(10 lbs.) at 45) and then menopause hit me like a ton of bricks!! I have gained over 30 lbs. in 2 years. My BMI is 26-27, I think, (ht is 5'10, weight is 192) and my cholesterol is 267!!! So, a friend of mine, who is an internist, told me that the South Beach Diet (which she is on) would help me lose weight and lower my cholesterol. So, here I am...

I have the SBD book and I have signed up for 24 Hour Fitness Express to get workouts in -- I'm shooting for 30 minutes of aerobics 3X a week and 30 minutes of weights 2X a week to start. I'm also walking now and plan to sign up for tennis again. I'll also start drinking lots of water...

After the holidays, I feel like I have to detox!! I ate everything knowing I was going on this diet and only gained 1lb., so that's at least good

Any tips or help is appreciated. I've heard from friends that they felt very, very weak on the first phase of this diet...

Also, I notice that most of you have a cute weight chart at the bottom of your messages...How do I get one of those?

Thanks all and I'm very glad to be here!
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Welcome to the Beach!! Good for you for getting on top of health issues right away.
Yes, Phase I can be a little taxing. You may experience headaches for a few days (sugar detox) and a temporary loss of energy.
However, the results are worth it! You'll soon lose your cravings, and will have a quick weight loss. (mostly water the first week or so, but TAKE it! )
The weight trackers are here:
Let us know if you have trouble with it.

Come and join us on the other threads, and remember to check out the FAQ and recipe sections.
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Come on Spring!
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Welcome to The Beach. Remember that beans and other legumes and dairy ARE allowed on Phase I. They help with the detox side effects.
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Hi Northrancher and welcome to the beach!

I am sure that you will get heaps of help and inspiration from the site.. During the first phase make sure you drink heaps of water...
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Welcome to the Beach! It is very important to make sure you are eating enough especially during Phase 1. I was never hungry and still lost weight. Do make sure you eat your beans/legumes since the good carbs will keep you from going into ketosis. That will keep you from feeling as weak. Most of us started exercising after phase 1 (or at least the first week of Phase 1) but you may be able to exercise then. Check out the recipe section. Taco Bake is a great phase 1 meal and there are a lot of others there too. I cook quite a bit from the South Beach cookbook as well as recipes I have found here and on other forums.

South Beach has really helped my cholesterol. I went from 246 to 181 with great ratios of hdl/ldl.
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Welcome to the beach!
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Thank you for all the encouragement...I will browse and read the posts. I'm looking forward to getting started. I'm impressed with the significant amount of weight loss in just 6 months even...
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Hello! Welcome to the sand! We are glad you joined us!
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Canadian, eh?
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Nice to meet you, Northrancher!
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Welcome to the Beach! I am looking forward to getting to know you! You will find a wealth of information here, as well as fabulous support!

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Nice to meet ya! I'm a Newbie too!
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Welcome to you too AmandaS.
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We are all Beautiful!!!
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Welcome! Stick your toes in the sand and stay awhile!
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