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Default Wacky Wednesday Chat

Good Morning Beachers!!!

It's 4:48 and the coffee is on the desk and all is right with the world today.

I was stuck in horrid traffic in Baton Rouge yesterday when I got the call that
I have a job! I was offered either 1st or 2nd grade and chose to take 2nd as I've never taught 2nd before and thought it would be a nice change. Wooohoo!

I have to start on Tuesday, so the next few days are going to be crazy trying to get a classroom ready and also deal with clients. I told them all in May to start looking for a replacement for me and hopefully they have been.

Have some client work to do early this morning then will buzz over to school to check out my new room.
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Come on Spring!
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Great news, Cat! (I loved teaching Grade 2 and did it for five years before I "retired" to be a mommy.) Is this the school that's close to home? I hope so. How did it work out with your DD's infection?

Yesterday was relatively peaceful but today Life cranks up again. The "lads" are replacing the shingles on my roof and have the scaffolding already up. The shingles arrive this morning and it'll be noisy around here for a day or two. The Pypers are coming this morning to get their boat out of the way. I am off to Pet Therapy at noon so they'll be feeding themselves lunch via the diner or the chip wagon. I'm retiring from catering for a while!

Didn't get my whole list done yesterday so will finish up this morning before I start a new one. We are out of coffee so a store trip is in order. I even have "wash hair" on list - how silly! Sometimes I get over whelmed with "niggles" and find jotting them down unclutters the brain. Humour me - I'm old!

Hope your Wednesday is a good one and, if it's wacky, may it be fun wacky!
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Good Morning!

Cat, !!!!!!! I'm so happy for you that you got the job!

It's supposed to feel like 100* today, so it'll be an afternoon spent in the pool after Audrey's tutorer comes this morning. I'm going to let the girls invite some friends over, too, so they'll have a fun day. We didn't do much of anything yesterday, as Maggie was whiny and tearful most of the day. Cindy said she didn't sleep well the night before and was up very early to go hound-walking, so that must explain it. And on top of that, we're trying to break her habit of thumb-sucking, which makes things even worse. Poor baby.

On a brighter note, Jake came home with the over-the-range microwave that I wanted and we're going to start demolishing the kitchen over the weekend!

Top 'o the mornin' to you, Ruth! It should be fun around your house today! Be careful where you walk and drive the car, those roofing nails are dangerous! Now, I'm sure you're not going to let the day go by without offering goodies from your oven to the lads, are you?

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Originally Posted by Ruthxxx View Post
Great news, Cat! (I loved teaching Grade 2 and did it for five years before I "retired" to be a mommy.) Is this the school that's close to home? I hope so. How did it work out with your DD's infection?
I had his "infection" figured out by the time we got to the dr's office. He spent last weekend at a tarpon rodeo...out fishing and drinking beer. Then on Monday worked outside all day long. (He is a construction managment major and has an intership with an asphault company and has to go from job site to job site out in the heat all day) I asked him how much water he drank over the weekend and on Monday. Basically none. His kidneys were hurting and he had a fever. I told him have heat exhuastion and you are dehydrated. The doctor told him he had heat exhaustion and was dehydrated.

So...we could have saved him all that suffering and the rotten traffic riden trip to Baton Rouge if he had just drunk some water. kids!!!

OH and yep, the school is less than 10 minutes away from my house!! Fairly new school too. Can't wait to see my classroom and start fixing it up.

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ONEderland here I come!
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hey Cat that's great news.

cottage i'm not sure i'd be happy about a kitchen demolition but congrats i guess...

ruth... good luck with the roof

me: bagel has lyme disease. a bad case. he'll be ok. he just needs 3 weeks of multiple antibioitcs (by mouth) and he should recover fully.
bri sees the doc today for his broken tushie... even though i'm swimming almost every day i'm not losing weight. in fact i'm going to show a gain this month. makes me mad.
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Come on Spring!
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Now, Cottage, of course I'll be offering the lads muffins and coffee. The muffins are thawing right now and the coffee maker is good to go. I'd lose my good reputation in the Village if I didn't offer refreshments.

Cat, if they'd just listen to their mothers (at any age).........

Nessa, so sorry about Bagel. Raising my mug to his speedy recovery - and Brian's too. My July weightloss has been poor too so we're in the same boat.
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Good Morning Ladies....

Cat...CONGRATS on the job!! That's wonderful!! I remember only being 6 minutes away from work when I worked at the nursing home near the hospital. Now I'm driving an hour away to Franklinton....ENJOY! The tarpon rodeo was lots of fun this year....just freakin HOT!

Ruth...enjoy the quiet morning before the chaos begins!

Cottage....ripping the kitchen apart will be fun...then getting to add new things...even better!!

Nessa....sorry to hear about bagel, but glad to hear it's 100% treatable!

As for me...nothing much..same ole same ole....dealing with drama at work with one of the therapists and the tech. Never seems to fail that people just won't grow up!! Ah well....cest la vie. Oh...and the scale that I"ve been weighing on has been broken since last I'm not sure if I've lost or not. My clothes are saying I'll take that and be happy!!

Happy Wednesday of my patients told me yesterday "Don't let anything stand in the way of YOUR good day." I kinda like that quote....Have a good one!

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Can we just forget about a July weightloss thread?

Nessa, one of Cindy's dogs has Lyme, and he does ok. She gives him condroitin every day for it, and as far as I know, he's on no other medication. As for the kitchen demo, I've been wanting this for over a year, now, and I'm excited about getting a new up-to-date kitchen.

Good morning, MandyLeigh!

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Good morning chickies!

Cat - WOW you're up early! Glad you're son is okay though - and Congrats on the job!! You're a saint!! (I don't have the patience with a room of 7 year olds!!)

Ruth - Busy, busy, busy! Hope you get time for yourself....

Cottage - kind of exciting and nerve racking all at the same time, huh?

Nessa - I got it right with Bagel! Normally, they respond really well in 24 hours. He should feel better quick!

Me - short day at work again (!). I'm going to try and catch up on house stuff with the extra time. I just get so lazy when I have a few minutes to myself! Wednesday evenings are the time my husband gets his "night off" to go hiking, biking or whatever, so it's my evening with the kiddos! Hmm...maybe we'll have a picnic?

Have a great one!

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Femme Creole: congratulations on the new job!

Ruth: Sorry about the noisy repairs! We went through that last year. My headphones got a good workout!

Cottage: Stay cool!

Nessa: Sorry about Bagel's Lyme. I wish a speedy recovery.

Mandy Leigh: Happy Wednesday!

TwynnB: Good Morning!

As for me, I'm giving my puppy a bath this morning. That's always a challenge. Then I'm going to dig into the SBD cookbooks and this site to find some new recipes. Last night, I "hit a wall" - craving something different. I remembered I'd stashed away a jar of raw almond butter for these "emergencies." So I found the almond butter, added just a drop of agave, cut up an apple and had a nice snack.

Sometimes I get lazy about creating new menus, especially when hubby is traveling and it's just me. That's when boredom sets in, which is dangerous. So today I'm going to try to get creative.

After that, I'll work on my book.

If the temp and humidity would drop a little, I'd get outside and walk. But I'm not fond of buggy steam baths...LOL
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Good morning Chickies!

Ruth good luck with the roof job

Cottage I am jealous would love new kitchen cabinets

Nessa glad that they found out what is wrong with Bagel, hang in there your weight will drop off again you always do great

Cat that is great that you got the job so close to home. I have to go 35 miles one way, but I get to work from home couple days a week

Mandy and Twynn have a great day

BelleMar Hello we were posting at same time have a good day

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Originally Posted by cottagebythesea View Post
Can we just forget about a July weightloss thread?
I second that!

Was hoping my stomach issues yesterday were nerves, but Tom said my head felt hot last night, and I still have issues today. Fan-freakin-tastic. I feel alright minus a warm head, cold feet, and the whole pooping thing. Anyone remember Chilly Willy the Penguin from the old Woody Woodpecker cartoons? "My head is hot and my feet are cold, ahh, hee, achoo!!!" I have been sneezing but I am pretty sure that's just allergies. Don't know what my problem is.

Grandma is in the nicest nursing home in town in her own private room. After seeing numerous other nursing homes, I was amazed at this one. Looks like you're walking into the Ritz Carlton. Very nice place, and the staff is amazing. They wait on her hand and foot, all knew her by name (I got lost trying to find her room and asked where the room was, and the cleaning lady said "Mary? Let me show you.") I guess the staff comes in when their shifts are over and kiss her goodnight every night. Wonderful place.

Mom and my aunt are throwing her an early 80th birthday party next Tuesday. Her birthday is 8/24 but they're hoping she makes it to next week. She looked good to me Sunday, but Mom said her breathing is really labored now and she's already on a ton of oxygen already, and she's starting to retain fluid. Oy. It's coming. So the whole famn damily is coming down Tuesday for her party. I think it's a good thing. I just hope she hangs on to see her actual birthday.

Well, better get a move on. Hope you girlies have a good day.

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Determined to lose!
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Hi Mel, unfortunate about the pups. You guys did right at calling the pound. Now that you put them in the pound they can check their health. Perhaps if you still want it (a dog with the cats isn't too bad if it's friendly with them, I had two dogs and two cats in a single wide mobile home!). Perhaps call and ask if you can have one, or wait for a better dog that you would like more!

Weezle, hahhaha, I love the novice of the shirt, but I side with your mother and school. When I was a little girl, I must of been 5 so I didn't understand this shirt that i had, but i wore it. Now I'm embarrassed and hoping NO one remembers me wearing it! It had a pick of what i THOUGHT was someone's hair (at the part) and a comb, and it said "hairdressers make better lovers."... my mother never said a thing!!!!! (then, I didn't like much what she did!).... (um, should I even be telling this story?)

Belle, menu's are by far the most important for me. See, I had two casseroles on the menu for the week, w hich for me would of been enough as I have fish in freezer as well. Well, with my nephew here and my son showed up last night for our hike today, um, we had pizza .

Twynn, awe, I love that you guys set up a "night off" each week! Married folks need "down time" from one another, as long as they have a LOT of "together time!" have fun with the kiddies tonight!

Mandy, yes, I had to leave a company due to the "drama"... That was because it was so bad it was unbearable. Usually I'd stay in my office, even during lunch. I don't like to work like that. I know there's drama whereever you go, but that was a tad much. Hang in there!

Um, Ruth, aren't you the one that asked us to "edit" if we were back to back posting?

Lady, Sorry about the dog,hope he feels better soon. And I too will have a huge gain (like four pounds)... everytime I try p2 I gain... I'm going to do another week next week of P1 because of the grad party sun and what i ate last night! I need to reread the book or something. last week, week one of p2 I only added cereal with small banana! everything else was p1 and i still gained!!!!!!!!!! I'm getting quite disappointed in this diet!

Femme!!!! CONGRATS ON THE JOB! And your son sounds like mine, never wanted to hydrate with water! ARGH!

Me... Looks like the barnum clan will come Friday instead of today. I have to have nephew back by friday morning, so what I';ve decided is the three of us go today, My son, nephew and myself and go hiking, then tomorrow will drop nephew off home and probably snag the barnum children for the night and let clair and hubby have a night off, if they can do it, Judah might have swim lessons or football so I will have to see. At least the girls can come! I love her kids! hahaha, and they luve me!!!!!!

I found a couch on Craigs list that I absolutely LLOOOOOVVFVVEEEEE. That was last Saturday. Well, I hadn't heard from him by Monday so I sent another email explaining he had the ad still up and I would love it. He emailed me last night and asked me to call him anytime! I called this am and left message can pick up this weekend. I can't afford it being off of work, but if I grab this I figured I could sell my set (couch and loveseat) for about 200 which is what I'm paying for his! .

No word from the company I'm still hoping to hear from. I hope they decide soon. The other ones went with other candidates. I know it's because it wasn't a "good fit" for one of the companies, the other I guess they thought I was over qualified for the position! Which is too bad because their pay was up where I'm looking for!!!!!!!!!! I know the Lord has something much better in mind for me.

Lisa... we were posting at the same time... I hope your feeling better soon! And I'm glad you found a nice home for your grandmother. Such places are almost unheard of anymore! And I'm SO PROUD of your mother and Aunt for doing this party for her, so you all can be with her one more time instead of at the funeral when she's gone!!! Is there no chance she'll come out of this???? (((big hugs lisa))).

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morning chicks! i've been so busy the past few days i have barely been able to check in.

cat congrats on the new job

nessa sorry to hear about your pup

mandy thats a great quote for today

lisa thats good news about your grandmother being in a good nursing home

good luck loriann
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Good rainy morning ladies!

Cat congrats on the job!

Cottage stay cool today, our steam bath is supposed to set in after this rain for sometime. I love my over the range micro!

Ruth Hope the dogs take the clanging and banging well. I have one that barks at every small noise. Drives me crazy!

Nessa glad to hear all is going to be well with bagel, now if you can just get DH fixed!

Lisa Glad grandma is in a good place. Back in my nursing days I worked alot of temp jobs and there were someplaces I refused to goto because they were just nasty! Good nursing homes are few and far between.

Everyone else, I'm running out of time, 2 days left in the month and I have to get my hiney in gear and wrap some stuff up.

Still waiting on the darn repairman for my washer, looks like I am going to have to goto the freaking laundrymat and wash some towels tonight. ARGH!
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