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Default Still Hungry..

I've been low carb for a while, but lately I'm traveling nonstop. A lot of my travel is for work, and I have no access to a fridge or microwave. I do have an expense account for meals though, so price is not a huge concern within reason.

My biggest issue is that many towns I travel to are tiny, and that means my food sources are very limited. I do whatever I can to eat low carb, but for whatever reason, even though my calories seem higher than usual when plugged in, I'm famished!

Today, I had a lot of bacon and some scrambled eggs for breakfast. I had a Caesar salad (cheese, chicken, lettuce, dressing, tomatoes). I then had a bacon ranch grilled chicken salad and a mcdouble no bun no ketchup for dinner at mcdonalds (caesar dressing).

yesterday, I had scrambled eggs with Colby cheese, ham, bacon, and sausage with sliced tomatoes for breakfast. I had 4 grilled chicken breasts, peas, green beans, and raw carrots for dinner.

Both nights I worked out about 30 minutes, and both days I had about 1800 calories. Both nights I've gone to bed hungry. What am I doing wrong? Is it possible my fat is too low? I usually am fine on 1200-1400 calories...
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I've only been at low carb for about 2 weeks so I hope I can answer this the right way. It could be several things. It could be stress. Stress can stimulate hunger for sure and I know that when my husband travels he is stressed. You could be dehydrated. Are you drinking enough water? Finally, I would suggest adding some almonds to your day as snacks. I am extreme but I am right now avoiding carrots and tomatoes due to the sugar content. I hope I don't get criticized for that, but it's just a temporary thing while I try to limit my carbs. Oh and exercise helps me to control my appetite so if I work out I tend to eat less. Just some random thoughts....I hope you can figure it out.
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Stress or water intake could definitely be it. I had water at breakfast and while working out, but none throughout the day.

Tomatoes don't stall me, but this is the first time ive had carrots in forever. I really wasn't sure about them, but I wanted some form of raw veggies and that's all I could find, lol.

I suppose I'll just monitor my weight this week and see how the higher calories hit me. I'll look into snacks like almonds, and I'll definitely up the water!!
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Someone told me that after getting big cravings from a mcd's salad
she saw that their seasoning had sugar. I know whenever I have grilled
chicken from mcd's I have hunger and cravings later.
Although it's not super low carb, in a pinch I have a small chili from
wendys. It's got a lot of fiber and protein and I find it very filling.

You may need to scope out a grocery store for some rotisserie chicken
or other safe protein .
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I always have problems eating out due to the hidden sugars and seasonings that are put on meals. I would take a little cooler (if refrigs are in rooms) so that you can take some protein and carbs snacks of your choice to munch on or supplement your meals.
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