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Question scales...........

Does anyone else find themselves jumping on the scale every time you walk past it? LOL.

My question is......does anyone else bounce as much as 6-7 lbs during the day?
If I wiegh in soon as I get up in morning I can be anywhere from 6-7-8 lbs lighter than I am even a few hours later in the day.
Thru out the day I find it varies back and forth.

Its hard to know what you actually wiegh but I just watch what my "high" number is and every week the high number seems to be a few lower *S*.......
thats what I go by........

but I am just curious if this is normal.
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the funny thing about our weight is that it fluctuates throughout the day. most people weigh less in the morning. i suggest hiding your scale so your not seeing it all the time.
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You should weigh yourself in the morning, that, from what I've heard is your true weight. And try weighing yourself only once a week.
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Hi Lyas,
During the day, as we eat and drink, we will weigh more. A pint of water, is a pound afterall. So during the night, when your not eating, you lose some of the water/food through normal bodily processes. The first weight of the day, before eating or drinking and after you use the bathroom is your true weight. I know your only suppose to weigh once a week/month according to everything I've read. I think it's to prevent you from getting discouraged when/if you see that your weight has gone up. Personally, I've weighed myself almost daily for several years now. I'm overly curious I suppose. Don't worry, your not the only one and don't feel guilty (just in case you do) about it, I think it's only human.
Yes, weight does fluctuate at times from other things than food. Hormones, that wonderful TOM, will make me gain 5 lbs over night. Then in a few days, I lose it again. Illness, changes in exericise, goodness the list goes on and on, will make a difference in your weight. Do continue to track your weight weekly. Even though I weigh daily, I do have a weekly graph that I use to keep things in perspective. Congratulations on you weight loss, your doing fantastic!

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HI, I weigh daily ithelps me. i except it daily to. i also am in tops so weigh weekly there. good luck. LaDean
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thanks everyone.. I was just curious. I found it very interesting to see how much the wieght goes up and down all day long.

I watch the top number........ what ever high number for the day I see is what I consider my wieght to be. Although its only a number to me. What number I am most concerned with is on the tape measure *S*..........
and the new size pants I get to buy.
Even though I dont post here much, I do read it alot and you all have helped me alot in achieving what I have so far.
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I also consider my first weight of the day-before drinking water, after peeing- as my weight for tracking purposes. I expect Dr. office or later day weights to be different. I like daily or at least every couple of day weighing...I can get into a lot of trouble in one week!

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