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Hi, L - we posted at exactly the same time!

Sounds like you guys are having a good summer. How the heck did you get your dog out of that hole? Sorry about the bride from **** visit coming up - but maybe you could put on the fake smile for a couple days? It would mean a lot to your dad, I bet.
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Happy humpday afternoon, chickies.......... I must admit, I've been a real slug - haven't posted here in several days - bad, bad, bad me!! Things have been "same-o same-o" just with different days. It's a light work week (not good for the wallet!!), but sometimes good for the brain - was supposed to go fishing this morning with friends, but the boat has something wrong with it Going to be leaving for NYC in a little while with dd2 to go see Styx at the Beacon Theater tonight - I'm just an old '60s/70s rocker at heart!!

How's everyone?
Linda, I hope your finger is lots better and that the IV water has whooshed away by now.

Kel, I can't believe you like to do that re-construction stuff, it used to drive me to distraction!! I guess you must be great at doing puzzles too!!

L, how DID you get the dog out of the slurry pit? Hmmmmm -- that sounds like a great idea for a place to stash the bride from ****

Dottie, I'd invite you to stay here, but I don't think that a distance of 15 or 20 miles will be far enough - altho you're more than welcome, and we DO have 2 working bathrooms!

Ruth, I hope that all is going ok with and for you. You're always in my thoughts and prayers - hey! did the villagers tar and feather you for the early morning squeaks? Tell me, how much do tar and feathers weigh, anyhow?

Peachie, hope you have/had a safe trip, it's a lousy reason for a trip, but sometimes any "excuse" to get away from the little one works!! - tell your sister (my birthday buddy) to stop by once in a while and say hi......

Well, I gotta get moving if I'm gonna catch that train....... have a good night ladies!
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thursday...tired and cranky!

Maybe it's an ice cream hangover!

Not much going on, I need a vaccation from this job, and thought I'd be off this week, having the bathroom done. The contractor keeps putting it off a month, a week, a few days, He said he'd start Thursday or Friday, or the very latest Tuesday next week. It is looking like that, and I'm afraid he won't be done...and I may bring MIL here after her surgery. I wanted this contruction to be over by then. He is working my last nerve and hasn't even started yet!

Work is stressful, too. I have had to take on an extra project; this is something I didn't want to do but feel I have to for political reasons. It is sort of kissing up to my Director, which I've never had to do, but I feel I should right now. I hate this. And my closest friend there is leaving...I will miss her alot, she has been a trusted friend for 13 or 14 years...

That's it. Food is bad. m&m's and ice cream yesterday. I am not feeling optomistic about today.

Well, time to get running. see ya's later,
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Come on Spring!
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Quick post.

Dottie, have you considered seeing a mental health counsellor? I understand your frustration. Is your contractor called Kevin? Hang in there. It does get better eventually.

Nice to see you, Sono, Kel, Linda and L144s. Who have I missed? Or is it whom?

My posts are few these days as South Beach Board is really humming and I also have a few other things on my plate.

This morning I hot the road to pick up schoolwork Fair entries. I have a full tank of gas and several bottles of water. If I'm never back, you'll know I am lost somewhere in the wilderness of Leeds County!

Have a great Thursday.
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Morning ladies, I will put on a smile for a woman I loath, I mean LOATH!!! and do my best to not loose my temper. It is not til the end of summer but stil I dread it and it *almost* puts a damper on my summer, But alas I will put it out of my mind...

molly got herself out of the slurry pit. We have an invisable fence, although it is not hooked up because of the landscape, the dogs don't know it, or are too old to care, anyway I had no clue she went for a swim untilshe came out in grey mud!
Today is a few more errands and then a few hours at the pool. Little man has guitar this afternoon and
olderboy is driving me nuts. Some of you mother's of boys can tell me are we pre hormonal? He is mean to be mean and pouty and can't say that anything is fun. he is looking to be locked in his room for a day or 2 to find out what "not fun" really means!

Ok off to have a cup of coffee and start the day for real.
be well and enjoy the day,
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Cute, Ruth, very cute... you don't know how close I am! I was having very violent fantasys about my contractor. Is that normal?

I don't know, I just feel overwhelmed. DH isn't around much, we are worried about his mom, healthwise. And if she is seriously sick, it will mean mucho driving back and forth, possibly having her stay with us(AUGH!!! NOOOO!!!) I mean, she is sweet, and I love her,but I am not a willing hostess. I hate having people over! Isn't that selfish? With working full time I feel like it's the best I can do is just to get DH and I fed and clothed and to keep the house from burning down. I can either work or I can stay at home and entertain guests. Don't ask me to do both!

Enough of a rant. I am just cranky, carbs do that to me. I am going to watch tv and go to bed early and see if I feel better tomorrow. Next week I will be off while the contracter from **** is here. I can putter outside, and maybe spend money. new towels?

Sono, enjoy the concert. You'll have a great time. Too bad about the boat, the weather was great for it.

L, I know from my 2 best friends, who each have THREE boys(Currently ages 6 through 17) Mean, is what they do best! But I am convinced it is just a kind of PRACTICING, seeing what they can do. You know, like trying it on for size. With the two I am thinking of(oldest of both sets) it passed. And occured simultaneously with intense love, protection and friendship with the brothers on the recieving end of the meanness. It was sort of adorable, especially at a distance!

Linda, how's your finger?

good night all,

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Quick fly by - *waves*

Hang in there Dottie - I will send prayers and healing vibes your MIL's way.

L - I'll talk to you about pre-teen/teen boy's attitudes when I have more time this weekend.

Sono - Hope you had a fun time at the concert. Nice to see you 'round these parts.

Ruthie - Fair is just around the corner, huh? Hope you haven't been volenteering to do too much.

Linda - How are you doing? hOw is the finger?

Bunco entertaining went fine last evening. One lady had to bring her 8 & 10 year old (babysitter fell thru at the last minute) and so Bry and Cody had to entertain them - it was soooo funny! (I was getting a secret giggle out of it cuz that was the LAST thing they wanted to have to do!) Another member cancelled at the last minute so Melis played with us.

Oops - gotta hit the shower. Client meeting in a bit - I was hoping to get out of there early today and maybe do something fun with the kiddos but that may not happen. But then money is always welcome too.....

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Thanks for asking, my friends. The finger is improving slowly. It's still red and swollen and very tender. I saw my doc today and he sent me for another blood test and x-ray. He wants to rule out bone infection. I have to continue the antibiotics for another week. It's not a pretty sight.
On the diet front....well, 'nuff said.
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