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dottiejon 06-19-2004 05:57 AM

Low Carb Daily Chat, June 19-25
starting up a new week :coffee: put your feet up and say hello-

dottiejon 06-19-2004 06:10 AM

Ahh...saturday. Just feels great to know I don't have to go anywhere! I woke up early and couldn't go back to sleep, so got up to enjoy the quiet.

Yesterday I had a conference that let out at 1:30 so I got some stuff done in the afternoon; I'm a little ahead for today. I will go out later to the bank, to get my hair cut, and to the lighting store for a fixture for the hall. Other than that, it's quiet, nothing planned. DN's softball team won their local playoffs, and is now practicing for some larger level of competition. So I may stop by and watch practice.(they are 9 and too cute!) DM and hubbie are out in Shinnecock watching the golf(US Open) so I am on my own!

Food has not been good, carbs in most of my meals. It is hard to go back and forth, because the kiss of death if you're eating carb-y, is to also think you can eat the larger protein/fat foods at the same time. The calories are just too much. So I am trying to eat less, but then I'm hungry and craving from the carbs and it's all a big mess! back to omelet breakfast today.

Planning to do some prep work on my bathroom, and decided that we may need a new toilet in the Other bathroom- need to fix this BEFORE the first bathroom gets torn up, can't have both bathrooms out of order! Will call our "bathroom guy" and see if he can dfix the second bathroom before the construction starts!

that's it, I'll stop back later to see who's here!

have a good one,

Ruthxxx 06-19-2004 07:30 AM

The Longest Weekend!
Well it's the longest daylight weekend anyhow!

Dotti, I am entirely with you on the carb problem! I'm supposedly on South Beach Phase II but am definitely eating way too much food. "Just a single serving of carbs" sure adds up when combined with "protein is good"! I hope once things settle a bit with Harry. I can focus on looking after me!

The animals are taking over the zoo! Deer yesterday and this morning a parade of 17 geese down the middle of the road! When we first moved here we had cows and goats parading but I thought we'd become more civilized since then! I guess geese are pretty civilized. They look classy anyhow in their grey and white three-piece suits!

At 10 this morning, I go to a Red Hat Society event. www.redhatsociety.com We formed our dis-organization over a year ago but have not been doing much - lack of time and enthusiasm. However, we now have more women interested in becoming part of the Chapter so are meeting for breakfast. It'll be my lunch as there's no way I can survive until then just with coffee!

If it's not raining this afternoon, I'll put in the last of the veggie seeds. I still have lots of space out there so may bung in squash. The Foodbank can always use squash. Hmmm - I wonder if I have any spaghetti squash seeds. I just love that stuff. I'd like to freeze it but find it gets too watery. :(

What are you doing for fun this weekend? Set 'n share!
(No sex stories, please! )

LindaBC 06-19-2004 05:04 PM

I'm eating too much too, so you're not alone. My excuse has been this wonky hand of mine which makes it very painful to do much chopping/peeling etc. Bravely got on the scale this morning but shouldn't have. Back over 280 again (sigh) I'm blaming the antibiotics and pain meds. :p At least I got the IV shunt taken out yesterday and I'm back on oral meds again. Hope they do the trick. It was good to have a full bath last night and wash my hair. I could have had a neighbor wash my hair for me but didn't want to bother her. She's such a busy gal. She and her hubby took us out to visit other friends of theirs last night. We sat around their fire pit on their farm but had to give up after dusk when the mosquitoes came out in full force. Maybe I should have just let them suck their fill from me. Might have lost an ounce or two. :lol:

We're having a heat wave with temps over the 80s. Nice for anyone who is camping at a lake but I'm stuck in my dark cave trying to keep the house cool.

dottiejon 06-19-2004 07:45 PM

just stopping in while supper is cooking. Made chicken in a tomato sauce with peppers, onions, mushrooms and oregano, red wine and fresh parsley. And a little crushed red pepper. DH will have it over ziti, and I will have it plain. Sure smells good. We rented Mystic River for tonight. The book was great, I'll let you know about the movie!

Got my hair cut finally, have been trying to go for 2 weeks, it was pretty wild, especially in the humidity this week. What a relief. Although it's still hot and humid and I end up sticking it up in a clip anyhow!

Still struggling, and not really wanting to LC, but I know there is no other way. Made the Atkins cran-orange muffins, they're not too bad and save me from donuts twice! I bought them from www.netrition.com they were 2.95 instead of the 5.99 in my grocery store! I think I'll put a few in the freezer for late mornings next week.

There's the timer, and here is DH wanting din-din. see you tomorrow...nitey-nite!


ps-Linda, it's probably the IV got you all watered up! You'll pee it all out tomorrow! Glad the hand is better at least...that was a worry.

Hi Ruth, thinking of you!

Ms Spotdog 06-20-2004 11:16 AM

Hello all - Happy Sunday!

Feeling much better today - we stayed home from baseball yesterday cuz I had a bad tummy. Don't know if it was a little bug or a touch of food poisining or something just didn't agree with me. (So, yes, I was overdoing it on the carbs yesterday afternoon too: crackers, toast, apple juice)

Linda - So glad that you are doing better! And I think Dottie is right about the IV having you all watered up. That was great news about your daughter and family coming to visit in September! 10 months is a great age - they are really engaging at that age.

Ruthie - I'm glad to hear that your Red Hat ladies are going to start doing more together. You had such fun when you first started that. And you need to glean fun from whereever you can! Mmmmm, squash! I love yellow crookneck the best!

Dottie - Yes, that would be a bit inconvienant to have BOTH bathrooms torn up at the same time! That dinner you fixed last evening sounded yummy!

Well, I better go put my face on and head out the door. Luckily, games don't start until amost 11 so we don't have to rush around as much.

Have a great day all -


dottiejon 06-20-2004 08:57 PM

just stopping in to say hi and good night, tired and headed off to bed. DH traveling tomorrow very early to take MIL to dr. appt- it will be a long day for him. Eating wonderful raspberries and blueberries today! And I don't care!

see you tomorrow!

Ruthxxx 06-21-2004 05:33 AM

:wave: at the LC Ladies as I glug my coffee. I've a load of jeans to hang out to dry which should be interesting. The clothesline pulley squeaks and The Girls will bark so the Village will be off to an early start! :lol: I'll probably be tarred and feathered! :lol:

A very busy week is ahead so don't worry if I'm not in a lot.


dottiejon 06-21-2004 07:05 PM

It's Monday evening, DH won't be back til late; he drove 5 hours to take his mother to a dr. appt. She is having surgery in a week, and this is cardio dr. clearance. He probably won't be home til after 11. I am sort of bored...may go to the mall for a walk and to pick up some dinner. Nothing new, just a dull day. Somehow, eating was not bad; for lunch I had some leftover grilled bratwurst and coleslaw, and had berries and cottage cheese for breakfast, yum.

Hi Ruth, the Red Hat thing sounds fun. Glad they are getting active. And glad you are able to have a break from your schedule to play! Hope it was fun.

Hey, where are you new ladies? there were a few new chicks, don't be shy! Just rattle on about nothing like me! It's fun when you post, and I am convinced my diet goes better too :lol:
Linda, how's the finger? Are you back to normal yet? I was thinking of you this weekend, doing endless weeding, and wondering how you manage. I want a landscaper more than I want a chef or housekeeper.(And I really, really want a housekeeper!)

Hi to Sono, L144, Kel- how's your tummy? Hope you're back to normal, it's a drag to feel sick. I always think being sink is a waste of my "sick time" at work. I want to feel WELL when I stay home! Nothing worse than having a day off and being too sick to enjoy it! I know MamaJ is around, and Peach, and Nasus, and Pooky, are you out there? Check in, Ok?

Well, softball practice at 7, I think I'll run over for a half hour and then to the library. Need a new book on tape for the drive to work...that's better than the mall, and I won't spend any money...

have a good one,

Ms Spotdog 06-21-2004 08:43 PM

I don't know where the other new ladies are but we lost the lawyer w/twins to LCFS. And I remember her from a while back when she posted with us! Oh well, as long as everyone is getting shared support.


peach pit 06-21-2004 09:49 PM

:wave: just a quick fly by from me to let you know that I am thinking of you guys.

took the kids to great adventure today. they fought all the way home.:mad: Extremely rough time with the little guy tonight. Flying out tomorrow to the midwest for a funeral and I must admit I am looking forward to a little respite from the little guy. how pathetic is that?

be well, eat well.


Ms Spotdog 06-21-2004 11:57 PM

Hi, Peachie!

Sorry about the funeral but glad that you get a break to recharge your batteries. We all need to do that once and a while. Recently, a gal was talking about having a hard time getting her young kids to bed and it reminded me of when mine were little - I never really had a tough time getting them in bed but sometimes them STAYING there was a problem. But I always told them that I didn't have to be nice to them after 8:30 (or 9 or whatever the offical bedtime was), that it was MY time. So after being snappy at them a few times they got the hint. But I really wasn't playacting - after being 'on' all day I really DID need some time to recharge and be ready to do it all again the next day. (nowadays its midnight! I go to bed around 11 and they can stay up a bit but if I HEAR them then I get cranky about it. Usually they just go and read till all hours. Melis just read the 1st of the Outlander series and was reading until 4 most nights! Bry reads until 1 or so - Cody's not into reading much yet. He hasn't found something that peaks his interest)

Nice of you to drop in to see us, Peach.


dottiejon 06-22-2004 06:47 AM

Tuesday morning-
Starting my day right-

s-cottge cheese and blueberries
d-steak and spinach
s-sf ice pop

I'm just finishing my coffee before getting into the shower and starting the mad dash out the door. DH just left...at 6:30 AM after getting home after 10 last night. His mom is OK, had presurgical consult. Next week she will have exploratory abdominal surgery to look at a mass, and also hysterectomy. We are looking at what will be best after- a rehab for a week or two, or home with home health aid, or bring her up here for a bit. None of these choices thrill me.

Our contractor stopped by last night to say he might start my bathroom remodel Thurs or Fri. I am getting anxious, incase MIL needs to come here, I want both bathrooms available. We would put a twin bed into our first floor den for her, and I want the upstairs bathroom back in order by then.

At the same time, SIL(we just see her every 2 years or so) want to come to NY for a couple days early in July also. I am dreading MIL and SIL here at the same time, no room, they bicker, and I will have to clean!

So, who will take me in? Kel, I haven't been to california in 20 years, that would be fun. Ruth? When's that Ontario fair? Linda, I'd love to come up to BC. Peach, oh, that could work! :lol: Jiff? Where's DebKay when you need her! Janice...Who else.

That's it, gotta hit the showers and get going. ttyl...dottie

L144S 06-22-2004 11:09 AM

Good morning, Busy day, well week anyway....
I took both kids to the amusement park yesterday. The weather was perfect, but i was beat at the end of the day.
We are doing some hard landscape this summer and it has been noisy. We had a well dug last week and over the weekend my black dog Molly went swimming in the slurry pit! lucky she didn't get stuck! I had no idea she was that stupid for an old dog.

Dreary day, no sun and no rain yet. I am waiting for an electritian and making some phone calls that have been neglected. The kids are playing the "idiot box" nitendo and so happy!

My father and his lovely bride are making plans to come up. it has been almost 18 months since I have spoken to her and I said they could come but had to stay at a hotel near by. It should suck to the max to have them here for any period of time since I HATE her with a passion. If I have down time it should be easier to muster polite chit chat for a day or 2. Wish me luck!
Alright, time to find something productive to do while I wait, other than surfing the net. have a good day chickies, hope you are all doing well.

Ms Spotdog 06-22-2004 11:09 AM

Come on out, Dottie!!! Our hot is different than you hot - drier but we do get over 100 regularly in July. I hope you MIL does well with the surgery next week. I will be sending healing vibes and prayers your way.

Such a nice cool breeze out this morning - I opened all the windows I could this morning (kids sleeping so no open windows in their rooms). It will be in the 90s today so this coolness will not last but I sure love it when the day starts out like this.

I made my Bunco calls last night so I will be entertaining a big group on Thursday evening. This is a milestone for me as I've belonged to 2 bunco groups for ages (one for 14 years!) but haven't hosted bunco at my house for many, many years due to stbx. It will be fun and I'm looking forward to it. The house just needs normal cleaning since all the BIG stuff was done before graduation (which I thought was going to KILL me - I have muscles that get sore just REMEMBERING all that work)

Ok - better jump in the shower and hit the streets. I've got a neat reconstruction project going at work (box of year's worth of records - no financial statements done at all) and I know it is sick but I LIKE it! lol


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