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Talking Daily Chat, week of June 12-18; everyone welcome!

Starting up the new week! Stop by and visit a bit...maybe even we'll talk about dieting!

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It's Saturday morning, I have coffee, life is good.

A little tired, watched the Reagan funeral last night, very sad. I was remembering my mother at my father's funeral, it was so hard to leave him at the end. At the time, I never cared for the family, but I was very touched by them last night. What a marriage that was, I have to truly believe they had the real thing!

Plans for today are to get to the post office, finish some grocery shopping(did most of it last night, just missed a few things,) and get my hair cut. It is straggling down my back, and looking pretty ratty. We are getting a tub and shower doors delivered today, DH will stay home to meet them.

It is a beautiful day-I want to go out and be "in" it! Maybe a little weed-pulling is in order.

Linda, take care...did you soak your hand,maybe a little warm salt water?

Hi to everyone else,
I'm sure I'll be back later...
(not discussing food today, Chinese or any other kind!)
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Yes, I agree it was a very moving emotional experience. Things like that just have a way of letting us all know that family is so very important. My mom is now 82 and I know my days are limited with her I should take more time to spend with her. It just seems as if every day is so very busy, but life is too short sometimes.
Today, I am going off with some girl friends to spend some fun time . We were going to NYCity but it was canceled so we areoff for a day trip. Then coming back and going to the Casino tonight . I go about 2 or 3 times a year take a limited amt. of cash and pray for luck. Well nice chatting and I will see my mom on Sunday at my daughter the little girls have their birthday celebrations. One turned 4 on May 13th and the other turns 5 on June 13th. Love um to pieces what one doesn't think of the other does. We call them our Irish Twins. I am a young grandma whom had her own children then went off to college later on and still paying for that education and have grand kids go figure huh? Oh well I wouldn't change it for the world my friends are all dealing with teenagers and I have already done it. Soon to be the big 50. Trying to be healthy and take off a few extra lbs. I have lost 12 and want to lose 12 more! Nice chatting!
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Love it when it is sunny.
I too watched the funeral, last night was very touching and I did cry for the family. Reagan was the first president I voted for!

I have a suprise birthday lunch today for my friend, but taking DH to the airport first.
I too will not talk about food dotti.
Ruth, hang in there, thinking about you often.
SF, nice to meet you
Linda, feel better.
anyone else my feble brain has forgotten, goodmorning and happy weekend
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Come on Spring!
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Quick flyby as we have the "erection" this morning starting about 8:30. The kids from the Brockville High School will be assembling the Gazebo in the wee corner park. We'll barbecue at noon. My cake is ready to go and I need to pick up two watermelons at the Village Market.

I am hanging in, sweeties. My early morning times on the deck or in the kitchen with my Girls is very soothing and relaxing.

Linda, get that sore digit looked after! You need it for gardening and crafts and sewing and using on Pete.

Harry's up so I am outa here.
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Good Morning Ladies,

Dottie your right Reagan was some man, and your right he was the "real thing" he was a man who not only loved his family and country, he really loved God, he was truly genuine in my opinion, I don't think this country will ever have such a president again. He really brought honor and respect to the white house. A hero in my life time.

I've been really bad w/my eating lately, and get this crap, I'm even seeing a therapist (well only 2 x so far) sigh. So today I am determined to get on the tredmill before I leave this house today. Got a wicked site in the mirror yesterday of my body and I could have crawled in a hole and died of embarassment sigh! So I really need to change my thinking about myself.

Have a wonderful day everyone the weather is beautiful on the east coast
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Did someone say, "erection"?

one just had to ask.

Linda, I hope what's ailing you is better....I have to go back and read from yesterday to find out...but warm fuzzie are being sent your way.

When I grow up I don't want to be just like Patty Reagan. I want to be just like Margret Thatcher. How cool was that HAT?????? Now I am torn between learning how to quilt and learning how to curtsey. I can't say enough about President Reagan, so I won't even try.

I haven't been exercising this week. Shame on me, but I have been cleaning. I donated four large bags of large clothes and threw out two. I am hoping that if I don't have the large sizes I won't be tempted to eat my way back up to them. I must admit I really liked my big clothes. They were comfy and cozy and kind of safe. The funny thing about not exercising this week is that I lost two pounds. I think what happens with my body is that I get into a rut and my body just holds onto the weight, but when I shake things up a bit my body says, whoaaa.....what the heck are you doing and lets go of the weight. I don't know if there is a scientific explanation for that and I don't think I am inclined to research it either. WHATEVER!!!! Who knows????

Don't get the idea that I am thin after reading that paragraph....I'm just less fluffy!!!

Baseball on tap today. The kid is on a losing team, but the kids are nice and the parents are the nicest ones I have been with, so lots of fun.

Hope you all have a great sunny shiney weekend. I hope the sun shines in all you do.

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Couldn't sleep last night cos of the throbbing finger. Managed to get into clinic today & got presc. for pennicillin. Hope it helps SOON. Hard to type. Catch u later.
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Hang In There
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Just making my usual weekend check in on you girls. Just to keep you in line We went off our delivered food this week, so now I have the problem of planning meals again. It's so much easier when they are delivered to you door. But after a couple of months everything begins to taste the same and we need a break.

Hope everyone has a great week.
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Trying to find my way.
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ERECTION?? that got my responce!! Hi girls. just when I think life will start to g\be conroled it changes again!! just do nto ask!!

Yesterday I spent 8 hors at a food concession stand for boy scouts. OH MY!!! Not good. Today I have a busy day run run run. what elase is new. I have been treding water for about 15 min daily. not much but something. so hopefully i will kick it up a notch this week.

All you gals are just so busy with wonderful things. One day I will be able to keep up with you all. (I do not hink it will be soon though)

I will pop in again soon. I need to eat before I get into omething I should not.

Have a great day.

and coffee is hot!!
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workin' my way back down
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Good Morning chickies...........

WARNING: mini-rant coming!!! It should be against the law for any male to plan a BBQ for HIS friends and (sort of) ask his wonderful, loving ( ) and TRYING HARD TO BE LC wife to make 3-4 lbs of macaroni salad and 6-8 lbs of potato salad!!! Said wife (who was so wonderful as to make said salads) should hereby be nominated for sainthood!!! (ok ok ok, I'm Jewish and we don't have saints, but if we did....... )

Mini-rant/rave over, it is now safe to return to your screens!

Well, now you know about MY weekend! I hope all of you are enjoying this delightful weather - darn near perfect if you ask me!

Dottie, I hope you got to get that haircut, I never made it for mine yesterday, and now the guy who cuts my hair is on vacation and won't be back until July 3!!!

L - hope that finger heals up real soon. I thought you had just bruised it? What needs penicillin? did you get a splinter or thorn or something that got infected? (my old brain is fogging up from clogged sinuses and I can't remember what you said!!)

Ruth, hope your erection went well I'm glad to know that you're at least having some quiet, quality time with yourself and the Girls. Have you been able to get some more help with Harry? Remember to give yourself a hug from me once in a while......

Hi Peachie! I just KNEW that Ruth's erection story would bring you out of the woodwork!

Leenie, ... how's the adorable Gracie?

Barb and Sue - great to see you again.........

Ummmmm, I think I got everyone - to anyone I missed: please forgive this old, soggy, sneezy brain!
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Hi, guys - just in from a busy baseball (what else?) weekend. Gotta dump some clothes in the washer, etc. I'll take some more time with you all in the morning - Sleep tight!

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Ruth, you got both Peach AND Sue out with the promise of a good ERECTION story!

I missed yesterday, and was really having a day off...just ate "normal" but not excessive. Made brownies for DH and ate two in the afternoon and one last night. Had a small baked potato with bbq chicken and pork ribs both Sat and Sun nignts. Good, but now back for the week.

At least I was active, did a lot of running around, then some yardwork, I was beat last night, but feel OK today. Here's the plan:

b-bacon, eggs
l-tuna on green salad
d-bbq chicken, broccoli
snacks: lc yogurt, cheese, pistacios

Nice to see BarbG, Peachie, Sue; stop in more often...
Hi Linda, how's your finger? Ruth how was the ceremony for your friend? And the ERECTION?

What else...Sono, you are a devoted there any potato salad leftover?

Hi L, Kel. Welcome to anyone new!
Have a great day,
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workin' my way back down
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Good Morning Dottie and everyone else to come........ it's a chilly, gray day here, but whattheheck! It's Moanday!!!
Dottie, unfortunately YES, THERE IS POTATO SALAD LEFTOVER - want some? Fortunately, there is a lot less than I thought there'd be: dd and her friend stopped by on their way home from the city and took the rest of the macaroni salad and lots of potato salad - plus, people really liked it and ate lots! One of the guys who was here owns a restaurant in Pleasantville - whew! If I had known that a professional chef was coming I would have been too intimidated to make ANYTHING! As it was, I thought I accidentally put in too much dill - he took THIRDS so I guess he really did like it and wasn't just being polite! (the bad thing is that I also had much too much of it too!!)

Today is a short workday for me, so my friend and I are meeting for lunch at a diner - hmmmm, I think a chef's salad will be on the menu for me today! I MUST start taking at least small steps to getting back on the wagon here. I'm not going to aim for perfection just yet, but at least clearing small hurdles will hopefully get me going in the right direction.

Well, I guess I'll get some laundry started and get moving... these long mornings when I have only a late work shift make me VERY lazy!

to all to come...... enjoy your day chickies!
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penicillin not working. off to doc again soon. driving is ok but doing up seatbelt a challenge. i think it's blood poisoning OR flesh eating disease. at 3 am all kinds of horrors enter one's mind.
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